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Characters / Americas Next Top Model Cycle Twenty Two

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    Nyle Di Marco

    Mamé Adjei
  • The Rival: With Hadassah, the other pageant girl of the cycle.
    • The actually two end up becoming good friends later on.
    • Towards the end of the competition Mame feels this way about Lacey.

    Lacey Rogers
  • The Ace: Not only can she pose very well, but she was one of the only contenders who did not flounder during the train wreck of an acting challenge they were given. She even has the high scores the back her up.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Nyle.
  • Hidden Depths: She is actually a good actress as seen in the acting challenge.
  • Only Sane Woman: One of the only two contenders who stays out of drama as much as possible.
  • Nice Girl: Has yet to do anything mean or bitchy, however she feels that she is not well like in the competition because of her consistently high scores.

    Mikey Heverly

    Devin Clark
  • Attention Whore: Depends on whether you find his antics funny or not.
  • Audience Surrogate: He of all people becomes one towards Mikey's flirtations with Hadassah and then Mame after Ashely's elimination, however by the time of his appearance in the first part of the finale, Devin is right back to his hammy ways.
  • Camp Straight
  • Catchphrase: "I'm signed to SIX agencies around the world."
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Yu Tsai wondered if he could do any shots that weren't crazy.
  • Large Ham
  • I See Dead People: Claims to be able to see spirits in a behind the scenes interview
  • Jerkass

    Hadassah Richardson
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Was incredibly upset are learning that part of her head would be shaven for her makeover.
  • Credit Card Plot: When they go to Vegas, Hadassah mentions a love for shopping and using credit cards, not caring who they belong to.
  • Ice Queen: Seemed rather bitchy in the first few episodes or so.
    • Defrosting Ice Queen: After being told by the judges that she was not very likable, Hadassah has been getting better.
  • Kitsch Collection: Claims to have over three hundred dolls
  • The Rival: With Mame, as they both come from pageant backgrounds.
    • The two become friends later on.
  • Stealth Insult: Yu Tsai gives her one when when Hadassah was smearing whipped cream on Nyle's bare chest
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: In the first episode, Hadassah mentions a lot of people think she is dumb based on her looks and prematurely judge her for it. A Few episodes later she claims that she doesn't like to use her head when it comes to modelling.
  • Valley Girl: Says "like" in every time she speaks.

    Dustin Mc Neer
  • Even the Guys Want Him: If modelling doesn't work out, many fans think he would make an excellent gay-for-pay pornstar.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Acts like this with Nyle.
  • Mr. Fanservice: He is quite popular on Instagram with both males and females.
  • Tempting Fate: "I'm the comeback kid, and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers twice." Guess what happened that episode.

    Justin Kim
  • Asian Airhead: If mistaking "Eco-conscience" for "Eco-conscious" is anything to go by.
  • Buffyspeak: At the retouching photo session, he asked, “Are the abs touch-uppable?”
  • Team Dad: Views himself as such, granted as he often tries to mediate and keep the house in order. He certainly cemented himself as one of the most reasonable contestants in the history of the show, by making Mame and Hadassah talk out their problems and taking a neutral stance on the matter, even though he was involved with Mame.
  • This Is a Competition: While he does reciprocate Mame's feelings, Justin wants to focus on the competition rather than start a relationship.
  • Will They or Won't They?: With Mame.
    • If Instagram is anything to go by; they will

    Bello Sanchez
  • The Alcoholic: Often seen drinking wine alone, once in the pool while gazing into his reflection in a mirror.

    Courtney Duperow

    Ashley Molina

    Ava Capra
  • Cloudcuckoolander: If her audition interview, complete with floral crown, clunky platforms, and pink guitar, means anything.
  • '80s Hair: Tyra gave this poor girl a freaking mullet. Most fans were in an agreement that giving her such a bad makeover (and making it seem like it not looking good is Ava's fault) was a deliberate sabotage.
  • Holier Than Thou: Describes her self as a "cool Christian."

    Stefano Churchill
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: Believes religion to be the root of all evil.
  • I Work Alone: Regularly proclaimed himself to be a lone wolf.
  • Jerkass: Very arrogant and seemed to think he was better than everyone else, which bit him in the ass when Ava dominated their shared photoshoot.
  • Manly Tears: Was straight up sobbing for no particular reason during a phone call with his mother.

    Delanie Dischert 

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