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Daichi Nakamura

Super High School Level Luck/Super High School Level ???

A typical, run-of-the-mill teenage boy, who was randomly picked from all of the normal students in Japan to attend Hope's Peak Academy. In reality, he was only chosen to be sent to the school because his father was the original headmaster, Jin Kirigiri, in the hopes that due to his gene pool, Daichi would end up having a great talent.



Hikaru Fujiowa

Super High School Level Cheerleader/Super High School Level Hope

An optimistic, extremely peppy, imaginative cheerleader. In reality, he uses his over-enthusiasm to mask the fact that he has no real happiness of his own left.


Katsuko Himura

Super High School Level Drug Dealer

A small, cute-looking girl that's the heiress to Japan's largest cartel empire. She wishes to become her own person and pursue a career in music, however, but has been repeatedly denied permission to do so by her father and her grandfather.


Haruka Hayashi

Super High School Level Astronomer

An aloof, distant girl that tends to keep to herself.


Yamato Miki

Super High School Level Quarterback

A star quarterback that tries to woo the girls around him almost constantly.


  • Entitled to Have You: Gets a bit cranky whenever none of the girls wish to claim they are dating him.
  • Transgender: Born male, but has the mind of a female.

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