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Celebrity Paradox / Advertising

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  • The Nespresso ad campaign stars George Clooney as Himself and John Malkovich as God. The former never comments on the resemblance.
  • This political ad for Bridget Mary McCormack (a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court) — besides causing Squee! for fans seeing the cast of The West Wing together again — mentions that candidate McCormack is the sister of Mary McCormack. Of course, Mary McCormack played Kate Harper on the show and in the ad... so CJ naturally has never heard of her. Lampshaded by this (at 2:12):
    CJ: Quick question...
    Josh: Who's Mary McCormack?
    CJ: Who's McCormack?
    Kate Harper: (as she randomly walks in) No clue, but something tells me she's delightful, whip-smart, possibly hot... hard to say, really. C'mon, we're walking and talking.
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  • If the X-Men movies were in the same continuity as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy, some of the mutants must have wondered why J. Jonah Jameson was training insurance agents (for Farmers insurance).


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