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Broken Base / Star Wars Rebels

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  • The Season Three trailer showed that Rebels would be taking a lot of ideas and even characters from the old EU; while many fans are ecstatic about this, there are a good number who wish that the creators would leave the EU alone, either as a desire to see new things in the Star Wars canon, or not wanting to see a Disney-fied or "kiddy" version of their favorite people and things.
  • Come "Visions and Voices", It's been confirmed that Obi-Wan and Darth Maul will have a rematch. Now, people either find this suffering from Arc Fatigue, because Maul had already dealt with this issue in The Clone Wars and seemingly closed it by Revenge by Proxy on Satine to hurt Obi-Wan, or are ready for the likely final showdown between the two that will happen on Tatooine, Where It All Began, near the season finale.
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  • Whether or not Maul's death in "Twin Suns" actually works. Some fans believe it was a fitting end for the character, dying in the arms of his old foe while believing that "the Chosen One" would avenge everything that the Sith had done to him and those he loved — and possibly what had been done to Obi-Wan, finally making some sort of peace with him. Others felt that his death was a waste and a cop out, making most of his inclusion in Rebels, or at least its third season, pretty pointless. Still others accept that Maul dying was clearly foreshadowed and inevitable, but wish that he could have gone out with more of a bang than a duel that only lasted a few seconds, especially when his final confrontation with Obi-Wan had been hyped up so much in the marketing. There are also quite a few fans who originally didn't like the battle due to its brevity, but began to appreciate it more after understanding the symbolism and Fridge Brilliance behind it.
  • The revelation during the series finale that Hera and Kanan had a son, Jacen. Some fans were happy that the pair had at least consummated their relationship and that Hera had Someone to Remember Him By, while others disliked how Hera had only told Kanan she loved him at the last minute, and that Jacen looks nothing like the previous Twi-Lek hybrids we've seen in the Star Wars canon.
    • His very name has set off flame wars, even between Legends fans themselves. Some of whom think it's a nice Mythology Gag and others who think it's akin to a slap in the face.

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