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  • "I've heard it both ways." "No you have not, Shawn!"
    • Lassie gets in on the act where he goes to question a suspect called "Paget", which Shawn says is pronounced "Pah-zhay". Paget affirms what Shawn says, and Lassie steals the catchphrase.
    • To say nothing of a guest star in "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode" pirating the line apropos of nothing.
  • "You know that's right."
  • [Gus walks into any given room] "Shawn!" Lampshaded in the Episode Commentary of "Mr. Yin Presents".
    Andy Berman: One of the scenes we knew had to be in this episode was when Gus walks into the room and yells "Shawn!"
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  • "I can't do this with you right now."
  • Gus's go-to conversation starter: "You heard about Pluto? That's messed up."
  • "What!" (highpitched; mostly Gus)
  • Shawn's "Wait for it. Wait for iiiiiiiiiit..."
  • Gus's "I hear that."
  • Shawn periodically adding the suffix "-ish" when describing something.
  • Gus's "You must be outta your damn mind."
  • Gus's "It's a company car, Shawn."
  • "Gus, don't be [insert random strange phrase here]."
    • Exactly one half of an eleven-pound Black Forest Ham.
    • This crevice on my arm.
    • A gooey chocolate chip cookie.
    • The American adaptation of the British Gus.
    • An old sponge with hair hanging off it.
    • A myopic Chihuahua.
    • A giant snapping turtle.
    • Nic Cage's accent in Con Air.
    • Such a gloomy you.
    • The only black lead on a major cable network (whoops, too late).
    • The comma in Earth, Wind & Fire (in The Movie).
  • "I like it. I like it very much."
  • "Gus, can we go into the [something I don't want you to be doing/talking about] room and talk for a second?
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  • "I'm sensing something!"
  • "Suck it!" has been one for a while, usually with Shawn and Gus shouting it back and forth at each other. Season 7 takes this Up to Eleven with the two of them singing "Suck it" in harmony.
  • More recently, Shawn and Gus have both begun using Ed Lover's catchphrase, "C'mon, son!"
  • Lassiter telling Shawn "I would rather [insert hilarious imagery here]" than do something that Shawn suggests.
    • Shower with a bear.
    • French kiss a hobo.
    • Adopt a child. funny, because his wife, Marlowe, gives birth to his child in S8.
    • Spend all day at the mall with Mc Nab.
    • Learn to play the harp.
    • Spend the rest of my life at Lilith Fair.
    • Fall in love with a vegan.
  • "You can't call shotgun on a [uncommon vehicle/mode of transportation], Shawn!"
  • Shawn's dramatically-emphasized "Me!"


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