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Characters / Alabaster: The Doomed Session

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    Vamuin Ikenga 
Your name is VAMUIN IKENGA.

You have a large variety of INTERESTS, all of them being the most POPULAR AND STYLISH THINGS EVER. You are mainly an AWESOME SURFER, but you're also good at ALTERNIAN FOOTBALL, WILD SKATEBOARDING, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, and MUSCLEBEAST DECAPITATEBALL. You organize CRAZY PARTIES where you invite everyone you know and don't know, and also MORE TIGHT PARTIES with only the most popular and beautiful young persons.

Your muscular, tall and handsome body, DEEPLY TANNED by moonburn naps every night and ultraviolet sessions every day, displays TATTOOS and PIERCINGS, but NOT TOO MUCH, because the last thing you desire is to not be wanted or accepted everywhere, by everyone. That is also why you know ALTERNATIVE MUSIC, but don't listen to it frequently, and that's the very reason you don't allow yourself to PAINT or to SING or to PLAY VIDEOGAMES everyday.
As a parody on 'invincible' OC's, Vamuin believes himself to be exactly that. The truth is, however, fairly different...
  • Break the Haughty: Is easily the most prideful of the group, and that's saying something; With confidence bordering on downright arrogance over himself and his abilities, which only gets worse when he ascends to godtier. But in a horror tragedy, it comes as no surprise that with such a great big ego, he suffers an equally great big fall.
  • Character Development: Starts as an overconfident, braggadocious dudebro, who thinks he's amazing and thinks even the slightest possibility of losing SGRUB is impossible. And by the end of his character arc, he becomes a completely and utterly broken man, devoid of hope and wishing he had done more of value with his life.
    RP: C==) I o°nly wish I co°uld have understo°o°d it earlier
    RP: C==) Like, befo°re the sessio°n
    RP: C==) Like, earlier in my life.
    RP: C==) Being aweso°me do°esn't mean anything.
    RP: C==) Being a winner is co°mpletely stupid.
    RP: C==) That's no°t the impo°rtant thing.
    RP: C==) Friends and lo°ve and hate and do°ing so°mething with yo°ur life that is the epic thing and no°w
    RP: C==) Everything is go°ne
  • Meaningful Name: 'Vamuin' is a corruption of Vainamoinen, foreshadowing him being the Bard of Time. Ikenga is a victory god, displaying his skill and belief in his success and sowing the seeds of subversion with his harrowingly crushing defeat.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Is one of the more competent members of the group. And is the first one who perma-dies, due to perishing after already having ascended to godtier.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Oh boy does he ever have one. In a surge of overconfidence after believing he had slain his Denizen, he enters it's den to claim his prize, ignoring all the warnings within. He discovers that his real Denizen was within, and literally everything that could happen to screw him over happens: Tentacleking rips his wings off, his Wave-Dex's one in a million tsunami erases his entire inventory, and his enemy has no eyes for him to use his psionic power on. Leaving him completely helpless as Tentacleking horribly brutalizes him, and gives him a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong for good measure. And he only suffers more and more after he escapes.
     Ginneo Adarna 
A troll who became part of the 'Wiggler' subculture, and behaves like a baby as a result. Even his typing quirk (at least, his first) invokes this. His trolltag is magicalPaws later martrialPuppeteer.
     Batori Logaro 
A wannabe Rainbow Drinker, who has to face herself to enter the game.

  • Character Development: Grows from a vain Kanaya Expy to a full badass.
  • Meaningful Name: Comes from Elizabeth Bathory. Her last name is the name of a creature, which name is a corruption of 'loup garou' ('werewolf')
     Renart Azeban 
Wê Mûst AlwAys bêlîêvê în ôûr drêAMs.
Lôôk At thê clôûds, lôôk At thê grAss, lôôk At thê wînd în thê trêês' lêAvês. Thêy Arê têllîng yôû thê wôrld wîll AlwAys bê hêrê, nô MAttêr thê blAdês, nô MAttêr thê fîrê. Thê wôrld wîll côntînûê tô wêAvê A tApêstry ôf bêAûty And hArMôny fôr Aêôns, And wê jûst hAvê tô bêcôMê pArt ôf ît.
Wê jûst hAvê tô fôllôw ôûr grêAtêst dêsîrês.

Renart is a cunning, sly murderer. He uses the weaknesses of others to mislead them and lead them to their deaths, and generally succeeds doing that. With their horns he decorates his house and even adorns himself with jewels made from them. Despite this behavior, he seems to be rather careless and is also sympathic to Sectra.

  • Acquired Poison Immunity
  • Animal Motifs: A fox. To a lesser extent, a raccoon.
  • Body to Jewel: Not his own, but uses his victim's horns to adorn himself and his house.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Due to his Dirk-like ability to have his dreamer and his main self being awake at the same time, he knows almost everything, although not the timing of it. This comes in handy when Ophiucius says he saw a hovercraft containing rebels, and he thinks there were sixteen of them. Renart doubts this and sends his dreamer to check, only to find this to be true.
    • The thing that he does not know the exact timing, plays a part later on. He's expecting the sixteen 'visitors' at his hive. Renart, of course, has already set traps and made them battle-ready ( as turns out). Renart thinks they're running late, but when the perspective shifts into one of the rebel leaders, you find that they too had been planning everything in time. They aren't late. Renart is just early.
  • Cunning Like a Fox
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, haha. You're going to kill everyone and to bathe in their blood and oh god you're excited again.
  • Dramatic Necklace Removal: Subverts this. Normally his sprite is like this, but when he expects his 'guests', he even adds one (plus replacing a lot of his other jewelry).
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady
  • Expy: His form, excessive use of Jewels, strange shape of his hive, effeminate looks and a weird worldview resemble Feferi Peixes, to the point where Ophiucus briefly mistakes him for that very troll. However, he is not Feferi herself, as his personality is fairly different.
    • He also shows some similarities with Kanaya Maryam, especially since he changes clothes as soon as there gets blood on it, and seems to have a pretty large wardrobe.
  • Horns Make Everything Shiny
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: With Ophiucus' body, in multiple ways.
  • Improbable Weapon User: During the rebels' assault. Weapons include: Ophiucus' body, walls he moved in with the Sgrub cursor, and he's later even flinging two of them to the meteors with the same cursor. Subverted with his normal Weapon of Choice, which are various knives.
  • Last Minute Project / Just in Time: Deliberately invokes this before he disfigures his portrait and enters last-minute.
  • Manipulative Bastard: As one might expect from a troll based on two trickster achetypes. He lets Ophiucus in, and pretends to be his servant and asks him for what he did to get as much information from him, before ultimately killing him.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • 'Renart' is French for 'Reinaerde'; an antromoporphic fox from Dutch lore. Back then, this animal was called a "goupil" (from 'Vulpecula') in French, but the tales became so famous the French now call a fox a "renard". This Reinaerde is a very evocative and primordial Trickster figure. He is quite frail and tiny, and he frequently gets threatened or mauled (just like Loki, for example), but he usually wins at the end only using his brains. He can be quite the smartass and he's also a thief.
    • 'Azeban', on the other hand, is a raccoon from Abenaki mythology. It is an inoffensive little beast tricking other creatures for food and services.
  • No-Sell: Is apparently immune to the poison.
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon: Troll With Psycho Weapon: Is usually stylish, reserved and nice with a kind of cunning ring to it. Wields a cleaver. When killing Ophiucus, he even has two of them.
  • Waif Prophet: A rare male example. The walls of his dream room are full of notes.
     Sectra Zhooka 
Renart's friend and later matespirit. Seems to be based around insects.

  • Improbable Weapon User: Not her, but a figure which seems to be her ancestor uses a paraplu to succesfully slay a beast.
  • The Faceless: Or rather, eyeless. Her eyes aren't shown, and we only saw a part in a sprite.
  • Sole Survivor: She's the only one present in the intro card of the story, and she is utterly distraught, implying she will eventually become this. And sure enough, though it's easy to miss, she's the only one with a Dream Bubble enabled. Meaning if everyone dies, she's the only one who will live on from the session, as everyone else has unknowingly been Barred from the Afterlife.
     Ophiucius the Great 



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