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Adamant Ditto is a collaboration between thirteen close internet friends. They Let's Play a huge variety of games. There are many tropes about them, but this page is for member specific tropes. WORK IN PROGRESS

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     The Main 7 

She can do it in the air or on the ground.
Matt is one of the founding members of Adamant Ditto and has been gaming since the age of three. He’s a big fan of everything from Mario to Sonic to Twisted Metal. He handles a lot of the editing, uploading and technical stuff for the group and is always anxious to see where the road takes us. He also sometimes brings his beautiful wife, Carissa, along with him even though she doesn't like video games all that much. She is his future after all so better break her in somehow! Turn-ons include long walks on the beach and pancakes. Turn-offs include Yanma, Sonic Chronicles and Eggman Nega.

You see, it's funny because...oh no wait, it's not.
Ricky is a retired founding member of Adamant Ditto and has been drawing and gaming since before he can remember. He loves a good platformer, RPG, fighter, racer, or whatever. He drew up the wonderfully silly Adamant Ditto group art and used to write game reviews.

  • The Big Guy: In the Five-Man Band
  • Badass Beard
  • Childhood Friends: With Kyle and Viper.
  • Gasshole: A small running gag throughout Paper Mario: TTYD, he would burp and then blame it on everyone else. Hilarity Ensues when someone else burps.
    Jess: (burp) Excuse me.
    Ricky: Hey, that actually wasn't me...
    Josh: RICKY!!!
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Matt.
  • Passing the Torch: After playing Mega Man 1-7 and X, handed Don the reigns for Mega Man 8 and X2-4.
  • Shout-Out: One of his usernames is Epic Ricky.
  • Tongue Twister: Has a habit of making "Verbal Typos," as he calls them. To wit;
    "This boss is really easy, if you have the buttle- buttle? Buttle Shield."
    "And I just lost my rings on the emerald, anyway. Emerald? Penguin!"
    (re: Lt. Surge) "It'll be a big help against Zurg. Zurg? Wow."
    (re: Bit and Byte) "But you already bit Beat and Byte!"
    "Kyle humilimated... humiliated me..."
    " you explore this amoosement - amusement park..."
    "I mean, Hojo was trying to breed Red XIII with Eight Sith... Eight Sith?"
    " the only one who you can't somehow genurate... genurate?"
    "Yeah, but... that's a wordful! A mouthful..."
    "Yeah, the locket r... the locket raunched, man!"
    "Somebody is, like, turnin' the cam...non... back on... That's bad. The camnon? Please, nobody call me out on that one."
    "He destroyed Rount Mushroar!"

Don't you all look like nerds!
Kyle is a college grad and can’t get anyone to let him put his BA to good use. He grew up close enough to L.A. to say he grew up in L.A. and never owned a video game system until the Gamecube. He met Ricky in the 6th grade and everyone else online, though he had Matt over for Anime Expo ‘08. Today, he lives in Mississippi, his favorite movie is The Terminator and his favorite game is Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the Nintendo DS.

I need the chocolate. GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE!
Don is a troll yet he likes to be blunt and keep it real. His humor can be off-putting, but it’s all in good fun. Don isn’t the most articulate individual; his vernacular comprises of bombs, female canines, and human waste. Although Don wasn’t among the originators of Adamant Ditto, he has handled most of the technical and graphical aspects behind the scenes. Currently, Don is working on a degree in Computer Simulation and Game Development. Don has a wide variety of taste in video games and his favorites include Link’s Awakening DX, God Hand, and Catherine. His other hobbies include drawing, being a pirate, watching streams, and reading message boards. Plus, he fights for his friends.

While not a founding member of Adamant Ditto, Jess has been with the group for a long time and loves participating in the videos. She likes many types of video games, namely platformers, puzzles, and RPGs. Her first console was the SEGA Genesis and her favorite games are Ni GHTS Into Dreams, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Josh is not a founding member of Adamant Ditto. He enjoys a variety of games, which include RPGs, Platformers, Racers, Fighters, and Party Fighters. His favorite game of all Time is Final Fantasy IX, and he’ll always make you aware of it. He’s a pretty good spriter too, and very dedicated to his projects! Just look at his Pokemon Project! He’s been at it since 2006, and is actually pretty far along with it. His jokes are very hit-or-miss, but when he hits, he’s the funniest of us all!

Well, I'm the baddest son of a bitch who ever lived.
Phil is the [self-proclaimed] baddest son of a bitch that ever lived, but the only evidence he presents to support this theory are that he’s British and likes video games. Living across the ocean from the rest of the Adamant Ditto crew, he doesn’t show up all that often - but when he does, you can rest assured that things will be at least 20% more Kebab-y than usual.

     Guest Members 


Alright guys, something's missing. Where the fuck's Snoop Dogg?
Izzy is a workaholic, illustrator, and animator. She's always working on something. From Louisville Kentucky, but went to school and now lives in Indianapolis Indiana; she has a bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation. When she's not goofing off with the Adamant Ditto crew, she's probably animating something for a big YouTube channel.

Tim is a retired phantom of Adamant Ditto who appears once in a blue moon. His hobbies include the usual things of playing video games, drawing, and writing other various stuff. His favorite games are pretty much everything in the Mario and Kirby franchises to the point of obsession, the Pokemon franchise, Kid Icarus Uprising, and strangely Pac-Man 2 for SNES. Whenever he appears, expect him to be incomprehensible.

I'm a lying whore.
David lives in Florida/New York/Massachusetts/Along the US eastern seaboard. He collects old video games. His day job and writing sometimes keep him away from AD recordings for long spans. He mostly hung around to snark and quote people out of context, but eventually got to play a few games with the crew, himself.

some caption text
Carissa is Matt’s lovely wife who shows up from time to time and even plays some games with the group. Though not much of a gamer herself, she likes to be involved with things enjoys and he likely tries to get her involved more than she does. When it comes to games she does enjoy, she can likely kick your butt at Tetris and is also quite good at other puzzle games like Bejeweled and Puzzle Bobble. Her favorite game series of all time is The Sims and if that game could be beat, she probably would have done a LTTA of it already. She might be quiet in the videos but don’t let it fool you, when the topic switches to something she loves, like movies or Sims, she has a lot to say.

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Viper was around when Adamant Ditto was founded, but had a lot going on in her life and couldn't keep up with the awesome that was happening. As a California native, she went to high school with Ricky and Kyle, and later befriended everyone else via the wonderful world of Skype. Viper is the girly-est nerd on the planet, and has been gaming since she had a Sega Genesis in pre-school. Some of her favorite games include Paper Mario, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Xenosaga, and Minecraft. She also enjoys pretty princess ponies and long walks on the beach.


Formerly a member of Adamant Ditto, Don's ex.


Disco Omastar

After noticing the Omastar sprite in Pokémon Red and Blue (and all games after), Adamant Ditto made Disco Omastar a running gag.

Snoop Dogg

Every time Phil gets a star in Super Mario 64, he pulls up a little GIF of Snoop Dogg. This lead to the joke that Snoop was the 13th member of Adamant Ditto.


Don's daughter, often can be heard in the background of videos post-revival.

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