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Voiced by: Ai Terashima

Rarity: 3*-5*
Element: Water
Origin: Saga Region
Job: Divine Speaker
A young man who serves as Divine Speaker, who summons and controls the guardian of his village. After Siegfried comes to visit the village, he learns that people need to fend for themselves to grow, and so he leaves the village together with him.
  • The Chosen One: Is revered as such, given his ability to commune with the Guardian. Given that said guardian is in fact a Demon that can and does go berserk, it turns out this isn't the case.
  • Tagalong Kid: Becomes this to Siegfried following Chapter 2 of Magni Historia.


Voiced by: Ryota Suzuki

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light
Origin: Envylia
Jobs: Wandering Swordsman, Holy Brawler -> Holy Brawler [Senju], Magic Swordsman
Siegfried was an orphan who showed great promise and was recruited into the Holy Guard. He excelled in the training but never got along with the rigid lifestyles and doctrines of the order. A visiting prodigy from Lustburg recognized his ability and offered him a chance to train under her. After he completed his training, he would lend his skills to the Holy Guard as a free agent.
  • Oblivious to Love: He is completely oblivious to Roxanne's advances to him, which
  • Defector from Decadence: Eventually left the Holy Guard because he didn't agree with its practices.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a very distinctive wide-brim hat. It's even an accessory other characters can equip!


Voiced by: Kairi Satake

Rarity: 5*
Element: Wind
Origin: Wadatsumi
Jobs: Noble Emissary, Merchant, Shadow Assassin
A deadly efficient agent working for an unknown party, surrounded by an air of mystery. Shion has unparalleled skill in both dancing and bladework, and steals the breath of all who witness either.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Though the in-game profile lists Shion as male, it notably does not use gendered pronouns anywhere, and Shion dresses very femininely, both regularly and in a swimsuit.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner: Though not called out as prominently as with Zehn, Shion's unique job involves the use of a katana and rapid strikes (often including movement). In addition, Shion's Master Attack animation ends with Shion sheathing the katana after a flash of light, followed by the targets taking damage, implying that there was a faster-than-sight draw followed by Shion returning Akatsuki (the sword) to its sheathe.

Rarity: 5*
Element: Thunder
Origin: Slothstein
Jobs: Shadow Broker, Machinist, Spy
Roxanne is a well-known socialite in Slothstein and just as infamous with the criminal underworld as an information broker. She only works with people that she deems to serve the betterment of the city making no distinction between the corrupt city officials or unscrupulous gangsters. She has helped street gangs liberate ill-gotten gains from city magistrates who abuse their power and she has also helped detectives solve violent crimes. <br>What is less known is that she is childhood friends with Siegfried and has a secret crush on him. Under that glamourous high-society facade, there is nothing more dear to her than to be able to start a humble family with her love.

  • The Gambler: Part of her overt cover as an information broker who hangs out at Slothstein's many casinos. She also has Poker-themed skill names, her ultimate attack being the appropriately named, "Royal Flush".
  • Guns Akimbo: Roxanne's Shadow Broker job uses two guns to fight; while many Gunners bear two guns, she actually fires with both them for her regular and counter attacks, hitting opponents twice.
  • Grenade Spam: Averted with her grenade skills; although she has five different types of basic skills dealing with grenades, each has a limit to the number of times it can be used in a match. Played straight with her Gear Master Attack, Royal Flush: though it can only be used once, Royal Flush causes Roxanne to throw an absurd number of explosives in the animation, blow a kiss at the enemies (or the grenades, it's hard to tell), and then shoot the grenades to cause them to blow up all over the enemy. And despite the carnage this would cause in real life, only enemy units in the area are hurt.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: The Shadow Broker uses Missile attacks for the primary, job-exclusive skills. However, her job's "Basic" skills (which can be used with her other jobs) are all grenade attacks. All of them.


Rarity: 5*
Element: Light Origin: Lustburg
A former teacher of Lustburg's academia and mentor of Siegfried and Roxanne.

  • Hot Teacher: She has a younger alternate skin of her teaching days back in Lustburg's Magical Academy. Not that her default outfit is any less hotter.


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