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Here's a list of the characters from Albedo: Birthright.

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Prince Alfon Kashoka aka Kodoka Charka
The legitimate prince of Shartoa and the main protagonist of the story. After leaving for years using a secret identity, he decides to lead a group of rebels to fight back against the Tosiu invaders. He is engaged with Jenna Shodi.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Alfon is a deep contrast compared with Erma in Albedo: While Erma was much stoic, cold (at first) and groomy, on the other hand Alfon is more emotional, stubborn and above all more idealistic than her.
  • Do Not Call Me Sir: He doesn't like being called "prince" and he prefers to be called by his name instead.
  • Expy: While he precedes him for a year, he shares many points in common with Prince Arslan from The Heroic Legend of Arslan (and by default, Arsalan from Amir Arsalan, the Persian epic whose Arslan took inspiration from) as both are princes who tries to recover their homeland from foreign invaders.
  • Fox Folk
  • Rebel Leader
  • Rebel Prince: He a prince who is trying to reclaim his homeland from the Tosiu.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something

Jenna Shodi's girlfriend, who later joins Alfon in his attempt to reclaim his homeland, albeit by her own means.
  • Action Girl: To the grade to even overshadowing her boyfriend Alfon on this, as she's even more competent than him in the military department, despite not having any kind of military background and coming from from a more humble origins.
  • Badass Adorable: She is cute, but doesn't stops her to also doing her part into trying to reclaim Shartoa as well.
  • Fox Folk
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: Jenna speaks with a very Germanic-sounding accent in a deep contrast with everyone else.


General Rau Tan Theok of the Tosiu invading force and the defacto new ruler of Shartoa after invading the country and taking Alfon's parents as his personal prisoners. He decides to keep them alive because he needs them for fulfill his country's plans to rule over Shartoa and the whole planet of Ebontoa.
  • Cat Folk: Tiger
  • Defiant to the End: Even if he and the rest of the Tosiu forces were overwhelmed by Alfon's rebel army and it was pretty obvious he was going to die, he at least decided to die on his own terms in a blaze of glory, and while we don't see his death, the last shot involving him shows him and his men going with nothing more than revolvers against rebels armed with machine guns and even tanks, against them.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Rau and his men invaded Shartoa by curb-stomping their army to oblivion. This time, the Shartoan rebels were the ones who kicked his furry ass at extreme prejudice.
  • Noble Bigot: Even if he hates the Shartoans and its royal family, he's a soldier at first and even he is disgusted at first after managing to obliterate Shartoa without any effort.

    WALKING SPOILER The Crew of the Winkles 
A group of space adventurers who came into the help of Alfon's rebel army after finding a clue about the EDF's Matter Conversion Cannon from the previous era and they have to help them after the anti-royalists cornered him, forced him to leave the planet Ebontoa. One of their crew members holds a secret from a distant era...

Tropes associated with them:

Toki Etona captain of the Winkles and the main leader of the team. Not much is known about her other than being Kala's best friend from years ago. According with Word of God, she is a descendant of Toki Zha, Erma's best friend. just like Kala, a descedant of the titular heroine.
  • Berserk Button: Don't try to put a finger on Kala or both Toki can order Winky to vaporize the aggressors, regardless of any other consideration.
  • The Captain
  • Expy: Very ironically, of Erma Felna, in terms of personality. The irony of this is her best friend Kala is an Expy of Toki Zha and she's descendant of Erma.
    • While it could be a coincidence, personality-wise she resembles a bit like Queen Emeraldas (the character, not the ship, albeit her relation with Winky is very similar like the one Emeraldas holds with the titular ship).
  • Grumpy Bear: Unlike her previous namesake, this Toki is the complete opposite of the Albedo's one, as she's too much grouchy and angrier than the other one.
  • Rat Men: Just like her namesake, she's also a Rodent as well.

Kala Tanaia (Real name:Kala Tanoja Vogaia Felna) member of the Winkles and Toki's best friend. She's the most action oriented member of the crew and she doen't mind to get into the action when needed. It's later revealed she's the descendant of Erma Felna and the true one, after Donon tried to convince everybody from being one. And just like her legendary ancestor, she also a Talent as well, and a very powerful one.
  • Cat Folk: Feline
  • Expy: Just like Toki, she's a very ironic expy of Toki Zha, despite being Erma's descendant.
  • Famous Ancestor: Of Erma Felna.
  • Genki Girl: Compared with her friend Toki and her ancestor Erma she's more easygoing and have a more friendier personality than them.
  • Psychic Powers: Unlike Erma, Kala can use her Talent powers more efectively than her ancestor ever did. One of her power involves manipulating the mental perception of the people along her, causing them to ignoring her as she was invisible. The only drawback of that power is she needs to eat a lot and she can get very tired really fast.


The name of the AI of the Winkles and the only remaning one that exist in the setting after the end of the Third Lepine War. It's heavily implied Winky could be another AI created by Albedo's The Net during the second arc when the Net itself splitted to many independent versions of itself when the EDF used the Matter Conversion Cannon. Unlike the Net, Winky is more talkative and he (as he's normally adressed) had a more sentient personality compared with The Net.
  • Expy: Technically, of The Net, and personality-wise, of the Queen Emeraldas's AI.
  • Only Sane AI: Many times, Winky has to convice Toki from doing something reckless or outright suicidal.

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