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  • Archipelago: Captain Syn frames Anthony for murdering his wife and has him thrown into the sea. Three weeks later when Anthony (now called Blitz) washes up on Ruin Island, he attempts this again by attempting to murder Lucas, then setting up Blitz to be literally caught red-handed, crouched over him, blooded knife in hand.
  • Bardsworth. This strip, and this one too.
  • Bronze Skin Inc: Julia won't believe Dante when he says the superhero Titan Tits is the giantess Helena, despite both being giantesses with blue hair. Julia thinks Titan Tits is a regular woman with growing powers.
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  • Bug Martini has a particularly ridiculous one: "Son, there's no such thing as zombies...", which the cop says to a zombie.
  • Dominic Deegan:
    • The eponymous seer runs into this problem when he tries to convince Chance Masters and his family that an extradimensional monster will kill Chance if he participates in an upcoming tournament. They believe he is a charlatan who is trying to exploit them. A fairly justified example: Dominic had a nervous breakdown in public on his record, the threat he is trying to warn them about would be unbelievable to anyone without Dominic's unique perspective, and the Beast is invisible to most seers — Dominic can only see it due to unique circumstances. Also, the Master family had had first person experience with being conned by someone claiming to be a seer who had seen a vision of impending danger to them.
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    • Prento, one of Dominic's students, thought he was suffering from a rare disorder common to seers known as "stress contagion" and it would lead to a city-destroying "Mindbreak". His classmates thought he was just overthinking things and their teacher just needed to relax a bit. Unfortunately Prento was right, though some very powerful people collaborated to avert Mindbreak.
  • Ears for Elves: After meeting Rolan for the first time, Tanna isn't sure of what she saw — it happened too fast — and tries to explain it to Myari and Elon. They don't believe her.
    Myari: Oh Tanna, you've been pushing yourself too hard! You're talking crazy!
    Elon: Perhaps you should rest for a moment...
  • Subverted in this El Goonish Shive. A number of people describe a battle between a superhero and a fire monster that took place in the parking lot of a comic book shop. Naturally, the police officer responding to this disturbance doesn't believe them, and even mocks them for expecting him to believe such a ridiculous tale. However, several of the witnesses recorded the whole thing on their cell phones, and show him the evidence. He quickly changes his tune.
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  • The Fox Sister: The comic doesn't actually show it, but it's easy to imagine how Yun Hee's eccentrics of accusing her sister to be a shape-shifting fox demon after waking up in the hospital are received.
  • At the end of the "To Thine Own Self" arc of General Protection Fault, Trudy tells the rest of the cast that she wants to stay behind in the Nega-verse and atone for what she did, knowing that it's better than going to jail for the rest of her life, and asks that they bring her counterpart to the real world. The building shakes, knocking Trudy out, and Nega-Trudy comes to, putting on the pin to make them think she's the real Trudy. She then tells them to take the real Trudy back, claiming that she will be delusional after coming to and will falsely claim to be the real Trudy. Trudy attempts to explain that she is the real one several times, but to no avail.
  • Get Medieval: Sir Gerard went on a pilgrimage to Santiago and wound up piloting a spaceship to the moon. When he tells Lady Eleanor this....
  • Girl Genius: Nobody believes Aldin's stories about the adventures his brother drags him on. They're just that weird.
    Larana: Well, Aldin, if you didn't write such fantastical reports...
    Aldin: I am incapable of making things up! It all happened! No one ever believes me, but it happened!
    Larana: Even the—
    Aldin: Yes, even the thing with the naked mole rat queen.
    Dimo: Hoo Hoo! Sounds spicy!
    Aldin: It was not. I assure you.
  • Sydney of Grrl Power is a lousy liar. But after making up half a dozen ridiculous stories about the mailing tube she always carries on her back, she gives up:
    Sydney: Fine... it's full of... ancient artifacts that give me superpowers?
    Joel: Fine, don't tell me.
  • Homestuck:
    • Dave suggests a great subversion:
      TG: skepticism is the crutch of cinematic troglodytes
      like hey mom dad theres a dinosaur or a ghost or whatever in my room. "yeah right junior go back to bed"
      fuck you mom and dad how many times are we going to watch this trope unfold it wasnt goddamn funny the first time i saw it
      just once id like to see dad crap his pants when a kid says theres a vampire in his closet
      be fuckin dad of the year right there
    • Later played heart-rendingly straight in this memo from Karkat to the troll's past selves. During it, a few of the people who really should be paying the most attention to it miss the point or dismiss it as more of Karkat's outrageous nonsense. Namely, Feferi, Eridan, and Gamzee, who have respectively: died at the hands of Eridan, switched sides and killed two people as well as possibly blinded a third, and gone completely batshit insane and gone on a killing spree.
    • Roxy seems to know more about Betty Crocker and her true intentions than anybody else seen so far (save for Nannasprite). However, Jane, the one person who needs to know these things the most, refuses to believe her. Jane's disbelief is justified because she's being brainwashed and Roxy is a Hard-Drinking Party Girl. Jake seems to believe what she has to say.
    • Later, undyingUmbrage warns Dirk (correctly) that Lil' Cal is an abomination that can only lead to pain and suffering for all, even noting that awareness of this is so important, he's willing to give the warning despite being a complete asshole. Naturally, Dirk assumes this is more jerkery and professes Lil' Cal to be his best friend.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, if you bother to phone the local police about all the aliens and bigfeet and whatnot in the neighborhood, they never believe it. Even if you manage to physically drag them to the scene, inevitably everything will have returned to normal by the time they arrive.
    Officer Robbin: "Oh grow up!" *click!*
  • Ingrid The Plague Doctor: The phrase "No one is ever going to believe you" has become a Running Gag, usually being stated after Ingrid does something uncharacteristic (like show a mean pig her true face).
  • The Last Halloween: The authorities dismiss all the "crank calls" regarding monsters invading on Halloween. This leads to the moral of the trope being very explicitly illustrated.
  • A Loonatic's Tale: Riley often sees unsettling or downright sinister things going on around him (like a bug zapper that can fry a songbird, or, in a particularly Fourth-Wall Observer moment, the bush outside his house as seen from the perspective of a man with a cartoonishly Sugar Bowl worldview), but no one ever believes him when he tries to warn them.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Kind of inverted with the Oracle, who has a spell placed over his entire valley, so that once people leave they forget everything about their stay except for whatever prophecy he gave them. So, while they're able to act on the prophecy itself, anything else that happens in the valley is forgotten, including any plot-significant revelations or information. Needless to say, visits to the Oracle usually make hilarity ensue.
    • Another interesting example of this: Roy, suspecting that the Oracle will try to trick them with an overly-literal prophecy, carefully words his question about which of the Gates Xykon will attack next. However, the way Roy phrases this leaves out one of the possible Gates — which, as it turns out, is the one Xykon is going to attack next. The Oracle tries to explain this, but Roy refuses to believe him, and winds up accepting the literal answer to his question instead, even though it's not accurate. He does eventually realize his mistake, though... just in time for the memory spell to come into effect, making him instantly forget it.
    • Yet another interesting example (though Played for Laughs) here — Haley tells the truth completely, but the others are suspicious of her — which is exactly what she wants. Haley quite often does this — with the Linear Guild and now with Elan's father. Is she the only one able to spot obviously evil people?
    • Explaining that he and a main character are wrongly imprisoned, Thog tells it just exactly like it is here:
      Thog: not nale. not-nale. thog help nail not-nale, not nale. and thog knot not-nale while nale nail not-nale. nale, not not-nale, now nail not-nale by leaving not-nale, not nale, in jail.
    • General Tarquin claims his latest wife had died of "Mysterious Circumstances". Not even the audience believes him on this one. Then we find out that Vaarsuvius's Familicide spell affected a bunch of people with the dragon in question's blood in their veins, and that Tarquin's wife was one of those people...
    • Belkar is the only member of The Order to realize that the vampire cleric travelling with them isn't actually Durkon, but rather another entity that is possessing his body. Of course, this being Belkar, no one believes him for a second.
  • Ozy and Millie:
    • Millie attempts to invoke it on herself here by means of doing various overly silly things.
    • In another incedent also involving "What I did for summer vacation" Ozy get's sent to the psychiatrist, only this time it wasn't his plan.
  • Questionable Content:
    • In this strip, Marten and Dora return from a "walk" with different clothes (in particular, Marten is wearing Dora's trousers) and a completely incredible story involving kung-fu monks. Faye obviously doesn't believe them... but it turns out to be the truth.
    • Then here, Marten explains that he came home late with a stop sign in his hand because he and Steve were fighting off a vigilante on a vespa who thought Steve was abusing his girlfriend. Dora immediately dismissed this explanation and decided he went to a strip club and brought home the stop sign as part of a cover-up. Factoring in the part where he would've had to somehow reason that stealing a stop sign was the best way to create a cover-up, this is one of the few examples where the implausible truth is actually less implausible than the thing everyone else assumes. Also kind of funny that Faye reasons he's telling the truth because the strip club part is too far-fetched.
    • Much later, and more mundanely, Angus doesn't believe Faye when she calls a no-go on suicide jokes, claiming her father killed himself in front of her. He thinks she's joking due to her regular antics - but as readers already know, this is indeed true and is the cause of all her issues. Once he realizes she's not joking, he runs out of the coffee shop in horror at his own reaction. When he tries to smooth things out later, she admits that had it not actually happened, she probably would have made jokes of it.
  • In Rusty and Co. Level 3, Mimic is being honest about the weird climax of the previous adventure, but isn't believed.
    Roxanne: Don't you believe in the power of music?
    Mimic: Hey, y're talkin' to the guy who won a rap battle for th' fate of the Universe.
    Roxanne: Mook, if you're not going to take this seriously...
  • In Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc it's revealed that when Ikuko thought Chibi Chibi was her daughter it was technically true. Chibi Chibi was a reincarnated Usagi.
  • Here in Sam & Fuzzy.
  • Satan and Me: A girl known to spread rumors tries to tell people that the main character, Nat, is friends with a demon. No one believes her.
  • Schlock Mercenary has an officer who got both this problem and its solution.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • In this strip, Bert predicts Torg "fleeing for his life while flying by the crotch planet in the giant space crotch," and Torg reacts exactly as you'd expect. Three and a half months later, Torg and Riff are riding the crotch of "GOFOTRON" past the "planet of the naked nymphomaniacs" to escape a warlord.
    • Played straight in this strip.
      Torg: Remember Oasis, the killer-robot who was ordered to love me and then blew up in a massive explosion with her creator?
      Riff: I was supposed to BELIEVE that? I thought it was "make up a big fat lie" day.
  • Something*Positive: Davan's Guide to Kinda, Sorta Parenting. "You're gonna have a newfound appreciation of any myth involving Cassandra."
  • Spacetrawler: Brekt, the "local nutcase". The conspiracy theories she spouts later turn out to have been pretty damn accurate.
  • Reynir from Stand Still, Stay Silent discovers that he can see ghosts and gets a vision telling him that they are not as harmless as other spirits while Lalli, the officially recognized mage of the crew, is in a Power-Strain Blackout induced Deep Sleep. Since Reynir's own status at the time is "guy who accidentally got delivered with the food and can't be sent back because he's not immune", he has quite a lot of trouble convincing Sigrun, the crew's captain, that they need to leave their camping site immediately. This is not helped by the fact that he doesn't speak Sigrun's language and his translator options are a guy who doesn't even believe spirits exist and someone who does believe in spirits but has a habit of omitting elements that don't make sense or seem too subjective to her from her translations.
  • In Weak Hero, a pretty girl at the cram school rips up Rowan's bag and then promises to get him a new one on the condition that he hold onto hers. When he tries to explain this to Eugene, the other boy (rather understandably) doesn't believe a word of it, particularly since it's Rowan talking.
  • Zebra Girl: After the "Sandra in the Outlands" arc, Sandra is turning over a new leaf and is truly repentant about her past actions. However, her former friends are not willing to listen when she says she's regretful and she misses them.


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