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Students from a school based out of the Versailles palace in France. A more exclusive school than others of its kind, their students are called 'Elites'.

Rowan Avalon

Elite Fencer
The Headmistress' Son
I must inform you that there is no such thing as a lowborn in this academy. We are known as Elites for a reason.

The Class rep. A somewhat arrogant young man in need of some wake-up calls.

Lucas Nyström

Elite Medical Researcher
The Spare

  • Hunk: Has rugged good looks.


Liam Nyström

Elite Cybersecurity Specialist
The Heir

Gabriel Qingjie

Elite Appraiser
The Masked Man

Isidore Corduroy

Elite Real Estate Baron
Empyrean CEO

An arrogant young British man who is already the CEO of his own company.


Maxwell Collins

Elite Bodyguard
Max-imum Security

Kurogane Ikeru

Elite Tech Mogul
The CEO of the Future

Henry Burns

Elite Ballroom Dancer
The Kind Dancer

A friendly young man who's light on his feet.

Killed during the dance.

Jack Hiromichi

Elite Host
The Extraverted Accommodater

Robert Cardinal

Elite Philanthropist
The Conglomerate Head

A young American man with a secret.

Rachel Justice

Elite Attorney
The Fair Sapphire
As long as you don't call me a bloodsucking lawyer or anything like that, I should be fine with any nickname.

The headstrong woman of the group, and one of the first to form.

Is struck on the head during the Gluttony motive.

Holland Wood

Elite Marketer
The Abstinent Amethyst

  • Asexual: Admitted as such during the Lust Motive.
  • Hunk: Is handsome.
  • Punny Name: It's based on 'Hollywood'.
  • Wingding Eyes: Stated as having stars in his eyes, presumably literally.

Andrew Wall

Elite Financier
The Shrewd Ruby

Morgan Fang

Elite Manager
The Spunky Emerald

Nero Archibald

Elite Renaissance Man
The Unwanted

He's been missing since the story started.

  • The Dragon: He seems to be unwillingly helping the game go on.

Maribelle Nevermind Peletier

Elite Duchess
Heir of Novoselic
Suffice it to say, you look like a coffee guy, and I don't like coffee.

A young Novoselician girl in line for the throne. Is somewhat arrogant in regards to the lower-class.

She is the accidental killer of the first case.

  • Arranged Marriage: What her mother wants for her. And set up with Rowan's mother, behind both their backs.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Seems like she'll be the co-protagonist alongside Rowan. Then she accidentally breaks Yasmine's skull.
  • Fatal Flaw: She can let her emotions get the better of her.
  • Marry for Love: What she wants for herself.
  • Pink Is Feminine: She predominantly wears pink clothes.
  • Shout-Out: Her design is intentionally based on a character from Fire Emblem.
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: She hit Yasmine over the head in a moment of anger, accidentally knocking her - fatally - into a counter head first.

Katalina Loera

Elite Heiress
The Lady in Blue

A Spanish girl.

Komori Matsuri

Elite Karakuri Crafter
The Shy Puppeteer

  • Blinding Bangs: As you can see in her artwork.
  • Gag Boobs: And this is after she'd gotten their size reduced.
  • Shipper on Deck: Is convinced the boys all have something going with each other.

Gwendolyn Murray

Elite Postmodern Artist
The Highland Lady

A Scottish girl with an outgoing personality.

Arabelle Meadows

Elite Private Chemist
The Dainty Belle

A rather overweight girl from America who has a tendency to drone on with irrelevant stories.

Elouise Ivy Hewman

Elite Seamstress
The Down Under Seamstress
There ain't a dress I can't make, piece of piss. Just gimme some cloth, scissors, and some good ol fashion duct tape! I can make heaps of old dresses better, you bet your aunt Sheila on that!

An Australian girl with an eye for clothes. Has a mouth on her.

  • Brutal Honesty: Makes her opinions clear when she needs to, as Valentina can attest.

Julie Sonfinal

Elite Hair Stylist

Primrose Sanson

Elite Coordinator

Valentina Cavinato

Elite Model
The Beautiful B

An attractive Italian girl. Cares about her figure, and has trouble playing nice with others.

Is the second culprit.

Yasmine Roijen

Elite Ambassador
The Peace Keeper

A Dutch girl who has heard rumors concerning Versailles Academy.

She is the first found dead.

  • The Alcoholic: Struggled with addiction, and the Killing Game caused her to backslide. Her room is found with several empty bottles.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Was romantically inclined towards Maxwell.

Marina Diamandis

Elite Doll Maker
The Plushy Trio

A young Grecian girl. Always accompanied by a large panda doll named Hercules that carries her around, and a small human doll named Hermes who speaks for her.


A giant panda doll who carries around Marina.


A tiny humanoid doll who serves as the voice for Marina.

Is found destroyed during the Gluttony motive.

  • Mouth of Sauron: A non-evil example, as Marina tends to speak through him before his destruction.

The Headmasters
Virtue and Sin

A duo of tiny creatures that curently run Versailles Academy. Might be run by the people controlling the game.


The Cardinal Pegasus of Virtue

You need only to abstain from sin to reach salvation from this school.

A seemingly-kind white pegasus. She represents the Virtue motives.

  • Knight Templar: Is unflinching about punishing 'sinners', cruelly if need be, even if the person in question only killed by accident due to a misunderstanding.
  • Lack of Empathy: Feels none whatsoever for the murderers, regardless of what the context or circumstances may be.
  • Pure Is Not Good: Is committed to the letter of the law over the spirit of it.
  • Token Good Teammate: The allegedly good half of the two headmasters. Not so much, actually.


The Saint Lion of Sin

Temptation is too much for most, and you all are some of the worst.

A rude golden lion. He represents the Sin motives.

  • Reluctant Psycho: For all his talk, he seems reluctant to put the killers through their (rather grotesque) punishments. Beatrice couldn't care less.
  • Verbal Tic: Ra ra!

Cerise Avalon
The Queen of the Castle

The Headmistress of the Academy, and Rowan's mother.

Seems to be the Mastermind of the Killing Game, and probably the one controlling Beatrice.

  • Education Mama: pushed Rowan to pursue his natural talent at fencing rather than his dream at piano.

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