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  • Survival of the Fittest character Vesa Turunen went from an upbeat jock concerned for the well-being of his best friend to a deathseeking psycho almost entirely lacking in empathy, devoid of any real Character Development to get to this point.
    • This has been a common complaint in regards to v4 character Liam Brooks' Face–Heel Turn, in that the transition to Ax-Crazy felt rushed.
  • Compare The Nostalgia Critic in his last Plot Hole appearance to his state in "The Review Must Go On" a month later. The former is still snarky, but more caring, more mature and finally doing a job he loves. The latter hounds Doug into bringing him back, insults with homophobic slurs, is played uncomfortably evil and apparently his desperate desire to atone in To Boldly Flee was a paradox.
    • Chester A Bum. He was a drug-addled Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant woobie who nevertheless came off as a sweet optimistic guy with intelligent opinions hidden under the insanity. But 2013 had him go on completely lucid rants where he slut shames Former Child Stars, makes Prison Rape jokes and complains about anyone offended by racism.
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    • Almost mockingly done with Santa Christ. Pre-Son of the Mask, he was the only purely good member of Channel Awesome and all the psuedo-sociopath reviewers treated him like a Team Dad. He could hold a grudge and there was an end to his patience, but he was an overall Nice Guy. In Critic's reboot however, he's bloodthirsty, stupid, quick to anger, tells Critic he's made to suffer and makes him cry, is friends with the devil and is openly told he has a sadist side.
  • The title character of Chad Vader, in earlier episodes was a more direct parody of his famous, elder brother; having similar character traits and motifs, though not as intelligent, charismatic or successful as Darth Vader. In later seasons however, Chad has devolved into more of an idiotic, petty, cowardly, manchild, that just happens to wear armor, identical to that of the infamous Sith Lord.'
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  • Coach Z, Homestar Runner's coach. Originally, he was a well-meaning coach with a speech impediment. Now... well, the Homestar Runner fan wiki has a list of his "more than two praeblems". As said elsewhere on this wiki, though, this is arguably for the better.


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