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About Sojomi Resort

Kevin, a mysterious multidimensional millionaire, has opened a new interdimensional resort, and invited guests from across the multiverse to visit.

See the intro post for a more detailed description.

Also see the map of the resort here.

Additionally, everyone entering the bar area is automatically greeted by Miki.


  • No fighting, with the possible exception of in the simulator rooms in the basement.
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  • Assume your characters have been automagically served and greeted unless otherwise said.
  • Within reason, drinks and short stays are on the house during this promotional period.
  • No banjo music.

Resort Characters (NPC)

  • Kevin: Proprietor of the Resort.
  • Melissa: Manager of the Resort, usually stays out of the way, keeping everything running smoothly.
  • Brian: Bartender/butler, serves drinks at the bar, beach bar, and rents equipment/watersports at the two huts. Simultaneously.
  • AI maids of various appearance/personality to help out guests, deliver drinks, enforce order, etc.
    • Miki (Maid #12) Greets newcomers, is wearing a standard uniform with dark blue hair.


Troper Characters

  • Amaya (Animemetalhead) An amateur mage wandering the world in search of clues for her mother. Secretly has a crush on her childhood friend, Yuki.
  • Yuki Hara (Animemetalhead) A martial artist escorting her friend Amaya, and fiercly protective of her. Capable of channeling her ki and skilled in the use of a sword, she has some difficulty adjusting to "vacation mode."
  • Dante (draconiansuperior) A human turned Humanoid Abomination with electrical powers
  • Nyarlathotep (draconiansuperior) Yes, that Nyarlathotep, except complete and utterly exhausted.
  • Lilith (draconiansuperior) A succubus who has little inhibitions and lot of libido.
  • Xander (draconiansuperior) A seventeen year old Type V Anti-Hero who smokes and is currently on the search for an Ancient Artifact which he believes is among a mass of pigeons.
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  • Richard Evans (draconiansuperior) The leader of a trio of investigators alongside Michael and Dante.
  • Michael Spencer (draconiansuperior) The liaison of a trio of investigators alongside Richard and Dante.
  • Dante Underwood (draconiansuperior) The tech expert of a trio of investigators along side Michael and Richard.
  • Christine (Dvdmacyoshi) An overly enthusiastic, Cloudcookoolander former thief. Constantly smiling and friendly, is one to celebrate over the smallest of things.
  • Virgil (Dvdmacyoshi) An Immortal, crazed, former serial killer with Amnesia. Has a hate of humanity, and most things in general, and constantly carries around a silver briefcase.
  • Peter (Dvdmacyoshi) A Deadpan Snarker who, despite being a logical physics expert, is a mage.
  • The Prince Of Immortals (Dvdmacyoshi) A rich, noble and completely snobbish member of an immortal race.
  • Ace (gameknight102xx) A powerful crime lord and god wanting a vacation before going back to work. Affable and friendly, although can be scathingly sarcastic. He doesn't see people's bodies, but rather is able to see their souls. Has a cross pendant that detects others when he is asleep.
  • Rachel Hosseini (Killer Clowns) A former actuary cursed to be a Weirdness Magnet, glad that the current dose of weird is harmless.
  • Samira Hosseini (Killer Clowns) An activist with an unbending moral code, an iron will, a brutally scarred face, and an inability to notice her daughter isn't actually dating Asayu.
  • Kokabiel (Killer Clowns) A collector of damned souls who takes the form of a vulture, with a deep interest in humanity's eccentricities.
  • Asayu ul'Valmoth (Killer Clowns) A woman with few taboos, a deep interest in getting to know others better (in the Biblical sense), and occasional flashes of a deadly edge.
  • Avea tel'Malo (Killer Clowns) Asayu's far more reasonable niece, who is only beginning to understand American culture.
  • Julia O'Malley (Killer Clowns) Avea's friend, a teenage girl from small town Minnesota dragged into Alosian politics for reasons she'd rather not talk about.
  • Sigmund Clark (Killer Clowns) A massive, Manly Gay executive who skirts the line between corrupt and honest.
  • Ryan Davidson (Kyle Jacobs) A former arms dealer who ended up in here from the Cantina. Slept with Asayu and left for a while. He eventually came back after several months in his world that he spent hunting...
  • Seth Williams (Kyle Jacobs) A CIA operative from the same universe as Ryan. The two hate one another.
  • Qrlil (nrjxll) A qrtxian ambassador who is currently suffering something of a crisis of faith, and is taking a break from her duties as a result.
  • Havlak (nrjxll) A priest of an alien species known as the gluvpaki.
  • Alex (nrjxll) A would-be Dimension Lord on vacation.
  • Lt. Cmdr. John Harrison (Sonzai) Terran officer in the UAN, from the year 2174. Intro/Description
  • Vice Imperator P'jwakh (Sonzai) Hxaon officer, traveling with Harrison, is around 7 feet tall, and looks rather like a four-armed upright komodo dragon, without the tail, with armor and a lot of guns. Intro/Description
  • Ivin (Sonzai) Vencaran ambassador(?), also traveling with Harrison, is an exoskeleton-based four-foot-tall giant-chicken-proportioned alien of unknown favorite color. Intro/Description
  • Kurako, Shiko (Sonzai) Anthropomorphic personifications of concepts who are here to learn about other universes, and eventually create their own. Intro/Description
  • Riko, Nanami (Sonzai) College students studying physics and art, respectively. Intro/Description
  • Sakuko (Sonzai) Ghost girl partygoer, who works for an Afterlife Tech Support agency in the near future. Intro/Description
  • Shinako (Sonzai) Fox-like shape-shifting woman, who apparently likes having fun, with few inhibitions. Intro/Description
  • Urahiro (Sonzai) Another Fox-like shape-shifting man, friend of Shinako. Intro/Description
  • Baster (Sonzai) Miniature magical rabbit. Can perform tricks himself, or link with someone else to allow them to do the same. Intro/Description
  • Theodore (Sonzai) Kevin's grandfather. Here to visit and snark about things. Intro/Description
  • Nadezhda (Sonzai) Empress of Earth, and rather overpowered teleporter. Intro/Description
  • Vincent Sunyo (Tera Chimera) An anthropomorphic dragon-like creature called a chimera, theoretical scientist, and studier of magic. Here to study interuniversal effects on bodies.
  • Katshal Berend (Tera Chimera) Vincent's colleague. He carries around a camera to film everything, for lasting evidence.
  • Xavier Sunyo (Tera Chimera) Vincent's twin brother. An arcanoarchaeologist and teacher at Whitefish University.
  • Matthew Streika (Nick The Swing) A kind young man. A Magic Knight searching for magical artifacts.
  • Kali (KSPAM) An extremely loose and wild hedonist with a rather severe alcohol problem who may or may not take a good a deal after her namesake
  • Lucas (Piearty) A sleep-deprived teenager with telepathy that mostly compensates for his being deaf. He realizes he's too curious for his own good but that doesn't usually stop him. When he's not asking questions he'd rather be left alone.
  • Null (Collen) An asexual young magician from a planet almost completely covered in water. Tends to be over-dramatic, especially when it comes to discussing things related to the universe.
  • Lyra McPherson (AXavierB) A bubbly spiritualist who dabbles in various aspects of the occult. Though she isn't particularly powerful, she possesses unique spiritual properties.
  • Russell Harper (AXavierB) Lyra's best friend and roommate. He's something of an everyman and finds Lyra's eccentric habits greatly amusing.
  • The Retriever (Stormthorn) Also known as Lucy or Belle Dame she is a Transhuman cyborg from a gritty near-future world. Out of her element in a place where violence isnt an answer.

Setting Public Domain Dedication

  • I, Sonzai the original author of the Sojomi Resort Setting, hereby dedicate the setting and story idea of the Sojomi Resort, the NPCs of Kevin, Melissa, Brian, and the Maids, and the Sojomi Resort Map to the public domain, by the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Note that this does NOT apply to any other of Sonzai's characters, including Theodore. This also does NOT apply to any other Tropers' characters or contributions.



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