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  • The Brewing Network: For a long time, JP. After some years though he lost it and told the others that the insults they were hanging off him were actually getting to him and they should lay off a little. There are still jokes about JP, but they are less harsh as they originally were.
  • A fictional example: Gary Bellamy from Down the Line. Not only does he have to put up with his many bizarre callers, he's been drugged, had his money stolen and been attacked by ghosts. He always seems to come right back for more, though.
  • Bryan "Flounder" Schlossberg, from Elliot In The Morning. Elliot and The Class (though usually just Elliot) make fun of him for everying they can think of, including his real name, address, local hangout spots, alleged Marajuana use, and his blatant fanboyism of Hulk Hogan, Comic Books, and Power Rangers.
  • Greg T, the Round Headed Frat Boy, of Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Zoo in New York.
  • The Goon Show:
    • Bluebottle (though there's a reasonable number of Goon Shows where the whole cast dies, or is screwed over).
    • Neddy Seagoon probably qualifies too, given that he's usually the target of Grytpype-Thynne's schemes.
  • Denis King — supporting actor and piano accompanist — was this on Hello Cheeky, constantly insulted by the others for his height and alleged inability to play the piano.
    Barry: Ladies and gentlemen, as a favor to music lovers everywhere, I shall now kick Denis King.
    Barry: ...It might not be very entertaining, but it's done me a power of good.
  • Gary Dell'Abate A.K.A. "Baba Booey" from The Howard Stern Show. He got that nickname over twenty years ago for pronouncing a cartoon character's name wrong, and that's probably one of the nicer things that's happened to him over the years.
  • Karl Pilkington in Ricky Gervais' radio and podcast series, The Ricky Gervais Show. Despite it being Gervais' goal to make Pilkington a bona fide star, he introduces him as "a shaven monkey with a head like a f*** ing orange", and it all goes downhill from there.