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AdventureQuest's characters that belong to groups. Beware the unmarked spoilers.

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Safiria is the queen of all vampires and she has no problems adding you to her army. She has a long-term rivalry against the Werewolf King.


    The Were-King 
Constantin Petyrovich is currently the alpha male of the Werewolves, and is fighting a battle with the Vampires in a struggle for dominion over Darkovia, and to get food supplies for his pack. His son Thrasher is currently one of Donovan's minions.

Wolfwing, real name Erimus, is the leader of the Werepyres (a combination of werewolf and vampire), and thus one of the strongest creatures on Lore. He is the father of Nightbane and the grandfather of Cenara and Edward/VampireSlayer E.

Despite his fierce appearance, he on the side of Unity against The'Galin. He seems to be relatively peaceful, at least when compared with Safiria the Vampire Queen and the Were-King.

Balius is the son of Wolfwing. He had two children, Cenara and Edward with his former wife, Lady Evina.

Balius was previously the Avatar of Death, but is now Forsaken since it left him for his son. He was doomed to die, so he became undead as an evil werepyre. He sought even more power, and drank the blood of a thousand dragons to become a Dracopyre and taking the name Nightbane. At this time, his wife left him, for He joined The Network in hopes of using The'Galin to gain even more power, but [[spoiler:Cenara convinced him otherwise. Afterwards, Nightbane dedicated his "life" to redeeming himself and killing The'Galin. However, his redemption meant his ultimate demise.

Cenara is a kind and caring woman who is the daughter of Lady Evina and Balius (who later became NightBane), and Edward's sister. She lives in Felrood Abbey, and is the Avatar of Death. She protects the Abbey, and helps convince NightBane to fight The'Galin. Cenara takes her brother's place as the ShadowSlayer trainer once E can no longer continue.

She also has a half-brother, Donovan. In the chaos Donovan caused, Cenara was infected with some of NightBane's Dracopyric blood. Death left her at this time, but she did not become Forsaken thanks to Dewlok's Moglin magic. A cure found near Granemor kept her alive, and allowed the blood to turn her into a full Dracopyre, GraceFang. She appears to have full control of her Dracopyric powers, and can shift between forms at will.

Donovan is the son of Lady Evina and Evina's second husband, and the half-brother of Cenara and Edward/VampireSlayer E. He is jealous of the attention Lady Evina showed to Cenara and Edward, and seeks to prove himself equal to them.

He appears in Darkovia, and has his agents (Virik, Skrat and Thrasher) in Safiria's, The Were-King's, and Wolfwing's networks start a civil war. During the chaos, he infiltrates Nightbane's castle and, through the sacrifice of Nightbane's loyal minions, becomes the Dracopyre NightReign.


     Lady Evina 
Originally only known as the White Abbess, Lady Evina is the former wife of Balius (a.k.a. Nightbane), and is the mother of Cenara, Edward, and Donovan. She is the leader of Felrood Abbey, and seeks peace for Darkovia.

Cara DeLivali is a previous lover of the Constantin Petyrovich. She married Erimus, with whom he had two children.

Thanks to Drageth Slugwrath and Seth Cay Dhows, he also travelled to the future (well, AQ's somewhat recent past) with Balius (who becomes NightBane later), and became a VampireSlayer known as C to her grandson, Edward.

Carnax Saga

     Riona & Danail Shadowgail 
Riona is one of the last survivors of the city of Talados. She has a son Danail, who has strong unseen powers, and together, they have been traveling for 5 years. Riona gave up her life to significantly damage Carnax

     The Order 
These characters are from 1,000 years in Lore's future. The Order of Alpha travelled in time, creating a new timeline.

Atlas Maxwell

Group/Affiliation: The Order of Alpha; Unity
Race: Human

Maxwell is a time traveller originally from 1,000 years in the future of Lore. He is the descendant of the royal line of Stonerule, making him a prince. Jess is his half-sister, he is married to Sasha, and has a child Emma. He also raised Anna with the Order's help.

He founded the Order of Alpha originally to combat Makkisar, but has since used The Order to fight The'Galin's Network.

After the final battle, he trapped Agent Smith and himself in The Void. He however has escaped with the aid of Dhows and is now hidden, waiting to enact his revenge.


An Aether Dragon, she comes from the realm of Aether, which is the great blinding light beyond the heavens and the Void.

Sasha Maxwell

A member of the Order of Alpha. She and her brother Jacob were created by Makkisar as Project I and Project II, to help fix all the problems he caused while possessed by Truth. Her husband is Maxwell, and her daughter is Emma.


A member of the Order of Alpha. She is the twelve-year-old daughter of Maxwell and Sasha. Her inhuman mother gives her the ability to change her hair color at will, and she owns special clothes that change color at will as well.


A member of the Order of Alpha. Anna is a Taladosian and a decendent of Riona Shadowgale. Anna's parents were supposedly killed when Makkisar's army of Carnax spawn attacked her home. Anna escaped when she was rescued by Maxwell, he raised Anna with the help of The Order. Anna has a psychic link to Carnax, and the alien known as Cor-Demi.

Jessica Maxwell

A member of the Order of Alpha. Jess usd to work as an assassin hunting android imposters before joining the rebels in The Order. Jess is also Atlas Maxwell's half sister. For the longest time, she had a crush on Hollow, and they are now married, with a baby.

Hollow Stoneforge

A member of the Order of Alpha. Hollow is a mechanic, and engineer. He is also known to be the creator of the first Assault Mecha, and is a distant relative to Yulgar the blacksmith. Hollow is not his real name, but not many know his real name. He recently got married to Jess.


A member of the Order of Alpha. He can understand the Cor-Dem language.


Morgan is a BFG-wielding mercenary who's part of the rebellion against the Carnax Spawn and Makkisar. Morgan is the daughter of Airk Arimoz, the creator of intelligent androids.


A "member" of the Order of Alpha. A9M9 is an android or artificial construct, who was created by Morgan Arimoz and Hollow Stoneforge to aid The Order and to power the hatch. She is highly durable and invulnerable to psychic attacks.


The sorcerer who created (and later revived) the beast Carnax, and the creator and master of the Carnax Spawn. Makkisar was corrupted by a being known as Truth, so some say.


     Ryuusei Cartwright 
The alternate version of our Lore's Ryuusei Cartwright, Ryuusei has gone searching through many different realities to find our Lore's Cartwright. However, in his search, his son Gaiden Cartwright was kidnapped by Xitra Regeirk, and it became his utmost priority to find him back before Gaiden got corrupted. He stumbled upon our Lore after escaping from Xitra Regeirk from the encounter, which in turned helped him find both Gaiden and Cartwright.

Ryuusei has been plagued by nightmares, seeing his analog die in each of them and being reduced to bones. The nightmares have caused him to lose much needed sleep, depleting his energy and causing his hair to gray. He passed away from ill health (cancer) in Absol-ution IV, but not before delivering a message to our Lore's Cartwright. However, he was brought back to life by our Lore's Cartwright in the epilogue, and has recohered with him, merging the two entities to one. This has allowed him to remain strong despite having cancer, with only bits of our Lore's Cartwright remaining within him. He has also taken up the mantle as the avatar of The'Galin.

  • Action Dad: To Gaiden.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Galrick and The Chosen sometimes call him "Ryu".
  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: Inverted. He wears a nice red two-pieced suit that is very out-of-place for Lore's medieval standards and justified because he's from Terra.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Just don't mess with his son. (And to a lesser extent, the world.) If you do, he will certainly go into pragmatic territory and won't mind if you are killed.
  • Can't Live Without You: If it wasn't for his bond with Cartwright (and determination), he wouldn't have been able to reach him on time and tell him his last words.
  • Determinator: Ryuusei, despite suffering from an inoperable form of cancer, travelled through many realities to find his analogue and make sure he didn't pose a threat to Gaiden. Later on, he manages to push back death and live long enough to tell Cartwright his last words through sheer determination.
  • Disease Bleach: When he is first seen, Ryuusei has a slightly lighter hair color than that of Cartwright, but by the Absol-ution saga, his hair turns completely gray, implying some kind of Locked into Strangeness due to his bond with Cartwright.
  • The Disease That Shall Not Be Named: There are a few quests in which Ryuusei suffers due to a Soap Opera Disease. ...Before it is revealed that he has been dying from an aggressive form of cancer all along, subverting the trope and mentioning it by name.
  • Good Counterpart: To Ryuusei Cartwright.
  • First-Name Basis: Once the Chosen understands that he's a Nice Guy, he begins calling him by his first name, in contrast to his alternate.
  • Fusion Dance: Cartwright recoheres with him, to save him from cancer and dies in the process.
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair: The only way to distinguish Ryuusei from his analogue is their facial hair. Ryuusei only has a Perma-Stubble, but Cartwright not only displays the stubble, but also has a magnificent Beard of Evil and Badass Fu Manchu-Mustache.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Following his recoherence with Cartwright.
  • An Ice Person: He deals Ice damage as a guest.
  • Man in White: He begins wearing a white suit with golden embroidery with red shirt underneath following his recoherence with his analogue, clearly inverting the color scheme that his counterpart (and he) were known for.
  • Necromancer: Though he has some knowledge, his analogue is much better at it.
  • Not So Different: From Cartwright, given that they're the same person, the only difference being the choices they made. He acknowledges it himself, ....
    • The fact that he thoroughly lied about his condition to his son makes it clear that they are alike.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Instead of letting his cane rest over his shoulder like he always does, one knows that something is wrong when he uses it to support himself.
  • Perma-Stubble
  • Pragmatic Hero: He isn't above considering the death of his enemies if he believes they deserve it.
  • Promoted to Parent: Twice. The first time as a father to Gaiden, and the second time, to Absolix, as per request of his analogue.
  • Psychic Link: With his analogue, due to Cartwright's insistence. Because of his binding, Ryuusei suffers intense pain and will die because of Cartwright and Absolix's long fight.
    • Which, in fact, a big fat lie, because the binding (and his determination) was maintaining him alive.
  • Secretly Dying: As a result of terminal cancer, ever since the first time he's seen in-game.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man
  • Soap Opera Disease: In the Absol-ution saga, he suffers from a very vague illness that has as a symptom Disease Bleach and growing weakness that it's provoked by a bond with his analogue.
  • Take Care of the Kids: He claims that the only thing his analogue can do, after everybody come to know that he's dying, is taking care of Gaiden and his brother. Later, this situation is inverted when he's told to do so by Cartwright when he sacrifices himself so Ryuusei can live.
  • Weapon Across the Shoulder: A distinctive trait of Ryuusei is his tendency to let his cane rest over his shoulder and is rarely seen not doing it.

     Gaiden Cartwright 
Son of our Lore's Ryuusei Cartwright, Gaiden has been raised by the alternate Ryuusei since young, whom he regards as his father instead, although not connected by blood. He was kidnapped by Xitra Regeirk during an encounter, and was corrupted. He broke free of his control shortly after, thanks to the collaboration by the two Ryuusei, Amilara and Diviara, who used the Cold simultaneously on him.

     Xitra Regeirk 
An analog of the paladin Artix, this Artix has come from another version of Lore. He deploys undead as armies in a war against Lore to capture Ryuusei Cartwright.

The alternate version of our Lore's Galanoth, this Galanoth practices Dracomancy, so he is friends with many dragons that our Lore's Galanoth consider enemies, such as Akriloth. Despite not wearing a helmet, he has always been seen hiding his face behind people and objects.
  • The Reveal: His face was finally revealed, although only for a split second when the Mirror of the Wyk shattered. Then again, our Galanoth's face is covered with scars, as stated in the Guardian Dragon War, and thus, is different.

     Centerprise Crew 
The whole crew that makes up the Centerprise. They're on a mission to Phatter Elan, to discover a strange power source that is causing global changes. The crew consists of Mr. Slock, Captain Turk, Dr. McBoy, Crewman Fhiev, Lt. Ohurrah, Mr. Snott, Mr. Lullu and Agent Hemd Rojo.


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