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     The Contestants 

Alora, the Former Beauty Star

Alora used to be part of the group of kids that were forced to preform due to their stage moms. She had plastic surgery and Botox done to her so many times to her, it isn't funny.

Alora's dad has since got custody of her, and her life has changed for the better. But she still lives the horrors of those days when her mom was bribing the judges to give her a tiara. To her, "Screw that; I want a football helmet!"

Alora hopes to make it far on Alpha Kidz and teach her mom a thing or two about the true Alora!

Bitty, the Fashionista

Bitty is a fashionista. Every in her school has conformed to following her rules of fashion. When a new kid joins the school, he or she will learn FAST on what to wear in school if they don't want to get bullied.

Bitty is rich, but not as rich as Peki. In fact, she can't stand people that are gentle and rich. In fact, she can't even stand poor people. She thinks they're smears to society, and should be launched out of the country.

Bitty hopes to go far, because she can't show off her fashions if she's eliminated!

  • Big Bad: She's more or less the main villain for Total Drama AlphaKids. At least until Dhalia rears her head...
  • Jerkass: Next to Yagmur, she's one of the most unpleasant contestants in the show.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: She's not as rich as Peki, but she still exploits her riches to get far in the show.

Coco, the Chocoholic

Coco, older sis of fellow Total Drama contestant Mist, is the HUGEST chocolate fan you could ever know! Be it plain old milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate… No chocolate bar is safe with her around! And given her hyper attitude, nothing can slow her down, once she bites into the sweet stuff!

She’s also has a skin condition called Vitligo, which causes some light patches of skin to appear on her. It was from genetics, though. Coco doesn’t mind, though, because it makes her all the more special and all the more unique. In fact, she usually has to be the one to save her sister from any bullies that DARE try to mess with the younger of the Okri family. She’s also a practicing Wiccan, as well.

Coco heads to AlphaKidz to prove that even if you look different, you can STILL go far!

Danielle, the Girl in an Animal Suit/ the Heroic Burn Victim

Ever since she was 6, the geeky Danielle has always wore an animal suit. She’s wore it for going into town, going walking… She wears it nearly ALL the time. It’s only when she’s alone and in her room, in her house at night, and when she’s sleeping that she’ll be outside her suit. She feels she’s a lot confident in her suit…

How she got like that? She doesn’t want to talk about it, but it involved fire. It left her scarred, and with a severe case of Pyrophobia. Fearing the bullying that it may bring to her, she was given a gift from a teacher. It was an animal suit. Danielle modified it to a point to where she can do some simple tasks… Like reading Japanese manga, to which she’s a fan of! Hey, geek's gotta have her manga, as what she says.

Danielle’s parents signed her up for AlphaKidz, in the hopes that she could make some friends that would accept her for who she was. While Danielle was initially shocked as to why they did that when she found out, but she quickly understood and forgave them. Maybe there’s a chance she may win more than just the prize…

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Of the non-lethal kind, when she shoves a student out of the way from an oncoming fireball in her past.

Easter, the Bunny Boy

Easter likes bunnies. He even wears bunny ears. He also has good hearing. All in all, he's a good kid.

However, he has some rumors floating around him. Some say he has no human ears, and his bunny ears are his actual ears. Some say he was involved in an experiment gone wrong. Some even said he went to the wrong Pleasure Island (Pinocchio), and nearly turned to a bunny forced to race against turtles for fun and profit. He says that most of those rumors are NOT TRUE! (Well, not the Pleasure Island one, anyway...)

With quick feet by his side, Easter hopes to make it far.

Felix, the Inventor

Felix is, as you can guess, an inventor. Inventing stuff at such an young age, this child prodigy High School student with an IQ of 329 has already gotten applications for various colleges… When he’s a Freshman! There’s rumors he can even build a Time Machine! However, he’s still a kid, and he would stay that way for a while. He’s also got a HUGE craving for cashews.

His inventions come in a variety of ways. While some are helpful, such as the Strength-Granting wristbands, some are just made for friends, such as the Feelin’ Fine Ice Cream maker, which can make ice cream of nearly any flavor. He made it for a girl he’s crushing on, a blue-haired Cryomaniac. He hopes to confess his feelings to her someday.

Felix heads to the Alpha Kidz lot, with a head full of inventions, and the possible smarts to boot. Maybe his inventions could come in handy, after all…

Gladys, the Benevolent Hillbilly/ the Hillbilly Hippie

Born down South, Gladys is your usual country bumpkin. Living in a trailer nearly all her life, she takes everyday in stride with a smile on her face, very long hair in her bonnet, and a kind heart. She is also usually clean for a hillbilly…

However, she does have a few flaws; first off, she’s the last person you’ll ever see win a singing contest; her singing is pretty much abysmal. Second off, she can’t run as fast, due to a limp in her leg that occurs every so often. Third, she is a bit nervous, being that hillbillies are portrayed as possum eating savages. She vows to change that.

Gladys travels from the huge countryside to the big city of the Alpha Kidz Movie Lot, with her pet skunk in tow, in order to see how far she can go. Who knows; she may even make a few friends along the way, and differ from hillbillies and trailer trash.

Hambo, the Bacon Addict

Hambo is a fan of bacon. He adores it, and he even made several recipes involving bacon, including a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Yep, that's Hambo for you.

While Hambo is a addict of bacon, he has some standards. He won't snatch bacon if there's only one piece left on the plate. He also can't stand bullies, ever since his older sister had ran into a bully problem.

Hambo is bound to go far, and to find a fellow bacon fan.

Ivan, the Animal Crossing Fan

Ivan is a BIG fan of the Animal Crossing series. Having started out on his sister’s Population Growing, he’s moved into more entries in the series. He sleeps on a Modern Bed, he has several plushies of the characters… He knows a LOT about the series. He’s also an expert at bugs, and how they interact, and is a fan of fishing, as well. While he denies any claims that the games drove him into entomology, it’s pretty much the truth.

However, while he’s an expert at Animal Crossing, his skills at other games are, for the most part, iffy. He’s lucky to beat a game even on Normal Difficulty. He’s also friendless in his town, with various other students calling him “weird bug boy”, “Animal Freak”, “Ivanna Tinkle”… He says his only friends are his older sister, and his neighbors in-game. He also falls in love with girls pretty easy… You can guess how all of that turned out.

Ivan signs up for Alpha Kidz, to show off his love of the game, and to hopefully make some friends, and to find a girlfriend. Who knows? His bug skills may come in handy, after all…

James, the Frozen Guy from Another Time

James was on a trip with his family, cruising on the Ocean. He made friends, and they did everything together. Things were looking bright for this kid of the year 1913. However, things would turn his world around...

When a huge storm hit, a wave knocked him overboard, onto an iceberg. Some water froze near the iceberg on contact, knocking him out, and freezing him in the ice. They tried to turn around, but the storm knocked the boat very off course... His whereabouts are currently unknown...

...Cut ahead 100 years later, he is STILL encased in a block of ice. What may become of him?

  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Originally hailed from the pre-World War I era of history, now he's trapped in a time period he has to adjust to.
  • Harmless Freezing: Apparently, being frozen for a century doesn't do much to impede any vital life functions. However, if that were the case, James would be a frozen corpse and the show would be short one contestant, so we'll let this one slide.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Justified. You'd be pretty naive yourself if you spent the last century frozen solid.
  • Replacement Goldfish: He replaced the J contestant that was supposed to come, but said contestant got sent to prison for punching the judge.

Keala, the Sheltered Kid

Keala has always been kept inside all his life. You can think his extremely overprotective mom for that. She recently let him out of a bubble that he's been in since he was young. He really didn't need it in the first place!

Keala doesn't have a lot of knowledge about the world, though. In fact, his hair is so long (Due to no haircuts) and his voice kinda sounds like a girl, many suspect him of being a girl at first glance. He assures you, he is NOT a girl. He also wasn't allowed to have much fun, due to the fact he could get hurt.

While his mom was against it, his dad signed him up for Alpha Kidz. He thinks he can find his true self there.

Lily, the Weather Lady

Lily is a fan of various weather. From snowstorms to hurricanes, she is a huge fan of them. Sometimes, she does the weather for fun! Even if the results aren't to anyone's liking... Like the snow incident.

As for her hair? She did guarantee that if it didn't snow when there was a Winter Snow Warning, she would have her fellow students in her school dye her hair blue. You can guess how that turned out... She also had kinda a traumatic event happen to her in the past... She pushed that event to the back of her mind, though...

Lily comes to the Movie Lot in hopes of having fun, and in hopes to see some wild weather.

Melody, the Hipster

Melody is a Hipster, and a young one at the age of 12! She usually declares most, if not anything, mainstream. Needless to say, she thinks all of this is mainstream. Even this drawing.

But deep down inside, she is a nice gal at heart, who is oftentimes ignore by her family, except when she gets punished. And her fellow school refuses to lift a finger to help out with her life as well. It's where she met the Tweenage Hipsters, and she's hung out with them. They tried to get her family to notice her, by dying her hair green, to getting a nose piercing, but they thought she was in "a phase."

Melody signed up for Alpha Kidz to show that Total Drama is mainstream... But maybe a special someone will have her think otherwise.

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Although she can be a bit rough around the edges and declares a lot of things "too mainstream for her tastes", she does have a moral compass regardless.

Nancy, the Skateboarding Sweetie

Nancy is a HUGE fan of skateboarding. Ever since seeing some boarders doing some tricks at the age of 4 coming home freshly adopted from the Cherry Bloom Orphanage, she’s always admired what they did. And when she was old enough at the age of 10, she was given her very own board so she could do some tricks as well! She’s also a fan of rock music, piercings, and tattoos, and has gotten her belly-button and nose pierced. She wants more, but she has to wait until 16 for all of that.

Also, like a certain Cryomaniac, she’s a big fan of ice cream. Her parents own the Punk Luck Ice Cream parlor… Like the name said, it’s being ran by her punk parents. While they’re fun-loving, they do have to scold Nancy from time to time when her tricks get really wild. But they still love Nancy with ALL their heart. Nancy's mom hopes her newest flavor, Cashew Crunch, will sell like hotcakes. Maybe a certain inventor would enjoy that?

Nancy skitches her way to the Lot, to show off her moves, and to make friends. Although, she may have to prove that skateboarders AREN’T evil...

  • Freaky Fashion, Mild Mind: She skateboards, has a couple piercings, has purple streaks in her hair, wants tattoos when she gets older, and she's one of the good guys!

Opi, the Crazy Artist

Opi, as you can tell, is an artist. She has, by far, the oddest hairstyle around. She even paints her nails of various colors. She’s also very well off, due to her actor parents. She’s even a fan of the gothic subculture. But nevertheless, she’s still a kind gal.

Opi is also pale and prone to sunburns. She also suffered from asthma when she was young, so she stayed inside most of the time. While she is a gamer, she isn’t much of a good one, so she usually draws all the time. She’s a fan, and friend of her favorite artist, White-Yuki 37. She’s even part of a group of tweenage cartoonists. And with her HUGE imagination, they said she can go very far.

Opi heads off to Alpha Kidz, in hopes of showing off her artwork, and to make friends. Who knows, maybe the past… May meet the present.

  • Perky Goth: Her design seems to be evocative of the goth culture.

Peki, the Daughter of Multi-Billionaires

Peki is the only daughter, and heir, of the Duckling Duck Corporation, which organizes around computer technology, computer programming, and the like. In short, Peki’s family has gained a rather LARGE fortune. And while they would flaunt their riches around, the family isn’t like that, Peki especially. While she’s a bit of a girl attending a private school, she has a secret about herself… She’s a bit of a nerd.

She’s a fan of various video games, anime, the works. Her favorite series has to be Pokemon, as evidenced by her Master Ball earrings. But she does hide her secret away from the local peers in her school. Being she thinks they may be rich snobs, she doesn’t want to take the chance. And while she’s friends with fellow rich kids, she wonders how it would be like to befriend a commoner… Cause she thinks they won’t give her a chance.

And Peki wants to do just that. So, she signed up for Alpha Kidz, to see how commoners far from her town would react to her. She may even learn something about herself, as well… If a fan of a Nintendo franchise, and a girl in an animal suit has to help her out doing so.

Quant, the Insulting Girl/the Free Spirit

Quant… Well, she hates everything. She declares anything and everything that’s fun evil, she insults anyone that looks fun-loving, and has a schedule to stick to. If it’s messed up, she can get rather upset. She also lives on a diet of bread and water… Yeah, she’s not fun to hang around. Doesn’t help that she’s part of a cult, thanks to her mom…

Quant barely rarely heads outside, and barely sees any humans, other than the members of mom’s group. From there, they discuss the evils of the world, and ideas on how to stop them. Her mom, Dhalia, homeschools her, to keep her from the evils that is mankind. Quant never asked about her dad to her mom, because mom’s afraid it “might make Quant sad”. So, she stays shut up about it.

Quant was forced onto AlphaKidz, because she was the only child of the group. (Their members are infertilized upon joining.) She plans to spread the word that everything you love is evil, but there may be more to Quant than meets the eye…

  • Abusive Parent: Oh boy, is her mom ever.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While she is a villain, she refuses to let James watch Jersey Shore.
  • Expy: Of N. Naturally, her mom is Ghestis.
  • Frame-Up: Bitty framed her into saying she hated autistic people. Xylia, on Quant's team has Asperger's. Do the math.
Freudian Excuse: If your mom was anything like Dhalia, you'd probably act like Quant pre-Heel–Face Turn too.

Ralph, the Gardener

Ralph Motacros, is a kind soul who adores flowers. He has a flower garden in front of his house, and he isn't shy to show his garden to his friends.

While Ralph is good at gardening, he kinda stinks at everything else. Especially math. He can't tell heads or tails out of much of it. His flowers are his pride and joy. It would be painful if anything happened to them...

Ralph hopes to go as far as he can, and truely bloom!

Seth, the Beatnik

Growing up with his beatnik parents, Seth has really rubbed off from them. Attending drum circles every so often, Seth is real cool, Daddy-O!

There is some stuff that Seth won't stomach, like war, and bullying. Especially bullying.

Nonetheless, Seth hopes to go far.

  • Disco Dan: He dresses like he's stuck in the fifties.

Treela, the Dodgeball-Playing Hippie

Treela loves dodgeball. She is also a fan of her hippie lifestyle, when she was taken in. Some people call her the "Groovy Sure-Shot", because of her aim.

Being there were various hippies in the Total Drama Circuit before, she takes to the reigns as a resident hippie-girl. Besides, there weren't many hippies, if none on the Total Drama circuit, before...

Her cherished possession is her "Noun Ball". It's considered her "Good Luck" charm, and she feels she has a much better aim with it.

Uzi, the Retro Gamer

Uzi is a retro gamer. He likes the old games from the NES, SNES, Genesis era, N64... While he does like modern games, Uzi is more of a fan of the classics. In all, he's kinda the Nostalgia Critic to another story's Irate Gamer.

His family is a bit on the punkish side... Or his mom is. He also sports blue highlights, cause why not? He's a bit sad that he can't get online with a SNES so he can test his skills against other players. But he does hope to see his idol, a fellow gamer named Tina someday. And maybe get her autograph?

Uzi travels to the Movie Lot of Alpha Kidz in hopes that he'll go far. Hey, maybe he'll win more than just the contest!

Vaughn, the Lazy Bishōnen

Vaughn is a beauty around his hometown. It helps him that he has Edward Cullen's hairstyle, somehow, and his town is full of Twilight fans, especially Team Edward. He is also trying to be a bad boy, cause all the ladies like a bad boy. But it fails in all sorts of levels...

Vaughn really hates his beauty being damaged, and will do anything to try to not get hurt anyhow. No wonder he is failing gym... But even though he hates getting hurt, he hates to see anyone get hurt, though.

Vaughn hopes to charm himself to the Final Two. From there, things will be easy... for him.

  • Jerkass: Not exactly the most pleasant contestant on the roster.

Wiley, the Game Show Fan

Wiley is a fan of game shows. From Wheel of Fortune to Press Your Luck, Price is Life to Let's Make a Deal, he enjoys them all. His outfit is even modeled after the Whammy from Press Your Luck... Well, his shirt, anyway. He even has a Whammy plush, made by his Grandma. Yep, you can say, he's a fan.

He also has a lot of good knowledge because of said game shows. But still wonders if a year's supply of Spaghetti-Os is a good deal... Who cares; it's Spaghetti-Os! Here's hoping he doesn't get the Zonk prize...

Xylia, the Rookie Cook

Xylia’s a big fan of cooking. Being her parents are managers of a restaurant, she often watches them cook. She even helps out from time to time… With cleaning. Her cooking is often iffy, currently. At one point, she managed to burn FIRE when her family was camping. Don’t ask how she managed to do that. But, she still assists in the kitchen, knowing that she has the cooking spirit inherited in her.

But, while her cooking is bad, video gaming is where she TRULY shines. While she may look cute, she’s an absolute terror on the virtual battlefield. Her favorite genre are RPGs and Platformers. She’s also has an unique ability, which displays her mood and emotions on her hat. She also HATES shoes and goes around barefoot all the time if possible. She’s pretty much the friendliest gal around, but she has close to no friends, due to her Aspergers.

Xylia signs up for AlphaKidz to prove that you can go far, despite the challenges you were given. And who knows? She may make friends she can count on.

  • Does Not Like Shoes: She is always seen barefoot. At one point, Mrs. Broompool, Keala's mom, put her in a pair. Once she was gone, Xylia almost instantly took them off, and mailed them to a random charity.
  • Facial Markings: Two flour spots on her cheeks in the shape of hearts, which seem to be permanent.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Just watch her segment of the first challenge and try not to think this. She manages to give comfort to an entire level's worth of Koopa Troopas and Goombas and tells them to all hide from Yagmur! The only downside is that she ends up getting the slowest time of all of her teammates because of her act of kindness, which thank goodness there was no elimination that night.
  • Informed Ability: See No Social Skills below

Yagmur, the Cruel Bully

Yagmur is... sadistic to an extent. Beating weak people that get in his way, Yagmur is one dude you DON'T wanna mess with. Heck, the pre-school teacher was sent to the hospital, cause of him! It later involved in the funeral of Mr. Kittens, the hamster... You do NOT wanna know how he killed him.

His favorite pastimes include bullying, beating people up, stepping on frogs, feeding hamburgers to cows, tipping cows over, etc. And while he's avoided arrest numerous times, the police are afraid to approach him. He's also a fan of the Manhunt series, and hopes to find the discontinued Manhunt 3 disc.

Yagmur heads to the lot to achieve destruction, and beatings to other people. And there's NOTHING anyone can do about it... Is there?

  • The Bully: And he doesn't even try to hide it. In fact, he's proud of being a bully.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: He is no doubt the physically strongest on his team, and uses it as a reason for why he can't be voted off so early. This ended up sparing him, and getting Wiley eliminated instead.

Zentaro, the Frog Fan

RIBBIT! Zentaro is a fan of frogs; he wears his fandom proudly on his head. Rumor has it he ate a dead fly off the sidewalk, because he thought it looked tasty. Keep in mind, he was five, at the time.

Zentaro grew up in Japan until he and his family moved to Canada. He was a bit saddened that he had to leave his friends (And Girlfriend) behind, but his family cheered him up when they gave him a pet frog, which he named Tongue. He adores Tongue, and would be heartbroken if anything happened to him.

Zentaro joins the Alpha Kidz group in hopes of making it far. And he is bringing Tongue with him! But would that be a bad thing, with a certain Y-Contestant on the Lot?

     Secondary Characters 

Yessica and Irene, the Madly in Love Interns

Dhalia, Quant's Mom

Quant's mom, and the leader of the Enlightened Ones.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Unlike the other villains of the show, she has NO funny traits whatsoever.


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