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Battleon Town

The Shadowscythe Empire

The Forces of Chaos

The Ancient Evils

Throne of Darkness

The Royal Family of Swordhaven

King Alteon the Balanced

The ruler of Swordhaven and the leader of the Good faction. He eventually becomes the 12th Chaos Lord and was subsequently killed by The Hero before the Chaorruption could completely take over him.

Associated tropes:

  • Adaptational Badass: Unlike his DragonFable counterpart, this version of King Alteon is a Magic Knight who can hold his own against the Nigh Invulnerable Sepulchure.
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  • Big Good: Of all the people of Lore, King Alteon is the most dedicated to the cause of Good.
  • The Corruption: As a result of the battle with Drakath, the King has to deal with an ongoing case of this.
    • As of the Flood of Chaos event, he has finally fallen to his Chaorruption, and becomes the Twelfth Chaos Lord.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: He has knights constantly protecting him, but he's more than capable of defending himself. When Sepulchure takes out his guards, King Alteon takes up arms and fights the Doomknight himself.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: When he is Chaorrupted by Drakath
  • The Good King
  • Heroic Willpower: He holds off the chaorruption for some time, but even he ultimately succumbs.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the conclusion of the Swordhaven arc, he begs for and receives a Mercy Kill at the hands of the Hero.
  • Light Is Good: He heavily utilizes light based attacks, and is the symbolism of good.
  • Magic Knight: Officially classified as a Battlemage.
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  • Mercy Kill: He begs for one during his final hour of lucidity.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Having been driven mad by his chaorruption, he ends up killing his own eldest daughter, Brittany. In a moment of lucidity, he expresses this and departs in an effort to avoid hurting anyone else.
  • Offing the Offspring: After the chaorruption drives him to madness, he kills his eldest daughter, Brittany, with a blast of Chaos magic.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Before he became king, King Alteon was a great warrior and has no problem engaging in combat himself. In the introductory cutscene, when Sepulchure takes out the guards, King Alteon fights Sepulchure himself in a fairly even battle.
  • Walking Spoiler: His fate in the Chaos Lord finale.


Robina the Hood/Victoria

The middle daughter of King Alteon, and by far the most rebellious of the three. While Brittany may like sitting in her castle all day and waiting for a prince to come and sweep her off her feet, Victoria is of a more heroic bent, and when she's not at the castle, she fights monsters and other threats to her land as Robina the Hood alongside Artix and crew.

Associated tropes:

  • Archer Archetype: Rivals Zhoom as one of the best archers in Lore.
  • Big Good: She was already one of the core heroes in the Artix Entertainment games, but she officially becomes this after Alteon passes and she is one of the disputed queens of Swordhaven.
  • Captain Ersatz: She is essentially a Gender Flipped version of Robin Hood.
  • Exposed to the Elements: Even in the snowy depths of Frostvale she wears a skin revealing outfit.
  • I Can Change My Beloved: She once considered trying this with Drakath when they were young.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: Legendary ranger Robina the Hood who is secretly Princess Victoria.
  • Rebellious Princess: In spite of, or more likely because of his own career, King Alteon does not want his daughters to get involved in adventuring. But though being cooped up in Swordhaven Castle waiting for her prince to come may be Brittany's thing, it is definitely not Victoria's. She wants to see the world, battle monsters, and basically be one of the heroes of Lore, which is why she took up the persona of Robina the Hood.
  • Secret Identity: Victoria keeps her Robina persona secret from her father and his knights. Only the main cast of heroes, including the Player Character, actually know who she is.
  • She's Got Legs: Her Robina outfit shows her thighs.
  • Spare to the Throne: Princess Brittany has long been expected to become King Alteon's successor. Even Iadoa, a powerful Chronomancer, indicated that she was destined to take the throne. But after King Alteon succumbs to his chaorruption and kills Brittany, Victoria reluctantly takes charge as Queen, since the only other potential heir, Tara, is still a child. But in spite of being the most legitimate heir left, she is forced to deal with a Succession Crisis between her younger sister and her brother inlaw, Brentan.

Princess Brittany

Princess Brittany is the eldest of King Alteon's daughters. She is every bit the pampered royal princess, and she wants more than anything to find a Prince that can sweep her off her feet, something she's frustrated by since her father doesn't invite anyone to balls anymore.

In the Heroes' Heart Day 2013 event, she met and fell in love with Lord Brentan of the Neverglades, who has become Swordhaven's War General.

Associated tropes:

  • Big "NO!": Her reaction to King Alteon succumbing to Chaos and becoming the twelfth Lord of Chaos.
  • The Fashionista: Probably the most fashion-conscious out of all the princesses.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrifices herself against Chaos Lord Alteon in order to protect the others, including Lord Brentan, from his attack in his madness, and thus dies from said attack by the hands of her own father.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Brittany is a romance seeker of the princely variety.
  • Killed Off for Real: During the Swordhaven Chaos arc. At the hands of her own chaorrupted father, no less.

Princess Tara

Tara is the youngest of the three princesses. She has a fondness for fierce pets, particularly dragons, which has gotten her into trouble more than a few times. In addition, she's interested in trying to find her mother, or at least what's happened to her, since no one at the castle will tell her.

Associated tropes:

  • Brainwashed: By the cursed Ring of Dragon Control given to her by Zorbak.
  • Character Death: Gets killed by Infernals during the Swordhaven portion of the Infernal Invasion.
  • Fluffy Tamer: This is what Tara wants to be. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't always know what she's doing.
  • Missing Mom: Other than having a dragon of her own, Tara wants more than anything to find out what happened to her mom.
  • One Steve Limit: There is a Member only character named Terra who's name sounds like her but with a double R instead of one R!
  • Puppet Queen: She has little interest in taking the throne and is perfectly willing to leave it to her older sister, Victoria. Her advisers however, keep insisting on making decisions on her behalf to assert her position as queen.
  • Royal Brat: Yeah...
  • Spell My Name with an "S": In the prologue, her name is Tera, but in the Thanksgiving event, she's named Tara.


Artix von Krieger The Champion of Darkness

The Paladin Trainer. He is the famous Paladin in all of the AE games, Artix arrives as the leader of paladins with his mighty axe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, and a thirst to vanquish all undead. Howevevr in Adventure Quest Worlds, it is revealed in the Doomwood Saga that he is the Champion of Darkness, but has chosen to fight for the side of good and righteousness. His training under Lady Celestia at the Doomwood Temple was not as a Paladin, but as an Undead Slayer who uses the power of the Spirit Orbs that he frees from the undead to release them from their tormented existence and help them find peace in the afterlife.

Associated tropes:

  • Adaptational Badass: Artix has always been a badass, but this might just be the most badass version yet. He is able to go toe-to-toe with Sepulchure of all people, and has hidden world destroying powers when he's revealed to be the Champion of Darkness.
  • An Axe to Grind: The Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Anti Anti Christ: He's the Champion of Darkness, but he swears to only fight for the side of good.
  • Artificial Limbs: During the Friday the 13th events, he replaces his hand with a chainsaw, after getting "pink hand".
  • Anything but That!: He is horrified that there's a big undead invasion from Doomwood, and he wasn't invited. What worries him the most is there will be none left by the time he gets there.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Having no weapon doesn't stop Artix from destroying Vordred's army of ten million.
  • Big Good: In the words of the Hero: "Artix is the ultimate Mr. Goodie Two-Shoes."
  • Big "WHAT?!": Screams this (along with the Hero) when he finds out he's the Champion of DARKNESS and not Light.
  • Black Knight: The black version of his action figure has black armor and in Gravelyn's Dream, Artix is dressed in said Black Armor.
  • Blank White Eyes: He tends to get this expression a lot, whenever he learns about startling news.
  • Blood Knight: Artix has an addiction for slaying the undead that borderlines on chronic.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear Of Ten Million Orbs!!!
  • Chainsaw Good: Artix wields one during the Friday the 13th events, where he is dubbed Ebil Artix.
  • Charged Attack: Artix's Dragon Soul Spear attack requires a lengthy charge time, which Vordred is aware of. As a result the Hero is forced to protect Artix to buy him the time he needs to charge it up.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Artix cannot resist vanquishing evil and helping those in need.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: Vordred and Gravelyn expected Artix to be taller and with a deep voice, which Artix gets a lot of.
  • The Champion: To the side of good and in Doomwood, he is revealed to be The Champion of Darkness
  • Depower: He gives up his power as Champion of Darkness in order to ensure The Hero has enough power to fight Drakath on the other side of the Chaos Portal.
  • Foreshadowing: Regarding Artix being the Champion of Darkness in Doomwood saga. To list: In the beginning, King Alteon doesn't want Artix to go near Doomwood fearing it might awaken his dark powers somehow. When meeting Sally in the Tower of Necromancy, she hinted that Artix was more than just a paladin and the key to Vordred's true invincibility. In Necro U, the lecturers mentioned the art of necromancy involving the Darkness Realm and trapping spirit orbs to reanimate the undead, meantime revealing Artix's axe having hosted multiple spirit orbs gained from slaying the undead. And finally, in the Temple of Doomwood, the Stone Paladin recalls Lady Celestia from Dragon Fable bringing in young Artix to the Paladin Order and his apparent inability to cast light spells as the Hero learns of elemental champions and Artix's "Paladin" abilities come from the spirit orbs from the undead he had slain.
    • This may have been hinted at as early as DragonFable, with Artix touching the Darkness Orb as a kid, and gaining the power to sense the undead.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: In the final cutscene of the second birthday event for AdventureQuest Worlds, Artix becomes jealous of the hero for defeating Undead Artix and not even taking him to fight him. To be fair, Artix couldn't fight Undead Artix anyway because if he went to the Mirror Realm he'd have to switch places with him.
  • Hidden Depths: First off, he is surrounded by spirit orbs that give him the equivalent of Paladin magic. Second, he can use it WITHOUT his special axe on him. Last but not least, he's actually very caring to the undead he releases and wishes them peace in the afterlife. This is the power and purpose of the Undead Slayer.
  • Heroic Dog: Daimyo, Artix's fearless undead slaying battle pomeranian, who is able to take down a Dracolich. Based off the real life Artix's pet dog who passed away in 2017.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Like every version of Artix, this one hunts all creatures undead.
  • I Am Who?: Learns the hard way about him not being the Champion of Light...
  • Irony: He has two things that are ironic for him he is the Champion of Darkness and he slays dark based monsters and on the design notes he is promoting PaladinSlayer when he himself is on the Paladin Side.
  • It's All My Fault: The undead invasion that killed his family when he was young? Well, they were looking for him since he was sent from the darkness realm to be its champion!
  • Knight in Shining Armor: A Paladin in Shining Armor to be exact, but otherwise he fits the trope perfectly.
  • Last of His Kind: Due to PaladinSlayer Vordred turning almost every High Paladin into his undead minions, Artix has become his last target. Even if there were other paladins — like Yara for instance — they probably wouldn't be able to harness the same strength and power Artix has.
    • Then we find out that Artix is NOT a paladin, but an Undead Slayer due to him being the original Champion of Darkness.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: See Obfuscating Stupidity below.
  • Light 'em Up: Comes with this not because he's a Paladin but because he's an Undead Slayer.
  • Light Is Good: He is part of an order dedicated to all that is Light and Good. Though in a subversion he's revealed to actually be a case of Dark Is Not Evil, being the Champion of Darkness and all.
  • Magic Knight: Clad in shining armor, but is gifted with powers suited to combating the undead.
  • Meaningful Name: Krieger means Warrior in German.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Despite all of this, he actually has greater knowledge of what is going on in Doomwood and seems to be kind to all of the undead spirits he frees.
  • One-Man Army: He took out Vordred's army of 10 million undead, unarmed, and because he was bored of waiting for Vordred.
  • The Paladin: Probably the quintessential example in the Artix Entertainment universe. Although it's actually averted in this continuity, where he's said to not be able to cast paladin magic and his infamous Paladin axe is just a plain old battle axe. Artix is actually revealed to be an Undead Slayer, because as the Champion of Darkness, he cannot use the light-based magic of a Paladin.
  • The Reveal: Vordred reveals during the final battle that Artix is the Champion of Darkness, and that he wants to take his place via Klingon Promotion. The undead invasion that claimed his family long ago were trying to reclaim him, and Lady Celestia made him an Undead Slayer.
  • Screw Destiny: Artix succeeds in this due to his status as the Anti Anti Christ. In the words of Artix himself: "Where you are born does not define who you are. Your actions do."
  • Soul Power: His power came from spirit orbs. In fact his legendary axe is just a regular battle axe that has absorbed so many orbs to give it its gold shine.
  • Super Gullible: Gullible enough to fall for his shoes being untied, when he doesn't even have laces. Apparently every Paladin before him was defeated in the same way.
    • As part of a Brick Joke, in the finale he overcomes this weakness... by not wearing the lower half of his armor, so that he's only wearing swimming trunks and no shoes!
  • Superpowered Evil Side: His Darkness Dragon form.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: When Artix vanquishes an undead creature, he frees the soul trapped inside as a Spirit Orb, which will then choose to fight beside Artix. During the Vordred boss fight, Artix does this to Vordred's army of ten million, who all end up rebelling against their former master.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Vordred, Gravelyn, and even the Hero expected Artix to have a deeper voice, which he gets a lot of. This is due to the real life Artix (Adam Bohn), having a high-pitched voice.
  • Walking Spoiler: Let's just say that Doomwood Part 1 put a huge twist on his character.
  • Weapon of Choice: The Blinding Light of Destiny. After it gets destroyed he starts using the Blade of Awe.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Pink & Ponies?!: Yes, Artix is utterly terrified of the color pink. A fact Beleen teases him about whenever she gets the chance. He's also afraid of ponies.


The Royal Potionmistress of Swordhaven and the alchemy trainer. Alina is an alchemist skilled in potion and poisonmaking. She is targeted in a poisoning scheme against King Alteon, which turns out to be the work of someone known only as the Silver Man. The Silver Man turns out to be none other than Xavier Lionfang, the younger brother of the infamous Maximilian Lionfang. Despite her poisonous talents, Alina is very kind and sweet-natured, and has one of the biggest crushes on Rolith ever, and during the second part of her storyline which pits her against Xavier, Rolith proposes to her on the battlefield.
  • Action Girl: As a Battle Poisonmistress, she fights with a sword.
  • Adaptational Expansion: She has a much larger, more significant role in AdventureQuest Worlds compared to DragonFable, where she was only the mana potion trainer and Rolith's wife. While here she is actively involved in several major storylines and is one of the most prominent NPCs.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: One of the greatest alchemists in Lore, able to make a potion for anything.
  • Author Avatar: Of the real life Alina, the lead story writer for AdventureQuestWorlds.
  • Battle Couple: With Rolith
  • Grey and Gray Morality: Alina contemplates this in the Poison Forest questchain, where she states good and evil is not all black and white, and sometimes one needs to do evil for the greater good. As a result she becomes willing to do evil acts like poisoning others, to reach an ends.
  • Hair Color Dissonance: Purple hair.
  • Happily Married: To Rolith, both in game and real life.
  • Magic Knight: She becomes one after the Poison Forest questchain, where she dons a set of armor and a sword. Her magical alchemy knowledge makes her very deadly.
  • Magical Girl: She invokes this trope with her transformation into the Battle Poisonmistress over the course of her own storyline.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: As a Battle Poisonmistress with alchemy skills, this is a given.
  • Necessary Evil: Lionfang calls her out on this in the Poison Forest questchain, saying she is willing to resort to methods deemed evil for the greater good, including poisoning enemies.
  • Poisoned Weapons: Her blade is coated in poison.
  • Suddenly Voiced: She is "voiced" in the "Queen of Monsters" trailer.

Others of Swordhaven

Baron Bayconn

Baron Bayconn is King Alteon's tax collector. When The Hero comes to him on Gravelyn's orders to collect on Sepulchure's Unlife Insurance policy, which comes out to one trillion gold, Bayconn, being a greedy little pig, has the Hero thrown into Swordhaven Prison rather than cough up the cash. The Hero ultimately has to fight his Piggy Drake in order to get him to pay up.
  • Continuity Nod: He was turned into a pig back in DragonFable, and he still hasn't recovered from his condition.
  • Greed: His reason for throwing the Hero in Swordhaven Prison.
  • Pig Man

Lady Celestia

The Dragon Priestess, last seen in DragonFable who helped the Hero train their Dragon.
  • Adaptational Distillation: She has a much more minor role here than in DragonFable.
  • Bond Creatures: Has a connection with all dragon kind.
  • Spared By Adaptation: This Celestia is still alive and well, unlike her DragonFable who dies.
    • This is brought up in the crossover event with DragonFable, Frostval 2015, where the AdventureQuestWorlds Artix merged the timeline and caused the AdventureQuestWorlds Celestia to merge with the deceased DragonFable Celestia. She Came Back Wrong, and is cold.
  • High Priestess: Her title is the High Priestess of Dragons.
  • Woman in White: She is dressed in white, and her involvement with dragons makes her significant.


Associated tropes:

Knave 1

Knave 1 is King Alteon's personal Undead Slayer and the winner of the last I Can Has Mod contest. His storyline involves you helping him lay to rest the Desterrat Moya, revered as a god among the undead.

Associated tropes:

  • Gold and White Are Divine: Knave 1 wears the Interfector Deorum armor, which everyone who didn't win the I Can Has Mod contest but hung onto the Golden Cheezburger got.

Lord Brentan

A son of the Neverglades and a noble and powerful warrior, Brentan competed in the Tournament of Heroes before being treacherously struck down by Sir Roderick of the Grimreaver clan, forcing the Hero to fight in his stead. Brentan fought and defeated the Hero following Roderick's defeat, becoming the War General of Swordhaven. He is also very in love with Princess Brittany.

Associated tropes:

  • Adorkable: Brentan is quite endearingly awkward when he's around Brittany or Tara.
  • Crusading Widower: Swears that he will see Drakath dead for what happened to Brittany.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He becomes one of the disputed rulers of Swordhaven, and takes it upon himself to keep Swordhaven safe.
  • Widowed at the Wedding: Just before the wedding ceremony completes, King Alteon succumbs to his chaorruption, and in his madness kills Brittany.

King Alteon's Skyguard

Captain Stratos

Associated tropes:

  • Big "NO!": When Granny V (the Dreamweaver in disguise) makes him relive his nightmares of a certain day in his earlier years, hospitalizing him afterwards.
    Granny V: Your dreams might not be so sweet when you're living IN them, my dears!
    Stratos: NOOOOO! Not THIS day!
    • And again when he is being taken to jail after being mistaken for Exos by a Chaorrupted Sky Pirate and accused of siding with Chaos by everybody. Things calm down later when they learn of their mistake by being clued in when the hero meets Exos and Invidia reveals herself to be the Dreamweaver and reveals Stratos' tragic past.
  • Cain and Abel: Has a serious vendetta against his evil brother Exos, a.k.a. The Master, for murdering not only Terra, but also Lithos, who stopped Exos from killing him.
  • The Captain: Of the Skyguard.
  • Cool Airship: His ship, the Phereless, which also once belonged to his father.
  • Heroic BSoD: He gets this by being rendered unable to move after being hospitalized by the Dreamweaver (under the guise of Granny V) by using the power of dreams on him to cause a memory of his worst day to play out for him where the Master became responsible for Terra's Disney Villain Death by pushing her off a ledge into the ocean below.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Inverted.
  • You All Look Familiar: Stratos has three brothers who are all identical to him. One of them is evil (Exos), one of them is dead (Lithos, thanks to Exos), and one of them we're still not sure about (Tropos).
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • You Killed My Sister / This Is Unforgivable!: It's revealed that he has a vendetta against the Master (who turns out to be his brother) for killing his sister Terra. He even vows to make him pay for it. And it turns out Terra wasn't the first sibling of theirs that Exos murdered either!


Associated tropes:

  • Deceptive Disciple: Possibly. She could be the Dreamweaver in disguise...
    • Invidia has been confirmed to be the Dreamweaver — and she has turned against her Master!
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: She looks strikingly like the Dreamweaver, to be fair enough. They both have the same ominous smile, which tends to be creepy.


Associated tropes:


Associated tropes:


Associated tropes:

Jules Barnestable

Associated tropes:

Golden Onslaught

Xavier Lionfang

Maximilian Lionfang's younger brother, who turns out to be the "Silver Man" behind the poisoning plot against King Alteon.

Associated tropes:

  • Animal Motif: The Lion just like his older brother
  • Kick the Dog: Burning Alteon's loyalists at the stake and burning down the home of an innocent family cement Xavier and his people as the bad guys despite their professed stance on the side of Good.
  • Knight Templar/Lawful Stupid: Shares his brother's fanaticism when it comes to the Alliance, and is every bit as cruel.
  • Light Is Not Good
  • Pet the Dog: To his lion Silverclaw


Xavier Lionfang's animal companion.

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