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Characters / Aivoton Aikamatka

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Mike Thurson

"After kidnapping me and pointing a gun to my head you're afraid that cursing will traumatize me?"

The main character of our story. It is his kidnapping that set in motion the story.


Sam Rackham

Captain of the space pirate crew that kidnaps Mike and brings him to the 2500's.

Jin Fu

The first mate on The Iron Lump and his right-hand man.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He does seem usually more pissed than his crewmates. Maybe it's the monkey...



The technical support person on The Iron Lump, as well as the cook. Doesn't talk much.

  • Hook Hand: As a part of a family in-joke, every member of The Hooks family must take a Hook to replace missing body parts. Including noses.
  • Last-Name Basis: Supplemental material on deviantArt states that his first name is Roland.
  • Meaningful Name: See Hook Hand above.
  • Mr. Exposition: The few times he opens his mouth he uses to illuminate the wonders of 26th Century to Mike. Sam lampshades this at one point.



The drowsy mechanic on The Iron Lump.

  • Heavy Sleeper: He has tried to get medication for that, but reading all those informative labels is so tiring...
  • Punny Name: The deviantArt supplemental material states that his full name is Max(well) Turbo. Ironic giving his drowsiness.


Sam's evil big brother and the President of Sigtron Corporation.

  • Black Cloak: Not that it helps to conceal your identity if you forget to take off the name tag...


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