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  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: Tamaki really can't catch a break - he ends up getting kicked into the red lion, and then passes out from shock when Voltron unveils itself.
  • James, the main character, is this in the Worm/Gamer crossover story Co-op Mode. It's part of the charm of the entire story.
  • Palpatine is clearly one from Wolf's Craziness Candy Jedi Knights And What. Wolf despises him, so therefore the universe does as well.
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  • Over the course of Cross Cases, Crowley does not have a very good time in the Dresdenverse. He tries to cut a deal with a warlock for his soul and nearly gets locked up on Demonreach while fulfilling his end of the bargain (himself, because he didn't have access to any of his agents that could do it for him), then gets his meatsuit turned into a frog for his troubles. He finds another meatsuit and goes to Sam for help, but Sam with Lucifer's help Force-chokes him and he threatens to kill Crowley before slapping him in demon handcuffs and frog-marching him back. Then Harry lets Alfred get petty and make Crowley trip over sudden tree roots and potholes, fall into puddles, get whacked by tree branches, and walk into swarms of mosquitoes on his way to the teleportation ritual site while gently aiding the others. And he didn't even get the warlock's soul out of this mess!
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  • In The Difference One Man Can Make, Maester Gareth is this to Harry's Clan due to him trying to "civilize" them. He later gives up and it gets somewhat better for him.
  • In the ED-Ucation fanfics, Nazz is treated like a Butt Monkey by Teacher.
  • Sometimes in The Infinite Loops, Loopers will take vengeance on nonlooping rivals by making them into this.
  • Sonic is usually the butt monkey in the Paper Mario X series. He gets tortured by water in each story and gets into a really bad situation before going on the team. He even got himself married to Amy, of all people! Amy insits they're husband and wife throughout the third story (even though we know what happened), which really gets on Sonic's nerves, but he's a butt monkey, what're gonna do?
    • Link's a candidate as well. When he's not being ridiculed for bad puns or his shroom-addicted ways, it's always for something unintelligent that he's done.
    • Knuckles as well, as even before joining Team Luigi, he's the target for Malon's otherwise rare snark.
    • True to form, Luigi as well, usually at the hands of Blooey, Jerry and Torque. However, Malon and Tails aren't above screwing with him a couple of times.
  • In The Prayer Warriorsnote , Grover is one even more than in canon. He tends to die the most often, and gets some of the most painful deaths at that, such as getting eaten alive by insects, having his legs broken and getting disemboweled by a spear, or being "demon processed" by Stalin and then stabbed in the throat by his former ally Jerry. What qualifies him as this more than anything else is that this treatment continues even after his inexplicable Heel–Face Turn between The Evil Gods Part 1 and Threat of Satanic Commonism.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
    • Shinji, in the omakes. In the stories proper, he sometimes suffers problems and is a Non-Action Guy outside of the Evangelion, but he is useful either by fighting with or without his giant robot or by giving Asuka emotional stability and a sympathetic ear. On the omakes, he is often the victim of the whims of the author (who is not above telling Asuka that Shinji stole her underwear).
    • Asuka also suffers from this in the omakes. Either thugs accuse her of breaking the fourth wall, or she has very embarrassing moments where she has to perform heroic deeds as wearing a ridiculously tiny outfit or Shinji clings to her leg to prevent himself from falling to the ground and takes an accidental peek at her underwear (usually suffering her wrath in the process).
  • Turnabout Storm has Phoenix Wright. He already is a butt monkey in his home series, and the inhabitants of Equestria seem to be very aware of that. Case and point: While he's there he manages to get unintentionally stealth insulted by Fluttershy and mocked for the absurd girliness of the Equestrian Attorney Badge he has to carry around by Pinkie Pie; and that's just the start.
  • In ToucanLDM's "X Meets My Little Pony" series of videos, Lyra and Bon-Bon are usually portrayed as the butt monkeys whenever they appear. They do get their revenge on the author, though.
    • The Annoying Orange may also count as well, as Apple Bloom did the one thing no knife could ever do—kill Orange.
  • Kouja No Senshi also has a few of these. Fidget is one of the most notable versions and especially guilty of this.
  • In Origin Story, Carol Danvers has an unpleasant personality (albeit, not uncharacteristically so), makes a lot of stupid decisions, and gets a bit of Ron the Death Eater treatment. The author despises her and considers her unworthy of being called Captain Marvel, though has given a reasonable in universe explanation for a lot of her worst acts.
  • In My Little Animaniacs, Applejack becomes Skippy's personal one.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.)
    • Tucker, due to his misleading profile and refusing to change it, ends up with incompatible girls and gets bad dates. Even when the girls decide to give him a chance, they are turned off by his lame come on lines.
    • Dash, whenever he tries to intrude on Danny's dates, gets some form of karma.
    • Even Danny isn't excluded from this. He was pretty much this during his blind date with Vicky and Katie. At least in the former, he manages to get some payback.
  • Amazing Fantasy:
    • As usual for Spider-People, Izuku and Peter are the butt of most of the story's physical and verbal slapstick. Izuku in particularly remains clumsy despite his improved reflexes and sense of balance, repeatedly failing to stick his landings and getting tangled up in wires.
    • Bakugou loses all of his social clout after being humiliated by Izuku twice and is left to stew in his rage alone.

Death Note


  • One Day at a Time: Rose Wilson. Nothing ever goes right for Rose. Every time she tries to get into a fight she's defeated in a quick and humiliating fashion.


  • In the fics of A.A. Pessimal, Assassin Jocasta Wiggs (seen in canon treading almost-water in Sam Vimes' dunnikin) is invariably dropped into, doused with, or smothered in, shit. Her nickname and operating codename in Assassin circles is "Mucky Pup".


  • In the Disgaea fic Disgaea Jewel of the gods Epic is this. But it's not anything special seeing as his whole species, the prinny, are as well.
    • Laharl and Mao get some moments as well.
  • Many characters have their moments in The Ultimate Disgaea Truth or Dare, but Laharl and Mao get this the worst.

Dragon Ball

  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Raditz is pretty much this to Vegeta and Nappa. So much so, that they use "a Raditz" as their measuring unit. They can even grow monsters that are exactly the same strength, rendering him completely useless. Needless to say, he's not very happy about it at all.
    • As of season two, in a commercial for "Spacey's," Raditz is now an equivalent of McDonalds's "Dollar Menu."
    • On the good guy side, there's Krillin, whose treatment as a butt monkey is tallied on "The Krillin Owned Count."
    • There's also Yamcha, who manages to disappoint people that have never met him and is ignored by those who have. He's an even bigger Butt-Monkey than Krillin, as in the FAQ, it's stated that the reason why they make fun of Krillin so much is because Yamcha isn't around enough. To bring the point home, Cell doesn't have any cells from Yamcha, despite having some from Krillin.
    • Pretty much every group has a guy that is looked down upon by the others. With the Saiyans, it was Raditz. With the Z-Fighters it was Yamcha (and Krillin when Yamcha was unavailable). With Freeza's lower-tier troops, it was Appule. With Freeza's personal posse, it was Dodoria. With the Ginyu Force, it was Guldo. With the Androids, it was Android 19.

The Fairly OddParents


  • In The Sage's Disciple, Kayneth has proven to be the story's biggest one. All of Crow's plans have somehow curved back around to involve him in some way.
    • First Rider and Crow hijacks his debut at the docks for their own respective introduction.
    • Second Team Caster warn him about Kiritsugu's attack on the Hyatt Hotel to lure Lancer away from him. Then they break into his rooms from the roof, knock him and his fiance unconscious, then make off with a suitcase of Mystic Codes, his wallet, and Volumen Hydrargyrum.
    • Third Upon realizing they needed a Spiritual Surgeon, Team Caster use Berserker as a distraction while they sneak around, knock Kayneth unconscious yet again, and run off with Sola-Ui.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In Supplemental Rules and Regulations, Envy gets beaten with a cast-iron skillet, run over by a tank, blasted with mustard gas, and burned with a flamethrower. One would think they'd have the sense to start steering clear of Maria Ross.

Harry Potter

  • Done for comedy in A Very Potter Musical. Ron and Dumbledore repeatedly harp on Hermione for being a know-it-all, buzz kill, and "ugly." She's the only student in the cast who ever loses points for her house (except Harry, once), often for things that other characters are doing, flagrantly, at the same time as her. Harry is the only one relatively nice to her... because he needs her to do his homework, research for the first task, and everything else he's too lazy to do. This lightens up in the second act, though there's still a few jokes made at her expense.
  • Britney in My Immortal is generally picked on and abused by everyone. She, of course, deserves this because she has different tastes in music than the main characters and is therefore evil.


  • Carlos in Company0051, a Halo Fan Webcomic. From being chewed out by the Sarge to being the first one to drop out in the boys' Drinking Game, it's clear that his only place is as the local wimp.


The Lion King

Mass Effect

  • Inglorious Bosh'tets, a Mass Effect fanfic, has Tali, the Only Sane Woman of her crew of idiots and Jerkasses, getting this a lot, and whenever something crazy happens, at least one of the crew (often Prazza, who's usually the cause of the crazy) will pin the blame on her.
  • From a meta standpoint, Mass Effect itself is one of these. Almost every time it is involved in a crossover, its characters are on the receiving end of a curbstomp battle and belittled afterwards.

My Little Pony

  • Princess Luna in Equestria: A History Revealed, who manages to get forgotten by nearly all the characters, including the narrator herself, and even by King Sombra while she was currently fighting him. King Sombra manages to make a very large speech cursing Celestia, before hastily adding a "and Luna too, I suppose", at the end. Is it any wonder why she turned evil later on?
  • Spike, from Friendship is Witchcraft, is very much a butt-monkey. So much so, in fact, that every character has him listed as a dislike in Dragone Baby Gone, and in Read it and Sleep, Spike falls off the roof and breaks both his legs. After disregarding him, Applejack inadvertently drops a log on him, with other instances of disregard or hatred for him throughout the show.
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic:
    • Krysta. An entire chapter is dedicated to her getting constantly wet in the fight with a water monster.
    • Another example is Ace Ray.
  • TD of The Non-Bronyverse often ends up in all manner of unfortunate situations. Sometimes they're his fault, but more often than not it's because the universe seems to hate him.
  • Reading Rainbowverse has Bonbon, who tends to be put in strange and unusual situations whenever she appears.
  • Meta example: In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics, Rainbow Dash is as prone to The Worf Effect as in the show (which is lampshaded in the God of War crossover Bridled Fury). She's also frequently the Designated Victim in Dark Fics such as Cupcakes, or otherwise prone to being injured, crippled, or even killed off for the sake of drama.
  • Her Inner Demons: Viciously deconstructed with Sci-Twi. As she spells out to her former classmates, the torments and mistreatment she went through during the Friendship Games (and even well before the Friendship Games) were what made her vengeful enough to become Midnight Sparkle.
  • The Power of the Equinox: The whole point of a minor character named Dusty Joy, a maid working at Canterlot's castle. She has to work overtime (as a Thestral, she isn't normally awake at daytime) to clean the castle's longest hallway all by herselfnote  during the royal wedding, gets reprimanded when she kicks in the face a stallion who smacks her flank, almost loses her job when her superior assumes she abandoned her post out of laziness, tries in vain to clean the stains Dimmed Star's Ink left in the hallway, and once she's relieved of that impossible duty, she has to do even more cleaning in the wedding hall that's a total mess from the rampage of the Entity-possessed Dimmed Star.

My Hero Academia

  • Juxtapose: Funnily enough, Toshinori is this, as most of the scenes involving him also involves poking fun at his awkwardness one way of another.
    • There seems to be Running Gag with Toshinori and first impressions. A particularly amusing one is his first meeting with Inko, with him accidentally smacking her in the face as he was about to leave.
  • The Somewhat Cracked Mind Of Uchiha Itachi:
    • Orochimaru after he is forcibly returned to Konoha. He is a frequent target of ire for every shinobi jonin rank and above, especially Tsunade.
    • The Fourth Kazekage, Rasa, is the recipient of much less comical but no less deserved abuse. People frequently call him out on his decision to invade Konoha alongside Oto, he's ousted from power and demoted to jonin and councilor, and all three of his kids hate him and make absolutely no secret of this fact both before and after the Invasion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • In New Champion Evangelion, a fic written by someone who doesn't like Evangelion in general and Shinji in particular, Shinji gets this treatment taken Up to Eleven. He is often insulted and physically abused by the Author Avatar Ekaj, and in one scene, Misato, while trying to get him to come back to NERV at the train station like in the anime, openly tells him she hates him and only needs him as a pilot.

One Piece

  • In This Bites!, Ironically, Cross is this to the Straw Hats, especially after his antics which oft lead him being the target of either Nami or Vivi's ire. However, ever since taking Dr. Kureha's vitamins, Cross has upgraded to Iron Butt Monkey, where he has withstood many an attack that should've killed him. Cross even lampshades it:
    Cross: Did it say bad things about the past few weeks that an impact that should have, by all rights, split my head like an egg only hurt a little more than a common bump? Yes, by god yes.


  • Flanderisation of Brock's inability to hit on women leads to this in a lot of fan series.
  • Oshawott is hit hard by this in Belle's Farting Problem, becoming the victim of a Running Gag where he's crushed by a tree after Belle/Bianca farts, and once getting shoved up Bianca's ass, an incident which completely damaged his sense of smell beyond repair.
  • Mike the Ditto in Pokéumans. As if Starr hitting him repeatedly for being annoying/inappropriate wasn't enough, later on he starts getting everything up to and including being frozen. Then again, sometimes he asks for it.
    • Across the whole writing group for 'Pokéumans'', the MSN Gang. Every single continuation Pokeumans story set in the Long Island base will involve the MSN Gang getting beaten up at some point.
  • The Send Your Original Characters fanfic Pokémon: Take Two has several. Raion, the main character, who goes through Break the Haughty and Humiliation Conga, Samuel, a Smug Snake and Team Rocket grunt who can't really do much but follow Sara and Inkay's lead, and, probably the biggest butt-monkey of them all, the authoress.
  • Ashes of the Past: The Oaks. Professor Oak is often the victim of the antics of Ash's Pokémon, who are every bit as insane as he is (if not more so), while if something bad is happening, chances are that it's happening to Gary.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The Samurai. He loses almost every onscreen battle he has (in no small part due to his tendency to pick fights with opponents too strong for him), he dismisses a Wonder Traded Snivy as useless for not being a Bug-type (not knowing that she had Leaf Storm and Contrary) which causes her to abandon him to find a better trainer and leaving him a cut on his arm as a souvenir, and making a bunch of Abomasnow angry for scaring a hapless Snover.
  • Khaos Omega loves doing this to Ursula, Harley, Conway, and several others, Ursula in particular due to being the only affected girl. [[Justified]] because of either track records (Giovanni, Cyrus, and Ghetsis), strong Jerkass personality traits (Paul and Damian), Conway's stalker tendencies, or just being there for being the butt monkey. If a sex-heavy story by Khaos involves Ursula it's almost guaranteed at least one scene will be Ursula being raped.


  • Ruby and Nora: Jaune, as usual. However, after the death of his boyfriend, it stops being funny.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • Sun Wukong gets Demoted to Extra since his role in the story is mostly filled by Nora, and it just gets worse from there. He is mistaken for a thief, a stalker, and a homeless person, Blake constantly forgets his name, and he gets knocked out with Blake's smut twice. Nora eventually takes pity on him and teaches him to be actually helpful in a way that Blake will appreciate, instead of fake helpful like a creepy stalker (Nora was mostly trying to get Blake away from Ren). In the latter half of the story, he becomes a more important character, being sent with Blake to Menagerie (instead of just following her) and helping with the last of the White Fang plotlines. In the Distant Finale, Blake, Sun, and Ilia are all living together, and while no one has any details everyone assumes it's some sort of complicated sexual relationship.
    • Emerald Sustrai, likewise, has a rather smaller role in the fic. She keeps failing to produce any results for Cinder while Mercury gets praise for gaining information while hanging out with a cute girl, and her biggest contribution for a long time is getting splattered in paint by accidentally triggering a trap meant for Jaune. However, like Sun, her life improves in the second half. After she gets accidentally kidnapped, she starts working for Weiss, who puts her skills to good use, appreciates her input, and pays her a fair salary—all things Cinder rarely bothered with. While her role remains small throughout, she is clearly happier, and in the Distant Finale she is still working for Weiss in some capacity.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: Perry. There is a running gag of him getting punched by the group's females and his generally not given much respect.


  • Kana in "Captain Half", who gets verbally and physically abused by Mihoko's alter-ego. In the omakes, she ends up falling into the river twice in an Honest Axe scenario. The first time, Mihoko, forced to choose between a very lucky Kana and a Kana who's a master of the digital playstyle, says Kana is neither, since she often gets careless and loses lots of points. The second time, Nodocchi, playing the role of the sprite, asks if Mihoko dropped Hisa, and Mihoko says yes without hesitation.
  • Rinkai in "The Saint is Coming" is a far cry from where it stands in the semifinals in canon. In the finals, its team starts the captain match at 23,000 points, and is noted to have no chance of winning. As the tournament ends, Rinkai has 10,000 points (only two schools that went under 0 did worse against the protagonists in canon), and its coach is fired on the spot.

The Silmarillion


  • Mary Jane Watson, the title character of Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light. She grows up in a broken home, has constant money problems, has trouble keeping her grades up because of her Triple Shifter tendencies, her parents' boyfriends tend to hate her, becomes the target of a public hate campaign-with threats of sexual violence-against her alter ego, has had more than one villain become a superpowered Stalker with a Crush, often misses out on good acting and modelling work because of other commitments, has been fired or nearly fired from multiple jobs due to showing up late, is drenched several times by Roadside Waves, and is plagued with constant feelings of guilt and frustration stemming from it all.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Super Mario Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

  • In Ten Random Characters, Red tends to fall into this trope. Just to name a few examples, he is shipped with Pit, not invited to Ike and Roy's hypothetical wedding, (nearly) attacked by Mewtwo, knocked unconscious by Peach, made the judge of Palutena and Kirby's cooking contest, bitten by Jigglypuff, made fun of by Mewtwo, threatened by Dark Pit, and made the subject of a fanfiction of Peach's. And that's only within the span of twenty four hours.
Haruhi Suzumiya

Total Drama

  • In Courtney and the Violin of Despair, Courtney becomes the Violin spirit's butt monkey under the influence of the Curse.
  • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite:
    • Chris gets abused a lot in the four parter, to the delight of all the contestants.
    • Owen and Scott receive the most physical comedy of all the contestants over the season.
    • Cody gets a bit of this on the Aftermath specials at the hands of Jo, Sierra, and Gwen.

Wedding Peach



  • Pikachu is this. He never stays concious after one hit and once knocked himself out by jumping after a submerged target and electrocuting himself. This was after said target had already lost.
  • In The Emiya Clan, Lancer is summoned up to help take care of the kids because Gil is getting overburdened with nanny duties. He proceeds to last about fifteen minutes before he gets chucked into a wall by Kumako and riddled with bullets by Keiko.
    • This gets taken Up to Eleven during the Christmas Special where he gets summoned by Zelretch and Alter!Illya as an expendable source of entertainment. Over the course of the day, he gets crushed, impaled, sliced up, burned, frozen, electrified, smashed in the groin, terrified to death, used as a projectile weapon, and several other things. Oh, and when he dies, he gets resummoned immediately, again...and again...and again...and again...
  • Steve? has, thus far in Dig Build Live, died four times on the first few nights (to the same Skeleton, no less), been assigned humiliating and degrading tasks by the Testificates (he at one point had to chase a chicken in a chicken suit, which he couldn't get in time, forcing him to hide in the well at night), and then he loses his home because someone bought the land his house was at.
  • Scary News out of Tokyo-3: Since his arrival in Tokyo-3, Fireballed Mage has lost every single job he applies for due to an Angel attack wiping out his workplace. The other characters like to joke that the Angels are attacking him.
    • Meanwhile, Draco Light winds up getting locked in the bathroom during Angel attacks several times in a row. He stops being annoyed about it when it saves his life on one occasion. He eventually dies in the same bathroom, bleeding to death after having been shot.
  • In the A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic Ghosts and Dreams Catelyn Tully, her sept is constantly vandalized, leading to rumors that it might be cursed (in a way it is, the ghosts of past Starks have having a Sept in their ancestral home and will keep attacking it until is torn down), the servants and ghosts all hate her, Rhaenys had set Balerion on her more than once, and then her husband's new direwolf takes their old bedroom as its den, forcing them to sleep apart for a time. In the more recent chapters she is slowly losing Ned's respect and maybe even his affection. Word of God admits to hating Catelyn, so this shouldn't be all that surprising.

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