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Sprites for the full cast, credit to LckiKoin.

Students who were being scouted as potential members of Hope's Peak Class 81 before the Tragedy. Captured by the Despairs for a killing game located in a desert somewhere. Has 42 members, split amongst three tribes traveling to the Oasis.

  • Early-Bird Cameo: Kogo is the first member of the group to be revealed in-universe, during House of Horrors. Several others (all from Fenrir) get mentioned in a flashback in the final Sea of Tranquility chapter. Daisuke also mentions his sister Erika at several points.

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     Ouroboros Tribe
The Town Exiles.

A group of fourteen that awoke in an abandoned old west town.

Clint Wayne

Ultimate Mercenary

Ignacio Murillo

Ultimate Informant

A forty year old man who is amongst the Ouroboros group.

Jaqueline Mcbride

Ultimate Cowgirl

Daniel Todd Morton

Ultimate Coroner

A man from Los Angeles who has an affectionate love for lollipops.

Joel Sanders

Ultimate Musical Star

A well known musician who is older than he looks.

  • Older Than They Look: Despite looking like a 10-year old, he's actually 17. The reason for his younger look was that his mother put hormone blockers in his food in order to make him stop growing.

Sachiko Chigusa

Ultimate General

Cyrus III King of Thracia

Ultimate King

The young ruler of the Kingdom of Thracia.

  • Berserk Button: Bringing up his father, who was apparently a murderous tyrant.

Viviana Saavedra

Ultimate Android

A young, apparently artificial, woman.

Sasami Sasamori

Ultimate Butcher

A young an very unbalanced woman.

Josan Boros Goetia

Ultimate Tattoo Artist

Selected as leader of Ouroboros Tribe.

Toshi Akiya

Ultimate Drag Racer

Eaten by a Giant Worm while trekking to Oasis.

Cynthia Kamao

Ultimate Muay Thai Master

Tanzo Burckhard

Ultimate Military Tactician

Immanuel Bentham

Ultimate Moral Philosopher

A peace keeper.

Killed in a confrontation with the remainders of Ra Tribe shortly before reaching Oasis.


     Sphinx Tribe
The Escaped Prisoners.

A group of thirteen people that escaped from an underground prison.

Elena Jacobs

Ultimate Treasure Hunter

Hashim Ghazan

Ultimate Archaeologist

A young man who, to his own surprise, is made leader of Sphinx Tribe.

Natalya Chemovsky

Ultimate Nuclear Physicist

An eleven-year old Russian girl.

Madoka Abe

Ultimate Barista

An optimistic girl, despite the circumstances.

Kogo Rukki

Ultimate Charm

A young girl with an effect on the luck of those around her.

Marcello Mancini

Ultimate Debater

Nerai Watanabe

Ultimate Sniper

A former member of Fenrir.

Asan Sangkroh

Ultimate EMT

Lucille Chamber

Ultimate Pirate

Killed by a mummified Korekiyo shortly before reaching Oasis.

Ayumu Fujioka

Ultimate Plush Toy Maker

Rika Takahashi

Ultimate Smuggler

Shoma Shizuka

Ultimate Weapon Analyst

Jamila El Sayed, 'The Maiden of Ra'

Ultimate Fire Dancer

     Bennu Tribe
The Crash Survivors.

A group of fifteen that woke up amongst assorted destroyed airplanes.

Gaikoku Hito

Ultimate Samurai

A young man who seems to dislike Ultimates for some reason.

  • The Mole: Revealed very early on to secretly be following orders from Junko Enoshima.

Erika Marie Del Rio

Ultimate Dog Whisperer

Daisuke's younger sister. Traveling with her pet dog.


Erika's dog. Capable of speech.

Archer Davis

Ultimate Pinkerton Agent

Stephanie Kim

Ultimate Cosmetologist (actually Ultimate Mob Boss)

Shinzo Tojo

Ultimate Politician

Found dead shortly reaching Oasis.

Kasumi Kamukura

Ultimate Historian

Freyja Dahlstrom

Ultimate Meteorologist (actually Ultimate Conspiracy Theorist)

A thirteen year old girl with her head in the clouds.

Hollie Eisenberg

Ultimate Acupuncturist

Bridgette Clancy

Ultimate Cheerleader

Sophia Snow

Ultimate Librarian

Gura Kabehiku

Ultimate Traceur

Eleanor Scott (Stella Stevens)

Ultimate Bounty Hunter (Ultimate Criminal)

Killed fighting Stephanie the night before reaching Oasis.

Hyunjin Chung

Ultimate K-Pop Idol

Kokoro Sasaki

Ultimate Hypnotherapist

Found dead shortly before reaching Oasis.

  • Never Suicide: Everyone assumes that she killed herself. The angle of the stab suggests otherwise.

Masahiko Hamano

Ultimate Bonsai Artist

The Loners

A group of scattered one-off people, all on their own.

Adohira Sasamori

Ultimate Marionettist

A survivor of Junko's Train Game. Currently wandering the desert with his marionette Akazukin.


Adohira's living puppet.

Naoki Watanabe

Ultimate Archer

Nerai Watanabe's grandfather. A century-old man traveling with a dog.

  • Cool Old Guy: At the age of 104, he still managed to retain his bodybuilder-like physique and his talent suggest that he's exceptionally skilled with a crossbow.


Ultimate K-9

Another dog.

Rise Kawakami

Ultimate Baker

A perky young girl. Was part of Set Tribe.


Ultimate Field Medic/Veterinarian

A clone of Alice Bailey that somehow escaped Hora Island's first killing game.

     Ra Tribe 

A group that awoke on a minefield. After various mishaps and attacks, only a few of them are still alive.

Jason Mote

Ultimate Rifleman

An aggressive boy unwilling to trust others.

Presumably killed in the confrontation with Ouroboros Tribe.

Zoey Bernard

Ultimate Ringmaster

A busty french girl.

Shot by Jason in the confrontation with Ouroboros Tribe. Likely bled to death.

Michael Litoriss

A black haired boy in a flight suit.


'Ultimate Sommelier

A blonde girl.


A timid young man.


A deceased member of the tribe. Killed by a psychotic girl.


Died in land mines, quicksand, and other 'mishaps'.


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