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Comic Strips


  • Infinity Game: Isolation and the importance of real connections between people.

Web Animation

Web Original

  • SCP Foundation: How necessary is it to conceal the truth behind terrible secrets, in order to try and protect the entire universe?
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Community. Even if the various citizens disagree, or outright menace each other, Night Vale is still a group of people committed to getting through their imperfect lives as best they can with their fellow citizens.
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  • The Whateley Universe seems to be fundamentally about prejudice. In a super hero world, there's prejudice against mutants and their powers, but in a lot of ways the stories are at least as much about prejudice against LGBT people, since every one in Team Kimba is a mutant who is LGBT in some way, perhaps against their will.
  • Worm: People need to learn to communicate with each other, lest we tear each other apart.

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