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Character Development Thread / Titanic

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Character Titanic is a Character Development Thread where we have Titanic's maiden voyage. Unlike previous character threads, Titanic has no fantastical elements, with only Muggle characters or alternate Mugglified characters. Soon the unsinkable ship will meet an iceberg.

Drama ensues.

A Synopsis/Recap:

In April 1912, Southampton, our characters board the ship amongst the crowd waving farewell. The ship has narrowly evaded a disaster with the SS City of New York on its way to Cherbourg.


  • Sophia Noé (QQQQQ): A wandering Bohemian with her light luggage, seeking hope aboard the Titanic ship and the far-off destination of America. — Second Class.
  • Adrian Kunstler (Crystal Glacia): A wealthy aristocrat and owner of his family's crystal and glass company, he is vacationing with his beloved family. All three of them are in First Class.
    • Sophia Rosenfeld Kunstler: Adrian's former maid, she has finally found acceptance and happiness with him, despite her infertility.
    • Marla Kunstler: Six-year-old adopted daughter of the Kunstlers, she has a sunny outlook on life alongside her cuddly stuffed seal, Erin.
  • Edmund Clark (Killer Clowns): A gigantic, ambitious, eccentric American entrepreneur, who rose from humble beginnings to become head of the largest provider of farm chemicals west of the Mississippi. Traveling in First Class.
  • Alexia Knight (Chihuahua0): A sixteen-year girl who is going to America to stay a new life with her father. In first-class.
  • Nafuna Grey (Lasty): A young Scottish woman going to America in search of opportunity. In second-class.
  • Jesse Calthrope (Away Laughing): The son of a wealthy English family, hoping to make a name apart from his family name in America.
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  • Jacob/Thomas Byles (KSPAM): A cynic traveling under a false identity.
  • Andrew Steele (honorius): An American journalist, the son of a poor rancher. Not quite used to traveling in first class, but he certainly likes it.
  • Kyle Williams (nrjxll): (First Class) A lieutenant in the United States Navy, returning from leave in Britain.
  • Karl Miller (Morgulion):: A German con/vagrant residing in Britain, who's looking for less infamy and more people in America. 3rd class.
  • Flinn (Loni Jay): A sailor traveling in third class.
  • William Ritter (Snow Fox Of Death): A German-British jack-of-all-trades (but primarily a piano player) in second class with too many dead people on his mind.
  • Gabriel Rockwell (GIG): The heiress to a weapons manufacture in second class, sent to America after her father's death.


  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: After Morgulion dropped out, Karl Miller simply vanished without a trace. The idea was tossed about that he had thrown himself overboard, but this scene was never actually written in.
  • No Ending: Unfortunately, the thread petered out before long, well before the inevitable sinking.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with Sophia Noe and Sophia Rosenfeld Kunstler.

Special Guidelines:

  • Ordinary muggle characters only for the historical voyage. If you wish to have people like Vince or Quon aboard, I suggest you may retool them as necessary, such that their backgrounds can fit into the 1910s setting. Essentially, you keep their personalities while they have to face the hard ground like everyone else. Drop the reincarnations and chakra and paper-manipulating abilities. This is to focus on the characterization, relationships and drama - the forefront staple of any story.
    • Let us also discourage bringing exotic dangerous items aboard. They have customs. Perhaps they would allow a pistol or a revolver if you have the license.
  • Pacing becomes the issue at the forefront in an ambitious thread such as this. How shall we handle how smooth the moments go? I know we have some tropers who can't be here for the entirety of our summer - and I do not wish for us to carry on pointless ondoings, filler things which contribute nothing to the story, gosh can we get on with it already?
    • I imagine that recalling works with loads of characters will serve as our inspiration. With ensemble casts, they have groupings into dynamics. (I suppose you can have a look at Ensembles trope list for an idea where I'm getting at.) Each group can follow their own storyline, whether it be casino gambling or dance floor frolicking. Each group storyline will interweave with (bump into) other groups, often assisting or conflicting with each other. And to assist with which group we are following/belong to, we colour cast our first sentence in posts as easy reminder. We must keep track of many characters and absorb a lot of information, and we need not have to figure out which sub-story we are in.
    • Perhaps there will be a lone ranger or two, following his/her path. In which case, I suggest you also contribute to the overall story of Titanic - such as opening the gates on the other side for another, seduce another character, etc. And either way, we keep it such that we maintain our sense of momentum in the story. We're all in this together.

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