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    Main Characters 

Artus Callum

A young man and laborer from Nalan who landed in Galvez Prison merely because he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time, Artus lived most of his life simply, though Diaz's forces made his family's life increasingly difficult. Not wanting to be forced into a life more uncomfortable than what he already had, he escaped his hometown, in order to head to a more neutral province. While traveling on the road to Winness to isolate himself from the effects of Diaz' forces, Artus was unwittingly caught up in some rebel activity, which led to him being rounded up during the mass arrest that ensued.

Artus at first glance does not seem to be a typical hero. Chronically lazy and hungry, a gambler and a flirt, he prefers to let others do the dirty work most of the time, while he kicks back and relaxes. He is however, determined, generally positive and optimistic despite his work ethic. While many may underestimate or dismiss him because of his laid-back attitude and occassional obliviousness, Artus does possess much more strength and determination that most give him credit for, and should not be underestimated.

  • Big Eater: Enjoys food, to the point of complaining loudly when he's hungry.
  • Butt-Monkey: Usually on the receiving end of others' insults.
  • Cheapskate: Displayed when he loudly complained when all his other teammates purchased new gear (which unfortunately included some bogus magic items) to replace their old, battered gear.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He likes beautiful women, and knows how to flirt, but he's a good guy overall.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He might be seen as very lazy and always hungry, and is more likely to avoid difficulties. However when push comes to shove, he is not to be messed with in battle.
  • Light 'em Up: Also knows Light-element magic.
  • Mighty Glacier: The slowest in the party, but has very high survivability and strength. A cross between this and Stone Wall.
  • Shock and Awe
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Manly Man to Tim's Sensitive Guy.
  • The Gambler
  • Weapon of Choice: Longswords.

Kenna Keyes

The youngest daughter of a blacksmith family from Havnaar, Kenna once had a good life, with a loving father, a doting older brother and a prosperous business. While she and her family had to deal with her bitter older sister Ria, the war was something that generally did not affect her life as greatly as most, until a string of unfortunate events took place, with her mother's death and culminated with her brother Henriq's disappearance when she was nineteen. Journeying to Mare De Sol in order to confront her sister, she was unwittingly hexed by Ria into using her own spells, causing her to be arrested.

Caring, attractive and sensible, Kenna could be described as motherly. She doesn't hesitate to help others in her own way, and is generally a compassionate young woman. She is, however, strong-willed and not without a spine, never holding back in voicing out her opinions and standing up for herself when she feels the need to, despite having a reserved demeanor most of the time. While generally quiet and calm, she is, however, the scariest person to anger; one really would not want to cross paths with an angry Kenna.

Valmiro Eberhart (Val)

Born to wealthy parents in the dark city of Ostrheinsburg, Valmiro was a promising scholar at a young age, skilled and intelligent enough to enter the prestigious academy of dark magic, where he soon discovered his dark powers. Honing his magic to the point of exhaustion, his obsession with the dark arts made him rise in the ranks, and he became the youngest student to enter the elite branch of the academy where, despite his age, he flourished as he continued to dedicate himself to the dangerous craft. His time there, however, was cut short by Diaz' forces marching into the city. While the academy put up a fight, many students were taken hostage, one of them Valmiro, due in part to the effects of pushing himself too far.

Possessing both great intelligence and great skill, Valmiro is a Faustian character; proud, ambitious and driven by his thirst for power and control. He is one whose proclivities run deep, to the point of influencing his actions and choices, morality be damned. Stealthy, skilled at mind games and manipulative to a fault, he knows his way around things and doesn't hesitate in using others for his own gains, as long as it benefits him. Callous, calculating and cold, people's feelings mean little to him whenever he makes decisions.

Timothy Wolfe (Tim)

An intelligent, though shy, young man from the isolated Soluna Island, which was uninvolved with the war for the most part, Tim was born to a pair of mages and from a young age, was a target of bullying and had very few friends due to his timid nature. When he was ten, however, his magic manifested for the first time, ironically after he got bullied, which prompted his parents to take him out of school and place him under the tutelage of the best scholars they could find, in order for him to hone his magic. Particularly showing an aptitude towards healing and protective spells, he turned out to be a gifted mage and healer. Unfortunately, the peace at Soluna was not meant to last, and when Tim was eighteen, Diaz' forces swept the island, and took many of its citizens hostage - including Tim.

Due to his timid and quiet nature, Tim is apprehensive around people and would much rather keep to himself. Though painfully shy, Tim is a gentle soul who literally wouldn't hurt a fly, and has a special connection with animals because of it. He's idealistic, and has high standards of morality, which often causes conflict with more pragmatic people. He has a lot of pent up frustration due to his experiences being bullied, and is passive-aggressive because of it, particularly towards those he disagrees with. When pushed too far, Tim's personality takes a complete 180 and he explodes from his bottled-up anger, and could be very scary when this does happen. It takes patience and an open mind to really 'get' him, but his kindness really does extend towards people as well, and not just animals.

Rozalia Faustyna Górniak (Rose)

Beautiful Rose was never intended to be a warrior from the time she was born. Rather, she was unwisely sheltered by her impoverished parents, both rebels in war-torn Szmaragd. She of course, resented her parents for not allowing her to become like them. Iggy, a family friend, decided to take her with him, and unknown to the girl's parents, trained her to survive and hunt, something which she quickly took to. Rose grew up to be strong and confident, the life of action suiting her well. The one time she fell in love with Aidan, she thought he was everything, but he turned out to be a spy for Diaz. This unexpected betrayal led her to murder him in cold blood, and to her arrest.

Rose is daring, rough around the edges and aggressive, never hesitating to fight, with a tendency towards using brawn and violence to settle things. She can be described as coarse and crude, being one who swears a lot and does not care for manners. While brave, fearless and excellent in battle, she lacks in people skills. Independent to a fault and a consummate loner, she is cynical and mistrustful, and as a result, is hostile and rude towards others. She is, however, very loyal to those she trusts, and cares in her own gruff, rough-handed way.

    Former Members and Side Characters 

Tendrick Wilson


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