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The characters from the Furry Romance H-Game Amorous.

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The Player Character

    Player Character 

Dateable Characters

Skye in her Renamon cosplay.
    Lex / Alex / Alexia
  • Ambiguous Gender: Their gender is revealed on the second date, although it is different depending on certain choices.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Lex has it if you use the cheat that makes all of the characters in the game nude; Makes sense, since their gender is supposed to be ambiguous until you get far enough into their storyline.
  • Cool Car: They allegedly have one, but it's never described past "A well-kept old sports car".
  • Establishing Character Moment: Screaming obscenities at their phone in a dark alley while smoking a cigarette.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: During their initial meeting, The Player Character describes their voice as a Contralto of Danger, further muddled because of their smoking habits making it very husky, which makes it hard for them to figure out their gender based on their voice alone. During the sex scene, no matter if Lex ends up being male or female, due to the game's very limited set of voice actors, their moaning will be distinctively male or female, sounding nothing like it was described.
  • Smoking Is Cool: If they're not holding a beer in their hand, it's gonna be a cigarette. Comes to bite them in the ass when being chased by the security guard of the warehouse the Player Character and their friends break into if you decide to run for it, since they get very winded and have to be practically dragged out by the wrist by the PC.
  • Walking Spoiler: Since them being a Pretty Boy or The Lad-ette is actually a pretty big part of their storyline, being either depending on the player's choices, it's kinda hard to talk about them without spoiling the twist. Their gender is actually decided by either of two things: If the player meets the right conditions during the "Easy Hard Questions" scenenote , they'll crash at the PC's house, and Coby will ask what gender they are after they leave, letting the player choose. If they answer that they don't know, or miss this scene, their gender will always be the opposite of the Player Character's.

Other Characters


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