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Characters / A Dark Room

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Warning! This page is chock-full of unmarked spoilers!

  • Animals Hate Him: Every single animal you encounter attacks you.
  • Back from the Dead / Death Is Cheap: If you die on the Dusty Trail, you lose all of your items and are revived in the village. On the web version, it's left ambiguous as to how you wake up back there, but in the iOS version, it's implied that Builder used her locket to save you.
  • Drunk with Power: At one point in the game, you start referring to the villagers as slaves. This never changes back and your attitude towards them (and their attitude towards you) changes accordingly. This ends up driving Builder to disappear after you force her to build the armory.
  • Heroic Mime
  • Villain Protagonist: You're one of the aliens that destroyed the planet.
    • Not to mention that you end up enslaving your village.
A female Wanderer who is the deuteragonist of A Dark Room and a minor character in The Ensign.
  • Disney Death: In the iOS version, if you get the compass and don't build any huts, she will have a seizure and presumably die, granting you her locket and some jewels which can be used to talk to the Admiral/the Old Wanderer. She gets better eventually, though, but is still out of commission for the rest of the game while she recovers.
  • Does Not Like Guns: The player character has to force her to build the armory, and after she does that she disappears.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": She is only ever referred to as Builder.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Of a sort. She wants to leave behind the Wanderers' violent, world-destroying history and live peacefully, and she even screams when the player brings back the spaceship.
  • Magical Accessory: Her locket, which she uses to save the player when they die exploring and glows when the player is near alien alloy.

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