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    Season 1 
The Secret
  • In “The Gi” the video from “The Secret”, which came after is on a thumbnail.

    Season 2 
The Game
  • Dodj or Daar (the game invented by Gumball and Darwin) reappears and has a major role. This episode is its second appearance (first prominent one) in season 2.
The Finale
  • There are lots of flashbacks from previous episodes, causing several events of the episode to happen.

    Season 3 
The Name
  • There are lots of flashbacks from previous episodes that are altered by Zach.
The Void
  • Molly returns to the show, but she was absent for season 2 (save for cameos on pictures from "The Words" and "The Sidekick"). Not only does she return, but her return is the entire plot for the episode.
  • Rob appears in the void of mistakes, which was more than likely because he was forgettable in "The Pony".
The Oracle
  • When Darwin sees Banana Barbara's painting of him and Carrie kissing each other (from "Halloween"), he seems embarrassed about it.
  • Anais encounters a painting of her and her brothers sneaking into Tina Rex's bedroom to get Daisy the Donkey back (from "The Quest").
The Nobody
  • Rob becomes the Big Bad. And it is because he was ignored by Gumball and Darwin during the events of "The Void".
  • Masami's Rich Bitch personality is briefly referenced in this episode. She was revealed to be a Rich Bitch in "The Words" and was the antagonist in "The Storm".

    Season 4 
The Nemesis
  • Rob, the person who swore to get revenge on Gumball and Darwin for ignoring him, reappears. And he officially becomes their nemesis.
The Signature
  • Richard's father, Frankie (who was mentioned in "The Man" that he went away to buy milk years ago) not only returns, but the fact that he "went away to buy milk" is also referenced.
The Pest
  • Gumball succeeds in transforming into a Super Saiyan. He tries to transform into a Super Saiyan before, in "The Others".
  • Anais abhors Billy, which is because the latter admitted to hating Daisy the Donkey in "The Egg".
The Uploads
  • Rob appears on an Elmore Stream video, saying "Revenge". This is obviously because of the incident that happened during the events of "The Void".
The Love
  • Rob says "love has no name". In "The Pony", Gumball and Darwin completely forgot about his name. It's not just a coincidence
The Nest
  • The Evil Turtle has another major role. And she is now revealed to be pregnant.
The Bus
  • Rob tells Gumball that he is Dr. Wrecker to him. Dr. Wrecker is Rob's alias as of "The Nemesis".
The Scam
  • Gumball says he thought he would have 15 minutes of fame. He said that before in “The Oracle”.
The Disaster
  • Rob says he will destroy everyone Gumball loves. He said this in "The Nobody".
  • Rob accidentally hits the rewind button, causing him to go back in time... to the events of "The Void" and "The Nobody"!

    Season 5 
The Stories
  • Molly is said to be boring in "The Void". She really is boring in "The Stories"...
  • Gumball said in "The Apology" that it would be cool to see Tina Rex and Bobert fight against each other. Guess what? This happens for real in this episode!
The Matchmaker
  • Carrie and Darwin's crushes on each other were referenced in "The Scam" and "Halloween". In this episode it is not only referenced again but now they become an Official Couple.
  • The ability to summon ghosts by saying their names five times is reused (Gumball summoned Carrie). You can just say their names thrice to summon ghosts, though.
  • Carrie's ability to possess people and control them happens again. It happened before in "The Ghost" and "The Mirror.
    • Jealousy can possess people too, though.

    Season 6 
The ShippeningThe Transformation
  • Penny is out of her shell ever since "The Shell" (excluding some animation errors where she is on the school bus, still in her shell). This episode even revolves around her shell being taken off!
The Future
  • Banana Barbara's ability to paint the future from "The Oracle" has a major role in this episode.
  • Excluding the painting of the Wattersons in the void, Banana Barbara's paintings contain scenes of previous episodes.note 
The Inquisition
  • The guy in static from "The Future" appears in this episode, and is Superintendent Evil.
  • Banana Barbara's painting of Rob falling into the void from "The Future" also happens in this episode.
  • Gumball calls Miss Simian two-faced. Nicole called Miss Simian a two-faced baboon in "The Ape" though.

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