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  • A variation is Billy Gunn, if only because of how Ken Shamrock brought so much more enthusiasm to the task of beating him up than anyone else did, with no explanation ever offered.
  • Chavo Guerrero as well. While not as great as his uncle Eddie, Chavo's a pretty solid wrestler, but constantly gets stuck in this position. Hell, he's had months-long feud where all he does is repeatedly job to Hornswoggle, the wrestling leprechaun. Not to mention that during the infamous "Eddiesploitation" period, it was Rey Mysterio who was pushed as the inheritor of Eddie's legacy despite Eddie's nephew and long-time tag team partner being right there on the roster.
  • Bobby Heenan was probably the trope definer in wrestling, with his reactions depending on the context. It ranged from:
    • Vengeful: During an installment of a Talk Show with Fists called "Blackjack's BBQ" (with Blackjack Mulligan as host), Mulligan invited Heenan (by now, bitter enemies), along with Ken Patera and Big John Studd, onto his show to try out saddles. Various saddles didn't fit Heenan, but then one did ... and only after Heenan made himself comfortable did Mulligan reveal ... that it was a woman's saddle. Heenan's expression turned to disgust as he was made a fool, and immediately he, Studd and Patera beat the living daylights out of Mulligan ... until André the Giant (in his first U.S. televised appearance since his famous haircut, at Studd and Patera's hands) ran the heels off.
    • Bumbling fool: In a memorable skit on Prime Time Wrestling where Gorilla Monsoon, unknown to "the Brain," removed the microphone from the telephone and watched as Heenan couldn't figure out why nobody could hear him on the phone (itself a running gag). As Heenan still couldn't figure out what happened — with audible laughter coming from offstage and Monsoon also laughing out loud — the phone then began falling apart ... and Heenan still tried talking into the phone!
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    • How Monsoon and Vince McMahon introduced Heenan to Jamison, with no preparation. In latter-day interviews, comedian, improv actor and producer Andrew Kindler (who played Jamison) recalled that he met McMahon at a nightclub and asked if he would play this ultimate mark, who dresses like a nerd and acts as though he had autism ... but not tell Heenan (who at the time was the host of a Prime Time Wrestling segment called "The Bobby Heenan Show," where outrageous guests came on to rib Heenan). The first meeting between Heenan and Jamison, and Heenan's reactions to Jamison's mannerisms, was genuine ... he was not told of him beforehand. Later, after a debriefing, Heenan and Kindler struck up a friendship that lasted until Heenan's passing ... and Heenan was the butt monkey of many a skit involving Jamison.
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    • A year after André the Giant turned face, he came onto Prime Time Wrestling to discuss wine making, including the old-fashioned way: stomping grapes. Who do you think he volunteered ... on a day where he was showing off his brand new sweater?
  • For TNA it's Eric Young, at least until he pulled a Who's Laughing Now? style Face–Heel Turn.
  • In the lead up to the 1,000th episode of Raw, Heath Slater fulfilled this role, with his overzealous ego causing him to run afoul of WWE legends, who are more than happy to put the One-Man Band in his place.
    • He eventually came to form a stable with fellow Butt Monkeys Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre called 3MB in hopes of improving their fortunes. If anything, it made them worse.
  • Jamie Noble. Other than managing to beat up CM Punk and Chuck Palumbo, and being one of the first guys to put up a serious fight against Vladimir Kozlov, the last few years of his WWE career featured him getting humiliated by the likes of Hornswoggle and Vickie Guerrero.
  • Ben Dejo and Marty Con Dejo from the Team 3D Academy. Their are pretty cool to those who speak Spanish but unfortunately are also single letters away from translating into the trope title and they often are.
  • Oh, boy, Jillian Hall. Hell she could even be the new trope namer, crossed with The Woobie. Around 2007 they gave her a Hollywood Tone-Deaf gimmick that Hulk Hogan viewed as Take That! to daughter Brooke Hogan who was trying to have a music career. When Jillian got moved to Raw she became a joke and jobber and existed for four years being made fun of for her bad singing. The problem was this not being a mockery of Brooke and Jillian was just sent out to look like an idiot who had idea how badly she came off to people. In both 2009 and 2010 she had only one pinfall victory that she got herself. She actually managed to capture the Divas' title from Mickie James...only to lose it to Melina about two minutes later. Then there's that one-sided feud with the Jerk Sues the Bella Twins.
  • JBL later pulled the same trick, rigging a poll in order to beat up Shannon Moore, which he did rather easily. Poor Shannon
  • Ken Anderson. In just one week, he was assaulted by: Sting, Sting again, Matt Hardy, Abyss, Sting again again, Sting a fourth time, Hulk Hogan, Sting yet again, and Rob Van Dam. Seems like people just can't resist beating up the asshole like Sting.
  • Tara could have possibly been considered one since she arrived in TNA. First she had to face ridicule from then-Knockouts Champion ODB for being a "(WWE) Diva," even after beating her for the title. Afterwards, her pet spider Poison is stolen by Daffney Unger and only manages to get it back via an event which also leads to her losing her title in very ridiculous manner and when she does get a chance to get the title back, it's via a tag match in which she gets pinned! That in particular seemed to be the last straw as, like Eric Young above, she had pulled a Who's Laughing Now? style Face–Heel Turn. Her tenure in TNA columnated in losing a career vs. title match against Madison Rayne...
    • Only to return after spending about two months "disguised" in a biker outfit, win the Knockouts title in her first pay-per-view match back, and then drop the title on the ensuing edition of Impact by BEING FORCED TO LAY DOWN FOR MADISON. And let's not even start with the majority of her run in WWE as Victoria, where she would job to anything that moves, wear ridiculous Haloween outfits, and even dance like a fool at one point with no explanation.
  • Miss Elizabeth, particularly for every storyline starting with Randy Savage vs. Honky Tonk Man feud. In the process, she's been shoved to the canvass several times (and sexually harassed several times by the same man), had her wrist nearly broken by a man three times her size, was pulled into the ring by the roots of her hair by a man six times her size (the same man also broke her ankle at least once), was thrown across the room by an irate Savage ... just less than 15 minutes after Savage was thrown on top of her and knocking her out, was verbally abused by "Sensational Sherri," was repeatedly targeted by Jake Roberts for his satanic games (including being slapped, made to grovel for Savage's safety, slapped again, and nearly had a snake thrown on her to bite her!), and scandalized at least twice (including once by Ric Flair).
  • Molly Holly circa 2002, during the 'junk in your trunk' angle where her entire existence was an excuse for people to make fun of her derriere - especially since she was Women's Champion at the time! She actually managed to make it worse by allowing it to be revealed on more than one occasion that she wore granny panties.
  • Santino Marella. When he's not doing something to hurt/humiliate himself (like trying to mimic Melina Perez's entrance, which involves doing the splits, and hurting his crotch in the worst possible way) or getting dumped when the dummy he's dating abruptly grows a brain, he's getting mauled by everyone up to and including the weakest females on the roster. It was vaguely implied his former girlfriend Beth Phoenix occasionally beat him up just for the hell of it.
    • The ultimate humiliation in pro wrestling has to be when one of the fan favorites screws you over and the audience thinks it's funny. That's what happened to Santino when Shawn Michaels kicked him in the face backstage when Santino was rehearsing his "acting skills."
    • Following his face turn, Santino seems to have Took a Level in Badass and became a more competent tag team partner of Vladmir Kozlov. Since his overall quirkiness still remains, he still gets it once in while, but then again, how many comical wrestlers don't?
      • As of the 3/5/12 episode of Raw, Santino has taken another level in badass after winning the United States Championship from Jack Swagger.
  • Shannon Moore....where do I begin? Was treated this way by Matt Hardy at the height of Mattitude, often getting physical attacks for losing or costing Matt a match. When Matt defected to Raw, the role of Shannon's tormenter went to Paul Heyman, who continously booked Shannon in unwinnable matches (though Moore defeated A-Train) and rigged a poll so he would be Brock Lesnar's opponant for the WWE Title.
  • And don't forget the original Butt Monkeys during the WWE's "Attitude Era," the Spanish Announce Team, whose table would be broken in just about every episode of Raw.
    • It's still in effect, even though it usually only appears at Pay-Per-Views these days, if you see it, you know it isn't surviving the night.
  • Dragon Gate's Naoki Tanizaki. He came from through the Toryumon training systemnote  and apparently someone's unwilling to let him forget it. He's been put in way more than his share of humiliating angles, e.g. being forced to wear an olympic-style speedo swimsuit and then lose cleanly to Stalker Ichikawa. More recently, he lost the rights to his name to the former Tomahawk T.T., who got more of a push impersonating Naoki than Naoki ever did. And he was forced to change his name to Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin. Even after winning the rights to his name back, he "decided" to keep Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin in it.
  • Believe it or not, this trope also applies to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself! He never wins at WrestleMania (go ahead and check), was the personal punching bag of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for a good two years, and was subjected to a seemingly never-ending Humiliation Conga (having crap dumped on him, getting peed on, nearly getting blown up, etc.) when DeGeneration X took over Monday Night Raw in the summer of 2006. Granted he brought it on himself a lot of times and on occasions often dished out as much as he took (the DX feud for example was in retaliation to an endless amount of abuse and humiliating stipulations handed to both HBK and HHH after they got a little too impudent around him) but still his indignities often overshadow the majority of examples here.
    • Vince comes off as almost heroic in these cases when you remember that this punishment he takes is completely by his own choice. Look it up, he never, ever comes out ahead in a feud. Even in the rare cases where he's the face, The Bad Guy Wins. Vince pretty much says that he's a natural villain and shouldn't come out on top.
    • His daughter, the Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon, was also a Butt Monkey herself during much of the Attitude Era, especially at the hands of Chris Jericho and The Rock who never missed an opportunity to give her a verbal beatdown. One year, they even made a compilation of her most embarrassing moments.
      • Averted nowadays as the most humiliating moments she has had in recent times have been few and far between, most notably Vickie's revenge on her for getting fired, and her run-in with Ronda Rousey.
  • Zack Ryder seems to have been reduced to this as well in recent times, as he has been getting repeatedly pummeled by Kane, humiliated and used by a scheming Eve Torres, and jobbing to wrestlers who are less popular than him (usually after a crowd-pleasing Broski Boot and a failed attempt to pull off a Rough Ryder).
    • He finally gets his revenge on the 7/3/2012 edition of Super Smackdown, by eliminating Kane from the battle royal and throwing punch on Eve.
  • Many Caged Heat Radio hosts, such as Steven Cage, Amber Rodriguez and especially Jorge Alonso, whose status extends beyond the radio and web clips into other programs.
  • These are called "jobbers" in the business - wrestlers whose sole purpose is to regularly come out and be on the receiving end of a Squash Match to try and put the other wrestler over as dominant and/or a heel.
  • In the later D-Generation X runs, Shawn Michaels fulfilled this role, often being the victim of (comical) physical abuse. This was best exemplified in the "One Night Only" DX reunion in 2007, where Shawn was attacked by both the Boogeyman and, saddest of all, Hornswoggle. It even extends to matches — Shawn is usually the one who plays the role of Ricky Morton, in which he's beaten like a bag of puppies until he makes the hot tag to Hunter and they hit their double finishers.
  • MizTV always ends with someone getting beaten up and/or humiliated. Much to his misfortune and everyone else's amusement, that person is usually The Miz himself.
  • Seth Rollins became this, as WWE World Heavyweight Champion no less. He's hated by every other main eventer on the show, gets his ass kicked and pinned on RAW way more than he should, and gets humiliated rather frequently. However, considering how much of a Dirty Coward Smug Snake he's been since he stabbed the rest of The Shield in the back and turned heel, including the manner in which he won the title in the first place, a lot of it can be seen as Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Byron Saxton seems to exist on the RAW announce team for the purpose of being insulted by JBL and even his fellow babyface announcer Michael Cole.

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