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Characters / Arcane Ascension
aka: Sufficiently Advanced Magic 2017

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Characters of Arcane Ascension. Beware of spoilers.

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    Corin Cadence 
Attunement(s): Enchanter (Head), Arbiter (Right Hand)

The main protagonist and youngest son of House Cadence.

  • Asexuality: Is asexual but also mostly, but not completely, leans homoromantic. Mostly he just seems to be romantically attracted to any human that he can have an engaging and intelligent conversation with.
  • Brother–Sister Team: With Sera.
  • Composite Character: He is, by the author's own admission, a combined Expy of Corwin Page, his character from the Cobalt Nightmares RPG and Rationalist!Harry from Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.
  • Enhanced Punch: His Arbiter attunement overlaps with his Enchanter attunement to boost his transference powers to the point where he's able to blast things with his hands.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: In the second book he starts to learn basic healing and combat magic to make himself more versatile, since his attunements are primarily intended for non-combat uses that couldn't hope to stand up to a combat attunement in a fair fight.
  • The Leader: Among his team, though it's shared equally with Sera. Corrin is better at preparations, while Sera is better in social situations.
  • Non-Action Guy: Something he fights against. His attunements are intended to be used in non-combat situations. But because of his upbringing he constantly tries to adapt them for fighting.
  • Professor Guinea Pig: Often tries new Enchantments on himself. He nearly ends up blowing his hand off when he starts working on gauntlets.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: His ultimate goal, though he's aware of how silly and unobtainable it seems. Turns out it's his brother's goal, too.
  • Romantic Asexual: Is asexual but also mostly, but not completely, leans homoromantic. Mostly he just seems to be romantically attracted to any human that he can have an engaging and intelligent conversation with.
  • Science Hero: Loves to experiment with enchanting and invention. Perhaps too much. It ends up crippling Sera in the first book and him nearly flunking out of his Enchanting class in the second book.
  • Square Race, Round Class: As an Enchanter, is expected to be weak in a fight. However, he was the heir of a House known for combat so is able to hold his own in a fight and is the second-best among his friends in melee combat.
  • The Smart Guy: Though all members of his clique are highly intelligent, Corrin is simply the most inquisitive of them.
  • The Un Favourite: His father already looked down on him because he wasn't his brother. After he gets an attunement that isn't combat-ready, he's more or less disowned.
  • Training from Hell: Went through combat training since he was old enough to stand on two feet.

    Sera Shard Cadence 
Attunement(s): Summoner (Lungs), Invoker (Lungs, Ascended)

Illegitimate daughter of Magnus Cadence and Corrin's half-sister. She as formerly recognized to become a potential scion of the house.

  • Deadly Upgrade: During an expedition to the Serpent Spire Corrin's attunement potion gives her one allowing her to summon Seiryuu, but it scars her lungs leaving her mute and powerless for several months.
  • Fusion Dance: After she recovers from her scarring she finds that her Summoner attunement ascended into Invoker, allowing her to fuse with her summoned monsters.
  • The Leader: Among her team, though it's shared equally with Corrin. Corrin is better at preparations, while Sera is better in social situations.

    Marissa "Mara" Callahan 
Attunement(s): Guardian (Heart)

Common-born attuned who was sent to the Tower for Judgement after her farmer parents saved up for years.

  • The Ace: By far the most powerful student in her clique and one of the only named characters that gets to live in the honor student dorms.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Her fighting style is almost exclusively unarmed, though magically augmented in many circumstances.
  • Mundane Utility: Her goal at the end of her first year in which she was at top of her class in combat and power was simply to graduate and then return home where she'd use her immense super strength to help with chores.

    Patrick Wayland 
Attunement(s): Elementalist

Childhood friend of Corrin and Sera and retainer to House Cadence.

    Jin Dalen 
Attunement(s): Mesmer

The mysterious foreign-exchange student.

  • Foreign Exchange Student: He's from a foreign country, which is rare. Not only is he more powerful than anyone else because his country lets children take the Judgment two years earlier, but he tries to assassinate Orden when her actions to empower her own country will endanger his. He's not a spy, but he is a patriot.
  • Perception Filter: His attunement, Mesmer, causes people around him to forget his presence or perceive him as merely part of the scenery.


House Cadence

    Magnus Cadence 
Attunement(s): Shaper

Father of Tristan, Corrin, and Sera. A master duelist who insists on his children becoming stronger.

  • Abusive Parents: Both physical and emotional. He constantly talks down to Corrin, calling his attunement worthless and weak, refused to acknowledge Sera as his daughter until she seemed more useful than Corrin, and repeatedly beat Corrin under the guise of training.

    Tristan Cadence 
Attunement(s): Sovereign

Corrin's older brother, who went missing when he took his Judgment five years ago. Corrin wants to find him, and even ask the Goddess to resurrect him if necessary.

  • Big Brother Worship: Corrin dedicated his life to finding him, no matter the cost. He becomes a bit disillusioned when he realizes that Tristan didn't contact him for five years when he could have. While Tristan has a good explanation for that, his dismissal of Magnus' abuse of Corrin is less justified.


University Staff

    Professor Vellum 
Attunement(s): Enchanter

The Enchanter teacher, and one of Corrin's best allies among the staff.

  • Stern Teacher: Vellum never hesitates to point out Corrin's many many mistakes. However, it's clear she is genuinely trying to make him a better enchanter. Considering that one of the times he enchanted something without getting advice from her first, it exploded, it's clear that she has a point.

    Jonathan Teft 

The combat teacher.

  • Combat Pragmatist: He's a strong proponent of doing whatever you can to win a fight. Because of this, he often lets Corrin get away with things that would be considered cheating most of the time; as far as he's concerned, sneaking in the night before to change the runes of the arena is just good strategy.
  • Me's a Crowd: He is fond of using simulacrums, independent magical copies of himself.
  • Stern Teacher: Like Vellum, he believes that the best way to prepare his students for the real world is to screw them over as much as possible. He aims for realism in his tests, and the best way to pass is to demonstrate that you are treating them as real.

    Professor Meltlake 
Attunement(s): Elementalist

One of the magic teachers, and one of the most powerful people in the country.

  • Playing with Fire: Unlike most elementalists, who tend to prefer lightning, she uses fire almost exclusively.
  • Red Baron: She vaporized an entire lake. She uses "Meltlake" instead of her family name, apparently due to a falling out.

Other Students

    Cecily Lambert 
Attunement(s): Enchanter

Corin's childhood friend. She is part of the reason that he hates being touched.

  • Adorkable: She wears large, round glasses and tries very hard to be witty when flirting with Corin, though it usually falls flat.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: When they were growing up, Corin assumed that he would marry Cecily while Tristan married her older sister. Tristan's disappearance in the Spire derailed that plan.

Other People

    Keras Selyrian 
Attunement(s): None

An impossibly powerful man from another continent.

  • Ambiguously Human: A summoned monster is terrified of him, and bids everyone to run the moment they see him. Keras himself admits he's not human, but says he didn't realize it until he was an adult.
  • The Mentor: He proves a surprisingly good teacher for Corrin. Most adults keep warning Corrin off from doing anything reckless to enhance his power and tell him to just stick with traditional methods. Keras tells him to be careful, but is happy to help with all those reckless things, and helps him develop a unique fighting style that will fit Corrin's own abilities.

Alternative Title(s): Sufficiently Advanced Magic 2017


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