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Character Development Thread / Mountain Resort

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About Ngadi Mountain Resort

Santi, a weather goddess, has opened a new interdimensional mountain resort, and invited guests from across the multiverse to visit.

See the intro post for a more detailed description.

Also see the map of the resort here.


  • No fighting, with the possible exception of in the fantasy rooms in the basement.
  • Assume your characters have been automagically served and greeted unless otherwise said.
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  • Within reason, drinks and short stays are on the house.
  • No yodeling without a permit.

Resort Staff Characters

  • Santi: Proprietor of the Mountain Resort.
  • Mark: Bartender, serves drinks at the bar.
  • Takumi: Activities specialist, will assist guests with equipment rental, ski lessons, etc. (Female version)
  • Fairies of various appearance/personality to help out guests, deliver drinks, enforce order, etc. (Mostly NPC)


Troper Characters

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     Active Characters 
  • Hoshi Tanaka (Blackfire667): A fun-loving, upbeat twenty-something girl who just happens to also be a genetically engineered, cybernetically-enhanced super-soldier.
  • David (Electronic-tragedy): An American business man working as an advisor under a CEO of a neutral weapons company. Decided to take his girlfriend, Mariana, on a break.
  • Mariana (Electronic-tragedy): An African American woman who worked in the weapons factory that David also works at. Reluctantly went with David on a short retreat.
  • Dr. Isaac Rose (Killer Clowns): A brilliant, cynical scientist and Self-Made Man from near-future America. One of the three co-owners of the dreaded Western Amalgamated. Sent by his friends to work on dealing with people outside his normal circles.
  • Izeri (Killer Clowns): An artist from Republic City, on vacation with her girlfriend Qal.
  • Qal (Killer Clowns): A cop from Republic City, loyal to the spirit of the law if not always the exact letter, on vacation with her girlfriend Izeri.
  • Ulf Marten (Slysheen): A Finnish War Veteran, looking for a good time in the snow.
  • Katya Oborin (Slysheen): An ex Red Army Sniper, "encouraged" to take a vacation by her employer.
  • Zachary Jackson and Kyle Adams (TroPartner): Two best friends from Sergeant Middle School. They're spending some of Christmas Break at the Resort.
  • Lara and Rick (TroPartner): A girl and her mentor. Ask Rick, and he'll say they're both on holiday, though Lara might say something a little different...
  • Teri (Wolf1066): A young woman of African descent, born and raised in London's East End.
  • Kris (Wolf1066): A young woman from New Zealand with an unusually pale left arm.
  • "Wolfe" (Wolf1066): A not-so-young man from New Zealand
  • Gwion (Wolf1066): Street-savvy cyborg of "no fixed abode" and "no fixed occupation" - taking a holiday from his last holiday.

     Inactive Characters 




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