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British Embassy

Ambassador and Diplomatic Staff

    Keith Davis 
Played By: David Mitchell

The newly appointed British Ambassador to Tazbekistan.


    Neil Tilly 
Played By: Robert Webb

The British Deputy Head of Mission in Tazbekistan. He has been stationed in the country longer than any of the other staff and loves the country despite its flaws.

Played By: Susan Lynch

Consular Secretary at the embassy.

  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Easily the heaviest drinker among the staff, her response to the frustration of working in Tazbekistan
    • May cross over into Drowning My Sorrows since the final episode reveals that she has family issues and feels guilty that she is stationed abroad while her mother is gravely ill in the hospital.

Played By: Amara Karan

Trade and Political Secretary at the embassy.

Played By: Shivani Ghai

Public Relations Secretary at the embassy and is often in charge of running events to promote British culture. Unlike the other high-ranking embassy staff she is Tazbek, which means that her understanding of British culture is somewhat inaccurate.

  • Happily Married: One of the reasons why she turns down Stephen Pembridge's advances.



     Dr. Jennifer Davis 
Played By: Keeley Hawes

Keith's wife, and a practising physician. She works at a local hospital and often tries to advocate for better healthcare for Tazbeks.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Played By: Matthew Macfadyen

Micheal, aka the "Prince of Darkness", is Keith and Neil's superior at the FCO in London.


Tazbek Government

    President Karzak 
Played By: Igal Naor

The pseudo-democratic leader of the People's Republic of Tazbekistan. Has a special fondness for British television and the monarchy.

  • Affably Evil
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Throughout most of the series he seems like a typical eccentric dictator, but he doesn't hesitate to frame his critics for murder or firebomb entire villages of his own people stop anti-government rebels.
  • Vodka Drunkenski: He seems to suffer no effect from the ridiculously large amount of vodka consumed on his "hunting trip" with the foreign diplomats.

Played By: Richard Katz

President Karzak's nephew and a high-ranking member of the government. Frequently meets with the embassy staff as Karzak's representative.

    Fergana Karzak 
Played By: Lydia Leonard

President Karzak's daughter and the most important woman in Tazbekistan.

  • Nepotism: She holds plenty of positions and doesn't seem to be good at any of them (especially singing and managing the football team).
  • Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card!: She is simultaneously the manager of the Tazbek national football team, the Tazbek Ambassador to UNESCO, a model, a pop star, a patron of numerous charities, a Member of Parliament, and Tazbekistan's major producer of wine.

Other Britons

    Prince Mark of Bath 
Played By: Tom Hollander

A minor member of the British Royal Family that travels frequently as a trade envoy. Comes off as a feckless twit but does manage to save the day at the end of the second episode.

Other Diplomats

Played By: Richard Katz

The French Ambassador to Tazbekistan. Often competes with Keith and gets on the British staff's nerves.

  • French Jerk: Though in fairness Keith usually acts like a jerk to him too.

Played By: Lachele Carl

The US Ambassador to Tazbekistan.


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