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Origins Characters

    Brehan Mahariel 
Emma shem'nan

A Dalish elf that Duncan forcibly recruited. Though initially hostile to the party, he eventually warms to them and serves as the party's scout and tracker. Leliana also trains him as a bard, and the two begin a relationship. After the Blight ends, he goes with Leliana back to Orlais and joins her in working as the Divine's left hand.

  • The Bard : Both in terms of actually singing and in acting as a spy. He eventually becomes the Inquisition's spymaster when Leliana becomes Divine.
  • BFS : Favors two-handed weapons, so he's also just as prone to Drop the Hammer or have An Axe to Grind
  • Bi the Way : Is this, though you have to read between some lines. He and Tamlen had a relationship that only sometimes involved Merrill.
  • Butt-Monkey : Partly because he's the scout and partly because he's not as tough as the others, if someone gets injured during a fight it's usually him. Things with teeth tend to go after him first.
  • Character Development : Arguably has the most of all the characters. He goes from Shem-hating Dalish elf to the Left Hand of the Divine and Spymaster of the Inquisition.
  • Cloak & Dagger : He and Leliana engage in a lot of this during Side Trips
  • Cold-Blooded Torture : Suffers it in one of the alternate worlds.
  • Combat Pragmatist : Doesn't mind using poison and grenades.
  • Culture Clash : Has this with the entire party at first.
  • Cursed with Awesome : He can sense darkspawn at an incredible range and with great accuracy, but occasionally suffers from sensory overload.
  • Fish out of Water : Is this at first regarding human cities. Leliana helps him get over it.
  • Forest Ranger : His primary use to the Wardens is as a scout
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... : Has a bit of this towards Josephine, due to her being Leliana's surrogate little sister.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades : The others may tease him about being the worst of the fighters, but it's worth noting that Brehan has the widest range of skills. He can sing, play instruments, forge documents, pick pockets, pick locks, cook, scout, hunt, and spy. And when he does fight he can pick up any weapon and use it, while the others stick to their specialties.
  • Killed Off for Real : Had this happen to him in one of the alternate worlds. At the hands of one of his oldest friends, no less. It was a Mercy Kill
  • Loyal Animal Companion : Gets one in the form of a wolf.
  • Meaningful Name : His name means raven. He pairs up with the Nightingale.
  • Never Live It Down : Gets taken prisoner by the kids. Alistair comments that he's never going to let Brehan live that down
  • Noodle Incident : He and Cassandra have a few. Cassandra threatens him with bodily harm whenever he starts to bring one up.
    Remind me to tell you about the night I ended up in a turf war between four different thieves' guilds
  • Oblivious to Love: Leliana has to spell it out for him. In his defense, he thought she was a lesbian.
  • Odd Friendship : He and Cassandra are clearly good friends. In one reality, they even get a Relationship Upgrade
  • Our Elves Are Better : Has this attitude at the start. While he gets over it, he never stops being proud of his Dalish roots.
  • Refusal of the Call : Tried. Didn't work because he already had the Blight. His choices were become a Warden or die, and when he picked the latter his Keeper ordered him to go with Duncan.
  • The Spymaster : Becomes this alongside Leliana.
  • Took a Level in Kindness : Does this after Saitada gives him some percussive therapy.
  • Wandering Minstrel : Has shades of this.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Jerath, Brosca, and Cassandra.

    Kevan Brosca 
Leske almost did something smart. Cept he forgot who I was.

He prefers to just go by Brosca. He's a casteless thug who impressed both Duncan and Saitada by winning a proving, and later fighting his way through the Carta. Initially he's illiterate, but first Saitada and then Lenore teach him to read. He ends up in a relationship with both Lenore and Zevran.

    Cathiel Cousland 
Is it wrong that I actually do miss the days when we were running for our lives?

The younger of the Cousland siblings, Cathiel is one of Fereldan's blue bloods. She has a hot temper and wanted to get revenge on Arl Howe instead of joining the Wardens, but was convinced by her father's dying wish to do her duty for Ferelden. She and Alistair bond over shared grief and eventually form Ferelden's ruling couple.

    Jerath Tabris /Razikale 
"You really think I'd let the world end on my watch?"

Jerath starts the story barely an adult by Thedas standards, and his size leads many to mistake him for a child. At least, until he starts fighting and talking, when he proves himself both deadly and far older than his years would indicate. He is a rage abomination and was trained to fight by the demon in his head, making him one of the finest warriors in Thedas. He eventually ends up the host of none other than Razikale

  • Action Dad : Definitely is one, but he and Morrigan are actually the only parents that stay out of things in Bloodlines. Future him sent a message back to himself via Loghain Junior telling him to stay out of it
  • Asskicking Equals Authority : Keeps ending up in charge of things, even when he doesn't want to. Considering how powerful he ends up, it's probably a good thing he has no desire to actually rule.
  • Badass in Charge : Was the Warden Commander before surrendering that title back to Saitada. His Badass Crew still calls him by that title.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : If you are his friend, he will slaughter anyone who messes with you.
  • Benevolent Boss : There is a reason his people are insanely loyal to him.
    Inquisitor, I'll be blunt. I'm protective of my people, and I'm prone to acts of extraordinary violence.
  • Broken Bird : Arguably starts as this.
  • Broken Pedestal : His mother fought alongside Loghain in the rebellion, and actually named Jerath for Loghain's father. Growing up on those stories meant Loghain was Jerath's childhood hero.
  • Combat Parkour : Being small and fast, Jerath makes heavy use of this
  • Deadpan Snarker : His favorite means of communication
  • Demonic Possession : Since he was four years old. He manages to overcome it when he's around 16, only to end up back in the same situation by 17.
  • Despair Event Horizon : Crosses this in Vathran's world. Shortly after, he crosses the Moral Event Horizon, answering the What's the Worst That Could Happen? question .
  • The Dreaded : Upon learning who they are facing, bandits run off a cliff rather than engage him in combat
  • Dual Wielding : Favors a sword and axe combo.
  • Good Is Not Soft : Enough that it's occasionally difficult to remember that he is one of the good guys. He's got no problem solving issues by quietly slaughtering a small band of nobles conspiring against him, then turning around and using their stores to feed the hungry in Amaranthine.
  • Happily Married : He and Morrigan are deeply in love and clearly happy together
  • Hates Being Touched : There are unpleasant reasons for this. Over the course of the series he slowly gets over it, even becoming tolerant of Dagna's tendency to glomp him.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold : Is extremely prone to violence, but has a lot of Pet the Dog moments.
  • Family Man
  • Love Redeems : He and Morrigan do this for each other. It's worth noting that Razikale used to be a spirit of love before her Face–Heel Turn
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue : Starts the series off with one of these, proving that he is not someone to be messed with despite being only fifteen
  • Rousing Speech : Not good at these. He prefers to inspire with a quiet Dare to Be Badass
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : Is small even for an elf. Probably the single best warrior in Thedas even before he takes a few more levels in badass
  • Take Up My Sword: Passes the Sword of Vigilance to Jerath Gilmore, noting that the job of defending Ferelden is his now
  • Token Evil Teammate : Borders on this at times
  • Took a Level in Badass : He joins souls with Razikale, making him effectively an archdemon and Physical God . By Apocalypse, he's keeping the Evanuris from escaping by himself.
  • The Quiet One : Despite being a badass, Jerath is actually fairly shy and tends not to do much talking until he gets to know people. Then he starts getting snarky.
  • The Lancer : Serves as this to Saitada
  • Single-Target Sexuality : If it weren't for Morrigan, he'd be asexual. He doesn't even seem to be aware other romantic options exist. Considering they eventually become Mindlink Mates it's possible there are underlying reasons for this.
  • The Stoic : It's rare for him to display much in the way of emotion
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior : He's fifteen when the series starts and already a serial killer
  • You Are in Command Now : Takes over as Warden Commander when Saitada steps down. He's the Warden Commander through Awakening of the Dragon
  • Vigilante Man : He was gangraped when he was nine and saw his mother murdered. He started killing off the ones who did it when he was ten, as well as murdering the templars who came for his sister, and others who hurt the elves. And then there is what happened to everyone at the Arl of Denerim's estate
  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him? : Averts this. Also goes back a few times to kill people his friends were too softhearted to kill themselves.

    Lenore Amell 

A blue-blood mage who was raised in the sheltered Ferelden Tower, Lenore wanted to help the Wardens from the beginning. She's naive and a bit wide-eyed at first, but not particularly innocent. She is very dangerous, though not always intentionally so, when she brings her magic into play.

    Saitada Aeducan 
At least morale is high.

Commander Saitada Aeducan, Princess of Orzammar. She and Duncan hit it off right away, and though at the time she couldn't join the Wardens she was doing all she could to help them. She and Duncan had a one-night stand that turned into a relationship when she did end up a Warden after all, and he began training her as his successor. She took up the mantle after his death, and serves as Fereldan's Warden-Commander.

  • Asskicking Equals Authority
  • Badass in Charge : She is the Warden Commander, and after Alistair's death she helps rule Ferelden until his son comes of age.
  • Big Brother Worship : Averted. She clearly loved Trian and named her adopted son for him, but she was well aware of his flaws.
  • Cain and Abel : On paper, she and Bhelan have reconciled and are allies, working together for the betterment of all dwarves. Off the record, she'd love to bash his face in.
  • Cool Big Sis : When she's not being Team Mom
  • Fiery Redhead : Averted. Crimson-haired, but a fairly calm though strong-willed personality.
  • Four-Star Badass : She was a military commander before she started leading the Wardens.
  • Good Is Not Soft : She was born in Orzammar, and can play the Game with the best of them.
  • Heartbroken Badass : After Ostagar
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl : She's a dwarf, and pals around with Sten
  • It's Personal : Has this toward Loghain after the death of Duncan. It's likely if it hadn't been for that she would have been willing to work with the man.
  • Lady of War
  • The Lancer : Serves as one to Duncan before stepping up after his death
  • The Lost Lenore: Duncan is this for her. The series spans almost thirty years, she never gets together with anyone else romantically.
  • Odd Friendship : She and Sten become close.
  • Only Sane Man : She tries, anyway
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : The fact that she's a dwarf doesn't change that she can probably kick your ass.
  • Platonic Life-Partners : Has this with Sten, until he becomes Arishok and the events of Trespasser occur
  • Proper Lady : Was one, but keep in mind it was by dwarven standards
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits : Finds herself leading one after the events of Ostagar, and turns them into a Badass Crew
  • Revenge Before Reason : At least some of her motive for putting Alistair on the throne is wanting to wipe out Loghain's entire family in vengeance for the deaths of Duncan and the other Wardens. Jerath calls her on it.
  • Team Mom : Often serves as this to the Blight crew.

Dragon Age 2

Aveline, as Guard Captain, surely you must be concerned that some poor man is routinely losing his pants.

The owner of the worst luck in Thedas and star of Rise of the Champion

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! : Half the reason he goes on quests is because they distracted him from something else
  • Almighty Janitor : He helps out the guard a lot. Doesn't stop even after he's a noble.
  • The Archmage : Cassandra is highly impressed by the amount of magic Hawke can sling around when he wants to
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other : It's possible the only reason he helped the Inquisition deal with the Wardens is he was terrified his brother was mixed up in it
  • Badass Gay : And not the slightest bit angsty about it.
  • Badass Family : In Bloodlines, he and Lenore get to team up
  • Battle Couple : He and Fenris are actually called this in story, and the two of them are effectively Kirkwall's entire army.
  • Beware the Silly Ones : Takes almost nothing seriously
  • Benevolent Boss : Treats Orana more like a beloved little sister than a servant. She may be his Replacement Goldfish for Bethany.
  • Big Brother Instinct : Toward his little brother, his friends, Kirkwall in general. Toward pretty much everyone but Aveline, who has this toward him. He treats Aveline as his Cool Big Sis.
  • Bullying a Dragon : Good luck figuring out why anyone is stupid enough to pick a fight with him
  • Casual Danger Dialog : He's so used to getting jumped by bandits it barely even causes a hiccup in the conversation.
  • Court Mage : Actually serves as one to Ferelden for a little while, before going back to Kirkwall. Serves as Viscount Varric's.
  • Double Agent : Makes nice with Meredith to cover for the fact he's smuggling mages out of Kirkwall
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: In Apocalypse, he dies hollding off the elven goddess Anduril, after killing one of the Forgotten Ones
  • Even the Guys Want Him : Which he finds beneficial, since he is himself gay.
  • Fight Magnet / Weirdness Magnet : He is half Amell
  • Happily Married : Eventually this with Fenris. They adopt two kids
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : He's not heterosexual, but he and Varric have this dynamic when they aren't being Those Two Guys. And they do flirt with each other sometimes.
  • Large Ham : Deliberate, part of his Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Last-Name Basis : To the point some people are genuinely surprised to learn he has a first name
  • Like Brother and Sister : He and Aveline definitely have this, with her being the only person in Thedas he acts as the younger sibling toward
  • Odd Friendship : Actually seems to have one with Meredith before she goes off the deep end. They even share a few laughs. By Bloodlines it's clear he and Cullen remain good friends.
  • One-Man Army : Kirkwall doesn't need an army. It has Hawke.
  • Papa Wolf : Makes it clear that even though he considers Cullen a friend, if the knight-captain so much as glances in the direction of Hawke's mage daughter, Hawke will end him
  • Rags to Riches
  • The Tease : Does occasionally flirt with women, especially Isabela.
  • Unrequited Love Lasts Forever : Anders is in love with Hawke, and it's clear that Anders still has feeling for him long after their friendship has been severed.
  • We Help the Helpless : Could have this on his business card
  • We Used to Be Friends : Stated the only reason he hasn't obliterated Sebastian is Sebastian used to be one of his True Companions. However, the same doesn't hold true of Anders and Hawke makes it clear that if Anders is in his vicinity Hawke is going to respond with hostility.

The Inquisitors

    Ruya Trevelyan 
But you're still glad I'm here to rescue you.
A blue-blood mage who enjoyed a privileged life in the tower until the mage rebellion. After closing the rift, she willingly joins the Inquisition to do all she can to help, and eventually ends up leading it.
  • The Ace : Was this at the Circle
  • Adorkable : When romancing Cullen
  • All-Loving Hero : Hands out hugs
  • The Archmage
  • Badass Bookworm : Has a tendency to get a little geeky with Dorian and Solas when uncovering some new magic or historical find
  • Badass Family : Is a Trevelyan. With an Amell grandmother.
  • Barrier Maiden : Solas actually states that she's better at barriers than he is, and in fights she expends a lot of her magic keeping her more martial companions safe.
  • Benevolent Boss
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Is an incredibly nice person, but it's best to remember she is the Inquisitor for a reason
  • The Chosen One : Believes she is this
  • Everyone's Baby Sister : Iron Bull and a few others seem to act this way. Her actual older brothers are both very protective of her.
  • Frontline General : Despite being a mage, she's out on the front lines in the thick of things. It's clear this is one of the main reasons her soldiers respect and adore her.
  • Hope Bringer : Just by the example she sets she does a lot of good for healing the rift between templars and mages. Her own romance with Cullen helps, as does the number of templar family members she has and the fact that she herself wanted to be a templar before her powers manifested.
  • The Ingenue : Was a virgin before getting together with Cullen
  • Like Brother and Sister : Flat out tells Dorian he's a brother to her. Her children also later address most members of her inner circle as 'Aunt' or 'Uncle', with Gavren referring to Cassandra as 'Aunt Cassie'.
  • Noodle Incident : Her brother Lukas threatens to tell Cullen about one.
  • Magic Knight : Wields a magic sword and wears armor. It's suggested she inspires a lot of mages toward this.
  • Mama Bear : Toward her friends and her soldiers, and eventually toward her children
  • Pregnant Badass : Was this through the events of trespasser
  • A Father to His Men : She and Cullen can be very parental toward their soldiers.
  • Shipper on Deck : Almost the entire Inquisition is this to her and Cullen. When they kiss at the end, the soldiers start cheering.
  • Team Mom
  • Weirdness Magnet : After she lets slip to Jerath's Wardens that she's part Amell, they seriously consider jumping off a moving elevator platform because it's 'probably safer than going into the Deep Roads with an Amell Mage'.
  • Youngest Child Wins : She's the youngest of three

Inquisitor of Colored Stones. Dwarven woman with a carta background.

    Kas Adaar 
That makes a disturbing amount of sense.
Inquisitor of A Hard Line. Kas is a qunari mercenary and leader of a mercenary band. She's in the Inquisition to avenge her loved ones, but later ends up leading it. She's gruff, no-nonsense, hates mages, and generally not a very nice person a lot of the time.


    Kathan Adaar 
I fell out of the fade and landed on my head.
Inquisitor of Not The Herald. A very young Qunari mercenary who helped close the rift, and then joined the Inquisition because nobody told him not joining was an option. Much, much, much smarter and far more dangerous than he acts.
  • Amazon Chaser : Is this to Cassandra
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! : Does this a lot.
  • Battle Couple : Forms one with Cassandra
  • Beware the Nice Ones : One of the nicest people in Thedas, right up until you cross the line. Is the only person in the entire series to make Jerath back down.
  • Beware the Silly Ones : Is a gigantic dork. Threatened Mythal, Razikale, and Fen'Harel to their faces and all three believed him.
  • Cultured Badass : Manages to be this despite being a Qunari mercenary
  • Humble Hero : Denies being the Herald of Andraste at every possible opportunity
  • Even the Guys Want Him : Dorian eats the eye candy. Kathan doesn't mind, and will even flex for him.
  • Friendto All Children : Regularly spends time playing with the kids living at Haven and Skyhold and can often be seen carrying one about on his shoulders.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend : Averted. He's nowhere near as over the deaths of Kas and Quiyala as he acts, as Solas learns the hard way.
  • Genius Bruiser : Kas knew he liked to read, so would grab books as loot for him. When she accidentally grabbed books in other languages, Kathan taught himself so he could read them anyway.
  • Guile Hero : Hides being the smartest guy in the entire series behind a goofy dork persona, though admits he really is a goofy dork.
  • Grand Romantic Gesture : Gives Cassandra several of these.
  • Keet : Despite being a qunari, he's young enough to still have a few shades of this
  • Knife Nut : Carries a couple dozen and is prone to picking up any he finds.
  • Likes Older Women : Cassandra is nearly twice his age
  • Nay-Theist : Is one, despite hooking up with Cassandra and being best friends with the Dread Wolf
  • Obfuscating Stupidity : His favorite weapon, and it remains effective even after the people around him catch on.
    Cullen: I am well aware that you are not as dumb as you act.
    Kathan: Shit, can ya imagine if'n the opposite was true?
  • Opposites Attract : On the surface his relationship with Cassandra appears to be this. Once you uncover the Hidden Depths to both though it's clear they are actually a lot alike.
  • Omniglot: Due to his eclectic education, wandering background, and tendency to treat everyone he meets as an educational opportunity, Kathan is fluent in several languages. He can even converse with Solas in elven.
  • Reality Warper : Turns out Solas was a better teacher than Solas thought
  • Refuge in Audacity : Combined with Troll. Sometimes he's being crazy, and sometimes he's just screwing with people.
  • Shipper on Deck : Is this for Iron Bull and Dorian
  • Smart People Play Chess : Regularly beats Solas at the game.
  • Unwanted False Faith : Really doesn't like being a messiah figure
  • Xanatos Speed Chess : All the Inquisitors are this. Kathan outplays Solas.
  • Warrior Therapist : Is one to Solas, especially after Solas comes clean.

    Matril 'Trevelyan' 
I lied. I do that.
Inquisitor of Little Lies. A con man that was dragged into the Inquisition somewhat against his will, and later saw the opportunities it could provide him. Despite his criminal background, he is a deeply religious man who comes to see being the Inquisitor as Andraste's will.
  • Abusive Parents : Combined with Parental Abandonment : His already abusive father threw him out onto the street and his mother didn't stop it. Also combined with Parental Neglect : Margot cared for and mentored him, but she did not stop her husband from sexually abusing him. It's no wonder the guy has some issues.
  • Agent Peacock
  • Ambiguous Disorder : Seems to have a form of multiple personality disorder due to his background. He weaponizes it.
  • Archer Archetype : Very good with a bow, as it is the form of combat that provides the least opportunity for him to get hurt
  • The Atoner : Feels being Inquisitor is Andraste offering him the opportunity to be this. He rises to the occasion.
  • Badass Gay
  • Becoming the Mask : Starts out just playing along. Eventually comes to believe Andraste really did choose him.
  • Blue Blood
  • Boxed Crook : Actually isn't this to the Inquisition, since they don't know he is a crook. However, the events of the temple of Sacred Ashes actually freed him from this situation
  • Broken Bird : Starts as one
  • The Charmer : As befits a professional con artist
  • Con Man : Possibly the best one in Thedas.
  • Consummate Liar : Even after Leliana knows he's this, she still can't nail him down.
  • Cultured Badass
  • Dirty Coward : Thinks of himself as one. Eventually gets over it when it's pointed out to him how many genuinely heroic and selfless actions he's performed.
  • Evil Matriarch : Though he himself can't see it, it seems he was mentored by one.
  • Good Feels Good
  • Guile Hero :
  • Half-Human Hybrid : May be half-elven, and unlike how most in Thedas would react he'd be genuinely happy to learn this was true.
  • Heroic Seductress : Has no problem using sex to sell a con and is shown to be very good at the art of seduction. He was once a whore. Dorian has a moment of mood whiplash after enjoying just how good Matril is in bed when he realized just how Matril acquired those skills
  • Long-Lost Relative : If he took back his real identity, he'd be one for Sebastian
  • Lovable Rogue : An ever so slightly reformed version. He's at his most useful to the Inquisition when he starts using these skills on their behalf
  • Manchurian Agent : Becomes practically suicidal when he realizes he is this for Mythal
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe : His tearjerker backstory has its origins in this. His mother had an affair with an elven merchant around the time of his conception, and he unfortunately takes after his mother in appearance rather than either of his prospective fathers.
  • Rape as Backstory : There are reasons the man is slightly messed up
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge : Went on one that may have lead to the Orlesian Civil War.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil : Having once been a Sex Slave Matril firmly believes this, which is one of the reasons Solas develops considerable respect for his fellow trickster.
  • Spotting the Thread : Did this with Solas, but unlike Kathan Matril drew the wrong conclusion. He assumes that Solas is a sentinel of some kind.
  • Stockholm Syndrome : His devotion to Margot has definite overtones of this. It's not lost on Dorian.
  • Training from Hell
  • The Trickster : Is one, and recognizes Solas as one. It provides a different dynamic to their friendship
  • The Un-Favourite
  • Vague Age : Cultivates this

A dozen of us against the biggest threat the world has ever faced and his pet dragon
Inquisitor of Into Darkness, Unafraid. A somewhat crazy elven warrior who eagerly joins the Inquisition both to help and to get the chance to fight alongside the likes of Cassandra.
  • Badass Normal : It was clear Sulana was a badass long before she got a mark on her hand
  • Battle Couple : She and Iron Bull are an army unto themselves
  • Blood Knight : This sweet goofy girl is a reaver, and don't you forget it.
  • Covered with Scars : Regularly compares hers to Iron Bulls.
  • Cute Bruiser : Squees and is adorable. Will cut you in half if you threaten innocents around her
  • Declaration of Protection : Gives one to most of her friends
  • The Hero : Has the fewest morally questionable actions of any of the Inquisitors
  • Family of Choice : The Inquistion clearly becomes hers. When she realizes Solas is leaving the Inquisition, she tells him in elvish that wherever she is he can call that place his home.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend : Averted. She mentions her friends from time to time, noting when they encounter something Quiyala or Vathran would have liked.
  • In Love with Your Carnage : She and Iron Bull have this going on, gleefully comparing kills after various battles
  • Kindhearted Simpleton : She's not the brightest, but she may be the most moral and kindness of the Inquisitors outside of Ruya.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Plucky Girl : She's quite obviously having the time of her life saving the world
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging : Sends a lot of this Solas's way.
  • Prodigal Hero : Despite being one of the biggest heroes the Dalish have ever had, she bonds with Solas over the fact that she is now a Stranger in a Familiar Land, unable to go home again.
  • Safe, Sane, and Consensual : Her and Bull
  • Terror Hero : Became a Reaver because there are people out there that like to pick on those smaller than themselves. She wants to be their worst nightmare.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are : Tells a few people this. What makes it more heartwarming is that she means every word.
  • You Can't Go Home Again : Notes that while she'll always consider herself Dalish, she doesn't fit with her people anymore and can't go back to her clan.

If you're going to beg, you really should be on your knees
Inquisitor of The Dark Path. A dwarven carta leader who manipulates his way into running the Inquisition, and turns it into his ruthless private army.

Let's see: I'm an elf, Dalish. A mage, apostate. Part of a heretical movement. Suspected of killing the Divine, and folks are claiming I was chosen by the Chantry's most holy figure. Am I missing anything?

Inquisitor of Howling At The Moon. An elven mage being trained as a Keeper. She joins the Inquisition after sealing the rift, noting that they are in desperate need of healers. Upon realizing nobody is actually in charge, she begins taking command to make sure things get done and people get the help they need.

  • Deadpan Snarker : Dips into this from time to time when she observes just how ridiculous a situation is. She and Solas indulge in some light hearted Snark-to-Snark Combat
    Quiyala: Well, nothing about that was in any way suspicious
    Solas: My keen elven senses detect sarcasm
  • The Leader : She actually steps up to lead sooner than a lot of the other Inquisitors, taking charge of the war table and giving orders to Cullen, Leliana, and Josephine even before going after the mages.
  • Team Mom : Having been trained as a keeper, she falls naturally into this role.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit : Being a young, innocent, frail looking elven maiden, she has no problem using these to manipulate people. She tears up when someone balks at letting her use her magic to heal them, thus gaining their cooperation. Then she winks at Solas when he catches her in the act.

We are building the world she will inherit.
Inquisitor of What's the Worst that Could Happen?. An elven archer who sees the Inquisition as a chance to bring elves into positions of prominence and glory.

The Next Generation

The cast of Bloodlines and Apocalypse
  • Badass Family : Common to most of the kids
  • Badass Crew : The descendants of the other badass crews form one of their own.
  • Call to Adventure : None of them hesitate to answer, much to the dismay of their parents (And Kels, whom they drag along)

     Kieran Tabris / Urthemiel 
King Alistair, my father holds you in high regard, and I share his opinion. But do not forget to whom you are speaking.
Son of Jerath and Morrigan, grandson of Flemeth/Mythal, and host of Urthemiel. As a mage, he's somewhat of The Ace, though his specialty seems to be shapeshifting and party augmentation.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Is a very nice young man, unless you hurt his friends.
  • Big Damn Heroes : Does this a couple times.
  • Brought Down to Badass : Is a physical god, but gets one of these during the Bloodlines story to put him in line with the others. He's still tough.
  • Bullying a Dragon : He's the dragon.
  • Catchphrase : When it's time to get dangerous, Kieran borrows his father's.
  • Cloudcuckoolander : It's hinted Kieran doesn't experience reality the same way everyone else does. When asked to describe a character, he starts describing their leitmotif, and he speaks in musical metaphors a lot.
  • Demonic Possession : Though Urthemiel is a lot nicer than he was when he, you know, started a blight
  • The Good Chancellor : Rather than take charge, he tends to act as this. First to Salla, and then when the timeline changes to Duncan.
  • Heel–Face Turn : Urthemiel was the archdemon of the last blight in Dragon Age: Origins. By Apocalypse he's one of Ferelden's greatest allies.
  • Family of Choice : Despite no blood relation between them, he considers Leandra and Loghain II to be his cousins due to their parents' friendship with his father.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!
  • Interspecies Romance : Is the product of one. And then some.
  • Killed Off for Real : In Vathran's world, he was this. His father does not take it well
  • Magic Knight : His staff actually comes apart to form a sword and axe combo, mirroring the weapons his father favors.
  • Mind Wipe : Urthemiel gave himself one to hide the orb, when he realized he was falling
  • Mugging the Monster : He finds the first time someone tries to rob him exciting
  • The Muse : What Urthemiel used to be, before becoming a Fallen Angel . Becomes this again.
  • No Fourth Wall : It doesn't seem to exist for him, which may be why he is never a POV character. He even accuses the author of railroading the party, and comes by some of his information by having read the graphic novels
  • Official Couple : In Tan's world, he and Salla got to be childhood sweethearts as he grew up with her, Duncan, Jerath, and Caleb. In Vathran's world, Turana clearly is of the opinion she and he are going to be a couple and it's quite likely she'd have been right had her father not gotten stupid.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure : Gaining a human side has turned Urthemiel into this
  • Status Buff : Is a walking one for his allies even after being Brought Down to Badass . When you consider the Badass Crew he runs with it's arguably a more powerful trick than his ability to turn into a dragon, especially when he uses it on Gavren. He is the Muse, after all.
  • Troll : Urthemiel does this a lot. He hasn't forgotten the Wardens killing him atop Fort Drakon, though he seems to accept they did what they had to do
  • What If God Was One of Us? : The kids take the fact there is a physical god walking around with them pretty well, treating Urthemiel himself as 'just one of the guys'. It might be why Urthemiel likes them and is willing to work with them.

     Salla Hawke 
We are your children, and you taught us well. So how, exactly, do you think you are going to be able to stop us?
Adopted daughter of Hawke and Fenris, elder sister to Caleb. She's primarily a healer, though learns some shapeshifting.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking : Starts out merely a healer, but after they put her in charge she grows into an Action Girl
  • Combat Medic : Serves as this for the party
  • Daddy's Girl : Oddly enough this for Fenris rather than for Hawke.
  • Divine Date : She's with Kieran, but at one point it's clearly Urthemiel kissing her.
  • Empathic Healer : Anders' best student
  • First Kiss : Gives this to Kieran and by extension Urthemiel
  • Fish out of Water : Starts as one when she finds herself running a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, but by the time they turn into a Badass Crew she's grown into the role of leader enough that she doesn't hesitate a moment to order Urthemiel to mind his goddamn manners and behave himself. And he listens.
  • The Leader : Is this to the second generation, abet with some initial reluctance.
  • Mayfly–December Romance : This to Urthemiel, though she's technically older than Kieran.
  • Not So Different : Various people point out to Hawke that she is this to him
  • Pimped-Out Dress : Wears one in Tevinter. Hates it
  • Plain Jane : Laments being one, especially next to her drop dead gorgeous best friend Agatha and has a couple I Just Want to Be Beautiful moments. Fortunately for her, Kieran thinks True Beauty Is on the Inside.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory : Either Kieran or Urthemiel gave her this. She's the only one other than Kieran himself that remembers the events of Bloodlines after they successfully hit the reset button. Except that Apocalypse reveals those that returned to their own time stream also remember
  • Spoiled Sweet
  • Uptown Girl : Wasn't born one, but being adopted into the Hawke family and Hawke's return to Kirkwall has made her this to the point someone is courting her purely for her political position.

     Gavren Rutherford 
You know who my parents are, Solas, and you know my mentor. I think you far too intelligent than to threaten the safety of my friends.
Son of Inquisitor Ruya Trevelyan and Cullen Rutherford. A powerful mage trained by no less than the Dread Wolf himself.
  • Action Girlfriend : Has one. Tends to rely on her to do the fighting despite being more powerful, since he's more of a tactical nuke kind of powerful
  • Afraid of Their Own Strength : With good reason.
  • Ambadassador : Serves as one for the Inquisition
  • The Apprentice : To the Dread Wolf himself. He has justifiable concerns about why Solas has taken an interest in him, but doesn't turn away the tutelage because he hopes to learn something he can use against Solas. Thanks to the time shift, he does, because Solas hasn't yet taken precautions against the skills he's taught Gavren
  • Bad Powers, Good People : He keeps a very tight lid on his magic because he's afraid of just how much damage he can cause if he losses control
  • Berserk Button : Don't hurt Leandra. Leandra takes a non-fatal arrow. Gavren turns the archer and the archer's comrades into Pink Mist before anyone else can draw a weapon
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Prefers the diplomatic option and borders on pacifist at times.
  • Born of Magic : His mother bearing the mark while pregnant clearly affected him.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : Him and Leandra
  • Curb-Stomp Battle : Happens whenever someone picks a fight with him. There is a reason Leandra says she's not the dangerous one.
  • The Lancer : Becomes one to Duncan
  • Let's Get Dangerous! : When Gavren decides he's done being nice, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
  • Like Father, Like Son : Bears a physical resemblance to his father, and like both his parents tends to stutter when the conversation turns to 'intimate matters'.
  • Magic Knight : He is the son of Cullen and Ruya. He can use a sword.
  • Not Quite Human : May be this, due to exposure to the mark
  • Person of Mass Destruction : Urthemiel notes that when it comes to raw destructive power, Gavren is stronger. Urthemiel is an Old God
  • Physical God : It's hinted he has the potential to become this.
  • Wizard Duel : Has one with Solas. Gavren wins

     Duncan Therin 
Yeah, that horrible death you mentioned a moment ago? It's going to involve arrows.
Son of Cathiel and Alistair, and the Crown Prince / King of Ferelden.

     Caleb Hawke 
Well, that was fun. No hard feelings?
Adopted son of Hawke and Fenris, though it was Orana who took him in initially. Younger brother of Salla.
  • The Bard : Has natural musical talent, which is why Orana adopts him in the first place.
  • Bavarian Fire Drill : Runs one on the Seekers. Crowns it by cooking them dinner after and taking the opportunity to drug them into unconsciousness
  • Blatant Lies
  • The Charmer : If you give Caleb a chance to start talking, you lose.
  • City Mouse : Complains a lot about the amount of walking involved in adventuring.
  • Guile Hero : Uncle Varric trained him well.
  • Heroic BSoD : Has a bit of one after Alai's death
  • Heroic Sacrifice : Realizing two separate people committed these to save his life serves as a major wake up call for him
  • Non-Action Guy : Upon realizing just how much he is this, the others just hand him a crossbow. He makes up for it in other ways.
  • Not Blood Siblings : He and Salla aren't blood related at all. You'd almost never know it
  • Massive Numbered Siblings : Not related by blood, but still considers the other children rescued by Evelina to be part of his extended family. When he needs an alias, he quickly claims to be Kels' brother.
  • Refuge in Audacity : He makes his father and his favorite uncle very proud
  • Spoiled Sweet
  • Talking Your Way Out : And if it doesn't work, he'll talk you into letting him cook and then drug you.
  • Team Chef : Is noted to be able to make ship rations taste good
  • Utility Party Member : In a fight he has to be protected, but when they need a distraction or to get out of a situation without fighting, he's their guy.
  • What the Hell, Hero? : Gives one to Loghain

     Agatha Amell 
Well, the last guy we kidnapped is having such a grand time of it we thought we'd share the experience.
Adopted daughter of Lenore, Zevran, and Brosca. She's an elf whose mother was made tranquil and later vanished.
  • Childhood Friends : She and Salla met just after the events of Rise of the Champion and have been best friends ever since. Though there is no biological relation they clearly consider each other cousins.
  • Classy Catburglar : Is introduced pulling a heist, though it's subverted a little when it becomes apparent she was actually just after Lenore's candy stash. Which happens often enough that Lenore has started taking the precaution of warding it.
  • Combat Parkour : Utilizes some, being able to run across the rooftops and keep pace with the sentinels
  • Family of Choice : Isn't biologically related to any of her family
  • Femme Fatale : Is noted to play one at times after she grows into her roll as spymaster, and is noted to be very beautiful
  • Knight in Shining Armor : Sees Jerath as this, and is very willing to be the lady to his knight
  • Happily Adopted : By Zevran, Brosca, and Lenore, after her mother was turned tranquil and vanished during the mage rebellion.
  • Precocious Crush : The younger version of Jerath Gilmore turns rather adorkable when she's around. She's clearly fond of him though, and after his Plot-Relevant Age-Up falls hard.
  • Politically Active Princess : 'Princess' might be a strong term but she's a daughter of one of Kal'Hirol's most powerful dwarven houses despite being an elf.
  • The Spymaster : Grows into one.
  • Weirdness Magnet : Observes that being adopted doesn't seem to have stopped her, Salla, and Caleb from inheriting that particular Amell/Hawke family curse

     Jerath Gilmore 
Son of Rory Gilmore and Nesiara, and was raised in the royal palace alongside Duncan, whom he views as a younger brother.
  • Back from the Dead : Is restored when the timeline is reset, but remembers dying and was changed by the experience
  • Badass Normal : And holds his own against sentinels
  • Big Brother Instinct : Though they aren't actually related, he's had this to Duncan for his entire life, having started protecting Duncan when Duncan was born and Jerath was five.
  • Crisis of Faith : His death seems to have caused him to suffer one. He is clearly no longer Andrastian afterward And he starts using capital letters when talking about Urthemiel and The Warden
  • Cruel and Unusual Death : And the poor guy remembers every moment
  • Fiery Redhead : Averted. He's got red hair, but he's probably the most level of the next generation to the point of being the Only Sane Man
  • Four-Star Badass : His title is general, and he's officially the leader of Ferelden's entire military.
  • Interspecies Romance : Is the product of one. Later has his own
  • Master Swordsman
  • My Master, Right or Wrong : Though no one questions his loyalty to Duncan, he is not this. He'll obey Duncan, but that doesn't change that he will call him out. Or punch him in the face, if the need arises.
    "Jerath, why is it whenever you say 'with all due respect' what I hear is 'kiss my arse'?"
    "You are capable of understanding subtext?"
  • Name's the Same : Was named after Kieran's father. Is deeply honored when Kieran says that he understands why
  • Oblivious to Love : Isn't this. He's pretending not to notice Agatha's attraction to him due to the situation and not wanting to break her heart.
  • Precocious Crush : Had one on Agatha when he was eight years younger than her. Now he's eight years older
  • Properly Paranoid
  • Rugged Scar : Earned protecting Duncan
  • Sacrificial Lion : Shared with Dorian. Their deaths mean play time is over and the kids are about to get dangerous
  • Shoo the Dog : Tries to do this with Agatha and fails.
  • Taking the Bullet : Has done this for Duncan in the past. does it again, leading to his death
  • When He Smiles : Being The Stoic , he doesn't do this often. When he does, Agatha goes weak in the knees.

     Loghain Mac Tir II 
Some men think they are gifts from the gods. I, on the other hand, actually am.
Son of Anora Mac Tir and Anders, and grandson to Loghain Mac Tir I, Loghain is one of the Dragonsworn and married to Princess Wynne.
  • Anything That Moves : He's 'flexible'
  • Call-Back : If you played Awakenings, it's not hard to figure out who Loghain's real father is prior to the in story reveal
  • The Charmer : Will flirt with pretty much anyone, but avoids being The Casanova by noting that he does have rules he plays by. He flat out rejects the suggestion that he use the fact he's sleeping with Alai to manipulate her.
  • Chivalrous Pervert : Lenore can't figure out how he could possibly be related to his namesake.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : Is goofy, snarky, and content to let Leandra and Jerath play the heavies, but when the blades come out Loghain will remind you he is one of the Dragonsworn
  • Demonic Possession : A benevolent version
  • Double Entendre : Can turn anything into this
  • Glowing Eyes : Has these when he has to call upon his companion
  • Guile Hero : Dips into this from time to time
  • Happily Married : Oddly enough, he and Wynne are this
  • Heroic Bastard : Is the son of the still unmarried Anora and Anders
  • Implacable Man : His spirit companion lets him be one. Guy can keep going even after suffering massive amounts of damage and he can shrug off some of the magic thrown at him.
  • Like Father, Like Son : Enough that if you've actually played the games, you can figure out who his actual father is quickly
  • Mystical Pregnancy : Is the result of one, as Anora was barren until either Razikale or Mythal intervened a little. It's heavily implied that it was Razikale, meaning on some level Loghain and Kieran are siblings.
  • Nice Guy : Despite everyone affectionately calling him an asshole, they all like him and he's able to get along with all the factions
  • The Snark Knight : There really isn't anyone Loghain won't poke fun at
  • Your Cheating Heart: Though his wife is both aware, approving, and has her own extramarital relationships.

     Leandra Hawke 
Told you. I'm not the dangerous one
Eldest child of Carver Hawke and Merrill. She's a warrior who has been romantically involved with Gavren since they were very young.

     Kels Marland 
Your father is going to kill me.
One of Evelina's orphans, taken in by the templars and practically adopted by Cullen, whom he views as a mentor / brother figure.
  • Action Survivor : Starts as one back in Rise of the Champions, and grows into a Badass Normal
  • Ascended Extra : Is one in Bloodlines
  • Badass Bureaucrat : His job with the Inquisition is Cullen's personal runner and attache. Gavren notes that on one occasion Kels was more upset that he got an assassin's blood on a report after killing them than he was over the fact he got attacked be assassins.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter : Courtesy of Turana and Kieran in Vathran's world, though it was all in good fun most of the time and there was clearly mutual adoration there.
  • Badass Normal : In Vathran's world, he's willing to face down the Inquisitor and no few templars to give Turana and Kieran time to flee. It's clear failing damn near broke him
  • Big Brother Instinct : Has one toward Gavren. And in Vathran's world, he develops it toward Turana and Kieran providing most of that story's heartwarming moments. In Tan's world it's also clear he has it toward Eben and Minaeve.
  • Double Agent : Despite having been kidnapped, he isn't this
  • Kidnapped by the Call : Repeatedly reminds the others that they kidnapped him. He goes along willingly anyway, to protect Gavren.
  • Killed Off for Real : Is this in Vathran's world, at the hands of none other than poor Cullen
  • Number Two : Goes from Cullen's preferred runner to this between Inquisition and Apocalypse. Though he's more a younger version of Cullen than a foil. By Bloodlines it's clear Cullen full on considers him a little brother and Gavren calls him Uncle Kels.
  • Magical Girlfriend : In Inquisition he's crushing hard on Minaeve. In Bloodlines they are together, and Gavren notes that they are married with two kids in his timeline
  • My Greatest Failure : He's clearly still harboring some guilt over the fate of Evelina in Dragon Age II. In What's the Worst that Could Happen failing to protect Kieran causes him to break down to the point he's throwing punches at Cullen
  • Only Sane Man : Is the one pointing out just how crazy what the kids are doing is, but his sanity is questionable since he goes along anyway.
  • This is No Time to Panic : Isn't sure, so asks permission before panicking. Also panics very calmly and quietly.
  • Undying Loyalty: Has this toward Cullen. He's more afraid of disappointing Cullen than he is of dying horribly.
    Gavren: You want to walk away, Leandra and I won't follow. We shouldn't have dragged you into this in the first place.
    Kels: How dare you? You think there is anything in this world that could make me go to Commander Cullen and tell him his son is in danger and I walked away?

     Trian Saitada 
What kind of a dwarf do you think I am, magic?
Adopted son and heir of Saitada Aeducan, and son of Zerlinda, whom Jerath helped out in Orzammar.

Dirthari, believe me when I say arguing with that child is an exercise in futility.
Ancient Elven Sentinel who acts as a protector, mentor, and occasionally grandfather to the kids. He also happens to be the younger half-brother of none other than Solas.
  • Amazon Chaser : In Kathan's reality, his reaction to meeting Cassandra is to ask if she's single.
  • Badass Family : He's Solas' younger half-brother
  • Badass Teacher : Becomes one of these when Duncan puts him in charge of Ferelden's university
  • Broken Pedestal : Solas may be this to him. In Kathan's reality it becomes apparent he once adored his big brother, and even in this canon reality he states that Solas was once a hero
  • Bystander Syndrome : In Not The Herald it's revealed he is the one that hid the orb away, meaning Tisallan could have changed a lot about history if he'd chosen to do so. When he finally does choose to get involved, he's clearly a powerhouse.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Cultured Warrior : In addition to being an excellent fighter, he's also a talented musician and poet. Of course, he is a few thousand years old. He's had time to branch out.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Enough that it's possible he's also an ancestor of Jerath Tabris
  • Defector from Decadence : He makes it clear he has no interest in returning to the elves 'glory days'. He was one of the rebels before he joined the sentinels, and doesn't join the sentinels that went to Solas.
    Fuck Arlathan. I want a better world.
  • Dual Wielding : Magic swords
  • Easily Forgiven : Despite being Solas's brother, he is not one of the sentinels that goes to join him.
  • Heartbroken Badass : His wife has been dead for over two thousand years. It's clear he still loves her.
  • The Lancer : It's hinted he may have once been this to Solas. Turns out he was the one who retrieved the orb and put it in Mythal's temple
  • Not So Above It All : He's pretty stoic and deadpan, but it's clear he does have a rather mischievous sense of humor.
  • No Badass to His Valet : In Not the Herald, he punches Solas in the face. Unlike others who have done this, Tisallan knew exactly who Solas was when he took the swing.
  • Magic Knight : Original flavor, no less
  • Old Master : They don't get much older. He's nearly to the other sentinels what the sentinels are to the Dalish.
  • Outliving One's Offspring : Most of them by millenia, the last one very recently. The kids seem to become Replacement Goldfish for him
  • Papa Wolf : More like Grandpa, but if you mess with the kids he will end you.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner : Has a good one. Loghain promptly steals it.
    If the gods intended mercy, they would not have sent me
  • Revenge Before Reason : Subverts. Does not go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge because, as he points out, once you start one its hard to know when to stop.
  • Trickster Mentor : Has a few shades of this turns out to be a family trait
  • Zen Survivor : Combined with Stoic Woobie . This is a man who has lost everything, and is still fighting the good fight.

Elves to the rescue
A sentinel who joins the party, and finds herself genuinely forming friendships with these crazy future people.
  • Action Girl : Has been one for centuries
  • Cool Big Sis : Practically adopts Agatha as a little sister
  • Face Death with Dignity : Does this so Loghain can pull Caleb to safety
  • Immortality : As the well has been destroyed, she is now aging at a normal rate
  • Killed Off for Real : Though her body wasn't found, Solas confirmed her death
  • Not So Above It All : Teaches Agatha how to write rude words in elvish, so Agatha can write them on the face of an unconscious Duncan.
  • Magic Knight : Heavy on the knight
  • May–December Romance : She and Loghain shared a mutual attraction, and a 'what the hell' type of moment turned into a relationship.
  • Undying Loyalty : Once she and her fellow sentinels agree to protect the kids, they have this

Other Characters

     Temmerin Glavonak 
A dwarven engineer that Jerath recruits to help with his insane schemes.

The demon that possessed Jerath from age four to age sixteen, now returned as a spirit to aid the party.
  • Ascended Demon : Used to be a rage demon. Took a Level in Badass when he became a spirit of purpose
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Push him, and he will remind you that he was a rage demon for a few millenia
  • Big Brother Instinct : In The Dark Path he immediately displays this toward Cole. He has it toward Dagna as well, though that may be influenced by everyone else in the Order having it toward Dagna.
  • Brain Uploading : in the worlds where Loghain was left behind, Vigilance essentially got Loghain's soul uploaded into him. Parts of his personality and memories remain, but otherwise he was overwritten by Loghain
  • Deadpan Snarker : The Order influences his behavioral traits. Naturally, he's fairly snarky.
  • Demonic Possession : He's the demon. At various times, he possesses all the members of the Order
  • Good Feels Good : He was officially turned from demon to spirit during the Broken Circle quest line in Origin of the Dragon, but even before then he was starting to experience this due to Jerath's actions.
  • Guardian Angel : Particularly toward the weaker members of the Order. He seems to be especially fond of Dagna, providing her with comfort in addition to protection.
  • Imprinting : He starts off with just Jerath, but it's clear he picks up various traits from the rest of the Order after possessing them. He doesn't like Orlesians.
  • Our Angels Are Different : He models his appearance on the person he used to possess, meaning he looks and sounds like a fifteen year old spirit version of Jerath. Unlike Cole, however, Vigilance cannot mimic mortal form other than the shape. His manifestations are quite clearly a spirit. Until he bonds with Loghain, but even then he just looks like Loghain
  • Undying Loyalty : To the Order. He several times risks the destruction of his personality to come to their aid, and effectively dies defending Loghain Or Hawke, depending on the reality

A qunari scholar the group meets and impresses enough that they are later able to recruit her to help.

One of Evelina's orphans, taken in by the templars. Followed Cullen when he left Kirkwall and joined the Inquisition.
  • Ascended Extra : Though mentioned in a few other stories, he only gets actual characterization in The Dark Path
  • Distressed Dude : Has to be rescued by the Wardens after trying to find evidence against Tan in his Idiot Ball moment
  • I Owe You My Life : It's not his own life, but it's clear that Dorian won his Undying Loyalty by saving Minaeve.
  • Intertwined Fingers : Dorian holds his hand a lot in a gesture that seems at least somewhat protective.
  • Love Interest : Serves as Dorian's in The Dark Path
  • Non-Action Guy : He knows what end of a sword to hold, but he's clearly no warrior
  • Nice to the Waiter : Dorian is nice to him, so he goes out of his way to make Dorian's life easier.
  • Nice Guy : Is a sweet kid who shows a lot of loyalty to his friends and tries to do the right thing
  • Mistress and Servant Boy : Dorian isn't exactly a 'mistress' but their relationship does have elements of this dynamic.
  • Morality Pet : He arguably becomes this to both Dorian and Vivienne after acting as their servant for a while.
  • Personal Mook : Essentially ends up as Dorian's.
  • Sex for Solace : Combined with Drowning My Sorrows . He and Dorian share a drink and wake up in bed together. Dorian feels terrible over it due to Eben's age and subordinate position but Eben clearly falls for Dorian at that point. They eventually have a Relationship Upgrade
  • Straight Gay : Dorian only figures out Eben is gay when Eben mentions he was involved with one of the missing runners.

A former werewolf who sought out the wardens after being restored to human and realizing she couldn't return to her past life.

Marquis of Serault and associate member of the dragonsworn
  • Badass Bookworm : No warrior, but takes an arrow defending Emperess Celene
  • Gentleman and a Scholar : Well educated and very socially adept.
  • Good Is Not Nice : Definitely a good man, but can be ruthless if needed to protect his people
  • Odd Friendship: He is arguably one of Carver's best friends. He also seems to get along well enough with the Horned Knight and the Dashing Outlaw.
  • The Smart Guy: A clever and adept player of the game, and the Order of the Dragon's go-to guy for politics
  • The Wise Prince : Dedicated to his people, but descended from one of the magisters that caused the first blight

Bioware Characters

"Must be Tuesday."


     Loghain Mac Tir 
"I hated Orlais. I wanted revenge. And so I betrayed my king and, were it not for the commander, would have ensured Ferelden's utter destruction. So perhaps you should ask yourself, young man, what it is the Commander has sent you here to learn."
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : The fact that Jerath treats him with respect eventually develops into Loghain showing him Undying Loyalty Literally. The man comes back from the dead to keep following Jerath
  • Cool Old Guy : Takes a while, but he mellows into one
  • Defeat Means Friendship : Jerath delivered him a sound thrashing at the Landsmeet. Jerath is the only one of the initial Wardens Loghain actually likes, though he does eventually develop some respect for the others.
  • Demonic Possession : A rather strange case After he 'dies' in the Fade, his soul merges with Vigilance. He's not actually possessed, he now is a demon / spirit
  • The Lancer : Serves as one to Jerath at times, but rather than step up when Jerath is away he instead becomes this to Nathaniel. Loghain learned the hard way he makes a better second than he does a leader. In the worlds where Hawke stayed behind in the Fade, Loghain is pretty quick to hand the Warden Commander title back over to Saitada or Jerath
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky
  • Team Dad : Becomes this to the Order

     Nathaniel Howe 
"I love being a Warden."
  • Archer Archetype : Can hit someone's eye from a hundred yards away
  • Amazon Chaser : He is Ferelden after all
    Talsaad: You'll have to excuse Nathaniel. He has a thing for pretty women who can kick his ass.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones : Shares this trait with Jerath. Helps that they don't need to actually speak aloud to work together in perfect tactical harmony
  • Deadpan Snarker : He and Jerath are prone to engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life : Becoming a Warden gave him one.
  • Empowered Badass Normal : In addition to becoming a Gray Warden, whatever the Architect did to him in Awakening of the Dragon allows him to enter and control the Fade like a mage does. It's hinted he is carrying a portion of Razikale's soul
  • Good Is Not Nice : Though a moral man, he is an assassin skilled at using poison
  • The Lancer : He's Jerath's right hand man and second in command, and the one that steps up as the leader when Jerath is otherwise occupied.
  • Odd Friendship : Despite the history between them and him blaming Jerath for his father's death, it doesn't take long for Nathaniel to end up Jerath's best friend. It's clear by the end of Awakening Nathaniel is one of the few Jerath trusts without reservation.
  • Psychic Link : He and Jerath have one due to what the Architect did in Awakening . They always know where the other is and can read each others minds with a little concentration.
  • The Stoic: Possibly why he and Jerath bond so well
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: And grumpy, now and then
  • Undying Loyalty : Toward Jerath

     Carver Hawke 
"I suppose you're going to want an explanation, aren't you?"
  • Always Second Best : It used to give him a lot of issues, until he grew up
  • Big Brother Instinct : Is the younger sibling, but has this toward Hawke. It may be a Hawke family trait, because he shows it towards members of the Order as well.
  • The Big Guy : The most physical of the Order, with BFS and everything.
  • Killed Off for Real: After he's fatally wounded by Anduril, Merrill uses his blood to kill a couple elven goddesses with a volcano
  • Knight Templar : Jerath trained him as a templar to make him a better Warden
  • Odd Couple : Hates magic and has templar skills. Marries a blood mage.
  • One-Man Army : In Bloodlines, he proves able to tear through a squad of qunari by himself. With his bare hands. Then again, he is a Hawke
  • Papa Wolf : You thought he was dangerous before? Try messing with his little girl. If she doesn't kill you, he will.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : His brother is one of the most powerful mages in Thedas. Naturally, Carver becomes a powerful templar
  • Took a Level in Badass : A few after joining the order, to the point that he may actually be more dangerous than his brother when he cuts loose.
  • Undying Loyalty : Has this toward Jerath

  • Break the Cutie : Brehan's survival helps Except when it was Tan that did the breaking
  • Cold-Blooded Torture : Has suffered this more than once And in Tan's reality, inflicts it a few times
  • Heartbroken Badass : Until Brehan's return
  • I Did What I Had to Do : Perhaps her most brutal tendency. She is willing to do horrible things for what she is convinced is the greater good.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts : She and Brehan do things like randomly start waltzing in the hallways, or spontaneous duets. Josephine deeply approves
  • Took a Level in Jerkass : Does some terrible things for the greater good, which causes Brehan to eventually leave her despite the fact they still clearly love each other. In Tan's world, she goes so far as to allow Brehan to be tortured for information

  • Break His Heart to Save Him : Tries with Jerath. It doesn't work.
  • Character Development: Due mainly to her friendship and later romance with Jerath
  • Good Parents / Happily Married : She, Jerath, and Kieran are clearly a warm and loving family.
  • Love Redeems : It could be said that she and Jerath redeem each other, and somehow manage to make each other better people
  • No Social Skills : She and Jerath at first bond because of their shared anti-social tendencies
  • Mindlink Mates : She and Jerath pick up on each others moods and tend to react when something major happens to the other
  • The Tease : Even after she's with Jerath, though he doesn't seem to mind. There is a bit of a Double Standard though, as very early on she starts to be extremely possessive of him.
  • Took a Level in Kindness : While she's still snarky and has a low tolerance for fools, she's clearly on the side of good and warm to her friends.
  • Unequal Pairing : She and Jerath look like this at first, as he's nearly a decade younger than she is and barely an adult by the standards of the world.

  • Affably Evil: Still snarky and definitely on the darker side of gray morality, but it appears her overall goals were benevolent.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: She is much more cordial to Jerath than the others, because he was the one who was polite to her.
  • Big "NO!" : Gives one after waking up in the body of Merrill to realize Solas and Vathran wrecked all her plans and caused Jerath to have a Face–Heel Turn
  • Cryptic Conversation : A lot of her interactions with Jerath take on a new light after the reveal.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite having raised Morrigan as a sociopath, she's clearly happy that both Jerath and Morrigan have developed strong moral stances
  • Taking Up the Mantle: Leaves Jerath with a MacGuffin so Mythal can be transferred to Morrigan, and Jerath and Morrigan may well be carrying on her work
  • The Plan: Jerath fully acknowledges he is her pawn, and seems at least somewhat accepting of it.
  • Trickster Mentor: To both Jerath and Morrigan.


Apocalypse Characters

     Wynne Therin 
Younger sister of Duncan, wife of Loghain II, and Teryna of Gwaren

     Clara Howe 
Niece of Nathaniel and Guard Captain of the Kingsguard
  • The Atoner : Follows in Nathaniel's footsteps to redeeming the family name
  • Action Girl : Leader of the king's personal guard, and one of the few people Jerath trusts absolutely with Duncan's safety

     Lieutenant Nugget 
Son of Oghren and Felsi. His real name is Jerath as Felsi named him after The Warden, but has gone by Nugget for so long some of his friends barely remember he actually has a name.
  • The Reliable One : Scoffs at the mere idea that anyone would consider a kingsguard without him on it
  • Servile Snarker : Very loyal to Duncan and Jerath, doesn't always stop him from mouthing off to them
  • Sergeant Rock : The rest of the guard occasionally complain about him being too hard on them, but he clearly has respect

     Anabel Hendyr 
Daughter of Aveline and Donnic

     Sallah Gilmore 
Jerath's elder sister. A mother in the chantry

One of the Forgotten ones. A son of Mythal
  • Blood Knight : Merrily willing to slaughter almost anything in his way
  • The Dreaded : Him showing up on the battlefield prompts both Urthemiel and Solas to run for it
  • Even Evil Has Standards : Declines to harm Mythal, who happens to be his mother
  • Friend to All Children : Tisallan and Solas both note that he was once this, and note the trait remained in some legends about the man despite those same legends calling him a monster
  • He Who Fights Monsters :
  • Hero Killer : Slaughters his way through Iron Bull and the Chargers
  • Noble Demon : Tisallan describes him as this
  • Start of Darkness : The students under his protection were executed for political reasons
  • Vigilante Man : How he ended up exiled to the void. His students were killed and he began slaughtering everyone responsible

     The Three 
Narus Hawke, Varric Junior, and Maylina. Narus is the son of Fenris and Oriana, adopted by Hawke and Fenris. Though a mage, he fights with a sword and seems to be a knight enchanter or arcane warrior. Varric is the son of Carver and Merrill, and seems to be a blood mage. Maylina is the daughter of Caronel and Varya, and is learning shapehifting. The three are all studying under Tisallan.
  • Badass Family : All three hail from one.
  • Buffy Speak : Varric Junior inherited this from Merrill, often rambling into nonsensicality until Narus shuts him up
  • Precocious Crush : Narus and Varric tease Maylina about having one on Tisallan. She denies it.
  • One True Threesome : Thus far they have only appeared together.
  • Take Up My Sword : All three, but Narus especially, seem inclined to pick up where their parents left off as defenders of Thedas.

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