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Characters / An Unsung Song

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Tributes, victors, Gamemakers, heads of state, conspirators, and more may be found here.

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    Tributes in the 405th Games 

Chenille Anders

Fabian Bloom

Samantha Caim

Marco Chase

Callia Marshan

Newcomb Birambau

Ionia Kai

  • Action Girl
  • Anti-Hero
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Her father died in a boating accident, some of his last words telling her to volunteer for the Games. Except that he was telling her to not volunteer.
  • Phobia: Wind, because she blames it for her father's death.

Arsin Locke

Vitality Falon

  • Antagonistic Offspring: Her mother just wants to keep her safe from what the Games did to her, but Vitality doesn't want to hear any of it.

Replican "Tal" Tally

Kizzy Ericssen

Tod Barringer

Kildaire Kalitlin

Ellink "Link" Lamont

Charity Reed

Kyler Hail

Caladium "Cala" Velius

Ondrew Thyte

  • I Gave My Word: To Cala's parents, that he would take care of their daughter.
  • Phobia: Heights, one of the most common phobias in the series. He's also claustrophobic.

Namitha Gol

Gavin Tryst

November Sky

  • Temporal Theme Naming: November's the eleventh child in her family. The names of her eleven siblings aren't surprising.

Maine Hofman

Carolina "Lina" Rowan

Mist Stainsleew


    Tributes in the 406th Games 

Corsage "Sage" Hemlocke

Jullius Castallen

Aurelia D'Avranches

Evander D'Avranches

Cama Caline Ray

Saber Star

Delora Marris

Troy Reyes

Airah Trevor

Tamberlain "Tam" Ektra

Zattiana Dain

Andrew "Andy" Radke

Jessalyn Daniels

Alder Black

Evangaline Jones

Kenton Rienman

Ikky Delacroix

Henrik Armfeldt

Felina Armanous

Ryan Lawrence

Quinn Kirkan

Autumn "Fall" Yates

Belle Hatton

  • Action Mom: To Hope.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Her parents were killed in a mine collapse, being part of an underground group going into the woods outside of District Twelve, and she moved into the orphanage run by a family friend. She was then raped by a Peacekeeper and became pregnant with her daughter, who she keeps a secret.

Gunner Krigg

    The Gamemakers and the President 









  • Abusive Parent: Both of them. And neglectful.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Raised by a very mentally ill mother, and alcoholic, abusive father, she was all but forced to run away at sixteen to live with her cousin, working at a part-time job in journalism. She leaves school early and transfers to a full-time job, getting her own place. When the journalism job isn’t enough after she enters college on a scholarship, she gets a night job as a prostitute. After college, she becomes a Gamemaker, which adds to her issues with self-harm and suicidal tendencies.
  • Hates Being Touched: Due to PTSD. Gets better for the Gamemakers, but no one else.
  • Insecure Love Interest: For Ritter.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Connecting "Clarissa" to the family name theme (mother Claire, cousin Calandra), she takes offense to being called by it.
  • Rebellious Spirit
  • Streetwalker: Formerly.

Aidan Paylor


Sassafras "Sassy" Hemlocke

Carter Tidwell

Trey Dracco

Eric Hayam

Ella Falon

  • Cynical Mentor: Somewhat justified, seeing as her daughter was killed in the bloodbath and both of her tributes this year are terminally ill or paraplegic.

Kizzy Ericssen

Cypress Lynn Anderson

  • The Obi-Wannabe: Her less-optimistic tributes think her advice is obsolete already.

Keith Rienman

Bryce Callum Everson

Litiea Hellion

Nigel Bract

Kalina Asetic

    The Place of White and Gold Characters 

Altair Morrose

Cygnus Laine

Deneb Laine

Felicity Nimbell

Hale Derrick

Jack Brooks

  • Horrible Judge of Character: He doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that three Representatives and the Deputy are part of the conspiracy against him.
  • Phobia: Public speaking, something he's unfortunately required to do a lot of.
  • The Conqueror

Justice Bane

  • Badass Bookworm: Manages to never get caught keeping watch for the conspiracy's outings, escapes arrest in Chapter Nine, relatively keeps up with combat-trained Deneb while running towards a burning building, and in the second case of that also fights off Licinius' attempts to keep her away from said burning building. Has several moments in Chapter Thirteen.
  • Not Afraid to Die
  • The Lancer

Lance Casimir

Licinius Astral

  • Rebellious Rebel: First a part of District Fourteen's rebellion against the Capitol, then begins a conspiracy against the leaders of District Fourteen, then turns against his own conspiracy.
  • Team Killer: Kills Justice towards the end of the story.
  • The Leader: Of the conspiracy.

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