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  • Occurs in Whateley Universe a lot, as one would expect when you have a lot of teens where some students are a lot more powerful than some others — though as we've seen in some stories set outside of Whateley Academy, this isn't restricted to children.
    • At the school itself, students who have problems with Unstoppable Rage, extremely dangerous or poorly-controlled powers, or a history of excessive violence all get various kinds of 'Ultraviolent' armbands as a warning to other students not to poke at them. Still, the fact that bullying happens at all in the Academy qualifies as Mugging the Monster, at the very least, considering that nine times out of ten the bully doesn't even know the victim's abilities beforehand; but since they know that their victims have power of some sort, Bullying the Dragon is pretty much inevitable - just assuming that any given student you haven't seen before is less dangerous than you are is taking a pretty stupid risk.
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    • As bad as it can be at Whateley, that's nothing compared to what sometimes happens elsewhere. In Australia, where some kids bullying a teen mutant who was a known rager led to the massacre known as "Rager's Night", laws were later put into place which meant that anyone deliberately triggering a rager would get the same legal consequences the rager would.
    • Tennyo had been the target of this sort of thing on occasion, at least until the Halloween Invasion impressed on most of the students just how dangerous this was. The fact that it still kept happening led the Whateley administrators to invoke Section 33 of the school charter for her, meaning that any deliberate provocation - taunting her, bullying her, starting a fight with her outside of training exercises, etc. - can now result in immediate expulsion. There has only been one case where this is not so. Let us just say that it involved the simulators, the reincarnation of the Greek god of the underworld and two hackers. Greek God has issues and wasn't expelled. Those who set it up, however...
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    • Most of the "Class X Entity" students fall under this — Fey, for example, is a Wiz-7 — a mutant/mage so powerful that her special order says that the corrupt Mutant Control Office has pre-approval to use lethal force on her if she gets out of line.
    • A large part of why Generator and Shroud (both of whom are Jade Sinclair) is Cute and Psycho comes from a series of Break the Cutie moments from bullies who expected her to be an easy target. The result of this made her in some ways more dangerous than many who punch at much higher weight class, simply because she ended up getting creative with her powers.
    • Pointed out to Carl, after he provoked the former top Ultraviolent: "First it's you getting mixed up with demon-girl, then you aggravate Merry, and now you can't leave the giant clawed, spined mutant kid who tears the demons apart like a wolf in a chicken hatchery alone? When will you learn?" Minutes after this admonition, Carl taunts said "spined mutant kid" note  again, resulting in a beatdown ending with the loss of a femur.
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    • How about Gotterdammerung? He's a skinny, cute kid who gets picked on a lot. His power is mass disintegration. The toughs know he isn't going to kill them, so he's easy to bully, but would you really want to be the one he finally turns his power on if he snaps?
      • This applies to Folder as well; too many bullies thought that since he was an Actual Pacifist, it gave them the green light to torment him with total disregard to how they were courting a very nasty sort of Baleful Polymorph if he went off the deep end.
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  • Happens to Mackenzie Blaise, the half-demon protagonist at Tales of MU. She's super-strong, invulnerable to non-magical attacks, and can conjure fire at will, but she's had it impressed on her that she doesn't dare fight back.
  • Part of the Evil Overlord List involves being kind to either that weird kid in school or any monsters under your thrall, for this very reason.


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