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  • Series 3 of Blackadder had an anarchist (played by series writer Ben Elton) throw one of these at the Prince of Wales who thinks it's just part of the play. It even worked like a cartoon bomb, as in the next scene George is fine save for a few bandages, commenting about how much of a close shave it was before changing the topic.
  • The Classic Concentration rebus for "blond bombshell" (#103 in Steve Ryan's book) includes this type of bomb.
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  • I Spy: Robert Culp lit one of these off his cigarette in the opening credits.
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel: One episode had the more realistic version; a hand-sized metal sphere with a fuse, used as a grenade.
  • In episode 8 of Monty Python's Flying Circus, the "It's" Man is handed one just before he says his word. It explodes over the closing credits.
  • Ultimate Force: Henno, having jumped out a transit stuffed with tertiary explosives, is on the cliff face when the van detonates, the yield supposedly capable of shifting an entire city block sideways, and Henno climbs up with no apparent ill effects from an overpressure that would normally have collapsed his lungs, throat and sinuses.
  • The dungeoneers of Knightmare would run across a room-sized Cartoon Bomb from time to time, causing panic and hasty directions to head towards the nearest exit.
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  • The Avengers: A pair of vaudeville clowns kill off a number of folks — one with such a bomb, complete with "BOMB" painted on it in big white letters.
  • On Married... with Children, one is used to try to kill the Bundy family in England. It gets pushed into an elevator with the D'arcys, where it explodes. The elevator opens to show Jefferson and Marcy with burnt clothes, wild hair and stunned expressions, but generally OK, meaning the cartoon bomb actually behaved like it was in a cartoon!
  • Used occasionally on The Muppet Show.
    • The Swedish Chef finds one in a coconut; a chicken being cooked by the chef lays one; one is used in Rowlf's version of "The Cat Came Back", and one is even used as a joke by Statler and Waldorf.
    • The Swedish Chef successfully cooks a chicken with one on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
    • Crazy Harry, the show's pyrotechnics "expert", would almost never appear without a lit one of these, a lit stick of dynamite or a Plunger Detonator.
  • Mythbusters:
    • A Don't Try This at Home promo spot has Jamie holding one of these while wearing a bomb suit. After Adam spouts the line and makes a break for it stage right, Jamie holds up a sign which says, "Not a Real Bomb".
    • In the "Dive to Survive" myth, when J.D. is setting up some plastic C4, Jamie comes up to remold it into a ball and cover it in black tape specifically to invoke this look. Quoth J.D.:
  • The opening theme of Mission: Impossible has Ethan Hunt walking on a high wire with a fuse burning it away behind him. Sure enough, at the end he reaches a bomb and jumps for safety as it blows up.
  • Saturday Night Live: Gilly's "Christmas Ornament" (from "A Very Gilly Christmas").
  • One of these shows up in the early Doctor Who story "The Dalek Invasion of Earth." Interestingly it was designed to be an atypical bomb — one that could melt through the normally invulnerable Dalek casings before exploding. Even better, the stereotyped bomb was developed by the leader of the resistance, a sterotyped anarchist.
  • The Goodies are strapped to one by Mad Scientist Rat Fink Petal (played by Patrick Troughton).
  • A Running Gag during some comedy skits in the Japanese Game Show Takeshi's Castle, even though it comes in many forms of explosives, comedically resulting in Clothing Damage and an Ash Face.
  • In Power Rangers Dino Charge, the bomb the villains hid to get rid of the Rangers (not caring about a good chunk of the city being wrecked too, natch) didn't have the fuse but was black and spherical.


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