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  • Most Drummers and/or Bassists out there. Keyboardists when there is one at all.
  • Songs about butt monkeys are abundant in Punk. One butt-relevant example shall suffice. It comes from German polit punks "Abwärts" on "Ich seh die Schiffe den Fluss hinunterfahrn" and, minus the poetry, goes about "If shit turns gold, you would be born butt-less."
  • Benny, from The Axis of Awesome. Their intro overlooks him, and many of their sketches (The Glorious Epic of Three Men being the only one that comes immediately to mind) place him in the role of the helpless victim in some way.
  • Daniel Amos wrote two songs about being a butt monkey, on Vox Humana:
    • “As the World Turns” has the chorus:
    As the world turns, it slaps me hard
    As the world turns, it tells me I’m weak
    As the world turns, I drop my guard
    As the world turns, I turn the other cheek
  • Most celebrities are butt monkeys of the famous rapper Eminem's jokes in his songs (Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, etc.) One case, Dr. Dre, fits Biting-the-Hand Humor.
  • 2-D of the Gorillaz often fills this role, volleying between The Chew Toy and The Woobie parts. He's quite the Extreme Doormat, especially to the sociopathic Murdoc.
  • Nick "Peanut" Baines, the keyboardist of Kaiser Chiefs, is the Butt-Monkey of the band. Just look at what the singer said about him on his Wikipedia page; "He likes to go the front and clap, and while he was at the front clapping, we all went off. Left him there on his own."
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  • Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island comes off as one. This is most notable in "I'm on a Boat", where Andy chooses T-Pain to go on the boat with him and Kiv, rather than Jorma. The rest of the video is filled with shots of Jorma suffering or doing mundane things while the others are out having fun.
  • Ian Casselman from Marianas Trench constantly has jokes made at his expense. According to him, the nicest thing that singer Josh Ramsay ever said to him was that he was like Jar Jar Binks.
  • Jason Newsted, former bassist of Metallica, was the Butt-Monkey of the band the entire time he was a part of them. He was always the target of the band's pranks, his bass playing was almost completely mixed out of ...And Justice For All, and he was hated by the majority of the fanbase simply because he wasn't Cliff. Luckily Rob Trujillo, Jason's replacement, hasn't received much of this treatment.
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  • OFWGKTA members Jasper and Taco are often ridiculed in-song for their Stylistic Suck Piss Take Raps (particularly by Earl Sweatshirt), while Tyler often finds himself the victim of his own Comedic Sociopathy.
  • In Paramore, the band seem to really enjoy making jokes at Hayley's expense. In an unknown amount of clips, if one is being embarrassed or teased, its probably her. Possibly due to her status as Face of the Band, possibly on account of being the smallest, or possibly being the only girl. Either way, they really enjoy locking her out of the stage door and threatening to kill her on camera.
  • Flake Lorenz. Literally, as Rammstein's gigs often feature frontman Till Lindemann simulate anal sex on the unfortunate keyboard player with a squirting dildo, and cook him in a pot before setting him on fire. Also doubles as the band's Chew Toy. His entry on The Other Wiki has more details.
  • Guitarist Jack Sherman was this when he was in Red Hot Chili Peppers due to having a completely different personality to the rest of the band members. Of particular annoyance to singer Anthony Kiedis was Sherman's insistence in using a guitar string lubricant called Fingerease, which was counterintuitive to the band's reckless style of playing.
    • Sherman, Dave Navarro, and a few other ex-Peppers were also effectively Butt Monkeys when they were excluded from the band's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction due to their not playing on multiple albums nor being original members.
    • John Frusciante was also treated somewhat badly by Anthony Kiedis during his first tenure with the band, but it wasn't obvious to Kiedis because Frusciante's public persona was so hyperactive. Perhaps out of apology, when Frusciante rejoined the band he effectively became the leader.
  • Ruben Valtierra, who handles keyboard duties for "Weird Al" Yankovic while on tour. In part because he's been with Al's band the least amount of time (which is still twenty years at this point), and in part because he does the least on the albums themselves (usually backup keyboards, with Al handling main duties), he gets mocked frequently on tour, humiliated as part of between-song skits, and teased reguarly on Al's website. He didn't get to appear on an album's liner notes at all until Running With Scissors... and was then shown face-down with scissors sticking out of his back. His first non-humiliating appearance in the liner notes is 2011's Alpocalypse.
  • When the Rat Pack would do their live shows at Vegas venues such as the Sands, Sammy Davis Jr. would usually be the Butt-Monkey, with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin heckling him offstage.
  • S Club 7 - As the new millenium wore on, most of their record sales and their career started to wane and split up eventually in 2003.
    • As of now, most of their records are no longer sold in record stores.
  • The novelty song "The Thing" is about a man who finds a box containing unidentified contents on the beach and being stuck with it for the rest of his life (and even longer). He tries to sell the box to a shopkeeper he knew who would buy most anything, but the shopkeeper responds to seeing the box's contents by kicking the man out of his store and threatening to call the police. After that, the man tries to give the box to his wife, but she responds by kicking her husband out and telling him to never return. The man then tries to give the box to a hobo asking for a handout, but the hobo runs away as soon as he sees what's in the box. The penultimate verse has the man die and go to Heaven after being stuck with the box for years, only to be forced to take the box with him to Hell when St. Peter sees it. By the end of the song, the man tells the listener that they should never open any strange boxes they may find on the beach, warning them that nothing they can do will rid them of whatever is in the box.

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