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Due to popular demand, two threads are being run in July: Character Titanic, and Character Cantina. The former is more organized, with a controlled plot and a better focus on personality. This thread is more causal, like how Garden started out, with less focus on plot, and with a focus on character interaction sans fighting.

A Synopsis/Recap:

The day begins with Cathy and her staff opening up in a new multi-verse.

Troper Characters:

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     Cantina I 
  • Keaira (Animemetalhead): A centuries old vampire who also happens to be a powerful Mage. She's on vacation after a surprise defeat.
  • Friendship (Bobby G): A fairy from another world.
  • Vinicio Acquati (Crystal Glacia): A three thousand-year-old immortal Physical God who just feels... wrong. He recently had his house glassed into another dimension, and is quite unhappy about it.
  • Selene Neilson (Crystal Glacia): A magically-in-tune alien courier who is currently taking the form of a White-Haired Pretty Girl.
  • Malcolm Varris Wesley (Gault): A mercenary and former conscript of the Tech faction in a large-scale Tech vs. Mage war. He's seen some shit.
  • Drew McKinley (Infinite Paragon): A isolative yet friendly hooded figure with some major demons trailing behind him.
  • Hashinau Greyscale (Lasty): Saxophone-playing demon, frequent victim of attempts to be summoned to legitimate establishments to provide entertainment.
  • E-602494/Esix (Lasty): Synthetic cat owned by Hashinau's sister, currently being used as a convenient synthesizer and fill-in for missing band members.
  • Flinn (Loni Jay): A very short and clearly non-human soldier.
  • Qrlil (nrjxll): A qrtxian (grey with some reptilian characteristics) who believes she is in a simulation designed to practice interacting with other species.
  • William Ritter (Snow Fox Of Death): Kind of a loner, who likes getting drunk.
  • Arane (Snow Fox Of Death): A pint-sized and irritable priestess.
  • Ventin H. Moreson (Sonzai): Universe-jumping adventurer, 51 cm (20 inches) tall. Is looking for a good place to rest, and possibly share a story or conversation if anyone is so inclined.
  • Megan (Sonzai): Ghost-energy programmer geek girl, works with Sakuko. Intro/Description
  • Sakuko (Sonzai): Mysterious ghost-like girl partygoer. Intro/Description
  • Vincent Sunyo (Tera Chimera): A humanoid dragon scientist studying teleportation.

     Cantina II 
  • Kiora Hyuuga Haruno (Animemetalhead): A ninja who is currently trapped in pony form. She's not exactly thrilled about it.
  • Kohana (Animemetalhead): Kiora's companion and/or master. Likes to give people challenges to overcome. Appreciates classic rock.
  • Finn Walker (Chihuahua0): A fifteen-year-old psychic with social confidence.
  • Malcolm Varris Wesley (Gault): The same mercenary from before, only slightly older and more experienced.
  • Saliha (Gault): A slight lizardfolk girl from the same world as Wesley. She was being hunted for some undisclosed reason.
  • Avea (Killer Clowns): An apprentice glassmaker eager to meet new people and try new things.
  • Kokabiel (Killer Clowns): A collector of souls, with an interest in the nature of magic.
  • Sigmund (Killer Clowns): A wealthy, powerful, and physically massive businessman with an equally massive presence and many, many regrets.
  • Tamiel (Killer Clowns): A corrupter of souls, and all around unpleasant being.
  • Ryan Davidson (Kyle Jacobs): A largely benevolent arms dealer with a grudge against an unnamed member of a dystopian regime. Somehow ended up in the Cantina instead of a prison cell after three weeks of torture.
  • Dr. Steven Phan 2 (nrjxll): A rehabilitated mad scientist who arrived following an accident during an attempt to create an interdimensional portal. He is a clone of the original Steven Phan (one of his home canon's protagonists).
  • Tokanae, Koiina, and Shiko (Sonzai): Anthropomorphic personifications of concepts who are here to learn about other universes, and eventually create their own. Intro/Description
  • Xavier Sunyo (Tera Chimera): Vincent's twin and an arcanoarchaeologist roped into testing inter-universal effects on bodies by Vincent.
  • Vincent Sunyo (Tropers/Tera Chimera): Same scientist from last time, coming in after Xavier left and didn't want to return.
  • Jonathan Sandusky (Tera Chimera): A vigilante opposing the demon controlling his government.


  • Cathy: The enigmatic proprietor of the Cosmic Cantina. A bit eccentric, but she serves it up good.
  • Brent: The snarky and reluctant barkeep.
  • Carl: The hyperactive and enthusiastic cook.
  • Stephanie: The chipper and caring housekeeper.



  • Fridge Horror: On one occasion, one character asked for a soul to eat... and they actually had a jar of screaming souls in the back. Sorta makes you wonder how they got there...
  • Inn Between the Worlds
  • No Ending: The thread petered out following the launch of the Character Heist.
  • No-Sell: Attacking the staff won't work.
  • Numbered Sequel: Cantina II was announced on the discussion board to be released soon.
  • Values Dissonance: William and Borghild have an argument on magic and gender.


Special Guidelines:

  1. The OP (Chihuahua0) has a set of characters. Cathy (the owner), Brent (the bartender), Carl (the cook) and Stephanie (the housekeeper). While the former is controllable by only one person, other players can direct the other three for the sake of roleplaying, since they are considered NPCs.
  2. No fighting. Cathy, the owner of the Cantina, has a set of rules that she can enforce. She has the ability to easily fling someone to the other side of the room, or even reject the person from the Cantina. If it's not Cathy, it's either Brent with the laser shotgun or Carl and Stephanie with their powers.
  3. See the rooms on the second floor? Use them, but don't dwell in them too long.
  4. Don’t try to put in Continuity Creep. Although the Cantina has many rooms, most of them are closed for the entirety of this thread. Use what limited resources you have to create compelling conflict.
  5. Once things slow down, the end game will be started by the OP (Chihuahua0) in a similar fashion than Carnival. However, destruction will not be involved, only mayhem.

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