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  • This episode of SMBC Theater gives us a plumber with rock bottom prices, high skill and reliability, amazing punctuality ....and an insistence that customers watch him act like a plumber in a porno movie. Yes, both the male and female customers. When questioned, he will immediately say he is the best value in the city.
  • Matthew from Critical Hit plays Torq, his Half Orc Fighter, like this. Out of combat, he is stupid, tends to blurt out inappropriate things and is described as having a constant vacant expression. However, he gets a + 11 to his attacks, and in combat becomes a whirling dervish with a giant axe.
  • All of Vox Machina from Critical Role is this, being a group of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits who manage to defeat terrifying enemies, save cities and kingdoms and various people, and make a reputation as heroes renowned the world over while being Anti-Heroes and making more than once questionable decisions that cause Face Palm or worse reactions. Scanlan deserves special mention; he's a pervert, makes up strange songs on the spot, calls himself Burt Reynolds, and sometimes make very questionable decisions (that low Wisdom). That said, he is very competent in battle, having faced mindflayers, dragons, demons, and even totally took out an entire house a distraction.
    • The second campaign brings us 'The Mighty Nein', who despite being an even bigger team of misfits, who cannot stick to a plan to save their life... but manage to in the resulting chaos, turn a major campaign villain into a sincere ally before catching on, kill off multiple campaign villains early, broke a lifelong curse with a cupcake, stolen multiple major artifacts with no idea who they are, and once accidentally become pirates, all thanks to their improvised antics and varied talents.
  • Less Is Morgue brings us the Ghost of Blackbeard. He's a famously bloodthirsty pirate, complete with a talking parrot and a burning beard, but he's also a brilliant financial expert who could give you great advice on setting up a 401K and playing the stock market. In his own words:
    Blackbeard: What you don’t understand is that, to be a pirate captain, you need to be a financial expert.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Bugs, a brilliant deviser and gadgeteer. Her intense fascinations with rabbits, sparkles, and building things in egg shapes is completely accepted (usually) because she's just that darn good as an inventor. Oh, and she's the most gorgeous inventor at Superhero School Whateley Academy so she gets lots of slack.
    • Jade, and actually most of the Kimbas who are the main cast, might fall into this category. Jade self-mutilates, talks to herselves (okay, yes, she can psychokinetically charge things with a copy of her persona, but they have interactive conversations, and argue with each other, and they in of themselves have quirks, like the Spy Specks all wanting to be Jane Bond with a middle names to differentiate.), chooses to wear both wear armbands that define her as an ultraviolent and a pacifist, has an unhealthy fixation with Hello Kitty. Yes, despite all this, she is brilliant in so many areas, tactically, technically, improvising, and general mayhem causing.
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    • Ayla is so good at business and math, that as a freshman she has been assigned to be the teacher's aid in every level of the classes relating to those, she plans and back up plans and back ups to her backup plans (we're talking that during a team tactics class, when put in situations where one of the team has turned evil, she doesn't just have one or two plans, but i n the case of a couple of her teammates, she has plans that go past plan Z and start getting into double letters... this is over 27 plans to take down members of her own team, not other training team's members, but to take down her friends), however, she is extremely elitist, scoffs at most food as inferior and has finagled the school chefs to make her surprise special top cuisine meals, is extremely serious (not just for a teenager, but for an adult), even having a quote unquote 'The Queen is not amused' look, which is saying alot since one of her teammates is actually the host to the essence of an ancient Sidhe Queen, and even the Sidhe Queen thinks Ayla is to serious and haughty.
    • Chaka is... I think someone else should explain all the awesomeness and insanity of the Soke no Do, a martial artist that can do any martial art trick and them some, but likes to use chi to wedgie people, created a chi attack which she fires from her finger like she is shooting a gun while yelling "CHAKA CHAKA BANG BANG" based off the Kamahameha from Dragonball/Dragonball Z, and when she was given a pair of power gloves which would quadruple the strength of her punches twice a day but required a command phrase, so she chose "IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!!!" and got Ayla (who bought Marvel Comics in canon) to approve her using it so she doesn't violate trademark infringement laws.
  • kitten (the lower case k is deliberate), a transsexual goth who functions best when being led around on a leash by her boyfriend, spells her name with a lower case k and is a powerful teleporter psychic and the mainstay of the human invasion of Hell in The Salvation War.
  • Most of the Teachers in The Creepy Teen Years. The Gym Teacher from Hell is an especially good example. He's a Lunatic who loves to engage his students in games of tag and prefers to use Tanks and Rocket Launchers for it. Fortunately for everyone involved, It's usually on a Holodeck sort of thing.
  • Brigadier General David Adams of Survival of the Fittest spin off The Program. His antics include spontaneously breaking into the American national anthem during an announcement (when he's supposed to be reeling off who died), making bizarre jokes, contradicting himself midsentence and thinking out loud (both also in announcements). For all that, The Program was his idea, and given the setting, there's no possible way he can be an incompetent leader or tactician.
  • This Onion article is about a Bunny Ears SWAT team operative.
  • Zack from Echo Chamber is stupid and weird, but he's good at his job.
  • Spoiler Warning has Reginald Cuftbert, who embodies Leeroy Jenkins, uses weapons he has no training in and wears a bonnet into battle. He also happens to be extremely efficient at killing anything he's asked to.
  • Wal Bunkley, Mayor of Funkytown in this Let's Play of SimCity 3000 is barely congenial to most of his constituents, has a "Maybe Later" sign made to brush off petitions he doesn't want to deal with, and is probably the only politician to tell the people of his city that they're "fucking awesome" (in the immediate aftermath of a devastating earthquake). He manages to stay in office for a hundred years and runs a very effective ship.
  • CollegeHumor's "Drunk Girl Therapist." She's a Hard-Drinking Party Girl, treating her office as a bar, yet apparently holds several degrees...and actually does provide insight to her clients.
  • Despite Brian 'The Odd One' Wylie's Cloudcuckoolander demeanor, he was one of the best jungler for one of the best team to compete in the North American League of Legends Championship Series before retiring to full-time streamer and content creator and even then, he still managed to stay as one of the top players in NA soloqueue.
  • In The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Frank & Sadie Doyle's constant drunkenness and general apathy to anything that is not either booze or each other masks a truly masterful knowledge of the occult and an ability to confront supernatural baddies at every turn.
  • Noob: La Quête Légendaire introduces Abraham Lepape, a mafia big wig pretending to be a priest who can't remember which of his three sons an ex-girlfriend of his gave birth to.
  • Fictosophy: Tom, the titular character in "Jedi Coworker," goes to the office wearing Jedi robes. He's good at his job, according to his manager, but he's still a superfan.
  • Fat, French and Fabulous: A graduate student in forensic psychology and a translator with a master's degree have intellectual conversations about crime and culture involving a script that might have been researched while intoxicated/during a fugue state.
  • Many of the staff at the SCP Foundation are a bit loopy. The senior staff tend to be extremely loopy - but they're also very very good at their jobs. The best example is the immortal, chaotic Dr Bright, who is effectively the Foundation's equivalent of Skippy, but has nonetheless somehow obtained the rank of Site Director. It's implied that the only reason he isn't on the Overseer Council is the fact that he's technically an SCP himself.
    • Aside from the Foundation, there is also dado the parapharmacologist, who is very good at creating anomalous medication with incredible effects, but very very bad at understanding what it is that his clients exactly want.


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