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The Adventure-Friendly setting is the twenty-eighth installment of the main-series Character Development Threads. It is not specifically based around any particular genre and is open to characters from any type of story.

As the name suggests, it's set in an unnamed area that is a mixture of several terrain types filled with old ruins, caves, dungeons, temples and other staples of the Adventuring genres.


"The Apocalypse" happened - some time ago, at least a Class 1 and no more than Class 2 - leaving a ruined and ravaged landscape littered with the remnants of ancient technologies and magic. In the midst of the destruction, people are starting anew. A town has grown in the midst of the chaos and destruction - a symbol of hope and prosperity.

Characters can choose to operate from the town at the "hub" or to set out on their own.

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Current Day and Time

Day 1, 5pm

Current Weather

  • General Setting: Fine, a few light clouds
  • Rainforest: Moderately misty, the fog is slowly thickening.


Please feel free to put in links to posts containing initial descriptions of locations - and if you "break anything" (e.g. your character's tank inadvertently blows a hole big enough to take a school bus in the side of a temple) please update the appropriate description and provide a link to the relevant post.

It would be handy if the descriptions herein were up-to-date indications of the state of the locations...

     The Hub Town 
The town is an oasis of new life and hope amid the ravaged landscape, where magic, technology and nature come together in synergy. Solar and wind power, renewable magic(k)s and a "green eco-friendly" ethos.
  • Town Square: More circular than square but "Town Circle" sounds weird. There are trees and lawns and there's a notice board in the centre.
  • Hotel:
  • Solstice Café: On the edge of the circular square, near the hotel and visible from the parking lot. Standard breakfast fare, really creative with what they can do with eggs, amazing coffee.
  • The Purple Fez Tavern: First building counter-clockwise from the West Gate road. Marked with a retro-futuristic neon sign.
  • Restaurant: Next to the hotel on the edge of the square.
  • Crater: Wain Fallwen crashed his spaceship on the edge of town square next to the hotel and restaurant.

    Web of Friendship Scouter Hummingbird 
A Magitek spaceship in geosynchronous orbit above the town, piloted by Arilay. Please note that Arilay regards this ship as an extension of her body, and as such, it is bad form to enter the body of a Spaceship Girl without permission.
  • Transporter Room: This room is built on a basic rectangle. One short end is entirely taken up by the teleporter (large enough to comfortably fit an elephant on it), which is slightly separated from the rest of the room by an armored half-wall just big enough for three people to duck and cover behind. The half-wall has a computer terminal embedded into it and joins one long side of the transporter room, which is dominated by an arranged row of spheroid dropships up to the point where the half-wall attaches. The other long side has a quarantine airlock directly to Sick Bay situated between the teleporter pad and an entrance into the corridors leading to the rest of the ship. The wall section between the airlock and the corridor looks like the corridor walls — the wall is rough and knobbly like an exercise climbing wall and there's a dead-end pipe with an airlock into the aquatic express lane. The last short wall of the room has a large garage-like door next to a series of smaller crawl-space-sized access panels, all of which lead to a small storage room. Two mechanical tentacle-arms have free roam of the ceiling and can reach any point in the room for the purpose of assisting cargo or less mobile people on and off the teleporter pad.
  • Sick Bay: Hovering pods for individual patients maneuver themselves from storage racks on the ceiling to various medical stations and rooms for patients.note  Currently one pod is out of the room.
    • Quarantine Room: Uses a blueprint similar to a holding cell in The Brig.
    • Medical Library: For the purposes of brainstorming and memory-refreshing, you can grab an ebook, sit down among the shelves and browse the centralized computer databanks, or you can enter one of multiple small holodecks that are programmed to simulate elaborate three-dimensional String Theory images.
  • Corridors: With different lanes for different locomotions, the corridors are complex enough to require a very detailed description. They twist and turn so that if the Artificial Gravity goes haywire, there's only a short distance to fall in each direction. Humanoids generally walk in the middle of the floor.
    • Arboreal Express Lanes: Dangling from the high ceiling where it meets the walls are evenly spaced mixtures of criss-crossing tree-branch mockups, interrupted by the occasional trapeze or swinging ring. Such structures are limited to directly above the pipes (see below). The space above pedestrians' heads is not part of the ceiling jungle gym, for that's where the dimmer-bulb lights are installed.
    • Aquatic Express Lanes: Where the floor meets the walls, large transparent water pipes run, curving through protruding wall corners. At regular intervals along the pipes are airlock-like escape hatches.
    • Small Runner Express Lanes: In between the water pipes and the rest of the floor are two yellow lanes with small circular bumps, wide enough for a raccoon to run on. Additionally, the joints where the pipe sections attach to each other are decorated with short, evenly spaced rods lying parallel to the pipes. The rods' purpose is less than obvious — miniature ladders for miniature crew members.
    • Walls: The tall walls are rough with lots of inert knobs for handholds and footholds, with communications or maintenance panels positioned on strategically placed wall bulges. At regular intervals are hollows in the wall, each with a peculiar potted plant that looks like an African Violet except the leaves are black and the flowers glow. These plants are there just in case the lights and/or atmosphere control systems fail.
  • Rec Room: A comfortably spacious room piled with bean bag chairs and blankets.
  • The Brig: A series of holding cells, each with their own airlock, Faraday cage, and el-kor field. The el-kor field is the equivalent of a Faraday cage for blocking telepathy, telekinesis, and teleporting. Other security measures not yet specified.

    The Wilderness 
  • Ghost Town: Moderate-sized town (formerly around 7,000 occupants) that was abandoned years ago. The place has become overgrown and wild animals have set up habitats within it - rather like Pripyat in the Ukraine. Currently under Teleport Interdiction; teleport out of it is possible, but into or within it is not.
    • General Store and Motel:: These two buildings are across the street from each other. The motel has two shot bandit corpses inside, one with his heart displaced.
    • Disused Well: This well is full of mud, hence why it's disused. One of the nearby buildings is on fire.
    • Clock Tower: A run-down tower with a giant clock missing its hands makes a decent but obvious vantage point for snipers.
    • City Hall (former): A three-story building that once stood in the center of town. Used to serve as a base of operations for Black Morgan. Was leveled by an overzealous Haydn's fire spell during a raid on the building.
  • Forest: A dark, forbidding forest populated by strange animals and scattered with overgrown ruins. There is a cave near the east edge, and an improvised leading from that cave to the edge, where all the vegetation has been either hacked down or trampled.
    • Forest Ruins: A bunker and a radio tower overrun by kudzu. Supposedly contains an ancient repository on dragons. Animals tend to avoid the place.
  • Smaller River: Originating within the Forest, the smaller river flows under The Scar and into the Harbor.
    • Edge of the Forest: Sufficiently alert trackers will be able to notice horse hair caught on the bark of the outermost trees. A few steps south into the grasslands, there's a D'voreem corpse with a broken skull lying in a trampled path of grass leading south.
    • Intersecting The Scar: The muddy riverbanks both upstream and downstream of The Scar have lots of equine hoofprints. The northern riverbank's hoofprints upstream of The Scar has the majority of the hoofprints, muddled in every direction. The northern riverbank's hoofprints downstream of The Scar point downstream towards the sea. The southern riverbank's hoofprints downstream of The Scar point upstream, but do not reappear upstream of The Scar.
    • Mouth of the Smaller River: Road Apples have been left along the beach. Discerning trackers will be able to tell the manure came from horses. The desperate, weak homunculus previously there was driven off.
  • Grasslands: In between the two rivers grows grass tall enough to tickle a horse's belly.
  • Larger River: This river has three tributaries from the Forest, Mt. Bifrons, and near the Necropolis. These three tributaries join and flow under The Scar and into the Harbor.
    • Spirit Tributary: The first and longest tributary starts in between the Necropolis and Mt. Bifrons and flows north (within sight of the Necropolis) before taking a sharp turn for a long journey east (within sight of the edge of the Forest). Its waters carry a chill that is usually described as death-like.
    • Bifrons Tributary: Originating from Mt. Bifrons' hot springs, this tributary flows north down the mountain and joins the Spirit Tributary where the river turns northeast. As the waters mingle, the last lingering warmth of the hot springs and the last lingering chill of the Necropolis cancel each other out.
    • Tricky Section:note  Caution is recommended for attempts to ford the river along this stretch. Sufficiently careful attempts will generally succeed, but getting cocky about it is Tempting Fate.
    • Exsylvan Tributary: Originating within the forest, this tributary flows east out of the forest and joins where the river turns east before flowing under The Scar.
    • Seabound Section:note  At this point, there's so much water that fording the river is dangerous and difficult, it is recommended that travelers cross at The Scar instead.
  • Hellmouth: A piece of Hell that has merged with the world, where devils roam seeking mortal souls.
  • Hollow Mounds: A cluttered group of skyscraper-sized termite nests. Its original inhabitants have been long gone, but many other beings may have made it their new home.
  • Mount Bifrons: A twin mouthed volcano surrounded by a forest where rivers of lava flow around trees that have turned to black glass.
    • The Lava Lake: A lake of lava sitting in the middle of the forest surrounding Mount Bifrons. May be home to a demon.
  • Necropolis: A hill where the dead have slept through the ages. Towering Mausoleums overgrown by vegetation, graveyards built on top of buried pyramids, labyrinthine crypts that have no end nor beginning, and even long-abandoned archives holding lost knowledge. It is a peaceful region, silent and welcoming like an open grave.
    • Avenue of Angels: A route through the Necropolis lined with ancient, uniform mausoleums, gnarled trees, and rather disturbing angel statues.
    • Cody's Cove: A series of crypts where a wayward ten-year-old has decided to take up residence.
  • Sun-Dry Sea: A dried up sea where coral and other sea life still lives, while alien jellyfish float freely through the air, and various beasts roam the ground.
    • The Salt Swamp: A shallow group of puddles made of undrinkable salt water and hardy plants, home to small flies that feast on the corpses of nearby dead animals.
  • "Ridge": A humongous canyon, filled with tough vegetation and wildlife, and rock formations in shapes possible only through erosion over time. Some of the walls sport large holes, though what made them does not seem to be around anymore.
  • Rainforest: A relatively small but heavily overgrown wooded area. It's very warm and humid here, with frequent rainfall... in fact, the place generates its own climate. Home to many birds and giant insects and various treetop critters, and dotted with suspiciously deep pools, as well as a murky river with dolphins that may or may not be friendly.
    • The Caves of the Abyss: The pools in the rainforest are just the surface of a vast network of water-filled caverns. The water is very clear and fresh but also very dark, and strange fish inhabit its depths. It also contains pockets of dry caverns above the water level, hidden within mounds in the rainforest.
    • Northwest Scar Entrance: Just beyond the trees, on the floor of The Scar is a bloodstain and thoroughly shattered bones missing their marrow. The remains are from a juvenile moufreta, but the bones are too fragmented to make that immediately obvious. A little further in, alert enough trackers will notice a light dusting of ash on the bottom of the trench.
    • Path of Dead Trees: A trail of dead trees leading away from The Scar. Presumably, the missing child walked this way and the curse on him killed the trees. Seenarnha has left a dozen blue Christmas baubles at eye level along the trail, starting from The Scar. A yellow Christmas bauble marks where a dragonhorse split from the party.
    • Mirage-Mangled Corpse: The trail of dead trees ends in a deadly mirage holding a small child's circulatory and nervous systems on display.
    • Shriveled Moufreta Corpse: A short distance off the beaten track, a juvenile moufreta has had all its blood messily extracted through a rather large rasped hole in its neck.
  • Warpfields: An abandoned battlefield warped by chaotic magics, where spellcasters must worry about magical backlash and possible mutations.
    • Petrifying Pond: On the border of the Warpfields is a tiny pond, marked with three close-together stone trees and an unfortunate petrified duck. Don't drink or swim in it.
    • Suspiciously Knobbly Ginormous Stone: Twenty miles east of the petrifying pond is a humongous stone. With the right perspective, it looks like a half-buried reptilian foot clenched into an approximation of a fist, but with too many digits that have too many joints.
  • Wasteland: Nothing has grown here in centuries, nor is anything likely to ever grow again in the sterilized soil. Water isn't hard to come by, but precautions should be taken before drinking it. Numerous magical, technological and magitech ruins.
  • Fields of Abyss: A gentle steppe pockmarked with enormous kilometer-wide holes ringed with metal that seem to drop down into the core of the planet itself. No one knows just why they're here or what they're for, but the locals- if one can even call the City's residents that- treat the area with a measure of reverence.
  • Coast of Chills: This strip of coastland has stormy seas and high, chilling winds. The sea here is dotted by icebergs and windswept rock islands.
    • Cave of Secrets: Nobody knows where the entrance to this cave is, except that it's somewhere on the Coast of Chills. Unlike the watery caves underneath the rainforest, these are supposedly dry.
  • Harbor: Located right next to the city, it is the gateway for ocean travel around the continent. On the surface it seems benign, but who knows what hides beneath its gentle waters.
  • Island: Located at the mouth of the harbor and home to interesting flora and strange landmarks.
    • Island Ruins: Ruins with strange topology.
  • The Scar: The Scar is an enormous concrete trench that wends a circuitous path across the breadth of the continent. Whatever process used to create it obliterated whatever terrestrial feature stood in its way without exception- forests, rivers, entire mountains- and left a uniform grey floor and slanted walls in their place. The Scar was named before the City's explorers charted it far enough to realize that it formed a closed loop, as the curvature is shallow enough so as to be unnoticeable from an individual perspective. At any given point, it appears to run straight, and those few parties that venture out from the City use it as a convenient road of sorts to get from place to place.
When wandering the wilderness, one is liable to encounter any number of creatures, dangerous or otherwise. Some are animals, while others are of a more anomalous nature. In either case, their origins are unknown, and wanderers are advised to be on their guard when exploring lest they run afoul of any of the local wildlife, such as it is.
  • D'voreem: Large carnivorous primates (about 1.6-1.8m tall when standing erect on hind legs, 70-90kg). Humanlike hands, prehensile feet with elongated, finger-like, toes - all digits tipped with sharp non-retractable claws. Pointed snouts with sharp carnivorous teeth; large cat-like ears. Climb very well, jump considerable distances from branch to branch in arboreal settings, run on all fours at around 50km/h on the ground. Operate in packs of 10-20 individuals, preferring to surround their prey, use relay tactics to herd and tire their prey if necessary but will attack camp sites en masse or stalk, surround and ambush slower-moving prey. Prefer arboreal settings, found primarily in the Forest and Ghost Town.
  • Graveskitter: An undead creature made from a collection of bones and half-rotten muscle tissue in the shape of a random number of vaguely insectoid legs, surrounding a small spherical core with a few eyes haphazardly strewn over it. They come in different sizes, but are usually never more than half a meter or so in width or height. They feed on Wild Magic, especially the kind associated with necromancy or other dark arts, and can often be seen skittering about in haunted crypts or on battlefields where spells were used, sucking magic from the corpses to sustain themselves, conveniently making them stay dead. Graveskitters are mostly harmless and tend to flee when disturbed, but have been known to occasionally attack careless magic users. They hate sunlight and loud noises. Found primarily near the Hellmouth and in the Warpfields. Mysteriously absent from the Necropolis, aside from maybe one or two that went wandering.
  • Zebreer: A herbivore with the appearance of a zebra with a deer-like head with black antlers. Usually found in Sun-Dry Sea, feeding on the hardy pale grasses that grow there, but can also be seen wandering around other nearby areas.
  • Gloamfeeder: These beings resemble tall humanoid figures with mottled green-black skin. Each stands at least three meters tall, with elongated limbs and necks, and they have a massive vertical gash running from their eyeless heads down their entire front, throats and bellies open as if split with a blade. They are so named because, though sightings are rare, they can most commonly be glimpsed in the twilight hours feeding on corpses of the recently deceased, tearing them apart and shoving the pieces into their open maws. It is unknown if they are aggressive or simply scavengers, but it's not unheard of for people to go mysteriously missing when out wandering at dusk.
  • Homunculus: Amorphous and vaguely humanoid masses of doughy flesh, Homunculi have the capacity to alter the shape and texture of their bodies to resemble other humanoids they encounter. They only do this however if the individual they are attempting to imitate is dead- or, in the case they are not, making sure of it themselves. Their bodies are capable of projecting chitinous spurs they use for attacking in close-quarters, and who knows what other offensive abilities. If left for long enough without a host, a Homunculus might attempt to imitate an inanimate object, though they will typically displace or destroy the original before attempting to do so- and humanoids are always preferred to objects. It is for this reason that a Homunculus that is posing as an object will attempt to kill and imitate the first living being it sees.
  • Shriver: Six-limbed humanoids dressed head-to-toe in tattered dust-colored robes, ancient sigils tracing the hems and sleeves. The only thing visible of them beneath their robes is a long proboscis that hangs down from under their hoods, and few get close enough to discover more because- without exception- they attack all others on sight. Shrivers can conjure a black mass of corrosive particles which they hurl at trespassers, and like a swarm of locusts under the Shriver's direction, these particles follow and devour their target until nought but bleached bones remain.
  • Skvader: A small six-limbed herbivore that resembles a feathered hare or rabbit with two wings sprouting from it's back. While incapable of true flight, these creatures can often be seen performing impressive feats of jumping and gliding. Both the skvaders themselves and their large, oddly colorful eggs are considered quite delicious by some people. They are attracted by the scent of alcoholic beverages. Found primarily in the Forest, Ridge and Ghost Town areas.
  • Aeon-bloom: an unusual plant, with an underground rhizome and thorny, twisted, entangled stalks protruding from the ground. At the top of each there is a large flower with spiral pieces, stamens becoming white petals, petals becoming green leaves and leaves shrinking into thorns as it grows, so it always seems to be blooming. The tips of the petals emit a faint, pulsating green glow in the night, as if it was sending a signal. The plant is indeed doing so, and should someone decode it they would notice that the plant is monitoring soil conditions and broadcasting said information. They are specially common in the Graveyard, and almost completely absent in the Sun-dry Sea, the Wasteland and Mount Bifrons.
  • Moufreta:
    • Juveniles of the species are frail, 2 meter long, raptor-like omnivores with lanky, underdeveloped bat-wing-like arms. While highly curious, they aren't terribly bright, and can be quite aggressive.
    • Adults can grow up to 15 meters or more, with a distinct theropod build. They can fly and breath fire.
  • Ashwalker: These creatures resemble emaciated corpses with ashen skin, with heads like slugs, grey blobs with a single puckered orifice in the center that belches fire. Metal objects held in their grip as improvised weapons inexplicably become red-hot, and though individually they are fairly weak, their ashen nature makes them unnaturally tough and they are rarely found alone. Ashwalkers are invariably hostile to strangers and adventurers, and what's more, they appear to share some degree of collective consciousness. It has been commonly observed that if one of them notices a fresh victim, all of them become aware of the intruder.
  • Mirage: A flicker, an odd reflection, a shimmering silhouette. These may be the last things you ever see. It is unknown whether Mirages can even truly be called creatures, but the threat they pose is mythical to the City's residents. Mirages are typically bound to specific areas, which become incredibly dangerous to traverse. Victims are found arranged in impossible positions- limbs bent at mathematically precise angles, partially phased through the environment, or even just hanging in mid-air, body sectioned and re-arranged into a collage of carnage that all who gaze upon it can't help but describe as inexplicably beautiful.
  • Witch Snake: A nocturnal snake dwelling in forests, plains, or anywhere where small rodents may dwell. Identified by a purple and black diamond pattern. While they have fangs, they are not venomous... in the usual sense. Instead they provoke prey into biting them back and squirt their corrosive blood into the wound. What is even more peculiar about them is their innate magical ability; their blood contains a curse that makes it even more corrosive and also eats away at a victim's life force. Additionally, they are very difficult to kill; they are thought to become undead after reproducing. On the flip side, they are quite intelligent and easy to tame, and leave much larger creatures alone unless threatened. Due to being attracted to ambient magic, quite a few of them inhabit the Warpfields and the Hellmouth.
  • Sneeder Bird: Named after their call (which sounds like "Sneeder, sneeder, sneeder, sneet!"), this stealthy bird likes to hide and sing at dawn and dusk, trying to lure predators (for example, humans) into a fruitless chase. The longer a sneeder bird can hold the attention of a predator without being spotted, the more impressed the sneeder bird's potential mates will be. The song has a psychic component to artificially boost the curiosity of other species to dangerous levels. This bird can be heard everywhere, but favors staging its chases in areas with less visibility, like forests and buildings.
  • Wild Pigplant: Basically a pig with chlorophyll in its skin. Mainly sunbathes and scavenges corpses, but also eats plants in a pinch. Can be distinguished from its domesticated counterpart by the thorns and tusks, erect ears, red eyes, Hair-Trigger Temper, and superior strength, speed and intelligence.
  • Domestic Pigplant: Basically a pig with chlorophyll in its skin. Mainly sunbathes and eats farmer-provided slop. Can be distinguished from its wild counterpart by floppy ears, green eyes, dimwitted and docile nature, slow flabby muscles gone to waste, and lack of thorns and tusks.

Rumors and Notices

Here is a list of all the rumors posted in the bulletin board in the town square. These rumors are the seeds for adventures the characters will embark on.
    Rumor List 
  • LEGENDARY MUSKET discovered in the Warpfields to the north. Legend tells of its magical design that lets it shoot explosives infused with spectacular spells, good for both fights and fireworks shows. If interested, look for an elf boy with more weapons than it looks like he can carry.
  • POWERFUL ARTIFACT stolen from the Necropolis rumored to be hiding in the Cave of Secrets near the Coast of Chills. Rumored to be connected to a subterranean society.
  • MISSING CHILD rumored to be lost in the rainforest. His mother, "The Woman In Room 444", is offering wishes as a reward for his return. RARE MEDICINAL HERBS also rumored to be found there. But beware; trees and animals have been spontaneously dying off in the rainforest.
  • CAUTION: Bored Pranksters. This is No Time to Panic. (photo of twins) Vampiric Mayatan twins Aynara and Arnaya are generally friendly, but unpredictable and prone to terrifying pranks when bored. Level heads are recommended.

  • Looking for groups or individuals planning on traveling to ghost town, necropolis, forest or wasteland to explore ruins. Ask for James Turner at the hotel.
  • Looking for adventurers to help scour the area of the ghost town, the Hellmouth, and the Coast of Chills for forgotten treasures! Relics of advanced ancient technologies! The peculiarities of demonic entities and their effect on magic! Retrieving a powerful artifact from a subterranean society! A relaxing time at the beach! Anyone interested is to inquire with Nui; look for the night elf [crackpot inventor] carrying the solar-and-lunar-powered electromagic projector.
  • WANTED! Dead or Alive! Black Morgan, a bandit, robber and murderer! Armed and dangerous! Last seen near the Ghost Town with his band! Bring him or the proof of his demise to the City Hall for the reward.
  • MOUFRETA OUTBREAK: These orange nuisances seem to have been breeding recently, and are becoming a threat to the livelihoods of local farmers. Anyone interested in exterminating these beasts will be adequately rewarded per kill by the sponsoring leather merchant.
  • WARNING: ALBINO LANCEROS SIGHTED IN SUN-DRY SEA AREA. Use extreme caution, as this nocturnal wyvern is highly territorial and highly dangerous.
  • DANGER (mediocre mug sketch of Mael) MIND-CONTROLLER
  • Understaffed Search Party: If anyone wants to join Seenarnha in looking for the missing child of the Woman in Room 444, please contact any member of the Web of Friendship to arrange a teleport to Seenarnha's location.


     Active Troper Characters 
In keeping with previous threads, please group your characters under a location (or sub-location) heading here so newcomers can get an idea of who is in a given location:

Technically everywhere

Hub Town

Technically everywhere in town:

Power Plant

Street between the power plant and City Hall

  • Nyorla: (Miss Desperado): An Older Than She Looks Mayatan girl with black-spotted bluish-white skin, gliding membranes, and short silky off-white fur. The youngest of five sisters, has not undergone puberty despite being old enough to do so. Most of her black spots have unusual blurred edges. Her psychic specialty is "Nao Ranay Nokt", able to retrieve souls suffering from an unscheduled premature death. Her cheery attitude stems from finally being able to do things after spending ten years locked inside her own unresponsive body. She's not wearing any clothes because clothes would interfere with her gliding membranes, but she is wearing a false zipper in an attempt to cheat the nudity taboo. Member of the Web of Friendship.
  • Murquoql: (Miss Desperado): An adolescent Mayatan woman with black-spotted bluish-white skin, gliding membranes, and short silky off-white fur. The second-youngest of five sisters. Her psychic specialty is weapon analysis, which is a Semantic Superpower as anything can be used as an Improvised Weapon with enough creativity. The spots that symbolically indicate this are hidden underneath the hair covering the back of her neck. She's not wearing any clothes because clothes would interfere with her gliding membranes, but she is wearing a false zipper in an attempt to cheat the nudity taboo. Member of the Web of Friendship.
  • Blackthorn: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse (gelded late), nonsapient. Second-largest, standing twenty hands high. Blood bay fur, hooves paired with dewclaws, most equine-looking of the dragonhorses. Currently Murquoql's mount.
  • Zip: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse (gelded late), nonsapient. Stands sixteen hands high. Black with dark red eyes, each hoof accompanied by three weak semi-functional fingers, grown with the same genetic template as Zing. Wearing an empty saddle for a potential guest.
  • Zing: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse (gelded late), nonsapient. Stands sixteen hands high. Black with dark red eyes, each hoof accompanied by three weak semi-functional fingers, grown with the same genetic template as Zip. Wearing an empty saddle for a potential guest.
  • Gar May: (Nrjxll):


Near Noticeboard

Elsewhere in the Square
  • Maelys (Will De Regio): An undead maid working for the vampire goddess Aria. Has more guns than a maid should reasonably have.
  • Mist (Will De Regio): A valkyrie. Claimed Claire as a future einherjar.

City Hall


Room 444
  • Seenarnha: A Mayatan cursebreaker, her psychic specialty is setting up barriers both physical and mental. She relies on tools for the other tasks involved in breaking curses. Her short fur is glossy and slightly stiff for quickly shedding water, and some of the spots on her hands have a single white dot in the center. Currently offscreen for a few hours, Breaking Bad News Gently about the missing kid.
  • Plasma: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse mare, nonsapient. Palomino, smallest of the dragonhorses (twelve hands high), the only one not wearing a flight harness. Instead she's wearing a feed bag on her muzzle.

Near the Crater

Two-person Civilian Spaceship (belongs to the archaeologist)

  • Archaeologist (Miss Desperado): An unnamed Mayatan woman with a Psychometry specialty. Currently under Sarquoql's mind-control.
  • Mael: A mysterious man with an odd vibe to him. He's polite, seemingly... but clearly has an agenda in mind.
  • Sarquoql, alias Bodyguard Ren 4 (Miss Desperado): Mayatan arch-nemesis of the Web of Friendship. Hiding his identity behind brown eye contacts and a spacesuit with a face-concealing helmet.


The Purple Fez Tavern

Shopping District

Nowhere in town

"Town" - location not specified

David's Truck, Outside Town

  • Nasur: (Pyxo) A Narati exile, alone and starving. Constant hunger and isolation may have left him a little loopy.
  • David "Davey" Harkness: (Ryuhza) Twenty-nine-year-old white-furred bipedal creature who slightly resembles an otter. Showing Joseph the ropes of freelance work. Aims to be an unflappable stone in times of trouble and a charmer in times of peace. Has been known to for more info 
  • John (Masterof Chaos): Nick's uncle, recently free from brainwashing. A nice man, but is exasperated from his nephew and his friends constantly getting into trouble.
  • Marie (Masterofchaos): A fashion-loving sixteen year old black trans girl who's helping Nick and Adam, and is Jackson's closest friend. Uses a dagger disguised as a hair clip thats powerd by gems. Part of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters".
  • Amy (Masterofchaos): A hyper sixteen year old Mexican girl who only recently helped the others, but helping people is what she does best! Carries a gem powered baseball bat and flies a plane. Newest member of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters".
  • Maya (Masterofchaos): A snarky seventeen year old Indian girl who's deaf and mute, and is Amy's only friend. Carries a collection of knives and daggers, all powered by gems. Newest (reluctant) member of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters".
  • Jackson (Masterofchaos): A stern seventeen year old black British trans boy who's also helping Nick and Adam, and is Marie's closest friend. He provides most of the gear as the team's inventor, and uses electric gloves. Part of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters", and is sort of the unnoffical leader.
  • Nick (Masterofchaos): A wise cracking sixteen year old black boy searching for his father. He's a boxer who uses a metal gloves, powered by gems. Part of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters".
  • Adam (Masterofchaos): A shy fifteen year old black boy who is Nick's best friend and neighbor across the street, helping Nick with his father while also searching for his parents. A young archer who uses a high tech bow and arrow powered by gems. Part of the "Not-Chaos-Hunters."
  • Arnaya (Miss Desperado): Younger-by-minutes fraternal twin Mayatan sister from the tropics. Instead of fur, her body hair is as sparse as humans, exposing her bluish-white skin with spiky black spots, none of which overlap. Member of the Web of Friendship.
  • Joseph T. Weller (O): (Ryuhza) Seventeen-year-and-four-month-old bipedal creature who resembles an amphibian or lizard. Black-and-white and still a little green to adventuring. Frequently beset by internal strife, but nevertheless tries his for more info 
  • Claire (Will De Regio): An enthusiastic, kleptomaniac witch who works for Aria, the goddess of the vampires.

The Scar

Mysterious Bunker

  • Moobly (WillDeRegio): A juvenile pheba cynthonic (chameleon moon dragon) in-training member of the Royal Cadian Military. Specializes in acrobatics and water-based skills. Carries a pair of dowsing-capable tonfas.
  • Nora (Will De Regio): A friendly shapeshifter and tag-a-long member of the band of Royal Cadian Military recruits. Originally hails from 1930s Earth.

Smaller river

Riverbanks at the edge of the forest

  • Arnora Bluesword (Apocalemur): A frost giant. Ozurr's betrothed, although he is unaware that she's here, and she only just found out herself. Carrying a sword that occasionally glows bright blue. Currently heading west in pursuit of Ozurr.


Trampled Circle of Grass

  • Ozurr Einarsson: (apocalemur): A Frost Giant - 24 feet tall, blue skin, silver hair, black sclerae with white irises. Chronologically 200, physically and mentally 18, and utterly gobsmacked by this whole "other world" thing. Carries a battle axe taller than most humans.
  • Varg (Corvidae): A no-nonsense haugr woman in a worn tailcoat and combat gear.
  • Jann of Grimmsford (Corvidae): A fancily dressed, mustachioed Gentleman Wizard in his early thirties.
  • Rosalind Lumina Eisenberg, known as Our Watcher to her horses: (Miss_Desperado): A young freckled woman with light brown eyes and soft red hair, currently separated from her herd of horses. She is wearing a small amber amulet from Jann, raggedy gray denim shirt and jeans, both with a multitude of pockets, and sturdy black leather boots. Despite her trying to keep it a secret, sufficiently observant individuals will be able to notice various clues that she is a vampire.note 

Larger River

Chitara's Wagon
  • Chitara (Pyxo): An old ambulant merchant bird-woman. Sells an assortment of charms, ointments, and potions.
  • Naiolo (Pyxo): A young bird-boy, trying to learn to be a minstrel, but not very good at it. Travels with Chitara.

The Forest

Eastern End, as far from the scar as you can get on a street bike with a pillion passenger...

  • Jean Westinghouse (Will De Regio): (In)famous Lady of Adventure and antiquarian from the world of Aria.
  • Parthenia the Keraunos: (Millership): A Technocracy Inquisitor on an extended shore leave looking for her horse. A thirty-something woman with rough features and cold pale gray eyes. Clad in black leather armor and hooded coat.
  • Farrah (Millership): A twenty-something Central Asian mercenary searching for a job. A tall, sinewy woman with shaved temples and the rest of her black hair gathered in a ponytail. Currently barefooted.

Cave near the eastern edge

Campsite near the eastern edge

Butcher Site

  • Carol Hunter (Will De Regio): 16-year-old in-training member of the Royal Cadian Military. A gruff and reckless individual who prefers to overwhelming opponents with an all-out assault with her halberd. At least 1/4th human and 1/4th dark elf.


  • Lily Otterbien (Will De Regio): 18-year-old twin sister of Diantha, she's and in-training member of the Royal Cadian Military. A bit of a mechanic. She's a moderately capable flight mage who uses an aether rifle for precision sniping, and miri combat rings for wide area spells.
  • Henry Bensen: (Ryuhza) A young, twenty-something Puyallup man and friend of Joseph. Possessed of a sagely air which is 10% wisdom and 90% mixed herbs. click for more info 
  • Rebecca Jane Walsh {#/Merseyuser 1}}: Character with ability to teleport, sort of like The Flash (2014) 's Gypsy. Formerly an Identical Stranger to Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor, until... Normally can only regenerate into females, but this was due to misunderstanding her powers.
  • Mequoql: (Miss Desperado): An adolescent Mayatan woman with black-spotted bluish-white skin, gliding membranes, and short silky off-white fur. The second-oldest of five sisters. Ten of her black spots are on her fingertips. She's capable of generating telekinetic light shows. She's not wearing any clothes because clothes would interfere with her gliding membranes, but she is wearing a false zipper in an attempt to cheat the nudity taboo. Member of the Web of Friendship.

NCH Fire Pit

  • Bonbon "Bonnie" Cook (Will De Regio): A 17-year-old in-training member of the Royal Cadian Military. A grouchy lagokin(Human Subspecies with a few rabbit (not bunny) traits) who specializes in healing and support magics and whacking people over the head with a staff.
  • Morpho: (Miss Desperado): A mechanical life-form (technically slightly different from a robot, but close enough for most intents and purposes) constructed by Mayatans. With the exception of his brain and red eyes, he's a blob of morphing metal (NOT nanobots) that changes shape frequently, with the preferred shape of a six-foot-two broad-shouldered humanoid. Member of the Web of Friendship.
  • Joseph T. Weller (Y): (Ryuhza) A seventeen-year-old formerly lizard boy and friend of Henry Bensen. Recently woke up as a bipedal lizard-creature, even more recently was changed back to his normal human self. click for more info 

Thicket of Bushes

The Necropolis

  • Zarokh: (apocalemur) A sapient Deinosuchus who follows Krakka'a around like a puppy. Believes Krakka'a was sent by his god, and Krakka'a for the time being sees no reason to disabuse him of this notion.

Cody's Cove

  • Alexa Wilde: Originally arrived at the Ridge, now in the Necropolis after hours of journeying. She is a young woman in her mid-twenties who has the ability to transform into a monster due to getting a nasty strain of the cooties virus when she was little.
  • Cody Myers: He is an orphaned street urchin who lives in one of the many crypts.
  • Jen Jara (Miss Desperado): An adult Void Maiden Viporis, her chest is flat because she's a marsupial. Jen Jara is wearing Cool Shades and a black toga-like garment. She is not wearing shoes. Jen Jara's head-feathers are black with iridescent purple and her leg chitin is black. Member of the Web of Friendship, but currently keeping quiet about it.Heads-up: 
  • Krakka'a: (apocalemur) A sapient Quetzalcoatlus on a mission. Not a nice person.
  • Shade of Osiris: (@apocalemur) A portion of the Egyptian god Osiris that stowed away on Krakka'a's body before he left his native universe to keep an eye on him. Only has power over Krakka'a while in this world, and only within the boundaries of the Necropolis.

Ossuary Roof

The Sun-Dry Sea

Panzerfaust Wreckage

  • Pilot 0037: (Will De Regio) Real name Jack. Mark III Panzerfaust pilot for the Balamar Empire.
  • Unit 09: (Will De Regio) Actual appearance. An artificially created Silver Witch used by the Balamarian Empire to serve as a computer in a box.
  • Moquoql: (Miss Desperado): An adolescent Mayatan woman with black-spotted bluish-white skin, gliding membranes, and short silky off-white fur. The middle child of five sisters. Two of her black spots are in between her eyebrows and her eyes. Her psychic ability lets her make sense of Alien Geometries and tap into cartoon physics. She's not wearing any clothes because clothes would interfere with her gliding membranes, but she is wearing a false zipper in an attempt to cheat the nudity taboo. Member of the Web of Friendship.

The Wasteland

The Warpfields


Petrifying Pond
Building-Sized Knobbly Boulder

Southeastern Coast

The Harbor

  • Nayx: (Pyxo) A high-ranked skrarr noble, the Queen's direct underling. Tasked with tracking down and capturing Sallara through all means necessary.
  • Kraul: (Pyxo) A skrarr warrior and the best tracker the Empire has. Recruited by Nayx to track and help hunt down Sallara.

Mount Bifrons


The Rainforest

  • Leto: (Will De Regio) Nerea's half-sister. Lamprey merfolk priestess who sealed away a creature of Chaos within herself. Name revealed as Leto here
  • Henry A. Safon II (1977) (Mr Ship 21):
  • Swanwhite: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse mare, nonsapient. White and silver color, zygodactylnote  feet, largest of the dragonhorses (slightly larger than an elephant). Currently wearing a harness sans cargo bags.

Trail of Dead Trees

Found Fred's Corpse

Spheroid Dropship note 
  • Lectri: (Miss Desperado): Genetically engineered dragonhorse mare, nonsapient. Light blue and silver coloring. Currently guarding the drop pod that's full of Seenarnha's provisions, e.g. food, water, a tent, parachutes for guest riders, garlic/pepper spray, sunportal flashlights, and cursebreaking tools.

The Ridge

North End, Origin of the Canyon

  • Skvader: This individual skvader decided to hang around this group of comparatively huge herbivores for protection from predators.
  • NPC Parthenia's Stray Horse, Whisper: Special guest of the mustang herd. Black dapple gelding wearing a saddle with saddlebags carrying apples, other treat tidbits for horses, and medicinal alcohol (sealed up tight), among other unknown things. The mustangs call him The Tame One.
  • Herd of Mustang horses: Miss Desperado: This herd of horses is (or should be, they're missing) under the protection of Rosalind Lumina Eisenberg.
    • Lead Mare Flashfoot (the Seventh) - an experienced middle-aged chestnut mare with white sock-marks who is quick with a kick and loves to swim in running water.
    • Filly Flashfoot (the Eighth) - a two-year-old palomino filly who has inherited her mother's white sock-marks and is quickly learning how to kick and swim from her mother.
    • Fiddler (the Third) - A three-year-old seal baynote  mare with a peculiar birth defect - her upper lip is split neatly in half. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she's very nimble with her lips and puts that talent to mischievous use.
    • Guardian Thunder - the guardian stallion of the herd, a palomino. His face got clawed, the wounds will eventually heal into rugged scars. He captured new members of a different herd before arriving in this world.
    • Mouse - a recent addition to the herd, this dun mare has the highest-pitched whinny of the herd.
    • Speckles - a recent addition to the herd, this fleabitten graynote  mare is lethargic.
    • Ripple - a recent addition to the herd, this dapple-gray mare is prone to trembling.
    • Raven - Rook's twin sister, three years old
    • Rook - Raven's twin brother, three years old. Plotting to take over the position of guardian stallion of the herd.
    • Wheezer - white gelding genetically predisposed to asthma (Mauve Shirt)
    • Nippy - white swaybacked gelding who tries to bite anyone who he suspects has intent to ride him (Mauve Shirt)
    • Stomper - white gelding with insufficiently sloped shoulder blades, which causes awkward, short strides (Mauve Shirt)
    • Angel - white gelding who stumbled during the D'voreem ambush, spraining the joint immediately above his left forehoof. (Red Shirt)
    • There is a deliberately vague number of other unnamed white geldings, ballpark estimate anywhere from several to a dozen, to serve as Red Shirts.
  • Iolana (Millership): A High Spirit of Chaos with shapeshifting abilities. Her default form is of a petite young blonde in a light blue summer dress wearing a diadem with a sapphire. A form she tweaks every time she changes into it. Link to her latest appearance. Right now has taken a form of a healthy-looking yellow mare with mane gathered up into a French braid.

Ghost Town

City Hall

Skedaddling down a secret passage

  • Black Morgan (NPC): Leader of the bandits
  • Amos (NPC): Bandit sniper, Minion with an F in Evil captured, disarmed and released by Aynara.


Outside City Hall

Outside Ghost Town

  • Aynara (Miss Desperado): Older-by-minutes fraternal twin Mayatan sister from the tropics. Instead of fur, her body hair is as sparse as humans, exposing her bluish-white skin with spiky black spots, some of which overlap at the spikes. Member of the Web of Friendship.

Location Unknown

Spaceship, Web of Friendship Scouter Hummingbird

Corridors, location unspecified

Transporter Room

Sick Bay

  • Maequoql: (Miss Desperado): A young adult Mayatan woman with black-spotted bluish-white skin, gliding membranes, and short silky off-white fur. The oldest of five sisters.note  Her spots are not solid black like other Mayatans, each spot contains tiny white constellation-like dots. Her telepathic range covers the entire planet. She's not wearing any clothes because clothes would interfere with her gliding membranes. Member of the Web of Friendship.
  • (NP Cs) Nine podded bandits in hypovolemic shock, seven of which are mind-controlled by Mael.

     Inactive Troper Characters 
  • Angus McRedshirt: (Apocalemur) Apprentice to the head of the Glasgow branch of the International Guild of Sorcerers. Sent to this world with nothing but a map and instructions to "find the artifact." Currenly being digested by Krakka'a.
  • Saen: (Daird) A telepathic half-snake witch who thrives in hot and humid climates. Leads a coven.
  • Unnamed Individual (Darkblood Carnagefang): A nameless, corpse eater wearing black full body cloth and studded leather armor with a scimitar by her side. She may look human, but she is most certainly not.
  • Vrask: (Darkblood Carnagefang) A Lizardfolk barbarian with a giant maul at their side. Scarred and covered in animal skins and a great hunting companion.
  • Cas: (EternaMemoria) A young female cyborg mechanic with dark skin, stocky yet athletic body, an advanced, if oversized prosthetic arm and a camera for her left eye. Uses a long steel pipe as a staff to help support the weight of her large bag, that conceals the processor of an AI.
  • Míron (EternaMemoria): A tall, dark skinned, golden-eyed man wearing a military-looking uniform and carrying a slightly curved sword and a semiautomatic pistol. Nimble in movement, formal in behavior and possibly supernatural in nature. Despite seeming to be a military officer, he calls himself a priest of an entity or organization called the Epistemonicum, and wishes to study the strange locations in the Wilderness, beginning by the Necropolis.
  • Red Wanderer (Eterna Memoria): A visitor of the graveyard, who wishes to preserve the sanctity of the Necropolis from would be vandals, robbers and desecrators. Human-looking, pale, red-headed and around sixteen years old, give or take an year.
  • The Eyes and Teeth (Killer Clowns): An Eldritch Abomination driven by pure instinct. It grants Oseru Power at a Price, but also has its own primal, alien purposes.
  • Caroline: (Killer Clowns): A 60-something NFUC agent and Action Survivor from a near-future gone horribly wrong.
  • Tecia sa Valdela (Killer Clowns): A low-ranking (but still powerful) angel from the Land of the Dead, currently in the guise of a Mayatan.
  • Oseru aq'Xueral (Killer Clowns): A Qorisayane warlock of noble lineage. Refined, powerful, and wielding modern firearms to supplement her powers.
  • Layi ul'Oriyith: (Killer Clowns) An aged Qorisayane hunter, fond of whiskey, dirty jokes, and danger. Adoptive mother to Koyel ul'Netho.
  • Koyel ul'Netho: (Killer Clowns) A cautious and practical Qorisayane hunter, and a devout servant of the spirits. Adoptive son to Layi ul'Oriyith.
  • ana'Kasara Suela (Killer Clowns): A Yothic noblewoman, scholar, mathematician, and occasional philosopher who rejects her people's spiritual beliefs in favor of a new worldview beginning to emerge in the salons and sitting rooms of Yoth.
  • Tovor Zaa (Killer Clowns): An enigmatic, scar-covered Kykzavi shaman whose training and study of stories and history has convinced them that the fundamental truths of the universe are unknown and unknowable.
  • Mauros artillery battery (Killer Clowns): An artillery battery charged with destroying the HeDGe in the Ghost Town, from afar, with high-explosive shells. Trained but unremarkable soldiers who won't attack without reason.
  • Spotters: A squad of spotters heading towards the Ghost Town to relay information for artillery fire.
  • The Ace of Spades (Killer Clowns): Alice's brute, a Graveyarder warrior. Comes and goes as he pleases.
  • Dominic Chaudhari: (Killer Clowns): A sneering, ruthless WARD squad commander used for deniable ops where a bit of violence is acceptable. Presently wearing false colors.
  • Carpenter Squad: (Killer Clowns): The sort of Sociopathic Soldiers who'd follow Chaudhari.
  • Alice Winters (Killer Clowns): A small, pale, polite woman in her forties. Feared in her own world, maintaining a low profile here. dangerous to magical beings.
  • Explorer of Unknowns: (Kkutwar): A "goddess for fun", she's a peculiar and powerful entity who can freely travel the omniverse.
  • Valerie Nexus (Kkutwar): Justin's master and dressed like a typical witch, she appears to be a young dark-haired girl.
  • Justin Parker (Kkutwar): Valerie's familiar and dressed like a butler, the young blonde man appears to be bonded with a demon.
  • Sarenuika (Ladytanuki)note : Goes by Nui for short. A sunestre of Ambiguous Gender from the planet Orenya. They're an inventor, professor of electrical engineering, and a necromancer, seeking to create a nonmagical device that can suppress magic. Seen in sunglasses and a solar-paneled hat when out in the sun.
  • Sindar: (Ladytanuki) A mushroom fairy with skeletal hands and wings of decaying leaves. Rules over the dead; calls himself "Fairy King of the Underwood", and wields a Touch of Death among other things. (picture)
  • Nyceme (ladytanuki): A half-serpentine lich who is obsessed with formality, vanity, and collecting spells. Her soul is inside her scepter.
  • Cormack Tinuile (ladytanuki): A rather boisterous elfin boy who likes guns. Also has a pet sprite named Nettle.
  • Amaranth: (Ladytanuki) A blonde woman experienced with horses and navigation. Pewter calls her "Navigator" because of the latter. Also disguises herself as The Grim Reaper when on horseback—even wields a scythe.
    • Pewter - A gray black-haired mare; is very curious and social toward other horses.
  • Felicio: (Ladytanuki) A colorfully decorated lion who calls himself Prince of the Pandrean Desert. Capable of producing magical effects through song and lute.
  • Allison: (Merseyuser 1): A woman in her 30s from Canada. She's now disappeared.
  • Carly (Merseyuser 1):
  • Ira and Ora: (Millership): Short for Iragan (Past) and Orain (Now), respectively. Shattered World's high spirits of aforementioned domains, banished from physical and spirit realms for unspecified transgression. Now they entertain themselves by narrating whatever events are unfolding before them. Generally, they can't interact with anyone (and vice versa), but certain kinds of characters can take notice of them, and even talk to them.
  • Sophia (Millership): The Shattered World's Incarnation of Knowledge.
  • Sa'ad: (Millership): Tall, thuggish-looking prisoner of the Inquisitor. His hands and feet are shackled.
  • Mark Tanzer (Millership): A Gentleman Thief in search of new adventure. Looks like a very tired sunburned blond man in his early thirties with a beard in beige coat.
  • Henry A. Safon the second (Mrship21): (Oregon Senate I-26) A three term state senator form the state of Oregon who has more secrets than initially shown.
  • Wain Fallwen (Paulred 7): Competing against the Web of Friendship to find the missing kid first.
  • Ulf Marten (Slysheen): A Finnish werewolf.
  • Plague Doctor (Slysheen): A woman wearing the traditional robes and crow mask of a Plague Doctor
  • It Came From The Sea (Will De Regio): A nuckelavee, a demonic horse creature and (unwilling) member of the Unseelie Court. Hates humanity with a passion. Last seen fighting fairy cats.
  • "Eris": A not-quite-human woman who was on a mission, but seems to have gotten misplaced. Generally a calm and focused individual, albeit prone to being exasperated by her sister's antics.
  • Inanna: Eris's sister, on the same mission and equally misplaced. An emotional, immature airhead with a tendency to hit on everyone and anyone.
  • Leone Blakesley (Yomegami): A rather quiet Magical Girl with Lovecraftian Superpowers.
  • Matiu Tamahere (Wolf1066): a.k.a. Matt or Matty. A young man trying to come to terms with his sudden and inexplicable arrival in a strange place.
  • Peggy Baker (Wolf1066): An English woman formerly from Liverpool. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Early-to-mid 20s, brown pixie-cut hair and clear blue eyes. Cream hat with pinch-front crease, brown band with silver conchos, tan T-shirt, brown safari jacket, tan jodhpurs, black leather riding boots and brown leather gloves.
  • Karl Schmidt (Wolf1066): A man from Freiburg, formerly a conscript. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Early-to-mid 20s, long blond hair in a ponytail, blue eyes and full beard. Brown hat with Dakota crease and darker brown band, green T-shirt, blue safari jacket, blue trousers, black "Knobelbecher" boots and black leather gloves.
  • Aubrey Branscombe (Wolf1066): A cultured man formerly from London but now a resident of Hartmouth on Terra Nova. Picture Late 30s to early 40s, dark short hair, "Mutton-chop" sideburns and blue eyes. Panama hat with black band, white long sleeved shirt, grey waistcoat, brown leather jacket, dark grey plus fours, black leather riding boots and black leather gloves.
  • Pearl Gardiner (Wolf1066): An English woman formerly from Manchester, UK, now a resident of Hartmouth on Terra Nova. Looks early-to-mid 30s, dark hair in a layered bob and brown eyes. Straw round-crown garden hat with a wide embroidered band, white blouse, brown leather jacket, black jodhpurs, black leather riding boots and brown leather gloves.
  • Finn Ó Brádaigh (Wolf1066): a modern Warrior Bard with a rich County Kildare accent. Member of the Warrior Rockers of Cú Chulainn, a gang from Hamilton, New Zealand - late twenty-first century. Picture Early-to-mid 30s, long mane of bleached-blond hair, drooping moustache, blue eyes and indigo spiral tattoos covering his arms. Sand-coloured Ten-gallon hat with beaded band, silver conchos, turquoise cabochons and a turkey feather, red T-shirt, iridescent vest, bright tartan trousers, black leather shoes and red-and-white riding gloves. Has a torc of silvery metal with raven-head finials around his neck.
  • Teri Walker (Wolf1066): A young woman of African descent, born and raised in London's East End. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Mid-to-late 20s, dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Black hat with round crown and red fur band, pink T-shirt, black fishing/hunting vest, blue jeans, black leather riding boots and black leather gloves.
  • Kevin Wolfe (Wolf1066): A not-so-young man formerly from New Zealand. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Late 40s to early 50s, long dark greying hair in a ponytail, blue-grey eyes and "Door knocker" beard-and-moustache. Faded black leather hat, plaited band with bronze "Jacaru" lozenge, grey T-shirt, black fishing/hunting vest, black trousers, black leather riding boots and black leather gloves.
  • 'That Bloody Bird!' (Wolf1066): A devious, conniving, deceitful specimen of Corvus corax with a foul mouth, out for all he can get. Basic black with subtle iridescence.
  • "Alpha"/Sophia Bonham (Wolf1066): A mature woman from late 21st Century New Zealand. Natural-looking artificial eyesnote  Picture 1 Picture 2 Mid-to-late 40s, short green mohawk flanked by pink/purple leopard pattern cropped hair, extensive tattoos on her arms and numerous ear and facial piercings. Black hat with telescope crease and black band with silver conchos, pale blue T-shirt, black leather vest with studs and chains, faded blue jeans, motorcycle boots and black leather fingerless gloves.
  • Gwion Walker (Wolf1066): Street-savvy cyborg with "no fixed occupation" and "no fixed abode". Obviously mechanical left arm and red-irised artificial right eye. Picture Late 40s to early 50s, long dark greying hair in a ponytail and clean-shaven for once. Black hat with cattleman crease and black band, black T-shirt, green tactical vest, Flectarn BDU Trousers, adventure-riding motorcycle boots and black fingerless glove with carbon fibre knuckle protector on right hand.
  • Kris Morgan (Wolf1066): A woman formerly from New Zealand with an unusually pale left arm compared with the rest of her skin tone. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Mid-to-late 20s, purple shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Black hat with cattleman crease, white band and silver crossed-rifle badge, mauve T-shirt, purple shooting vest with Beretta logo, IPSC shield, Silver Fern and "Wellington Gun Club" patches sewn on it, purple trousers, adventure-riding motorcycle boots and armoured black Moto-X gloves.
  • James Turner (Wolf1066): An Englishman, formerly a Grenadier Serjeant (sic) in Thomas Farrington's Regiment. One of "The Mad Bastards", a group of friends from Terra Nova Picture Mid 30s, long dark hair in a ponytail, blue eyes and clean shaven. Black tricorne, blue T-shirt, dark green fishing/hunting vest, brown duster, brown plus fours, black leather riding boots and black leather gloves.
  • Kaitlyn Reid (Wolf1066): a woman with a "Kiwi" (New Zealand) accent, unnaturally green eyesnote , "elfin" features and pointed earsnote . Picture Indeterminate age, dark pixie-cut hair. Tan hat with pinch-front crease, dark brown band with silver conchos, green T-shirt, dark grey hooded zip-front hoodie, black jeans, Trainers and black-and-grey riding gloves.

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