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Broken Base / Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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    Base-Breaking Characters 
  • Tom. While a lot of fans agree that he is a good character, the divide lies in whether or not one should judge him for manipulating Star. Half the fanbase points out that Tom was a terrible boyfriend to Star, with Domestic Abuse implied, and keeps trying to manipulate her. The other half points out that he's actively trying to change himself and manage his temper; in "Mr. Candle Cares", he finally got the message that forcing Star to be with him wouldn't work and that for better or for worse Marco's looking out for Star as a friend and thus will protect her. However, he became even more of a base-breaker when he and Star got back together again in Season 3.
  • Despite his popularity for being a good, competent, serious and effective villain, there are a handful of people who don't like Toffee. Some believe he's too serious and out of place for a show like Star vs., and/or consider him boring. Ultimately, his full potential remains unrealized. Despite the fact that he most likely died in the otherwise superb The Battle for Mewni and is unlikely to return this time, most of his motivations for what he did still remain unclear beyond the most basic level of Revenge. Not helping matters was Word of God claiming he was a morally complex character with Villain Has a Point, something not clearly expressed any time he was on-screen, only vaguely implied with a situation he was in during a flashback. At the same time, some fans were attracted to Toffee because of how mysterious he was and feel like answering everything would lessen him.
  • Jackie-Lynn Thomas became one big time after she and Marco finally became an Official Couple, which has earned her quite a lot of backlash from Starco shippers; but really, it mostly boils down to whether you're either a Starco or a Jarco shipper. Her actual personality is either compelling or boring.
    • The season three opening has caused some controversy because Jackie isn't in it, and things only got worse after "Sophomore Slump". Fans who like her are worried she is getting written out just so Starco can happen guilt free. While her haters like it for basically the same reason. And Starco still doesn't happen, as Star is now with Tom and Marco hooks up with Kelly of all people.
  • Star herself became one by the end of Season 2. While she still remains very popular in the fandom and her fans love her for being a brave, plucky, determined, and energetic female protagonist, some others find her a bratty, selfish, and irresponsible protagonist, who never learns her lessons (or forgets them almost instantly) and they find her a very bad daughter to her mother, especially in "Face the Music" and "Starcrushed".
    • Interestingly enough, this went in the opposite direction in season 3, where she's less impulsive, more reasonable, and more willing to be there for others. The base is split in three camps: those who thought she's annoying and not that interesting anymore, those who were open to the change but thought it wasn't handled well, and those who think this is a natural progression of her character.
    • Her behavior towards Marco in Season 3 has become another source of controversy. Some think that she is acting needlessly nasty and even cruel toward him; others, on the other hand, think that she is acting reasonable, because she has been attempting to move past her crush of him and Marco burst into her life without warning, when she had reordered her priorities now that she returned to Mewni and faced Toffee.
  • On that note, Marco in Season 3 has also gained many detractors due to how badly he handled everything following The Battle for Mewni by not admitting to Star that he had feelings for her too when he had the chance, obsessing over Star and Mewni while ignoring everyone and everything on Earth, leading to Jackie breaking up with him, then being generally useless as Star's squire when he returned to Mewni.
  • Queen Moon became one as Season 3 progressed. Due in part to how controlling she is of Star, and now there are complaints that she is a terrible queen.note  On the other hand, some fans find that her behavior is understandable. Her Dark and Troubled Past gives her a legitimate Freudian Excuse to distrust monsters note , and Moon is implied to not be the first royal family member to hate monstersnote , nor is the prejudice solely from her, but from the Magic Commission as well.
  • Pony Head really exemplifies this trope. One side finds her sass and sarcasm funny, and appreciate the moments where she's nice to Star. Others think that she spews annoying, unfunny dialogue and think she's not a good friend, or even person. Episodes like "Ponymonium" and "Bam Ui Pati", which are also divisive, don't help out.
  • Alfonso and Ferguson are either seen as annoying and unneeded, or really funny sidekicks who did not deserve to get the shaft.
  • King River is either an annoying, Too Dumb to Live father and king, or a genuinely funny character with plenty of moments to shine.
  • Glossaryk has this trope in spades . He's either a funny character who has a strangely compelling way to give wisdom and help others, or he's an annoying troll who's too unlikable due to how he almost never does anything directly, and just expects others to follow what he says without being clear, all intentionally. His entries under unintentionally unsympathetic don't help out.
  • Miss Heinous, aka Meteora, is in a really weird position. During her times as Miss Heinous, she was either a compelling villain who brought up interesting points on individuality, or an annoying strawman who tries and fails to be serious. After "Monster Bash", where she finds out that she's Eclipsa's daughter Meteora, things went in a different direction. Her much more monstrous personality, both figuratively and later on literally, is either understandable given that she is the rightful heir to the throne, or she's essentially just an overgrown child throwing a temper tantrum, and is little more than a one note bad guy. It's safe to say that there's no middle ground for her character.
    Episodes and Seasons 
  • "Toffee", the final episode of The Battle for Mewni, was considered a letdown for some though it lived up to the hype for a lot of other fans. For all the hype about Star facing off against Toffee, he dies rather quickly after getting resurrected with Star blasting him while in her Super Mode and Ludo crushing the last remaining bits of him under a tower. Many fans were understandably disappointed how such a villain was wasted with some going so far to claim he suffered from Villain Decay. But many other fans found the episode to be one of the best, if not the best episode of the series so far because Ludo's character arc that began in the season 2 premiere came to a satisfying conclusion, Toffee's menacing presence despite the lack of a longer battle, Toffee's liquid form, the return of the Whispering Spell, Star and Marco finally reuniting and hugging, and Star's Golden Super Mode being achieved, plus Toffee's defeat being considered fitting due to it being partially a result of mistakes he himself made and a victory for his biggest victims, Star and Ludo.
  • The events of Season 3 as a whole have proven divisive amidst the fandom:
    • The decision to leave Earth as a setting and focus more on Mewni. Some are fine with it, feeling Earth had plenty of time in the spotlight for the first two seasons and that Mewni has large amounts of untapped potential, ranging from the Butterfly family history to the ongoing racism between Mewmans and Monsters. Others, however, feel it shafts the Earth cast outside Marco and Janna, and leaves potential plot threads hanging open. That latter group also has members who note that the separation between Earth and Mewni is completely arbitrary anyway, given that dimensional scissors (which both Star and Marco have easy access to) make travel between different worlds literally easier than walking across the street, meaning that an increased focus on Mewni never required abandoning Earth at all.
    • Marco's characterization has proven divisive. Some believe Marco has Took a Level in Jerkass or is constantly grabbing the Jerkass Ball,note  and that his boredom with Earth comes out of left field. Others believe Marco's characterization is a natural progression of the insecurities he's always been displayed with, and his need to prove himself is blinding him to the consequences. Many in the latter group feel that it wasn't Marco who grabbed the Jerkass Ball at all, but that the Mewni characters had a firm hold on it.note 
    • The Ship Tease. As detailed in Romantic Plot Tumor, Season 3 so far has teased numerous ships while also attempting to sink other ships. Star tries to get over Marco and gets back with Tom. Jackie breaks up with Marco and he develops an unrequited crush on Star. He then receives Ship Tease with Kelly. Finally, he ends up angering Hekapoo into stopping their adventures together.note  Some, such as those that favor the ships teased, are perfectly okay with it and note that teasing ships isn't something new to the show. Others however, even among those who favor the winning pairings, feel it is pointless and distracts from other aspects such as the lore, and note that while previous seasons might've had a ton of ship tease they rarely had whole episodes devoted solely to the teasing.
  • There's a rift between those who ship Star and Marco and those who prefer them as Platonic Life-Partners, with the latter feeling tired and bored about the typical cliché of "the two main characters of the opposite sex who eventually fall in love and become the Official Couple" while the former either disagree with that reasoning or agree in principle but think that the show itself has been executing the friends-to-lovers trope extremely well, and that Star and Marco's chemistry more than compensates for that cliché.
  • Ludo being ousted from the spot of main villain by Toffee yet again in Season 2. Obviously, fans of Toffee are pleased he's back and affirming himself as the overall Big Bad, but others feel that it renders Ludo's slow climb to an actual threat null and void, and paints him as existing solely to be a villain that does nothing and gets hijacked by bigger threats. However, this is somewhat mitigated by Ludo being placed back in control of himself in order to pull off his actual slow-building invasion plan in The Battle for Mewni, and mitigated even further at the end of said movie when Ludo takes his revenge for the hijacking by being the one to actually kill Toffee.
  • The Cerebus Syndrome that begun since the mid-Season 2 onwards. Some fans accept it with open arms and see the show's greater emphasis on plot and character development as a welcome addition, while others see it as unnecessary for what's supposed to be a comedy show, or feel that the show fumbles hard in trying to deliver a more intense, continuity heavy story.
  • The LGBT crowd was not happy with the scene of Heinous showing Marco's chest hair in "Princess Turdina" to oust him in front of the crowd, as it made them incredibly uncomfortable by the message it was trying to do, while some didn't think it too bad.
  • The breakup between Jackie and Marco has a mixed reception with the fanbase. Some are happy with the break up due to disliking the pairing but others were disappointed/angered because it could've gotten more screen time and focus before it ended. See They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character below. The above-mentioned objection about how the separation between Earth and Mewni is completely arbitrary also plays a role in this; many feel that the breakup happening so suddenly rather than giving the relationship more time to play out was solely because the Earth setting was being phased out and Jackie is an "Earth" character who was deemed to have no role in the new all-Mewni setting. Jarco shippers, and just Jackie fans in general, found this particularly galling since other "Earth characters" still get to drop in and visit Mewni just fine. On the other hand many fans found the actual breakup itself to be well-written and emotionally satisfying, even ones who wished it hadn't happened so quickly.
  • Star and Tom getting back together has proven heavily divisive. Due to the implication that their relationship is formerly toxic and abusive and the fact that Tom himself was always a very divisive character, this was inevitable. One party is perfectly okay with Tom getting back with Star, citing Tom's Character Development as evidence against the relationship becoming abusive again. Another party sees it as the show advocating getting back together with an abusive ex, and think no matter how much Tom attempts to change, he will revert to being an abuser (or just unwilling to forgive Tom even if he has changed for the rape-like implication of his previous attempt to bind Star's soul to his own against her will). A third party is willing to wait and see, having hope that Tom's Character Development will hold but also being weary in the event something happens. A fourth party just hates the ship altogether due to it interfering with other ships that they prefer.note  And among all the groups opposed to the TomStar, it's widely seen as coming completely out of left field with zero setup (Star goes from hating Tom to wanting him to be just a friend to being willing to go on a date with him in the space of literally less than 5 minutes), in sharp contrast to how Marco's relationship with Jackie and Star's feelings for Marco both got built up gradually over an entire season.
    • The fact that Star and Marco's first kiss came while she's still dating Tom was immediately controversial, even if it did happen under duress. On one hand, there are a number of fans who felt that the kiss was forced and that Marco looked like a jerk for making Star "cheat" on Tom. However, others point out that he had good intentions since the two of them wouldn't have been able to leave the photo booth unless such action was taken. It's also been pointed out that Tom has done worse things to Star and probably wouldn't have been much different, along with Star seeming to be aware that she was still with Tom during her moment of shock afterwards. There's also a third group of people -specifically the more diehard Starco shippers- that don't care about any of the above as long as the two finally got to kiss.