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There's already a simplistic version of this on the comic itself, available here.

Ammika Channing

Native to Comicia, and the creator of A PT Comic under the pen name PrincesTomboy, she's basically in charge with the help of a locket that gives her Reality Warping powers and Cat Girl looks.She's somewhere in the range of 14 to 19, thanks to intentional vagueness, and her birthday is April 18th. She also provides examples of these tropes;

Inferno the Hedgehog

From the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, he's capable of Playing with Fire with the help of a chest plate disk thingy. He's currently sixteen, his birthday is August 21st, and he also provides examples of these tropes;


From the universe of Sgt. Frog, she's a Deadpan Snarker more than she is anything else. A bit of a non-romantic Pretty Freeloader as she doesn't do much in the comic, she's currently about 20 but in Earth years she's considered only 11. Her birthday is March 9th, and she also provides examples of these tropes: