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  • In SwordCat Princess, Erica clumsily lies about how she obtained Kathryn's phone number, offering "Detective-ing?" as her clearly false answer (on the first page of issue #5).
  • Jules from Supernormal Step is quite fond of these.
    Jules: Come along then. You can be my apprentice... or squire... or... whatever.
    Van: What does a squire do, Jules?
    Jules: I don't know; he squires. We'll look it up in the dictionary later.
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  • Red from Gunnerkrigg Court lapses into this when describing such esoteric concepts like rooms and chairs. "Sitty-downy things," indeed. This is implied to be a function of serious gaps inherent in the education process prior to becoming human, because while chairs are a foreign concept she jabbers off about some seriously advanced nonsense.
  • Eddie from Emergency Exit has a particularly amusing (especially if you haven't read the story) example here.
    • Saya also uses this trope on this page while referring to the previous example.
  • In this strip of Loserz: "You'll be defeated like... like... like... like some easily defeated thing!"
  • Scary Go Round does this all the time, especially Shelley.
    • Example:
      Amy: I think it's a vampire! Stab it with a stake!
      Shelley: We can't do murders on it!
    • Another, laced with sarcasm:
      Amy: I've not been this surprised since I discovered... something desperately unsurprising.
  • In Sequential Art, Scarlet, among others.
    Scarlet: A bad, floaty, shooty, tinny thing is being bad upstairs!
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  • Mab's gut feeling in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures.
  • Parodied in the "Muffin the Vampire Baker" story of Sluggy Freelance. "I'm going to do my best to distortify the English languagism thingies." When Muffin hears that vampires can be killed by staking instead of baking, she declares she's now "Muffy the girl who sticks wooden thingies into vampires".
  • Antihero for Hire
    Dechs: You want to catch me, like the spider caught the fly, huh? Well now the spider has become the spided!
  • At one point in Goblins, huge lizard-man K'Seliss says, "... There is battle happening right now all around me and I'm stuck in this pathetic hut like some... hut... stucky... thing!
  • 8-Bit Theater: Fighter's true power:
    Red Mage: We'd be better off using harsh language than the pathetic wooden pieces of... pathetic... weapons that these people call... weapons.
    Black Mage: Um...
    Red Mage: Shut up. I've been hanging out with Fighter all day. I could literally feel him sucking away at my... brain-thinky score thing.
    Black Mage: You mean intelligence?
    Red Mage: By Mordekainen's + 5/+ 5 wand of sorcery, he's lowered my INT score just by being near me!
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  • Adventurers! gets some mileage out of this.
  • Kris Straub's comics use this. In Starslip Crisis, sometimes this is future slang, and sometimes it's just "Fooly-fools!"
  • The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Wonderella and her sidekick Wonderita.
  • In You Damn Kid, the narrator's parents get into an argument because Dad is looking for "the thing for cutting the things" and is angry that Mother doesn't know what he's talking about. "Imagine your parents not speaking for two weeks because Dad can't remember the words for 'toenail clipper'."
    "Go ask your mother where that other thing is."
    "Other thing?"
  • In a MegaTokyo strip (link) where Largo tries to explain Leet Speak to Junpei, the best he can do is:
    Junpei: What is this "ownz'ed"? You must show me, master from a foreign land!
    Largo: It's like this, you know, this l33t thing, that you do when you, like, ownz someone.
  • The Order of the Stick: There are those who consider the Monster in the Darkness to be "as dumb as things that are really dumb."
  • This The Way of the Metagamer comic.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • The 2004-12-08 strip:
      SCHLOCK: You're the guy with the things, and the thing that does that thing, and then you did that one thing!
    • In the 2017-03-15 strip:
      four months can make a lot of things more... thingy
    • When the narration runs out of metaphors.
  • An issue of Life Sketch had the title of Buffy Speak, though the content itself had nothing to do with the trope.
  • Occasionally used for effect in Bittersweet Candy Bowl.
    English I Student: Like there's this word in the English dictionary for how I'm feeling right now towards you...
    David: Mad?
    English I Student: Like oh ma gawd, yess!
  • In Gai-Gin, Foxy shows Gin some novelty taiyaki: "It's cakes! Shaped like penises! Man penises!"
  • Surprisingly, Dr. Schtein of String Theory (2009) speaks like this when excited or upset.
  • In El Goonish Shive, "Heidi", AKA Elliot's party girl alter ego, tends to talk like this along with being generally hyperactive.
  • A small example in Octopus Pie where Eve was taken aback by certain luxuries present.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Bob does this periodically. Elaborate high tech devices tend to get designated as "thingies."
  • Happens frequently in Homestuck, since most of the characters are thirteen years old. Especially with John, whose Heir of Breath powers are consistently referred to as "the windy thing". Lampshaded:
    EB: i'm going upstairs to the big platformy thing.
    TT: The alchemiter?
    EB: ??
    TT: Try to learn the lingo.
    • It's a Running Gag that nobody knows what to call the "flappy doodad" that exists on a mailbox and has some trouble coming up with a description that someone else can understand. (The technical term seems to be 'signal flag', by the way, but somehow that's not very satisfying)
    • Dave ends up using this to captchalogue more items, the reason being that the number of the card the captchalogued item goes to directly depends on how the item is labeled.
  • The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage mixes this with Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, as Isambard Kingdom Brunel tries to convince Lovelace to go back to Babbage.
    Brunel: Where would science be without the Engine? Archaic! Puny! Boring! It doesn't bear thinking about! I'd be able to build gigantic iron ships, certainly—but could they fly?
    Lovelace: It would indeed be difficult...
    Brunel: Would Darwin be able to mess around with his, uh... barnacles he won't talk about?
    Lovelace: Um, that one I'm not sure about...
    Brunel: Would Faraday be able to that whatsis with the thingamajig??
    Lovelace: No! No he would not!
    Brunel: Now get out there and do whatever the hell it is that you do!!
  • xkcd presents the Saturn V rocket with Apollo and LEM spacecraft, explained using only the ten hundred most commonly used English words.
  • In MS Paint Masterpieces, DisgruntledFerret likes to play around with grammar and tenses.
  • Sunstone has Ally describing her first S&M movie as having "porny exaggeration" and "costumey visual side."
  • Wapsi Square has Castela, currently in kindergarten at the paranormal school, who slips back and forth between a five-year-old version of this and an occasionally startlingly-sophisticated and insightful, "mature", speech pattern.
  • In Girl Genius Zeetha is guilty of this at one point. It's put down to her spending too much time with Jaegers, which just shows that the Jaegers have too many examples of this trope to list.
    Zeetha: You've got the brains, I've got the muscle, Violetta's got the sneaky! We can do anything!
    Violetta: The "sneaky"? You've been hanging around Jaegers too long.
  • Guilded Age: Frigg in general. Highlighted in her daydream during her attempts at diplomacy (without violence) with the gnomes.
    Frigg: Sorry Ardaic! I tried my best, but someone accidentally killed them to death.
  • Boy and Dog:
    • When Rowan has a stuffy nose, he claims that his "sniffer's full of stuff".
    • Rowan once gets an award for being the "goodest" eater.
    • One of Rowan's parents offers him a "fruit pouch thingy".
    • When Rowan the electricity is down, Rowan and Murphy claim that the "zappy stuff isn't zapping".
  • Pebble from Pebble and Wren often talks in slightly grammatically-incorrect sentences, like "I don't want it to explosion my mouth".
  • Willa in Latchkey Kingdom has no idea what a boomerang is. Neither does the narration, which refers to it as a "stick— err paddle-thing".
  • In Sluggy Freelance, "Anima: Resolution", it turns out Riff's Gadgeteer Genius notes are written like this:
    The 'psionics-laced electricity' maked the D.F.A. behave wacky. Since the anima tapestry appears gone, the D.F.A. should operate normally now.
    Riff: This is why I say "Let me check my notes. Just "me"!


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