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  • For a one-shot gag in Sam & Fuzzy, here, Fuzzy creates a Brown Note video to psychologically break Sid, another character. It might have worked if Sid hadn't run away.
  • In MegaTokyo, the Necrowombicon was probably a Brown Note, because Largo's life can be divided in two. Before reading it, he was just a superconfident, super-spirited hardcore gamer; after reading it, he became obsessed with zombie rampages, though that Miho was the "3V1|_ Z0MB13 QU33N", and suddenly started seeing the world through the glasses of B Movies, shooter games and online RPGs. But if we consider that Largo is also a big Cloudcuckoolander, it might as well have been caused by something else.
    • This happened about the time the authors were transitioning from a loosely connected series of jokes to a more comprehensive narrative, so the clichés Largo was built on were ramped up overnight to Cloudcuckoolander status to help lead into his plot arcs. It's later mentioned that he's always been this way. In addition, the "other" Largo was becoming less influential on the comic's creation by that point — if he had not already been completely forced out — which meant it was also the point where the Largo character was being written by the other author/artist, who had vastly different tastes in humour and writing style.
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  • In 8-Bit Theater, Black Mage explains that anyone who sees his face will go insane. This happens to a random passer-by which comes back to bite the Light Warriors much later. Later on, an as-of-yet unnamed Dark God tells Black Mage that hearing his true voice will cause a person's brain to eat itself.
  • Starslip has the sculpture known as "The Spine of the Cosmos". Looking at it by itself is harmless, but when its artistic context is described to the viewer, they are either granted ultimate understanding of the universe or driven insane — either way, becoming a mindless zombie. The insectoid aliens known as Cirbozoids are the only intelligent species immune to this, due to their inability to understand art.
    • Also, Cirbozoids can kill people by crying.
    • The context involves Yeats' poem The Second Coming
    • It is forever robbed of this ability, however, when its artistic context is irreparably changed by Mr. Jinx wearing it as a hat, and is thereafter described by at least one character as "the dumbest thing i've ever seen".
  • Librarian Dewey develops a book talk guaranteed to make people faint in Unshelved!
    • That's just one of the talks he's got. He has, if memory serves, book talks that make people nauseous, break out in a rash, and speak Urdu, among what must be others.
  • In RPG World, it's hinted that the four Mystic Keys are these. At least it was strongly hinted that reading the Tiger Book was what made Jeff go crazy and turn evil.
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  • Kreepy Kat
  • In The Order of the Stick, the Big Bad Xykon kills a room full of Paladins armed only with a super-bouncy ball. (Which has a magic symbol that cause insanity in anyone who look at it inscribed on it.)
    • Vaarsuvius prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
    • In #859, Durkon casts Holy Word, described under Dungeons & Dragons, on the Linear Guild, banishing Sabine and striking everyone else deaf. The only member to come out unscathed is Tarquin, whose hit dice are apparently higher than Durkon's caster level. The deafness also affected Belkar, causing an interesting result when Nale cast suggestion on him to get him to stop stabbing him. Roy, who came up with the whole plan, snarks:
      Roy: It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • This comic from The Parking Lot Is Full describes such an occurrence.
  • Lampooned in one series of Nodwick strips, the Evil Sorceress She Who Must Be Obeyed has obtained a written copy of That Which Man Is Not Meant to Know, and she is smart enough not to read it, because she realizes that this Trope must apply if no-one is meant to know it. However, after taking the heroes prisoner, Piffany assures her that only men are not meant to know it; women can safely read it, because it's something that they know already. When she reads it, not revealing it to the readers, the fact that such a secret would be so devastating to men almost makes her bust a gut laughing.
  • From Freefall:
    • A unique tone not reproducable by nature is generated by a device that can make Florence Ambrose, a genetically modified red wolf, fall asleep or wake up. Given previous negative experience with similarly modified simians, having an "off" switch" on an experimental design is probably not all that bad idea, particularly when that "design" is a based on a predator.
    • Sam's real er... face, which he theorizes triggers some sort of nurturing instinct in humans, since any time someone sees it they immediately disgorge their stomach contents. This is a big part of why he wears a full-body environment suit with an animated mechanical face, beyond issues with lower partial pressure of Oxygen.
      • At one point, Helix creates a sculpture of Sam. A person who sees it has to be physically restrained from removing his own eyes because otherwise he "might see it again!"
    • The Sticky Notes of Doom, which cause any robot who reads them while connected to the commnet to download an upgrade that lobotimizes them.note 
      Edge: "Who wrote this note, H. P. Lovecraft?"
  • In Jayden and Crusader, the character Third can apparently utter proofs of the non-existence of God so powerful Priests have heart attacks because of the conflict of their profession and the utter logic of the proof. We aren't told what this proof is.
  • For Cloud in Ansem Retort, "One-Winged Angel" is this: it makes him flash back to to Sephiroth.
    Cloud: The bad man with the sword is taking over my mind again!
  • Ubersoft employes were once shown only the shadow of a new Apple product, since it's beauty drove a small percentage of the population insane when they looked directly at it. When asking how big a percentage, the answer was approximately the same small percentage of the population that had been allowed to look at it directly.
  • Necessary Monsters: Jonathon tells the man on the safehouse front desk something that causes him to pull his own skull apart.
  • Rowasu of Juathuur makes his sword screech by draggin it on the ground to confuse his enemies.
  • In Homestuck, Feferi has to continually keep her lusus fed, or it'll cry out and every troll in the galaxy will die from the subsequent psychic shockwave known as the "VAST GLUB". Worse, since Feferi prototyped her lusus, the Black King of their session gained this ability as well, which necessitated an army of thousands of time-travelling Aradiabots to psychically suppress lest the King instantly win the battle.
  • In Poharex, Eperok uses "The Call", a high-frequency sound(which he refers to as magic), to force any dinosaur that hears it to come and aid him in battle. He only used it once in order to distract Leay, allowing Poharex to get the upper hand.
  • Art in Sequential Art, aspiring to the full Mad Artist glory, "created an image that combines all known fetishes".
  • A Miracle of Science has the book "Crank Theories on Robotics", that is a known vector of Science-Related Memetic Disorder.
  • Girl Genius:
    • The Doom Bell painfully knocks out all those who hear it for the first time. Agatha on the other hand, only seems mildly surprised.
      Mama Gkikka: Keeds today. Kent even take a leedle existential despair.
    • Mama was surprised, though, that Gil found the sound "beautiful" as it meant Agatha was still alive and fighting. It's been implied that Gil may be related to the Jagermonsters, which may account for his immunity.
  • Draconic, the Language of Magic in Nahast, drives people mad if they don't learn it properly.
  • 70-Seas has "Jensen's Ye Olde Horror of the Deep", an Eldritch Abomination in a bottle that causes pants-wetting terror on anyone looking at it.
  • Vexxarr has the Schlumpoid Sploorfix, whose Livejournal entries have caused AI to explode at how melancholy they are. Even his casual observations about life have caused otherwise rigidly-programmed ship drones to consider him a threat to the host vessel and left him unceremoniously dumped in a waste bin.
  • Axe Cop has a band called The Axe. Their music kills bad guys because it's poisonous to them.
  • In Bruno the Bandit this was more or less the effect of Shub-Megawrath's singing.
  • In "The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" arc of Skin Horse Nick was assigned to compile a sound-based weapon against biologicals. It knocks out the entire building, though the staff of Project Skin Horse, being either robots, undead, canine, or a former werewolf, recover before the rest. At one point Tip calls it a Brown Note.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: In "Ass", a guy comes up with an insult so powerful that it makes Your Head Asplode.
  • The Troll King's Seven Deadly Words in Tails Gets Trolled, when said, shut down a part of the listener's body.

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