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The Advance Wars Roleplay Characters list. Since there's Loads and Loads of Characters, only present characters will be added at first.

Note that retired characters are not entirely irrelevant. Some of them may come back as NPCs depending on the plot, and even provide opposition to the roster.

For more information on each character, look them up on the RP's own wiki.

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Current Characters

    Orange Star 


"Collectively, we are known as Gemini."

The twins Colinne and Colette d'Amie, collectively referred to by the callsign of Gemini, are together a commanding officer. They're half-identical, but they try to mask even the gender difference between them. Colinne and Colette grew so close together that it worried their parents, but when they enrolled into the military and their CO powers were discovered to be stronger if they were together, they were let be as close as they wanted to each other. Which was very close.

  • Synchronization: Their CO powers depend on them being together, probably lending to their sense of superiority over others.

Madison Kelton

"For crying out loud!"

A former Green Earth naval commander with a down-to-earth personality. She is difficult to anger but determined to face problems head-on.

Madison's units fight better over sea and worse over land. This has the effect of making her sea units superior most of the time and her land units average at best.

  • Farmer's Daughter: As well as being a literal example, Madison has a few traits of the archetype. Specifically she would dress in Daisy Dukes if the climate and uniform regulations allowed for them, is tomboyish and has a protective father.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Madison isn't exactly a complete negative nancy, but it isn't often that she agrees with anyone, or wait for long to criticise some idea they might share.
  • Locked in the Dungeon: When taken captive by Green Earth, Madison was subject to some very unusual punishment by Viola. It failed to break her, though, and thanks to actions by more sane Green Earth COs (Commanding Officers), she doesn't harbour ill will towards them - yet Viola herself still frightens her.

Suzanna Mia Harrison

Suzi is the bastard child of a former teen celebrity. Having been raised by a single mother trying to deal with her celebrity status as well as an unplanned daughter, Suzi learned to be independant from a young age and hates it when people are overly sympathetic to her.

Her helicopter units are stronger than those of must other COs, rivaling even Joseph's, but her planes are weak.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Her hair is a pale brown in the RP and blonde in her artwork.
  • Deep South: Suzi is from Ozark, the RP's rough equivalent to Texas. She usually modifies her accent to hide the fact and to be understood.
  • Geo Effects: Suzi gets all the normal ones, but her CO Power lets her apply terrain stars to helicopters.


"What can I say? I'm a sucker for lost causes."
The youngest CO on the Orange Star CO force, and also the cockiest. Tyke was born in Blue Moon, but was taken away by his godfather to Orange Star and joined the army. Tyke has no strengths or weaknesses, but his CO powers are very aggressive, much like himself.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking : Tyke spends more time training for a fight than he does for actual commanding. Given recent events in the Dakota storyline, it seems to have paid off.
  • I Should Have Been Better: He's been quick to hate himself for anything that's gone wrong. Which he's had quite a lot of, what with backing the smaller army in a civil war. Even when he won a battle, he suffered a mini-Heroic BSoD after Madison defected back to the loyalist army.
  • Knife Nut: Tyke's good with many weapons, but the knife is his favourite. He also comes up with surprising uses for it.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Suzi once, when she shot a sudden friend of his after confusing him for an enemy. The girl was left with an awful black eye for a while afterwards.

Horatio Montegreen

A submarine captain-turned-CO, Horatio prefers to plan ahead using any information he can get.

His units are harder to destroy in areas with high defence and easier to kill in areas with low defence, even moreso than the other COs.

    Blue Moon 

Blue Moon as a whole provides examples of:

  • Cool Bike: Blue Moon is, so far, the only nation to field customized bike units in the forms of the Bogatyr and the Stinger.
  • Glorious Mother Russia: Blue Moon's hat. The official name of the nation is the Soviet Socialist Republic of Blue Moon.
  • Invisibility: Many of Blue Moon's signature units utilize cloaking systems in battle.
  • Soviet Superscience: Downplayed example compared to most uses of the trope. Still, Blue Moon has a lot of...strange units in their arsenal, such as the ground-effect plane Stribog unit, the burrowing spider-mine Nidhogg unit, and basically anything built with Packing Technology.

Leonei Yorvin

A former engineer in the employ of Sigrid Hennelzen's squad, Leonei found himself thrust into the position of Marshal for the armed forces of Blue Moon following the events of the Lunarian Affair. He has absolutely no idea what he's doing as a result. Leonei is blessed with common sense and technical know-how, and excels with hard numbers; much like the screaming general before him, Leonei is stronger with units unique to the AWRP, but is poor with regular units (the units found in the actual Advance Wars games). Additionally, Leonei's abilities affect Emplacements, structures similar to the Black Cannon and its ilk in the main games. His CO Powers are Networking and Signal Hijacking, which allow him to boost emplacements and custom units, even stealing the enemy's emplacements to use for a time.

  • Ascended Extra: Originally a minor NPC controlled by his handler, Leonei became his next CO following a return to the roleplay.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He is the predominant source of new technology in Blue Moon's armed forces.
  • Improbable Age: Leonei is leading Blue Moon's armed forces at the ripe age of twenty. He didn't get much of a choice in the matter, though.

Leslaw Sterling

A general in the military and the second-in-command of the Blue Moon Armed Forces. Leslaw Sterling is professional to a fault, approaching everything with cold precision to an almost comical degree. Humor tends to escape her. Regardless, Leslaw's approach has served Blue Moon well, with her efforts being instrumental to events in recent history for the country. Leslaw's units are overall stronger than anyone else's, but as a drawback she never obtains the first strike even when it's her turn. Her CO Powers are Barrage and Weapons Free, which deal mass damage and remove her drawback for a time.

Koel Mcdowell

A sniper and commander from Berezniki, Koel was moved into a command position after suffering a wound on the battlefield. The second-youngest general in the Moonian retinue, after Leonei, Koel bares the struggles of a soldier twice his age behind his eyes. Koel has increased ability with Tire-driving units, but has issues with treaded units. His CO Powers are Lead Boots and Power Slide, which increase the power of Tire units further.

  • Improbable Age: Not as bad as Leonei, but Koel is still twenty-one years old and a high-ranking general.
  • It's All My Fault: Koel feels that the Lunarian Affair was allowed to happen because of his actions.

Kliment Kaganovich

A naval officer promoted to fleet admiral recently, Kliment Kaganovich got his start in the navy when his ship accidentally crushed a whale, earning him the nickname of Zveroboy, or Beast Killer. Since then, he's moved up to join the command staff of the nation. Kliment, as an admiral, has a strong navy and is unhindered by snow, but suffers with poor ground forces. His CO Powers, Rough Seas and Stormfront, bring snow into the battlefield and increase his navy's power further, as well as cause mass damage.

Valerian Alkaev

Formerly known as Valentin Rykov, the Commissar, Valerian went MIA on his first mission as a commander against Orange Star, eventually being taken captive. He escaped, killing the Grey Fox in the process, and joined with the Letter Squad to fulfill a debt to them he earned upon his release. After his debt was paid, a penitent Valerian returned to the command staff with the help of Koel and Leonei. Valerian fights stronger on artificial terrain like cities and roads; his CO Powers, Urban Warfare and At Any Cost!, increase his prowess on these tiles.

  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Valerian's only major difference from Valentin is that his goatee is shaved off. No one ever catches on.
  • That Man Is Dead: Following his return, Valerian had to discard his former identity of Commissar.

    Green Earth 

Julius Winthrop

Winthrop is a wealthy industrialist responsible for founding and operating the most powerful industrial conglomerate in Green Earth, Winthrop Industries. Originally pulled some strings to make himself a General in the CDF, Winthrop quickly found himself caught up in a whirlwind of intrigue that landed him in the newly formed Minister of Military Affairs position, effectively making him the current Commander in Chief of Green Earth's military.

  • Benevolent Boss: Despite being elected to the most powerful position in the Green Earth military, he still delights in taking time to chat with passing soldiers and generally being pleasant to follow.
  • Cool Old Guy: Is by far the oldest commander in Green Earth (And possibly the entire RP) at 66. He retains a high degree of spryness for his age, and is almost insufferably nice.
  • Eccentric Mentor: Has elements of this towards the Green Earth staff, despite being rather new. His experience with life and business translate surprisingly well to diplomacy, and he isn't afraid to offer guidance to those many years his senior in rank. Even when it isn't asked for.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partner: With his secretary and best friend, Ludwig. The two are virtually inseparable.
  • Honor Before Reason: Winthrop's strict adherence to the principles of goodness might work well for a philanthropist, but for a military commander, it has its flaws. At times borders on Lawful Stupid.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: The aforementioned secretary, Ludwig, is this for Winthrop. His organizational ability and exceptional technical skills provide Winthrop with the resources to be at his best. In the brief instance in which the pair was apart marked a noticeable drop in Winthrop's energy and ability to remain calm and rational. To illustrate this, the one time Ludwig is not present with Winthrop, he neglects to inform an active battlefield that a squadron of transport helicopters from the perennial rival nation Orange Star is approaching to lend medical aid, NOT begin an invasion. The whole lot was nearly shot down as a result.
  • Nice Guy: Is almost excessively nice, trying his best to find the good in everyone. His adamant belief in peaceful solutions to problems can make him seem naive at times.

Taylor Sullivan

Prim, proper and negotiative, Taylor is the daughter of Green Earth nationalist Sir Edward Sullivan and inherited her father's patriotism, but not his enthusiasm.

Taylor's units have strong defenses and low firepower. Unlike Adrian, can switch these around by using her CO Powers.

  • Not Quite Dead: An artillery attack by Blue Moon was so devastating that she was thought to be dead, only to be saved, albeit with an cybernetic hand and a scarred body.
  • The Ojou: The most formal CO by far. She almost always refers to someone as Mr. or Ms.

Kierra "Falcon" Mitchell

Falcon joined the Air Force in her late teens. Her style of flying was initially seen as reckless, but she proved herself so effective at fighting and getting her squadron to work together that her superiors were convinced she should be a CO.

  • Frontline General: Wherever there is fighting she can usually be found just in the thick of it.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Falcon isn't polite or sophisticated, but she is kind.
  • Megaton Punch: Falcon uses this as her primary means of expressing her anger. Has been shown to bend metal and crack cockpit glass when she is very frustrated.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Extremely loyal Avalon, to the point where the only reason she is working with Green Earth is because Avalon has rejoined the country.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: When she gets angry, Falcon beats people up.

Kirsten "Blondie" Fleischer

The daughter of Wilhelm Fleischer, a CDF Navy Captain, (KIA during the First Dakota War), and an unknown mother. After graduating from the Teufelsberg Military Academy, Kirsten spent the next four years training First Year Candidates there, and went on to join the CDF on May 2013. She is a proud Waldeslandian, with a very strong sense of patriotism. Keeping calm in the face of danger is one of her most "marketable" skills.

  • Meaningful Name: Her last name means "butcher" in German.
  • Missing Mom: Kirsten never met her mother, and is currently trying to find out more about her.

    Yellow Comet 

Emperor Ken Kobayashi

A pacifist, Ken is a former orphan who was adopted by the previous Emperor and inherited the title. He will fight back if pushed, however.

His tanks and planes have strong firepower and defensive strength, but he lacks strength with naval units.

  • The Hero: From Yellow Comet's point of view. All the other COs look up to him, and Ken has carried the nation's weight many times.
  • I Did What I Had to Do. Said by Ken many times, who has done more than one morally questionable action for the sake of his empire. One character has called him out on war crimes for wrongfully torturing a prisoner of war to try and gain information to win against Red Mesa - Ken did nothing to ease this, but he did eventually let the captive walk free. Ken had a young niece, who he gave away against her will to the empress of Macro Land Yellow Comet, all to end a long war between the two nations. Whenever he's been confronted by a friend or a peer, this was often all he could say.

Izumi "Hemlock" Date

  • Hey, You!: Calls everyone but Ken and Hanako with either a -kun or -chan suffix.

Makoto Komori

Makoto was born into a rich family who owned a weapons company. She grew bored with being rich and started working in a weapons factory until her family stopped her fraternising with the working class. After settling into the rich lifestyle and having a daughter, she grew bored again and joined the YC Army as an engineer until she was promoted to CO.

  • Theme Naming: Yet another YC CO with a plant-related surname. Komori means "small forest".

Yuriko Maki

Yuriko used to work for the Orion Foundation, a mercenary and weapons development company formed from SMART's remnants before a person known only as Diyu joined and abused their resources. She approaches Yellow Comet with information in exchange for her protection.

Units under Yuriko's command have additional firepower and defence with no real downside. However her CO Powers take a long time to charge up and are inefficient for their price.

  • Floral Theme Naming: Her given name means "lily child", fitting in with PanicAttack's COs, particularly Suzi (whose name is also derived from a word for lily) and Hanako (whose name shares the -ko/child kanji).
  • Healing Hands: Her CO Powers let her restore HP to her units.
  • Theme Naming: Her surname means "black pine", fitting with other Yellow Comet characters and their tree-related surnames.

    Other characters 

Stephanie "Herr Strafe" Kaulitz

An anti-war activist from Neue Muenchen. She adopted an alternate personality in order to protest against the Green Earth military's use of Viola's powers during the Dakota Wars but ultimately was arrested.

  • Machine Monotone: She speaks using a synthetic voice as Herr Strafe.
  • Meaningful Name: Herr Strafe translates as "Mr. Punishment", befitting her objective of seeing the Green Earth military punished.

Blake Roosevelt

A far-right political pundit and evangelist, Roosevelt sparked the ire of Orange Star's command staff by claiming that COs aren't human beings and calling for their removal.

  • Insane Troll Logic: His argument boils down to The Bible saying that people with "anything superfluous" not being accepted into Heaven. Only humans get into Heaven. CO Powers are superfluous. Ergo, COs aren't human.

Retired Characters

    Orange Star 

Robert Chase

Chase is arrogant and lazy, believing himself to be intellectually superior and a better commander than his colleagues. However, he would rather mock his colleagues' faults than try to prove his actual superiority. He is also insecure around independant, assertive and intelligent women.

Chase is skilled when commanding fast units with high movement ranges, having little patience for slower units.

  • Kicked Upstairs: The only real reason why Chase was the second-in-command of Orange Star was so that he ends up with more paperwork and responsibility, rather than because he's earned it.

James "Grey Fox" Riley

A former special forces operative, Grey Fox is a serious person with a tendency to view the bigger picture than deal with the immediate threat. Recently, however, he's begun to lighten up, but also grown more bitter and resentful.

He was a former member of FOXHOUND before his promotion to CO. He is fiercely patriotic to Orange Star to the point of turning the recently defected Madison back to Green Earth. He fled the country for a time before returning captured. He currently has his position back on pain of death.

Grey Fox's ground units do well against expensive units, but struggle against cheaper units. His air and sea units fight on a level on par with everyone else.

  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Or at least a minor form of it. He prefers to wield power over others rather than remain loyal to them.
  • Colonel Badass: One of the few Orange Star COs with a confirmed rank. He still outranks everyone just for being a CO, though, but just likes being called Colonel.

Matthew Jorgan

Matt initially joined the Orange Star military just to learn to fly planes, but eventually he was convinced to stay on as a CO, and discovered an equal affinity for tanks. He learned from a young age to be polite to other people and to care about them, though he can be a smart aleck at times.

Vasco Rodrigues

A recently promoted CO, Vasco would have been a prodigy if he'd wanted to be, but he chose a military career over an academic one. He is level-headed and calm, but somewhat antisocial.

His soldier units are fast and powerful but all his indirect-combat units are slow-moving with low firepower. What affect this would have on Mortar Infantry is currently unknown.

  • Glass Cannon: Rather, his soldiers are glass cannons, being that they have increased movement ranges and firepower. The Mechanised Infantry in particular, having the strongest attacking stats of all Orange Star soldier units.

Katalina "KT" Dominguez

Quiet motormouth with an expertise in computing and robotics. Her origins are shrouded in mystery.

Her units gain firepower benefits per terrain star.

Kari "Kestrel" Stevens

A girl from a military family, Kestrel wanted to become a pilot like her father. She has a laid-back, teasing personality.

Kestrel's air units have increased defensive strength, but her non-air direct units have low attack power.

  • Catchphrase: "Aite", as well as other hipster phrases. Also fond of aviation slang.

    Blue Moon 

Rakshata Chawla

Rakshata is a scientist from the India-like state of Grey Meteor. She considers her inventions as her "children" and is generally very laid back. Quite literally, if there's some comfortable furniture around

Her abilities do not affect any units. Instead, she can deploy three unique units on the battlefield and use her CO Powers to replace them if they are destroyed.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She really does have like soft furniture just a little too much, despite being one of Blue Moon's top scientists.

Katerina Joanna "Procella" Goryanova

Procella is the "Tsarina General" of Blue Moon, in charge of the whole nation. She tends to let her advisors deal with civillian matters and let her focus on the military. Procella is known for her acute paranoia.

Procella's units fight better under cover and as such struggle in open space.

  • First-Name Basis: With Viola. It used to be both ways, but Viola has been calling Procella by her codename since she came back.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Although all her relationships with others are purely platonic, she's pretty cold (sometimes outright hostile) towards the other Blue Moon COs. Dart and Hanako are other COs who have seen this, along with her nicer side.

Julia "Rustica" Osborne

A former city girl who grew weary of her rich lifestyle and left to explore Cosmo Land. After in incident in the mountains where she was saved by her latent CO powers and a nearby patrol, she joined the Blue Moon army. Served as a CO in the Blue Moon Black Ops for a few years, but ended up leaving after a scandal was uncovered, only to return recently.

Good at attacking ground units, but her units are poor at hitting air units.

    Green Earth 

King Ingvar "Thor" Halgrind I

Thor is the "King" of Green Earth. He has a interest in other cultures and an open mind, but shows no remorse whatsoever in battle.

In combat, his units gradually increase their offensive strength while their defensive strength diminishes.

  • Drop the Hammer: As well as carrying a hammer, his CO Powers quite literally do this.

Kaitlyn Sterix

The daughter of an air force pilot gone MIA, who has followed in his footsteps in the hopes of finding him. Kaitlyn has attitude. She makes no secret of the fact that she's very confident in her own abilities, and she's quite willing to back up her boasts. She is proud to be a woman, but she doesn't mind being treated as "one of the guys." What she can't stand is being treated as weak or helpless.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Kaitlyn doesn't often think highly of other people, and seems glad to let rip on someone when she thinks she can get away with it. She couldn't with Kierra, though, who let her know exactly how she felt.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: The recipient of this: after her scuffle with Kierra, Kaitlyn seemed to forge a solid friendship right off the bat. It looks to be the start of a Heterosexual Life Partnership, but depending on who you ask, it may be a little more heated.
  • Disappeared Dad: What's interesting in Kaitlyn's case is that she wants to find him even though she has never even seen him before in her life.

Natsuki Saito aka Kiku Kurosawa

Natsuki is a mercenary CO, working for Green Earth. She grew up in a ninja village run by a clan called the Shahouke. She attracted a lot of attention from the criminal underworld and ended up working for a company called Specialist Manufacturing And Research Technologies as an assassin. After her contract was terminated, she was threatened with execution.

This forced Natsuki to go undercover and change her identity. She currently operates under the name of Kiku Kurosawa, and was later hired by Green Earth. She is very secretive and ambiguous, giving an aura of fearlessness while hiding her true emotions and vulnerability.

When Kiku is commanding, her units always strike first (albeit with less power during her enemy's turn). Her long-distance attacks are also weak.

  • Yakuza: Kiku worked with them shortly before she joined SMART.

Stevan Gavrilov

PR manager turned CO with Blue Moon parentage. Was meant to be a member of Wrangel family's branch but left unrealized after player quit. His strong side were cheap units which performed better, and weakness were expensive units that underperformed as result.

  • Zerg Rush: Invoked. Stevan specialized in cheap units and could raise more of them with his powers.

Amelia "Aurica" Rockford

Sheppard's childhood friend, Aurica has something of a mysterious aura. She is very similar to Sheppard in that she dislikes internal conflict and tries to keep the peace amongst her fellow COs.

Aurica is adept with cheap, light units. She struggles to use heavy, more expensive ones.

Juliet Viola Abandonato

The former Commander-in-chief of Green Earth, Viola was the last person to hold the rank of "Field Marshal" before Thor took over. She has one of the largest backstories in the RP.

Viola was born 25 years prior to the start of the RP to a couple of pest exterminators. As a child she was bullied because of her given name, which made her resent it and prefer to use her middle name. She was successful in her education despite this and finished a degree in toxicology. She was later drafted into the Green Earth military and ended up in an anti-personnel unit.

Green Earth and Orange Star were called upon by their counterparts in Omega Land to assist in an anti-terrorism operation. It was during this time that she developed her hatred of Orange Star (due to how they treated her differently due to her relative attractiveness) as well as her CO Powers. Her boss, Sepp Mengele, tried to use her powers to fashion a weapon. He failed, the attempt was covered up and Viola would retain no memory of these events.

Viola later worked up to become leader of the Green Earth military, a title which she kept for over a year before having a major psychological breakdown. She has since returned briefly to offer Adrian advice in running the military.

Her abilities gave her an attack boost against enemy soldiers but less attack for her own soldiers. Her CO Power damaged low-cost enemy units with Deadly Gas. Her Super Power caused concentrated acid rain to fall and inflict 1-3 damage to all enemy units.

  • Confusion Fu: Her SCOP is a minor case. It has a chance of doing 1, 2 or 3HP of damage to enemy units. Most of the time it'll do 2 and averages at 2.1.
  • Deadly Gas: Her CO Power contains many forms of toxic gas as well as something to turn it purple.
  • Doppelgänger: While it's implied that everyone has one, Viola technically has three: her alternate universe self, Rosabella too due to being identical twins and by extension, Rosabella's alternate counterpart.
  • Embarrassing First Name: She was bullied because of her first name. Only a few people have ever been allowed to call her Juliet - only Thor, Procella and family members.
  • Evil Twin: Subverted - both her and her twin Rosabella could be considered evil, but for different reasons. Double Subverted on her return: she's still hardly nice, but she's not outright evil.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Due to the nature of her powers, she's immune to toxins and all units she controls or are allied to her are protected from her powers. Usually.
  • Theme Naming: Flowers, as with PanicAttack's other characters.
  • Theme Twin Naming: Viola and Rosabella's names and middle names are all Shakespearian.

    Yellow Comet 

Christopher "Caligari" Davidson

Caligari is a wandering fellow from Green Earth whose true loyalty is to science. He used to work for Research and Development in Orange Star but later joined Yellow Comet due to their focus on technological development. He is prone to mood swings, but generally jovial. He holds two phDs, in Physics and Medicine, and is a Professor of Physics.

He doesn't have any day-to-day abilities, but his powers let him reverse the effects of damage done to them.

  • For Science!: Caligari is loyal to nobody, just scientific progress.

Sae Sakurazaki

Sae was transferred from Macro Land at the request of Empress Kimura. She respects the words of both Ken and Empress Kimura as law, but will speak out if she feels that they're morally wrong. She is also a shrine attendant and devoted to her beliefs.

Sae's strength lies not in her own abilities, but denying her enemies their own. Her powers turn the CO Power system on its head, meaning that when she attacks, she can drain the enemy's power meter rather than fill it.

  • Power Nullifier: Her CO Powers reverse the charge of her opponent's powers. Her Super Power gains strength as the enemy's Power Meter empties.
  • Religion Is Right: Sae disputes claims that CO Powers come from genetics, instead claiming them to be blessings of the kami.

Katsumi Tomiko

Katsumi seems to alter between sociable and unapproachable depending on what she's doing. She enjoys tea far more than most other characters but can be a little bit impatient.

Katsumi's units can move further than other COs but can't get as many terrain stars.

Hanako Mori

Hanako is a prodigious scientist who works for Ken. She is knowledgeable in many matters including botany, human biology, military matters, history, art and aikido. She is creative and calm, yet fastidious. Because of this, she was made second-in-command of the Yellow Comet military, below only Ken himself.

Hanako used to work as a flower shop assistant at a place called Midori no Hana in her youth. She also worked for many civilian research companies before she joined the Yellow Comet military.

Units under her command have increased firepower on plains, forests and coral reefs, but less firepower on roads.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She might not dress like it in light clothing and bare feet, but she's a damn good military commander and scientist.
  • Career Versus Man: Averted - Hanako only shows any interest in starting a relationship with Ken. If they were to marry, Hanako would end up with both a husband AND a promotion, making this a non-issue.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She only wears shoes (specifically safety boots) while in her lab.
  • Granola Girl: Subverted - many people assume because she wears natural fabrics (aside from her labcoat), doesn't wear shoes and has plant-related abilities that she must be a hippie. This is despite her being a scientist and military leader.
  • Green Thumb: Hanako can manipulate plants and coral to benefit her units.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name basically translates as "flower child of the forest".
  • Meganekko: Hanako usually wears glasses except when she is experimenting, in which case she wears prescription safety goggles.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Noodles. Specifically, stamina udon, a noodle soup dish made from noodles with meat, vegetables and a self-poaching raw egg.

Aya Tsukino

An orphaned artist, Aya is an introverted person who thinks highly of her art but dismissive of works she was forced to create. She has some trouble when it comes to being sociable but is protective of those younger than herself.

Aya's units are weak, but unaffected by weather. Her Super Power allows her to attack at firepower equivalent to full HP, regardless of actual HP.

  • Creator Backlash: Mild In-Universe example. Aya looks down on her own work if she was forced to make it.
  • Meaningful Name: Depending on the kanji used, Aya can mean either "colour" or "design". She's an artist.
  • Parental Abandonment: First her parents were killed, then her older sister (who took on the role of legal guardian) stopped providing for her and her siblings.

Shino "Ryouta" Akiyama

Ryouta is a former visual kei rocker whose band failed to reach mainstream popularity. He was injured in a car accident and miraculously survived, apparently due to his then-dormant CO Powers. As such he joined the Yellow Comet military.

Ryouta's units take less damage from direct attack.

  • Shout-Out: His appearance was based on Reita, bassist of Japanese rock band the GazettE - right down to the noseband.

    Black Hole 


The only as-yet-unseen member of the Circle. His actions, goals and, well, anything about him are currently unknown.

Terrance "Eastwood" Farkas

Former field marshall of alt!Green Earth, now President of the alt!World. Whilst retired from the military, he always seems to find himself commanding armies or whatnot. He was placed in charge of maintaining relations with Cosmo Land. He decided to stand against the Circle's decision to attack Yellow Comet.

  • Backstory: Lead Green Earth to their eventual demise, all the while caring for his wife, Ironside, and their daughter Katie.

Eva "Ironside" Lorin

Former tsarina of alt!Blue Moon, now head of Science & Industry. Horrible injured in a bombing, she is confined to a life-supporting wheelchair. She is currently residing in Green Earth as Black Hole ambassador. She decided to stand against the Circle's decision to attack Yellow Comet.

  • Backstory: Once the forceful, warmongering Tsarina of Blue Moon, tempered by her daughter and a bomb.
  • Catchphrase: Well, two Catch Sounds really. "hhh" and "squeak".
  • I Was Quite the Looker: Before her wheelchairification, she was quite the looker.

Gregor "Stonewall" Gordrech

Former Emperor of alt!Yellow Comet, now nothing more than the Circle's errand boy. Deeply resentful of his past actions, but hesitant to rebel against Black Hole for fear of his own life. He was dragged along by Odin and Lash on their crusade to Yellow Comet.

  • Always Someone Better: His opinions and ideas are always sidelined or outright ignored. It doesn't help him sleep at night.
  • Backstory: Took over alt!Yellow Comet violently, then was forced to surrender two days later. Good job, idiot.



A rogue scientist who worked on bioweapon research submarine AB04. She created her own mooks called "biogeckos".


Nicole's daughter, who was left paralysed after a burglary. Ada was used as part of an experiment to streamline a CO's abilities to command. She was freed when Yellow Comet's COs came to AB04 and found out about the experiment.

  • Genius Cripple: She started high school at 12 and university at 15, before being paralysed.

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