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    Seira Otoshiro
"If you're 'do' then I'm 're'. If you're 're' then I'm 'mi'. I'll always be a step ahead of you!"

If you're "do" then she's "re", if you're "re" then she's "mi." Seira Otoshiro will always be one step ahead of you! Seira is a talented, rock-genre idol from the rival idol school, Dream Academy. She's confident, yet humble and is always there to support her friends. She loves rock and is the main rival of Ichigo Hoshimiya. She's a cool-type idol who uses the brand Swing Rock.

Age: 14-15 (S2), 16 (S3)
Birthday: November 11 (Scorpio)
Trademark Favorite Food: Baked cheesecake, pickled vegetables
Type: Cool
Main brand: Swing Rock
School: Dream Academy
Units: Aikatsu8 (S2), 2wingS (S2), Dream Star (S2)
Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara (speaking), Fūri Uebana (singing)

Tropes associated with Seira:

    Kī Saegusa

Everything will be Ok-ok-okay!, cause Kii Saegusa's on the job. Kii is an idol and Seira's skilled producer. She comes from an island where her mother is a doctor. She's cheerful and energetic with almost as much knowledge on idols as Aoi. Kii takes her job as a producer seriously and is always there to provide information for her friends. She is a pop-type idol who uses the brand Magical Toy.

Age: 14-15 (S2), 16 (S3)
Birthday: December 3 (Sagittarius)
Trademark Favorite Food: Brain Thunder, Pon Pon Crepes
Least Favorite Food: Spicy curry
Type: Pop
Main brand: Magical Toy
School: Dream Academy
Units: Dream Star (S2)
Voiced by: Chuna (speaking), Yuna Ichikura (singing)

Tropes associated with Kī:

    Sora Kazesawa
"Bohemian Sky, my brand. With it, I'll cast my magic upon the stage!"

An idol and model who also doubles as a talented designer. Sora is a calm and easy-going person who always has an equally calm smile on her face. She's friendly, loves animals and nature, and is fond of Bohemian culture. She's a sexy-type idol who uses the brand she designed herself, Bohemian Sky.

Age: 15 (S2), 16 (S3)
Birthday: October 2 (Libra)
Type: Sexy
Main brand: Bohemian Sky
School: Dream Academy
Units: Dream Star (S2), Aikatsu8 (S2)
Voiced by: Minami Takahashi (speaking), Sunao Yoshikawa and later Eri Aino (singing)

Tropes associated with Sora:

    Maria Himesato

A kind and gentle girl who comes from the mountains. Maria is the daughter of two wealthy business parents who always travel for work. She's soft-spoken, well-mannered, and considerate with a love for daisies. She's good friends with Sora and is good with cosmetics. After being asked personally by Headmistress Tiara Yumesaki, Maria entered Dream Academy to become an idol. She's a cute-type idol who uses the brand Aurora Fantasy.

Image Color: Apricot
Age: 15-16 (S2), 16-17 (S3)
Birthday: April 18
Type: Cute
Main brand: Aurora Fantasy
School: Dream Academy
Units: Dream Star (S2), Aikatsu8 (S2)
Voiced by: Misako Tomioka (speaking), Eri Aino (singing)

Tropes associated with Maria:

  • Bishie Sparkle: In her debut episode and the following episode which doubled as her second focus episode.
  • Fairytale: The theme of Aurora Fantasy.
    • Her idol aura, which consist of different symbolic fairy tale icons and hot pink geraniums.
  • Princess Phase
  • The Generic Guy: She gets the least development of any of the Dream Academy girls, and mainly exists to fill the role of their Cute idol.
  • Hair Decorations: A flower headband.
  • Meaningful Name: The "Hime" in her last name means "princess", referring to her being a ojou.
  • The Ojou/Proper Lady: The most prominent in the series.
  • Regal Ringlets: You bet.
  • Sweet Tooth: Her favorite food is Sachertorte.
  • Tareme Eyes
  • Yodel Land: Where she grew up. Complete with the mountains, evergreen pasture valleys, wildflowers, and cows and other animals. She even has her own cow named Elizabeth III!



    Tiara Yumesaki
The headmistress of Dream Academy the older sister of Naoto Suzukawa. When Tiara was in college, she worked as a member of Masquerade's staff.
  • Stage Name: Her real last name is Suzukawa.
  • Take a Third Option: She founded Dream Academy to offer alternative pathways to those who couldn't be idols but still want to pursue a career in show business.
    Mizuki Kanzaki 

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