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Broken Pedestals in Fan Works.

  • In Child of the Storm:
    • Harry briefly has this towards his Asgardian family when he finds out about human sacrifices to them. The pedestal is rebuilt, however, when he finds out that this was a large part of why Thor and Loki stopped visiting Earth in the first place.
    • This happens with most people towards Doctor Strange after they find out the sheer scale of his manipulations and what he's been doing, with the pedestal only partly rebuilt.
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    • Hermione later has this towards Wanda and Harry in particular, after the big internal reveal in the sequel that she's Wanda's daughter and they kept it from her - Wanda, obviously, since always, and Harry for several months after he figured it out. The revelation also could hardly have come at a worse time, given that she was possessed and her powers including her newly activated mutant spatial manipulation abilities, by themselves well into the Omega Class range, are used for absolute horror.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship: Timmy was at first wary of Sunset when she becomes his babysitter because of his bad experiences with Vicky. He warms up to her when it was clear to him that she was not an evil babysitter that would abuse him. Timmy grows to love Sunset like an older sister because of how caring she and her friends are to him and helping with his problems. Timmy is heartbroken to learning from the Dazzlings Sunset's past as a bully and seeing firsthand her bullying on video, and seeing her become an evil demon. He becomes even more heartbroken to learn she only became his babysitter because she thought he owned some dangerous magical artifact, believing she was only nice to him because of that and had planned just leave him when she got the artifact.
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  • In Familiar Spark, Headmaster Osmond reveals to the heroes that he knew his assisant Longueville was the thief Fouquet the moment he met her. While he had his reasons for keeping her around despite the danger she posed, Louise's faith in her headmaster is still considerably shaken since Fouquet critically injured her familiar, Cole MacGrath, the previous day, and he most likely would have died at her hands if not for Tabitha raising an Icewall at the last second that protected him from "The Staff of Destruction".
  • In the Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural crossover From Daybreak Into Darkness, the angel that acted as Number Six has remained in contact with Gaius Baltar in Heaven since his death, reasoning that everything he did was just part of God’s plan to set up events for the final battle between Michael and Lucifer. However, when Castiel confronts her over the unfairness of Dean going to Hell for saving his brother while Baltar gets Heaven for causing genocide, the former Six begins to doubt, and after Dean and Sam stop the Apocalypse, she truly begins to question her beliefs, recognising that Baltar truly had a choice when he participated in the destruction of the Twelve Colonies rather than just a piece in God’s greater plan.
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  • In A Girl and Her Bike, Bumblebee/B-127 was Megatron's biggest supporter when he first joined the Ascenticons, attending all his rallies and even standing by him rather than Orion. This pedestal was vaporized with a Fusion Cannon when Megatron killed Orion in cold blood.
  • In Harry Potter and the Mystic Force, after witnessing the power of the Mystic Force and learning more about the scale of magic out there, Harry gradually loses his old respect for Dumbledore, his former mentor’s constant suspicions of him (albeit unvoiced ones before they were brought out by Ooze’s spell) coming up short in favour of Udonna’s easy acceptance of him, culminating in Harry denouncing Dumbledore's attempt to talk to him after Ivan Ooze attacks Hogwarts in favour of following Ooze to Briarwood so that Harry can help the Rangers.
  • In How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse, Ranma always believed that his father didn't use the Umi-Sen Ken to steal beyond pickpocketing because it was too horrible even for him. He eventually learns that the technique doesn't work on cameras and thus his father never used it because he'd have to rob several lower income places rather than one mansion or museum and be set for life. Ranma actually admits he didn't think his opinion of his father could sink any lower, but learning that he didn't steal because he was too lazy is a new low.
  • A comparatively minor example occurs in the Frozen (2013)/How to Train Your Dragon crossover Ice Fury; while Elsa misses her parents, she later muses that they never truly realized what she needed to properly control her powers, and finds herself appreciating the more straightforward support she receives from Stoick and Valka.
  • I'm Nobody: One of Liara and "Zo's" conversations reveals that Ansem the Wise is this for Zexion, as he used to look up to him as a father and a mentor when he was a child, but then bitterly comments that "he wasn't the man [Zexion] thought he was".
  • Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily: Lillie used to idolize her older brother Gladion. However, this story sees her realizing that his efforts to 'protect' her ultimately did more harm than good — despite knowing exactly what created her Trauma-Induced Amnesia and Poké-phobia, he kept her Locked Out of the Loop and left her behind for years while he focused on training Type: Null and growing stronger. When she finds him about to leave without word again to tackle the Grand Trials, she gives him a bouquet of orange gladiolus lilies as a parting gift — said flowers representing hatred, signaling how much she's come to resent him.
  • In J-WITCH Season 1, Valmont becomes one to Tohru's mother when she learns that her son's nice ex-employer is in reality a crime lord who nearly got Tohru killed by making him fight Shendu.
  • Vandal Savage invokes this against Lelouch and Cornelia in Justice League of the Rebellion by revealing that Marianne vi Britannia, Lelouch's mother and Cornelia's idol, was a member of his Secret Society alongside the Emperor. The revelation put both in enough of a Heroic BSoD that it left them vulnerable to the Manhunters sent to aid Savage.
  • In the Justice League: The Spider sequel Web of Cadmus, Galatea is devastated when she learns that Professor Hamilton, who she considered a father, has been planning to have her killed and replaced if she ever showed any sign of betraying Cadmus.
  • Very Downplayed in Kamino's Ward, but still present. All Might and Detective Tsukauchi are greatly dishearented when they find out that the mystierous boy they're questioning, Midoriya Izuku, is the legendary first hero Captain Kamino (It's a Captain America situation; he's from the past and became a Human Popsicle). While they still admire him since his actions brought about (a sort of) equality between normal humans and quirk users, they hate the fact that he was essentially a Child Soldier.
  • The Last Son: Superman has this big time with General Zod. Before meeting the guy in person, he had read nothing but stories about his exploits as a Kryptonian war hero, and how he was a close friend of Superman's father Jor-El, to the point he was his best man in his wedding and named him godfather of his son. Naturally, Superman is devastated when he learns of Zod's war crimes against the Shi'ar, and even more because he unwittingly gave him the keys to conquer Earth.
  • In the Heroes/Twilight crossover "Lightning Strikes", Edward forms a relationship with Elle Bishop when she is sent to Forks by the Company, which culminates in Edward turning Elle to save her life after she's badly injured by Sylar. When Elle becomes a vampire, her new healing also restores the memories of the childhood experiments she was subjected to by her father, permanently destroying her image of Bob Bishop as a caring father and reaffirming her love for Edward as he has always genuinely cared about her.
  • Downplayed in The MUSHU-Verse story "Agents of WADDLES": Edgar & Ellen are excited when they meet Lee Ping, as they admire the fact that he pulled off the biggest prank in high school history. Lee, however, is quick to set the record straight, leaving them disappointed and slightly depressed.
  • In Once Upon a Supernatural Time, Henry is devastated after meeting Baelfire when remembering the story Emma told him about his 'father', to the point that Henry compares Baelfire to Dean and wishes that Dean was his father.
  • Strange Potter;
    • After Doctor Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe) takes the infant Harry Potter from the Dursleys and helps Sirius Black capture Peter Pettigrew, Strange's words help Sirius realise that Dumbledore, for all his great reputation, has such a high opinion of his own plans that he outright refuses to share information with others. This is particularly shown when Dumbledore constantly tries to avoid telling Sirius about the prophecy to justify why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry in particular, even after Sirius and Strange have learnt about it on their own.
    • When the new History of Magic professor reveals that the Hogwarts founders essentially stole the land that Hogwarts was built on (the muggle who owned the castle that was expanded into Hogwarts wasn't interested in the property and the Founders officially purchased it from him once they knew someone was actually using it), Ron in particular is outraged at the idea that Godric Gryffindor would do something like that, but the teacher notes that this is just an example of how history isn't always black and white.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
    • Kaji to Asuka when she finds out that he was willing to let himself get murdered after discovering the secrets of Project Eva and he never ever thought about Misato and Asuka's reaction to his death. After she calls him out on it he apologizes for disappointing her.
    • Asuka finding out that she's very close to becoming one to Hamilton (without him even knowing it) is one of the factors in her decision to become a heroine without looking for glory.
  • Told That Devil to Take You Back;
    • Mary is so disgusted at the revelation that her father was willing to sell out his grandsons to bring her back to life that she contemplated changing Sam’s name just to remove any association between her sons and her father.
    • Emma (Dean's Amazon daughter) is devastated when she learns of Dean’s role in the death of Amelia Pond, but they rebuild their relationship later.
  • There is no single moment when Bella Swan’s opinion changes, but during the Twilight Storm series, her travels with the Tenth Doctor cause her to re-evaluate her old feelings for Edward and conclude that each of them brought out the worst parts of each other, being too dependent on the other for happiness rather than exploring their own identities and desires. As a result, when Bella returns to Forks in New Dawn, she explicitly states that she doesn’t want to get back together with Edward, even if she still considers the Cullens as a whole to be her friends.
  • Metro Man to Bob in Unity (Finmonster). Bob's anger at Megamind for his crimes and "killing" Metro Man quickly transfers to Wayne after learning the latter faked his death to become a singer. As he puts it, the latter essentially ditched his city and left it at Megamind's mercy because he was in the midst of a "mid-life crisis". The pedestal is broken enough to the point where Bob actually wishes Megamind killed Metro Man.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, this turns out to be the Sailor Senshi's thoughts on Princess Serenity: they had thought of her as a martyr-like figure, representing the values of Love and Justice. Then her reincarnation, Nanoha Takamachi, comes along and reveals that their princess was a lazy and incompetent child who shirked her responsibilities to keep going to the Earth who ultimately killed herself when her beloved died, possibly dooming those who did survive the Dark Kingdom's attack. Interestingly, while Luna does see it as that, she also sees it as a chance for a better queen to rise up once Nanoha takes up her responsibilities.
  • Played for Laughs in Wolf in Sheep's Clothing when Alex loses his respect for Ozpin after listening to Professor Port's stories of past exploits.
    His opinion of Ozpin sunk. Before, the headmaster had the dubious honor of 'Respectfully Intelligent Human', and now had been degraded (or promoted, depending on your point of view) to 'Tyrannical Sorcerous Dictator'. No sane man hired someone like this.

Ace Attorney

  • The Great Ace Detective:
    • Barok and Hattie are both devastated when they learn that Klint, whom they both respected as a champion of justice, is the serial killer known as the Professor. Hattie is horrified in particular to learn that he arranged to murder Sholmes, whom she considered a friend, to cover his tracks.
    • Albert Harebrayne admired Enoch Drebber for his scientific achievements, and is heartbroken when he's arrested on suspicion of aiding a killer. Subverted when Drebber's actually convicted and Albert admits he still admires him just the same, despite disagreeing with what he's done.

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

  • In Red Witch's Tangled Web series, the entire team has one of these about Commander Walsh and Dr. Negata when they find out the full extent of what went on at Wolf Den, including vivisection of the Artificial Humans and forced deathmatches (with visiting Senators encouraged to gamble on the results).


  • In A Mother's Love, Illyria forces Justine to experience this for Holtz when she gives Justine a brief glimpse of the next two years based on the memories Illyria retains of Fred, including how Justine's role in furthering Holtz's vendetta against Angel contributed to Jasmine nearly taking over the world, forcing Justine to realise that, despite his talk about wanting to stop a dangerous monster, in the end her mentor only cared about his own revenge.


  • In Animorphs Redux, any good will new teammate Melissa might have gained for her parents after learning about the deal they made with the Yeerks to protect her takes a serious knock when she learns that her father basically sold out the human race to save himself when he was a teenager.


  • In The Cutting Edge, while Oliver already knew that Robert Queen had his flaws, he is forced to face that knowledge directly during the Restons' attempt to sue for unfair dismissal as he learns how the company openly cheated them out of compensation.
  • In Happy Accident, Barry's vision of Team Arrow as something to aspire for in terms of their teamwork takes a knock when Oliver dismisses Felicity because her constant habit of doing what she feels is best and publicly undermining his authority leads to the death of Black Siren (although an unexpected chain of events allow Oliver to bring 'his' Laurel back to life by having her soul possess Black Siren's body).
  • In What It Takes, John is devastated when he realizes that his brother is alive and a willing associate of HIVE, to the extent that Andy shoots the other two members of the strike team Diggle was leading to rescue Oliver just because Darhk asked him to.
    • Team Arrow loses all respect for Quentin when he exposes Laurel. As does Sara.
    • Diggle is crushed when he realizes that not only did Felicity deliberately keep Oliver from learning what has happened in Starling (which could have led to Laurel's death), but she wouldn't even come back to help.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Calvin and Hobbes


  • On Ask The New Hope's Peak, Sora's idealized projection of her adopted older sister, Monaca, is shattered after meeting the Monaca from fifteen years in the past, and having her detail her actions in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.
  • Blackened Skies:
    • Monokuma's first motive involves randomly distributing videos of the participants' crimes from the previous games. Hifumi receives one that reveals to them the depths of Celeste's deception, causing them to completely lose all of the respect they previously held for them.
    • Kaede establishes herself as a leader early on. However, during the first trial, she tells several lies while trying to protect Mondo from the consequences of attacking her the night before, resulting in various complications before the truth comes out. The morning after, several of the other students call her out, making clear that they no longer trust her.
  • Everyday Life with Ultimate Girls: While the three of them are out drinking together, Kyosuke and Juzo reveal to Chisa their real plans for Hope's Peak: Kyosuke intends to blackmail the Steering Committee into naming him the next Headmaster, so that he can force the academy onto a path of his choosing. This includes getting rid of the Reserve Course entirely and hammering out all of the little 'personality quirks' of the Ultimates, turning it into an Assimilation Academy. While Juzo is completely on board with this, Chisa is horrified — she'd thought they were going to help everyone at the school by exposing the Committee's corruption, not twist it to their own selfish ends. Realizing that she was Loving a Shadow, she sprays both of them with her drink, reports what happened to Jin and Makoto, gets Juzo fired, and ignores Kyosuke's attempts to contact her afterwards.
  • Extra Life: Chiaki Nanami (who is saved by Izuru Kamakura here) started the story proud to have been a student at Hope's Peak Academy, since that was where she got to meet Hajime, Chisa Yukizome, and her classmates. However, when Kamakura tells her the truth about her school's shady activities (experimenting on Hajime, encouraging elitism between the talented and the untalented, and letting Junko Enoshima attend and doing nothing to stop her so long as they can study her talent), Chiaki becomes so disillusioned with Hope's Peak that by the end of the story, she believes that the one good thing that came out of the Tragedy was the school burning to the ground, and strongly opposes Makoto's decision to rebuild it.
  • In Hope on a Distant Mountain, Makoto greatly respected Kyouko after everything he went through in the D-Course simulation. However, that version of her was created before the actual Kirigiri Kyouko was scouted by Hope's Peak. The real deal turns out to be much colder, crueler and pettier than her sim counterpart, with a brutal vendetta against her father and willing to do whatever she deems necessary to bring him down. The more he sees of how far she's willing to go, the more disappointed Makoto becomes.
  • System Restore:
    • Hinata struggles with this after it comes out that Komaeda, whom he considered an easygoing and helpful friend, was secretly planning to murder somebody at Togami's party. This is made worse by how he isn't able to get any closure, due to how Komaeda ended up being the first victim, meaning he never got a chance to explain himself.
    • The second chapter has a double-whammy of this. Togami's hit hard when he realizes that Pekoyama, whom he saw as one of his most dependable allies, let Kuzuryuu play Twilight Syndrome and set into motion the second murder, and Koizumi is also upset to hear that Pekoyama, whom she regarded as a friend, tried to convince Kuzuryuu to kill her. Before Togami can properly recover from that, everyone gets blindsided by the second murderer's identity, especially Souda and Tanaka, who had feelings for her.
  • Where Talent Goes to Die:
    • Discussed in one conversation between Miura and Kagami. Kagami notes that people felt betrayed when Prime Minister Ishimaru ended up getting caught up in a scandal, but he argues that Ishimaru was probably always flawed, and people couldn't notice that- or refused to accept it- because they were in awe of his talent.
    • Played straight with the second murderer, Mitamura, who'd gotten along well with the group, Iwasawa in particular. It turns out that she cheated on a test in the past, and with Monokuma threatening to make their secrets known, committed murder and tried to graduate (which would have doomed everyone else).
    • Averted with Edogawa. While Miura looks up to Edogawa as a writer, since Edogawa is Miura's favorite author, Miura's admiration is gradually replaced by friendship, as she starts seeing Edogawa as an equal, rather than an idol.

Danny Phantom

  • Danny Phantom: Stranded: Throughout the first two stories Stranded and Trapped, Star starts to lose respect for her popular "friends". By the end of the second story, she breaks free of the A-Listers control and unfriends her clique in favor of befriending Danny and Valerie.
    • In Stranded, Star becomes impressed with how Danny helps her survived and admits to herself that if any of the A-listers, particularly Dash or Kwan were with her, she knew that they wouldn't have survived this long since neither of them are very smart and would have wasted time in freaking out and whining than do anything constructive for their survival.
    • Also, when Danny asks her why she dislikes him so much, she admits that it was because Dash and Paulina don't like him and his friends, which she realize is a rather shallow and unfair reason. She tries to justifies these actions by saying that the A-listers bring order to the school and that while Dash and Paulina are hard to deal with, it's one of the prices to pay for popularity. Danny points out that her so-called "order" is just a bunch of unfair rules made up by snobs who think that they're better then everyone else and the A-Listers are not real friends.
    • During an argument in the caves, Star points out that not so long ago, he tried to be popular and she also points out the flaws of his friends, which are actually partially true. Danny acknowledge her points, but also points out that he has learned that popular is not worth it compared to being yourself and having real friends, and while his friends have flaws, at least they are good people whom he can trust with his life. Star realizes that she can't say that she can trust her friends or their good points.
    • In Trapped, she grows uneasy with how her friends mistreat other people and eventually realizes that she does not want to be in the A-Lister anymore. However she was too afraid to leave. In another adventure with Danny, he is quick to point out that popularly does not last forever and that soon, they will leave high school, so why wasted time being with people you dislike when you can have real friends and be yourself. After the adventure Star realize he was right and realize that she likes him. After seeing how her friends did not care about she was endanger, she gets Mr. Lancer and the other teachers to start punishing the A-Listers, publicly sit with Danny and Valerie, and end her friendship with Paulina and publicly quits the A-Listers.
  • In the Facing the Future Series, much like with Vlad Plasmius, Jack goes through this with the Guys In White when they kidnap Danielle.


  • Daughter of Fire and Steel: Before he attempted to commit genocide, Kara used to look up to Zod as the greatest soldier to ever live. Whatever admiration she had left when he refused to leave Earth alone was shattered when Zod revealed one of his schemes accidentally got her father killed.
  • In Mercy, after Diana is trapped in a fantasy by the Black Mercy, Hippolyta is sent to the Watchtower to try and wake Diana up. When Hippolyta starts hitting her comatose daughter for 'ignoring' her, Superman stops her as he protests that treating Diana that way won't wake her up, and privately muses that he has lost some of his former respect for the Queen after seeing her treat her own daughter that way.
  • one day at a time:
    • Jason spends Chapter Two shattering Damian's faith in his grandfather, mother, and the League of Assassins with his Brutal Honesty.
    • Played for Laughs in the case of Tim, who Damian instantly dislikes because of his inability to keep his head together during their initial meeting. He was even planning to call Tim "Timothy" before settling on "Drake" instead, and says he will have to re-earn that privilege now.
    • Dick and Tim. After Dick took Robin away from Tim, their relationship shattered to almost beyond repair. It took years for them to really reconcile, and that was only after an embittered, evil version of Tim traveled back in time to murder Dick.
  • Second Generation: For all his anger towards Batman, Jason still thought he had a chance to convert him to his opinion. Until he learned Dick was raped, which utterly shattered what was left from his esteem and trust in Bruce since the man wouldn't even avenge his "favourite" son.
  • Two Faces depicts an alternate version of The Dark Knight where Batman was able to 'save' Rachel Dawes. Disfigured and grieving Harvey's death, Rachel abandons her old morality to the extent of taking part in plans to hire mercenaries to kill the Joker, and even goes so far as to emotionally manipulate Bruce to divert his attention and try to manipulate him into helping her plan murder when she once disapproved of such actions. When Bruce realises what Rachel has become, he can only stop Rachel, a mob boss, and the still-alive Harvey Dent from trying to either blackmail him or make him act as their enforcer/assassin by trying to turn them all against each other, which results in Rachel and the gangster being killed and Harvey being disfigured (fortunately suffering enough brain damage to forget Batman's identity). At the fic's conclusion, Bruce reflects to Alfred that, as Bruce, he can't get over what Rachel did, and as Batman, he wouldn't have excused her but would have forgiven her.


  • In the Tamers Forever Series, this happens to Takeru in the eyes of the Tamers once they find out he plans to allow Takato to die in order to prevent Daemon from acquiring the power of God.

Doctor Who

  • This could be another title for "Broken Faith", as the Doctor learns that Rose Tyler has returned to Earth and married the Master in his new role as Harold Saxon, although Rose has convinced herself that this is just a marriage of convenience until she and the Master can persuade the Doctor to join their new campaign. Witnessing Rose’s obsession leads to the Doctor having a Love Revelation Epiphany as he realises that he truly loves his new companion Martha Jones, while his relationship with Rose was more of an obsession caused by him fixating on his first post-Time War companion that just became worse after his last regeneration.

Fate/stay night

  • Fate/Harem Antics:
    • Played for Laughs. Shielder tells stories of the Knights of the Round Table's various flaws (Gawain was arrogant, Lancelot had too many admirers, Tristan fell asleep too often, Gareth was boy crazy which made Gawain overprotective of her), causing Bazett to say her image of the Round Table has been shattered forever.
    • Having heard of how noble and pure Jeanne d'Arc was, Saber is shocked to learn that the homicidal maniac Avenger is Jeanne Alter. Of course, she doesn't know that this Jeanne is a clone created by Gilles de Rais' wishes and the real Jeanne is indeed incorruptible.

Final Fantasy VII

  • In The Fifth Act Cloud Strife is looked up to even with the First Classes as the strongest and most skilled among them. He falls off it when they find out that he was essentially planning a murder-suicide. This ends up for the best, they put him on Suicide Watch and finally get his past barriers to truly befriend him.
  • Tifa has this towards Shinra in Seventh Endmost Vision. Tifa was devoted to the company, blindly so, as she herself bitterly reminisces at a couple of points. Seeing the Midgar Wasteland seems to have been the final straw, but much of the early part of the fic is Tifa realizing just what the company she so loved had done to the world- the first act is even titled The World She Fought For. Her love for the company was apparently born out of all the perks they gave her, and her sense of wonder that they took her- a runaway from the Western Continent- and made her into a SOLDIER, made her a beloved war icon, and let her hobnob with the rich and famous. Another factor seems to have been that, despite Shinra fighting the Western Alliance, they still raised Tifa high. This Token Enemy Minority treatment and high-roller lifestyle made her absurdly devoted to the company, in something like a form of Immigrant Patriotism, given Shinra's One Nation Under Copyright overtones.
    If Tifa had ever had a God, the Shinra Electric Power Company was it.
  • Us and Them: Aeris (and Ifalna to an extent) had built up an idealized image of the Cetra. When she finds out that they engaged in historical cherry-picking and that members of her own guild (made up of mostly Cetra) practice hazing, she is forced to accept that all civilizations are flawed in some way. It was also Cetra officials who foolishly ordered Professor Gast and Ifalna's rescuers to use a dilapidated space portal, causing the Gasts to miss ten years of Aeris and Sephiroth's life, due to time dilation.

Frozen (2013)

  • The Royal Reunion: In the first chapter, Anna and Elsa come to realize their parents, despite being well-intended, didn't make the best decisions for them. There's a large amount of resentment for Gasper and Malin's way of dealing with Elsa's powers.
  • In the modern AU fic The Sting of Summer's Winter, Anna's image of her father is devastated when she learns that he often beat Elsa whenever she was 'distracted' from her lessons or Anna got hurt, particularly since most of the time Anna was the one who prompted Elsa to go out and play in the first place.

Harry Potter

  • Essentially applies in As We Chase the Sun; when Bellatrix Lestrange is discovered having spent the last fourteen years as a wolf animagus, Dumbledore, Sirius, Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy each take her to Grimmauld Place to try and help her regain her human identity. Hermione is the first of the younger residents of the house to be open to the idea of trying to help Bellatrix, believing that Dumbledore must believe that Bellatrix was somehow better than the other Death Eaters, but that idea is shattered when Hermione learns of Bellatrix's role in driving the Longbottoms to catatonic insanity.
  • In Comes Out of Darkness Morn after Harry has mostly freed himself from the phoenix web which compelled him to guide and guard his twin brother Connor, his mother tries to restore it.
    Realization crashed home. Harry felt the image of his beloved mother shatter into six pieces, into six thousand, into six million. She was gone, the woman who had done only what she thought best, the woman who had trained him out of concern for the fate of the world, the woman who had loved him.
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness:
    • Harry is... confusing, when viewed through Neville's eyes. While Neville and the D.A. had spent the whole year planning, drilling, accepting the likelihood of their wholesale slaughter against the Death Eaters, they've also been relying on each other for friendship, love and support. Harry, on the other hand, has experienced isolation, panic and dread with barely any respite, so when he finally stumbles back into Hogwarts, he has all the disconnect and PTSD you'd expect. But from the D.A.'s perspective, Harry has none of the spark of revolution or excitement they'd expected. It's strongly implied that Neville's summoning of the entire D.A. and allies from the wizarding world for the final battle is less a function of his gee-whiz enthusiasm (as presented in the official canon) and more a tactic to keep the D.A. from imploding out of disappointment.
    • Also, a different pedestal breaks in Seamus and Neville's horrified reactions when they find out that Dumbledore's "plan" was a lot more of Gambit Roulette than Batman Gambit:
      "Din't you know ol' Dumbledore din't tell them anythin'? They were out there, tryin' not ta get killed, wanderin' around for better part o' a year on a little breadcrumb scavenger hunt, no bleedin' idea o' what they were doin', or what they'd do when they were done."
      'There has to be a reason, Seamus.' He fought to keep his voice calm, reasonable, but he could hear the tremble of fury and newly-awakened pain at the edges. 'I'm sure he had a reason.'
  • Tonks loses all faith in the DMLE in For Love of Magic when she learns that not only is raping muggle women fairly common, but the Aurors don't do anything about it beyond wiping their memory of the event. They'll arrest anyone they catch in the act of raping a muggle but they won't actually try to catch them for it.
  • In Harry Potter and Fate's Debt, Ginny in particular suffers this for Dumbledore as the fic unfolds; having to experience Harry's memories of his treatment from the Dursleys, Ginny is disgusted when she learns that Dumbledore learned from Mrs Figg how the Dursleys were treating Harry and still did nothing. Later in the fic, not only does Ginny not suggest 'Dumbledore's Army' as a name for the Defence Association because she doesn't want to be in Dumbledore's Army, but later outright yells at Dumbledore when she and Harry learn that Dumbledore has always known that Snape was the one who told Voldemort about the prophecy, asking the Headmaster what's wrong with him for letting "that monster" teach here.
  • Many Harry Potter fics do this for Hermione towards authority figures but Harry Potter and the Three Rules does this far sooner than most. After saving her from the troll by slitting its throat, Harry's given two months detention, docked 50 points, and told he'll be expelled if he's caught with a knife again. Made even worse by Snape punishing him further for having his potions knife on him almost immediately after potions class.
  • In Harry Potter - Three to Backstep Remus takes it pretty hard when he realizes that Dumbledore is just as manipulative and controlling as Harry and Sirius claimed he was.
    Remus: What do you do when the man you most look up to and admire, is proven by his own words and actions to be nothing but a manipulative old goat... molester?
    Sirius: You promise yourself never to fall for his silver-tongued bullshit ever again, and move on with your life.
  • In Harry's Christmas Wish Harry expels his great-grandfather Arcturus Black from Potter Manor after Lord Black, under the excuse of "training," has Alastor Moody try to Imperius Harry into never having contact with Hermione again.
  • The Odds Were Never In My Favour: Alexandra reacts with clear disgust and disappointment upon learning that Exchquer members with whom she has engaged in Go-Karting with Bowser activities are involved in a plan to kill thirty million Egyptian civilians.
    I expected better from you. The Basilisk-Slayer didn't utter the words, but she was sure the other Champion heard them.
  • The Power of Seven:
    • Hermione develops this view in particular when she realises that Dumbledore is actively discouraging her from pursuing the only option she’s found that might legitimately negate the horcrux in Harry.
    • In chapter 50, Gabrielle Delacour is devastated when she realises that her mother, who knows that Gabrielle has feelings for Harry, is trying to seduce Harry using her Veela allure right in front of Gabrielle.
    • Ginny's relationship with Bill takes a serious knock when he starts working with Dumbledore against them, but after Dumbledore goes missing Bill starts to realise that he was wrong, although Ginny recognises that they can't get back their old relationship.
  • In When Harry met Wednesday, besides Harry losing faith in Dumbledore, most of the Order of the Phoenix does as well because his habit of withholding information costs several of them severely. Of the three Order members who help Dumbledore attempt to retrieve one of Voldemort's horcruxes, only Tonks survives. Things actually reach the point that not only does Tonks quit and encourage everyone else to as well, but Moody demands Dumbledore disband the Order of the Phoenix before he gets everyone killed.

Heavy Rain


  • Hivefled; Gamzee is at first overjoyed to discover his own ancestor, the Grand Highblood, is taking him as a personal apprentice. That doesn't last long.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In Black As Night, Astrid’s reputation is damaged after she injures Hiccup, and while she regains some respect as she proves her worth in dragon training, she ruins it all over again when her attempts to tame the Monstrous Nightmare result in her and Hiccup exposing the existence of Toothless. Then she gets it back after she and Hiccup save the village from the Red Death and uses the dragons to evacuate an unconscious, mangled Hiccup back to Berk.


  • Clash's Revolt: Clash once adored The Misfits, but their poor treatment of her has caused her admiration to expire.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure

The Legend of Zelda

  • In the one-shot While You Were Gone, a teenage Colin dislikes Link despite adoring him as a kid. He no longer trusts Link after he (unknowingly) abandoned a pregnant Ilia eight years ago.

Love Hina

  • In For His Own Sake, Naru's career advisor believes that she's hard-working and dedicated enough to become a fantastic teacher and contribute a lot to society. Needless to say, she's stunned when Naru randomly assaults a man for teasing his wife — and outright refuses to apologize, blaming the victim even after learning the full situation.

Marvel Universe

  • In A Prize for Three Empires, Carol Danvers loses her faith in the Avengers and the X-Men after the former unknowingly let her rapist walk away with her and the latter let her would-be murderer join the team.
    Carol: "I don't hate you, Cap. It's just hard for me to trust you all as fully as I once would have."

Mega Man

Miraculous Ladybug

  • BURN THE WITCH opens with Rose learning that Lila isn't the kind, compassionate girl she thought she was, but a Bad Samaritan whose 'charity work' was all a scam. All of the money she and others donated went straight into her own pockets, and when confronted about this (and unable to lie her way out), Lila drops the act and mocks her for falling for it.
  • Burning Bridges, Building Confidence: Adrien's actions during The Worst Day So Far shatters what was left of Marinette's regard for him. Not only does he attempt to convince her that she's only got herself and Cole to blame for how Lila turned most of her friends against her — as she didn't 'take the high road' of just standing by and letting her lie to everyone unchallenged — he also blames her for two of her few allies left getting akumatized. (While blithely ignoring how the two of them were akumatized right after learning that he'd known all along what Lila was doing and chose not to act.) Seeing just how determined he is to blame her for everything leaves Marinette wondering what she ever saw in him in the first place.
  • The Karma of Lies:
    • Marinette first fell for Adrien when he kindly offered to share an umbrella with her, leading her to believe he was a genuinely Nice Guy. But not only does he refuse to do anything about Lila scamming their classmates, he insists that she's not really doing anything wrong, but that Marinette can handle being socially isolated... even when she's just told him outright how much it's hurting her. This makes her realize she was Loving a Shadow all this time, and that Adrien only cares about maintaining the status quo to his own benefit.
    • Chat Noir breaks his own pedestal in the eyes of Paris when he skips the Final Battle with Hawkmoth, then shows up to a live interview with Ladybug and the heroes who helped take him down and argues that the terrorist should get a slap on the wrist. According to him, the Miraculous Cure restored everything that was destroyed by the akuma, so Hawkmoth shouldn't be held responsible for any of it. Oh, but he also wants a big payday for protecting Paris, and acts entitled to Ladybug's love even when she makes clear that she's never been interested and only put up with his harassment because she had to. His behavior leaves many suspicious that he might have been working with Hawkmoth the whole time.
    • After Mayura is dealt with, this is taken even further: Adrien is unmasked as Chat Noir, and the way Mayura swiped his ring made it appear that he willingly handed it over to her, causing him to be Convicted by Public Opinion. Practically all of Paris believes that he assisted his father in terrorizing their city, while those who know him more personally are all disallusioned with his character for other reasons.
  • There's plenty to go around in LadyBugOut:
    • Alya's decision to deliberately lie and mislead her followers with an out-of-context picture of Ladybug and Chat Noir kissing under an akuma's influence causes Marinette to see her in an ugly new light. Ladybug then starts her own blog and clarifies the situation, leading to backlash against Alya and the Ladyblog. Alya treats this as a personal betrayal and loses all respect for Ladybug, making for mutual pedestal-breakage.
    • Marinette's crush on Adrien takes a serious blow when he insists that Chat deserved that kiss from Ladybug regardless of the circumstances. It deteriorates further when he visits her just to try and learn more about Ladybug after learning that she's helping with her blog, and when he admits that he still feels like exposing Lila's lying was the wrong thing to do. By the time she learns that he was Chat Noir and felt entitled to her love, her old feelings for him are pretty much entirely gone.
    • Most of the class turns on Lila after she attempts to Play The Victim Card and gets caught in her own web of lies, causing them to realize and question just how many of her supposedly charitable and amazing deeds were just fabrications.
    • Miss Bustier's reputation as a Cool Teacher is ruined when the class overhears her trying to convince Marinette to delete Ladybug's blog behind Ladybug's back in a misguided effort to end the tension that had come up in class without actually addressing the real reasons for said tension.
    • Chat Noir loses a lot of regard in the eyes of all of Paris when they learn just how self-centered and entitled the Cat Hero is via Accidental Public Confession.
  • Leave for Mendeleiev:
    • Nino's Acquired Situational Narcissism while working on his movie severely damages his standing with Marinette. Not only does he break his promise that Chloé won't be involved, he claims it's her own fault that she got bullied for years. He also acts entitled, harassing everyone with unreasonable demands... and worst of all, considers exploiting Mylene's akumatization, egged on by Adrien insisting that they can do whatever they please since Ladybug will magically fix everything with her Miraculous Cure. Suffice to say, she's left heavily reevaluating their friendship afterwards.
    • Nathaniel's crush on Ladybug dissolves after she calls him out on destroying Marc's sketchbook and causing his akumatization. As far as he's concerned, he didn't do anything wrong, and the fact that she held him responsible makes him decide to switch targets to somebody he assumes will be softer and more submissive... namely Marinette.
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng's Spite Playlist:
    • Alya's regard for Ladybug takes a severe hit after she's replaced as the Fox Heroine. With a little nudging from Lila, she convinces herself that Ladybug is actually a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, which eventually spurs her to delete the Ladyblog.
    • Adrien finds himself standing on one thanks to Lila, who plays the victim after revealing that he and Chloe are trying to expose her true nature... though of course, she presents it as though their accusations are completely baseless.
  • Miraculous! Rewrite: Adrien's respect for his father drops significantly in "The Collector" after he realizes that the scarf Gabriel supposedly made for his last birthday was actually from Marinette all along.
  • The One to Make It Stay:
    • Rose has two of hers broken in Thinking of Ways. First she's stunned to learn that Lila lied about knowing Prince Ali... and while investigating, she and the rest of Kitty Section overhear her threatening Marinette. Then when she suggests that Ms. Bustier would be able to help work things out, Marinette reminds her of how their teacher has refused to deal with Chloe's bullying, as well as mishandled other problems with her class. This causes Rose to realize that their teacher isn't quite the wonder worker she'd long regarded her as.
    • While Marinette's faith in Alya was already badly shaken by her refusal to listen to her regarding Lila, it takes a much harder blow after Oblivio. Not because she and Nino were akumatized, but because Alya secretly recorded Chat Noir confessing his feelings to his partner... and then cut up the footage to make it look like they got together, then posted the video on her Ladyblog. Alya's complete lack of remorse and refusal to acknowledge that she crossed any lines with this stunt, paired with her blithely ignoring Marinette's wishes and trying to push her into uncomfortable situations, causes confrontations with both identities, with Marinette making clear that she needs a break from her 'bestie'.
    • Over time, Marinette's crush on Adrien is worn away by his general lack of support with the Lila situation. But the tipping point comes when he offers her some unwanted advice regarding Alya — mainly that she should hurry up and apologize. His blithe presumption that she was either completely at fault or that her feelings about the fight don't matter as much strike a raw nerve, and she calls him out on it, much to his surprise.
    • Taureau Furieux has this reaction after Chat Noir declares that he's not going to help them against Miracle Queen, as he's blaming Ladybug for all the tension that's resulted from her rejecting all his advances. Chat declares that he won't return to the team until she apologizes:
      Taureau Furieux: "Then don't come back. You know, we used to look up to you, but the fact that you're willing to defend Chloe to prove a point is disgusting."
      • The outcome of that battle leaves what remained of Marinette's faith in Chat Noir shattered twice over, as she discovers that he was Adrien all along after he loses his ring to Miracle Queen... and Hawkmoth. She reels from the backlash while it sinks in how he betrayed her in both of his identities, attributing Chat's negative actions to Adrien and vice-versa as it hits home that they were one and the same.
        How did he fall so far from the partner that gave her hope on their second mission? He claimed to love her, but she would have traded every bit of that love for real trust in her decisions.
    • Kagami's regard for Adrien crashes and burns after she realizes that, for all that she stands up for and tries to defend him from those who disrespect his boundaries, he refuses to do the same for her, staying silent when she's being teased and tormented and only speaking up to tell her not to make a scene about it.
  • Recommencer:
    • Chat Noir's reputation is ruined when he's witnessed refusing to work with Ladybug, trying to Blackmail her into 'admitting [she] loves [him]' and forcing civilians to step in and assist her instead. He gets Shamed by a Mob and driven away, and this also proves to be the inciting incident that costs him the Cat Ring.
  • Scarlet Lady: The titular character is a Villain with Good Publicity, so naturally anyone who deals with her in person is quick to have their illusions about her shattered. Notably, the events of "Despair Bear" (in which her incompetency and bratty personality are on full display and she claims to be "besties" with her already-hated alter ego Chloé) wrecks her reputation with all of Marinette and Adrien's classmates who weren't already in the know.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around:
    • Downplayed when Marinette admits that learning Gabriel Agreste was Hawk Moth made it feel like a part of her died inside, as he used to be her favorite designer. However, so much else was happening at the time of that revelation that she's hardly had any time to process it.
    • Learning that Adrien was Chat Noir leaves Marinette feeling betrayed by the revelation that the Nice Guy she thought she was crushing on constantly harassed her as Ladybug, discounting her feelings and exploiting her trust, such as when she tried making him a temporary holder as Aspik.
    • Adrien also finds his standing with his classmates shattered after they learn that he expects them to support his bid to seek leniency for his father, despite everything he did — and did to them — as Hawk Moth. On top of that, they learn he knew about Lila and still stood aside and let her scam them.

Mob Psycho 100

  • Shigeko Kageyama AKA Mob: The first thing Reigen does after returning from the events of the Mogami arc is throw his Mogami movies the dumpster of the fish place that's always in trouble with the health inspector three blocks away. As a child Reigen idolized Mogami and used fantasies of being Mogami's sidekick, the Great Reigen Arataka, to escape from his terrible home life. Meeting Mogami and seeing what he became after death, as well as Mogami's actions towards Mob, destroy any faith the Reigen once had in his hero.

My Hero Academia

  • Apotheosis (MHA): Like many Villain!Izuku fics, Izuku's idolization of All Might dies when All Might says he can't be a hero without a quirk. It only becomes worse when he learns about One for All from All for One and that All Might himself was actually Quirkless — he outright accuses the man of being a hypocrite.
  • From Muddy Waters: Mirio's high opinion of Sir Nighteye is slowly chipped away when he sees how Sir and Gran Torino treat Midoriya for being All For One's son - brutal "training" sessions meant to force him into using one his additional quirks and blowing his cover so they can arrest him for being a spy. It reaches a breaking point in Chapter 29 when Mirio tells All Might what's been happening, and has Sir's teaching license revoked, and both his and Midoriya's internships terminated, effectively disowning him as a mentor.
  • Horizon: Star Driven has Izuku being told by All Might that he can't be a hero. The first thing he does is to take off all of his hero posters and figures from his room. When they meet again a year later (after Izuku has started to build up for his dream to get humanity back into space), All Might claims Izuku has broken the law with his hoverboard (not believing him about building it himself) - and Izuku has quite a few choice words for his former idol. All Might is surprised at how venomous Izuku gets as he accuses him of trying to make him suicidal.
  • Juxtapose: Hitoshi doesn't take it well when his idol, Eraserhead, accuses his friend Kensei of being a spy. He gets better about it later.
  • Kirishima loses a lot of his respect for Crimson Riot in Live a Hero (MHA) when he learns the Pro is his biological father, who abandoned him in a moment of weakness after Kirishima's mother was killed by a villain. His opinion starts to turn around when Crimson Riot throws himself between Izuku and All For One when the latter was about to kill the former, and the two agree to get to know each other better and perhaps have a real relationship.
  • Downplayed example in Mastermind: Strategist for Hire: whilst Izuku does not outright hate All Might, he has lost his respect for him. Later played straight as Izuku uses All-Might's actions as part of why he murdered the man.
  • Sleeper Hit AU:
    • Shinsou's regard for Aizawa is shattered when he learns that, in order to ensure there was an open spot in the Hero Course so that he could eventually join his class, the teacher fudged the results of his Quirk Assessment test in order to expel the Quirkless Midoriya. Making this worse is that due in part to Midoriya's absence, Asui and Mineta were killed during the USJ assault.
    • Midoriya's respect for UA was also broken by that incident, coupled with Uraraka calling him Deku afterward, as she mistakenly believed that was his name. Over the years, he convinced himself that the rest of his former classmates were cut from the same cloth as Bakugo, to the point that when they start reaching out to him again, he sincerely believes that it's just because he's been placing well in the Hero Rankings.
    • Kirishima and Ashido are badly shaken after learning that Bakugo bullied Midoriya ever since they were four. What's more, he reveals during his climatic confrontation with Midoriya that he wanted to break his spirit, and declares that while he hadn't meant his Suicide Dare seriously at the time, he honestly wishes that he'd gone through with it now.
  • What it Means to Be a Hero:
    • Izuku loses all respect for Sir Nighteye after he accuses him of being 'unworthy' of inheriting All Might's Quirk.
    • In Chapter 59, public opinion turns against Endeavor after a video is leaked online where Shouto testifies about how his father abused him for over a decade.
  • Whispered Tribulation:
    • Yaomomo's respect for her teacher is shattered when she learned that he, along with two of his coworkers, attacked another student on the assumption that he was working with the League, intending to torture a confession out of him. This extends to most of Class 1-A as they're brought into the loop and learn what Aizawa did.
    • Monoma is staggered to learn of Vlad King's involvement with Aizawa's scheme, as is Pony. All the more so since the latter is dating Midoriya, the victim of their assault.
    • Stain goes through this when he meets Midoriya and learns that All Might, his Ideal Hero, told a quirkless child who'd recently been Suicide Dared that it was impossible for him to become a hero, then abandoned him on a rooftop. This, paired with Izuku pointing out the side-effects of his murdering those who don't reach his impossible standards, completely shatters his worldview.


  • In Perfection Is Overrated, Ishigami becomes one to his student, Akira when she learns about his plan to manipulate Yukariko into helping him gain control of the Hime Star, which would likely involve defeating her and killing Takumi in the process. Her reaction is understated, but it's implied that she's more upset about it than she lets on.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Applejack Through the Ages, Luna's depression-induced hostile behaviour when Applejack and Kimono told her off for mismanagement of the kingdom had cost her all of their faith for Luna. This also made Applejack renounce her loyalty to her.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Celestia and particularly Luna's reputations take a severe hit over the course of the story, as various events and scandals catch up with them. It is suggested that Luna is trying to drag her sister down with her as well.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Celestia almost becomes this for Twilight in chapter 27 when she learns Celestia had not told her about her status as a Power sooner, but then the Alpha calms her and explains that Celestia had recognized Twilight was not ready for that knowledge, lest she take it as poorly as she was starting to then. Taking in his words, Twilight finally admits he was right and she really wasn't ready earlier.
  • In Faith and Doubt, Twilight suffers one towards Celestia thanks to the end of A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1. However, as Celestia points out, Twilight had been losing faith in her for some time, citing several examples from the series. It turns into a What the Hell, Hero? moment when Twilight reveals it was when Celestia proved willing to put her in danger to save her hateful, Omnicidal Maniac of a sister.
  • Subverted in Falling Backwards; after Rainbow Dash's brain damage leaves her mentally a child, it looks like Scootaloo will have this. But, after her brief shock, she accepts the situation for what it is and that it was great while it lasted.
  • In the Firehooves Cycle, we have three major examples:
    • When Celestia finally managed to destroy Discord through a Heroic Sacrifice, most ponies in Equestria started to view the Princesses as frauds who weren't immortal deities after all.
    • During the destruction of the Crystal Empire, Cadence left along with the nobility and with a mortally Shining Armour on tow. This caused the other Crystal Ponies that were left behind to renounce their hospitality and loyalty towards Cadence and turn themselves into nomadic Snow Ponies.
  • In Her Inner Demons, Human Twilight explains that she held Abacus Cinch, of all people, in high regard because she was one of the few people in Crystal Prep who actually gave her any kind of respect and reward for her hard work. Cinch's threat to have her application denied if she didn't compete in the Friendship Gamesnote  was a knife into Human Twilight's heart, and it added to her growing desire for revenge.
  • The Immortal Game sees Twilight coming to hate Celestia for grooming her as a weapon, not unlike her ancestor Astor Coruscare, in the event she was ever deposed. The pedestal gets rebuilt just before the Final Battle when Twilight finds out it was not Luna who comforted her about this the night beforehand, but Celestia disguised as Luna so that Twilight would be willing to listen to what she had to say.
  • Loved and Lost: Princess Celestia, Shining Armor and Twilight's friends are this for most of the story when Prince Jewelius pins the blame for the Changeling invasion on them, effectively turning the public and even Twilight against them. Shining Armor and Princess Celestia are especially hit hard with this, for the former becomes a disgrace amongst his fellow guards (though it turns out that the majority of the guards who remain loyal to him and Celestia are killed in the infirmary and replaced by convicts loyal to Jewelius) and is disowned by his adoring little sister for breaking her heart at the wedding rehearsal. The latter loses the love and respect of her subjects and faithful student to the point that they allow Jewelius to sentence her to be hanged. Fortunately, Celestia's situation starts to become remedied during her hanging when she gives a heartfelt apology speech in which she takes full responsibility for her mistakes. The others get out of this as well afterwards once it becomes clear to everypony how evil Jewelius truly is.
  • In The Meaning of Harmony, Sunset is shocked when Princess Celestia reveals that she has been using Destiny magic to influence Twilight's choices in life, considering it to be worse than outright mind control.
  • Parodied in My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series: Starlight Glimmer's Start of Darkness was when her cute childhood friend, whom she was convinced was going to be hot when he was older, moved away. She finds out from Twilight that he was at best a "7 out of 10" and that was before he contracted herpes. She's very disappointed and loses all interest in him and continuing to be evil.
    • It is also implied that Twilight used to be more like her canon self and had a great deal of admiration for Princess Celestia... until she actually met Celestia...
  • This trope is given an interesting dimension in the Pony POV Series. Ace flyer Spitfire has a breakdown over how her team, the Wonderbolts, are useless when they actually try to help out and be heroes (a deconstruction of their poor track record in the FiM series itself). This is then reconstructed when Dash refuses to accept Spitfire's claims of being a Broken Pedestal, pointing out how they still inspire others to be heroes.
  • Princess Trixie Sparkle:
    • Celestia grew up idolizing her sister Astelle, but the pedestal was broken when Astelle came back a less noble pony than she remembered.
    • Luna always knew Celestia was as infallible as every other pony, but her trust in her sister was skewered after Celestia revealed she had hid the existence of Astelle from her.
  • The Quiververse provides a few examples of this.
    • Princess Celestia admits to fearing becoming one of these for Twilight Sparkle, and has made efforts to avoid it as of the first installment, The Sun Also Rises. Twilight, for her part, is becoming increasingly aware of her faults, but has yet to call her out for anything serious.
    • By the time of A Shimmering New Year, however, Twilight finds herself becoming disgusted with another of her heroes, Starswirl the Bearded, when evidence of his Fantastic Racism towards dragons comes forth.
  • In Rainbow Factory, Scootaloo has a strong response to learning that Rainbow Dash is the Mare in Charge of the facility.
  • Summer Days and Evening Flames: Sergeant Shared Justice, or "Sherry," was the closest thing to a mother figure Iron Bulwark had in his early days after joining the guard. When Iron learns that Sherry was responsible for a gang war that got dozens of officers under his command murdered, he's beyond appalled.
  • In the core story of the Triptych Continuum, Rarity is a devout believer in the divinity of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Therefor, when she learns that the sisters are actually ordinary ponies who were transformed into Alicorns during the Discordian Era, she is forced to confront the fact that her faith is based on a lie. What's even worse for her is the revelation that the sisters didn't beat Discord alone, as conventional wisdom holds, but were actually part of their own "Bearers of Harmony" sextet, who have been completely forgotten by ponydom.
  • Where Loyalties Lie: In Honor Guard, Twilight's faith in Celestia takes a severe hit after she learns that she used forbidden magic to resurrect Rainbow Dash, then kept this hidden, with the intent of returning her to the afterlife once she'd served her purpose.


  • Due to the events with the Kurama clan, Kurenai's genin in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto are at best indifferent to her. A large part of it is because, unlike most fanfictions that portray Kurenai as a Team Mom, here she's only training them to advance her own career. After Kurenai abandons her team to attempt to deal with Yakumo, Naruto threatens to kill her if she ever comes near Hinata again after the girl shows up on his doorstep in tears.
  • A Case Study in the Sturdiness of the Rookie 9:
    • Tsume, Shibi and Hizashi were all previously Orochimaru's students, serving as his genin team. The revelation of his betrayal and defection from the village hit them hard, and whatever remained of Tsume's regard crumbled away after he targeted and tormented her son with the cursed seal.
    • Downplayed and partially Averted for Drama with Team 7, who hold Kakashi in generally high regard despite his many flaws and failings gradually being revealed to them. This becomes a serious issue after they dramatically misinterpret one of his lessons, leading them to betray Team 10 during the Chuunin Exams. While this triggers a Heel Realization on Kakashi's end, Shino and Sakura continue to insist that the lessons he taught them remain perfectly valid, resisting his efforts to correct his mistakes.
  • Eroninja:
    • Occurs between Kushina and Minato. After she and Naruto are accidentally sent to the past, Kushina admitted to herself that she could accept Minato's refusal to attempt to Set Right What Once Went Wrong after realizing Naruto was right and they couldn't predict what, if any, effect it'd have on the future. What she couldn't forgive though, was that Minato erased his own knowledge that eventually his wife would die and he'd make their son into a jinchuuriki. In her mind, it showed Minato was willing to make horrible sacrifices, but did so in a way he wouldn't have to live with himself for making them.
    • Much later, Naruto admits that while Minato was a great Hokage, he was a terrible husband and father, having chosen the village over his family. This later causes Naruto to decline Tsunade's offer of the job as he would someday have to choose between his village and his family.
    • Yugito is crushed to hear the Raikage claim that she and the Nibi are interchangeable. It devastates her further when she recalls that years earlier, she'd bragged to Naruto how Kumo treated their jinchuuriki far better than the other villages. In the end, Kumo still saw them as jinchuuriki first and people second.
    • Hinata is described by Tsume as "looking like she just got sucker-punched and is trying to figure out why" when she learns that not only is Hanabi being trained specifically to defeat her, but she never needed to prove herself against her sister. As the firstborn of the Clan Head, in order to become the true heir, all she'd have to do is declare her intention to do so.
    • After learning Suzume set her up as bait for someone she thought was a serial rapist who brainwashed his victims, Moegi is furious with her former sensei for encouraging her feelings for Naruto.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat: Jiraiya towards the Third Hokage. As when Jiraiya goes over both Konoha's and ROOT's history, he finds that the Third left Danzo and the council unchecked and made a few questionable choices that ultimately made things worse for Konoha.
  • Naruto loses all respect in the Third Hokage in Plucking the Strings Redux after the man refuses to believe Naruto could reverse engineer Suna puppet techniques on his own. After spending hours convincing the Hokage, Naruto's furious when Sarutobi "has the gall to tell him he's proud of him".
  • Obito-Sensei: For Sasuke, his mother Mikoto was the only family he had left after his father's death and his brother turning traitor. So he ends up heartbroken to not only learn of the failed Uchiha coup that Itachi stopped, but that his mother was one of the masterminds that plotted to expand the Uchiha Clan's power throughout the Land of Fire and that she even planned to brainwash Kushina, her best friend, to force Minato to surrender.
  • In Vapors the Third Hokage becomes this twice for different reasons.
    • First is when, after his retirement, he informs Tsunade of the truth about Itachi, Danzo, and the Uchiha massacre. She is disgusted and horrified, as are the people she then informs of this, and the 'bodyguard' she gives him has orders to prevent him from discussing this with anyone else until she figures out how to manage the information.
    • Second is when she goes to ask him about who raised the Uzumaki twins when they were children. It turns out that the man she'd viewed as the invincible God of Shinobi all her life is clinically depressed and suffering memory lapses so bad that he believes Tsunade is asking about "little Kushina" who he thinks he recently started teaching sealing to.
  • your move, instigator (draw your weapon and hold your tongue):
    • Tenten used to admire Tsunade, just like all the other girls at her orphanage. Then they were all conscripted as Child Soldiers and sent out to fight in the Third Shinobi War, and she learned that Tsunade was not among Konoha's forces, having turned her back on her village while wallowing in her own grief. By the time Tenten gets a chance to meet her former idol, she's eight years old and the last of the kids from her orphanage who's still around.
    • Sakura is similarly disillusioned upon meeting Tsunade, who finds it hilarious that she was taught how to use medical chakra, but not how to use it to heal. Having the Senju treat her talents as some kind of cosmic punchline, ignorant of all the pain the seven-year-old has endured, leaves her quite cold towards the slug sannin.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: Maya idolizes Ritsuko to the point of having a crush on her. However, Ritsuko sees herself as an idiot who makes awful things in order to try to seduce an asshole who does not care about her, and she is afraid that she will become this to Maya if her assistant realizes how she really is. In chapter 8 Ritsuko thinks she is not who Maya thinks she is.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Kensuke was a military otaku who worshipped the army and the Fourth Division… until they hit Tokyo-3 and slaughtered everybody in NERV.
  • Higher Learning: Maya idolizes Ritsuko. After Maya learns about the Rei clones in the basement Ritsuko asks her: “You still think that I am wonderful?”. Maya was disappointed, but even so, she still looked up to Ritsuko.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • Subverted. Shinji's faith in Misato takes a serious hit after she asks him to pilot Unit-01 again despite promising him that he would never have to return to active duty, and as a result he freezes her out for several days on end. But he eventually forgives Misato after Asuka –- who had her own issues with Misato — tells him that he was being completely unfair.
    • Played straight when Maya found out that Ritsuko, whom she idolized, was working with Kluge and betraying her principles voluntarily. The reveal all but crushed her spirit.
  • You Are (Not) At Fault: After the Third Impact, Shinji considers how Unit-01 did not lift one finger as Asuka was being torn into pieces, and decides his mother was just manipulating him to fulfill her dreams of godhood.

One Piece

  • This Bites!: Downplayed, Self-Insert Jeremiah Cross starts out thinking Aokiji could end up a potential ally, but when they meet in person, Aokiji's parting words to Robin causes Cross to hate his guts.
    Aokiji: You've found people who will protect you, Nico Robin. They're willing to take on the world for you, of that I have no doubt. But can they win? I seriously doubt that.


  • In the disappearance of goro akechi, Naoto Shirogane, suspecting that the culprit responsible for Haru Okumura's kidnapping is the true Inaba serial killer, asks Sae Nijima which policeman was present at the time, with Sae revealing it to be Tohru Adachi, who Naoto knew as a bumbling cop that shared confidant information to the Investigation Team rather than a vicious murderer. And when she remembers that the team's leader Yu was a colleague of Adachi, she fears that Yu knew about Adachi's murders and helped covered it up while blinding the Investigation Team from the truth.

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • In "The Curse of the White Sword", Elizabeth makes it clear to her father that they have nothing further to discuss when she learns that he gave permission for new arrival Sir Reginald Hamilton to try and court her even though she's already engaged to Will.


  • Pokemon Pals: First Ash finds out Professor Oak is skilled at helping people fake their deaths. He then finds out the professor was just about to euthanize Pikachu when he showed up. Finally, he discovers the whole reason that Professor Oak helped him on his way to leave Pallet Town was so he could seduce Ash's mother.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Ash and Red become this to each other during the Fuchsia Tag Tournament when they learn the other is a Bloodliner. Ash is upset to know that Red uses his Victory Sight power to aid himself during battles as he considers it an unfair advantage and views it as cheating, while Red thinks that Ash holding back his ability to boost his Pokémon's powers means he doesn't respect his opponents to give his all. The two part on bad terms afterwards, although after going through some experiences they manage to reach an understanding by the next time they meet.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Red Dwarf

  • In Ace Rimmer: Guilt, after becoming the newest Ace, Rimmer finds himself visiting Ace's original dimension, where he learns that Ace basically treated every woman he slept with like smeg to the point that he often didn't even ask for their names, and even went as far as to sleep with Kristine, the wife of his 'best friend' Dave "Spanners" Lister. This experience helps give Rimmer the confidence needed to try and be the 'new' Ace, as it gives him assurance that he can be better than his counterpart rather than constantly feeling like he has to measure up in every way.

Rizzoli & Isles

  • In Calamity Jane Meets Doctor Isles, Tommy’s admiration of Jane is shattered when he finds her about to get into a bath with Maura, unable to accept his sister’s relationship.


  • In Marque and Reprisal, Gabe reunites with his mentor, Lieutenant Vincent d'Honaire, who, like Gabe, crash landed on Earth after a failed attempt to reclaim the planet from the Invid Regency. Gabe later witnessed his mentor trying to commit war crimes against the Karen people of Burma. They fight in a duel as Gabe's allies rescue the karen, and d'Honaire is killed.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Moka and Kokoa both respected Akua and Kahlua until they discover that the two had been working for Fairy Tale. When the two have switched sides and are being punished by their father in the opening of Act IV, Moka and Kokoa have No Sympathy, with Moka remarking in disgust that she can't believe she and Kokoa actually used to respect them. However, they rebuild that pedestal as the series progresses.
    • During Act III, Tsukune and co. trust and respect Hokuto until chapters 41 and 42, where he reveals that he personally orchestrated Kuyou's attack on Yokai Academy to serve as a distraction while he stole an Artifact of Doom from the secured levels. Ruby in particular is completely disgusted with herself for ever having trusted him.
    • Dark always lived his life in honor of Arial, who granted him his freedom before she died, while Mizore often gave thanks to Arial at night as well. Come Act VI, when Arial comes Back from the Dead, they discover that she had become infatuated with Dark, nearly killing Mizore in a jealous rage. Dark himself suffers a major Heroic BSoD which, several chapters later, results in a massive Freak Out, believing that everything he had fought for in Arial's name was meaningless. Mizore sums it up quite nicely in Act VI chapter 17:
      Mizore: Damn it, I've had enough of this girl. She's not the angel my Dark spoke of. She's not the angel I gave my thanks to at night. She's a fucking nightmare!!
    • Come Act VI chapter 27, however, Arial realizes and accepts that she is Dark's guardian angel/mother figure and nothing more, and they reconcile. In the case of herself and Mizore, however, things are still quite frosty, no pun intended.


  • Ruby and Nora: Nebula really looked up to Winter... Until Jacques revealed that she had manipulated her into letting her help on a murder case, almost costing her her job.
  • Weight of the World: Ozpin's decision to persuade America to accept the rest of Vale's Aura and his willingness to leave Yang, Jaune, Nora, and Ren to die started the process, but finding out that Ozpin kept the Silver Eye's deadly side-effect and the circumstances surrounding Summer's death a secret is what finally breaks RWBY, JNPR, and the nations' trust in him. They realize they cannot trust that his motives will align with theirs and he may sacrifice their lives if he thinks their sacrifices will help defeat Salem. The realization that they might just be pawns hits Ozpin's students hard.


  • In Yumi, Maiko Miura Yumi's senpai and old girlfriend turned out to be this, after moving on to university and dumping Yumi for someone else without even telling her.

The Silmarillion

  • Discussed in A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script:
    Finrod: [gently] —Nevertheless, it's a difficult thing, to discover that those you've trusted to be wiser than yourself for all your life — and more perfect in all abilities and virtue — have deceived you. It calls all into question, everything that they've said before, and then afterwards to justify it — not excluding whether or not it really was done for good intentions and for your own sake.
    Luthien: [reasonable] But that isn't what he's doing. He's pointing out the fact that after one has ruined one's credibility in a great matter, the trail's been beaten for any subsequent crises to follow, so that both future credibility and moral authority are now forever going to be deservedly taken with a grain of salt. That's why we don't really trust the Noldor any more. —Present company excepted with exceptions, of course.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Bequeathed from Pale Estates: Robert Baratheon to the Starks. The Stark children initially had a high opinion of the king thanks to Ned's many stories about him when they fostered together in the Vale. Then Lyarra and Arya went to King's Landing and actually met Robert, and saw that he had become a fat, drunken oaf that routinely abused and slighted his wife, threw frivolous tourneys to relive his Glory Days despite the Crown currently being in major debt, and still pined for their dead aunt, of whom he only met once and spoke to a couple of times during that fateful tourney at Harrenhal. However, what really seals the deal is his inappropriate lust for Lyarra, who is 1) half his age, 2) Marked, and 3) Happily Married, all because she looks like Lyanna reborn and perfected. Obviously, none of them hold him in kind regard anymore, and by the end of their stay in King's Landing, even Ned is on his last thread with Robert.

Star Trek

  • In The Prodigal Daughter, Janeway is naturally disturbed when she learns of the mere existence of Section 31, particularly when she realises that one of their associates is a respected Starfleet Judge.
  • In To the Journey, after Tora Ziyal is saved from her canon death, Tasha Yar unintentionally reveals to her that she met Gul Dukat when he was part of a group of Cardassians raping Yar for torture. Ziyal, who has always tried to see her father as a good man, is devastated to learn the extent of Dukat's evil, and is left to consider whether the fact that Dukat genuinely loved her makes up for anything else he did.

Star Wars

  • In A Wound in Time, nine-year-old Anakin gets a very in-depth description on what being a Jedi entails from Meetra Surik, including being forced to abandon all emotions, including love, effectively severing any relationship he was with his mother. Beyond that, it would prevent him from ending slavery on Tatooine like he had always wanted. This effectively shatters Anakin's faith in the Jedi Order, prompting him to train under Meetra outside of their jurisdiction.
    • This also occurs between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon; Obi-Wan doesn't take Qui-Gon's immediate willingness to turn him aside in favor of Anakin well. The fact that he was also quick to turn Anakin over to Meetra without a second thought didn't help improve Obi-Wan's opinion, and Qui-Gon's unwillingness to admit to his faults pushes Obi-Wan away... right into the arms of Darth Sidious.

Steven Universe

  • In Faded Blue, Steven and Greg's opinion of Blue Diamond takes a serious hit when Blue Pearl reveals she was essentially her slave, and much of what the Gems said about the Diamond is true. Greg admits that while she was gentle and kind with him, she was like that with only him.

Teen Titans

Total Drama

  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: After Noah gives him a much needed talking to in chapter 25, Cody has begun to see Gwen's flaws, realizing that even though she called him a friend, she didn't treat him like one.


  • Tron: Endgame Scenario: The pedestal didn't get broken as much as eroded to nothing, but Jet and Yori are not able to forgive Kevin Flynn for abandoning the Programs to Clu's "mercy" after the coup doubly so because of what happened to Tron. Jet in particular simmers with rage about it, as he views building The Grid in the first place as a horrible breach of ethics that makes his godfather no better than Thorne and F-Con's Datawraiths.

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

  • Shatterheart: Clone!Syaoran has always looked up to Kurogane as a mentor and father-figure and hoped that Kurogane would do the same for his son, Tsubasa/Real!Syaoran. Clone! Syaoran is rather horrified when he finds out that Kurogane has a romantic relationship with Real!Syaoran. Clone!Syaoran doesn't like it but he grows to accept it.


  • The time travel AU fic "Across the Years" sees Jade (from the present) use a prototype time machine to go back to 1869 and interrupt Tori's wedding to Beck, revealing that he was guilty of embezzlement based on evidence found in the future. Tori had previously befriended Jade when she was posing as a servant in the inn belonging to Tori's family, but after she's taken to the future, Tori has so much trouble coping in this new era that she assumes Jade faked the evidence against Beck. However, looking over Jade's research into the original timeline (which still exists despite the changed history), Tori gains a new appreciation of Jade while is left disgusted at what Beck did in the future, which includes marrying his mistres two months after Tori died of blood loss after a stillbirth.


  • At the beginning of Warp, Victoria Dallon gets to meet Cauldron and calls them out on their "for the greater good" crimes. Vicky had already anticipated they wouldn't care, but she expected better from her erstwhile idol and role model Alexandria, whose total lack of reaction hurts her.
    I looked around at the four, saw only degrees of indifference. Sveta had called Cauldron sociopathic, so I wasn't surprised the Number Man and his coworkers looked bored.
    It was Alexandria who got to me. I'd heard her be called a traitor, but seeing a hero of her status just not react to a reminder of the crimes that were occurring here, probably beneath her feet while she was sitting back in a leather chair, was something else entirely. "And you don't care," I finished.

X-Men: Evolution

  • In Sinister Soldiers, Scott, Jean, Wanda, X-23 and OC Vincent have spent years being trained as a lethal black ops team by Sinister and his associate, Magnum, genuinely believing that their mentor was just a Well-Intentioned Extremist who helped them become the kind of soldiers necessary to protect the world However, that view is shattered when they learn from the X-Men that Sinister was behind Project Prodigy, the research program that gave Vince his powers at the cost of basically every other test subject being killed while Vince watched.

Yuri!!! on Ice

  • Rivals Series:
    • Yuuri adored and worshiped Viktor, doing what he can to emulate him in his skating, naming his poodle after him and getting a ton of Viktor memorabilia. Then his parents get him tickets to the Junior Grand Prix to meet Viktor in person. Yuuri is absolutely crushed when Viktor tells him that he’s too fat to be a skater and didn’t believe that Yuuri was one. Which leads to Yuuri being driven to surpass Viktor just to show up him.
    • Zig-zagged with Yuri regarding Yuuri, since despite his admiration for the older skater, he's conflicted on how he should feel due to the spreading rumors about Yuuri being a manipulative playboy and a cheat, even though he himself refuses to believe it. Part of the reason why he confronts Yuuri regarding the latter's relationship with Viktor is because he wants Yuuri to disprove those rumors.