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"I'm so f**king confused normal mangle is a yes phantom mangle is supposedly a male people are speculating Funtime foxy is female nightmare mangle is still genderless my head hurts" [sic]
Golden mangled fox, Five Night at Freddy's Wiki

The Five Nights at Freddy's fandom is infamous for many reasons. One of which being that nobody can agree on anything.


  • The hordes of roleplayers on Steam, Gamejolt and the comments section of every FNAF video. Are they some of the most annoying members of the fanbase, or are they being creative?
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  • There is also the announcement of a possible movie. Some are extremely excited for it, some are convinced it will flop, and some are simply indifferent.
  • The lore. Many people consider it to be the main draw of the series, and praise how intricate it is. More cynical observers say that a lot of the story's depth comes from people overthinking minor details, and the plot points that invite the most speculation are really people mistaking inconsistencies for complexity.


Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Bonnie's gender was unknown for quite some time. While the gender wars weren't quite as astronomical as Mangle's, it was pretty heavy until Scott confirmed he was male indirectly.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • The Reveal that the game is a prequel to the original game. One side praised it as an amazing twist that changed their view of the entire game, while the other side criticized it for being a seemingly nonsensical twist that made little sense.


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • Even before release, people were divided over certain elements of the game, two of the biggest being that there was only one animatronic, Springtrap, and the setting being a horror attraction instead of a pizzeria. The implication that there might be walking had also led people to fear that the game would lose the reason it was so scary in the first place. Ultimately however, there was much more to the game than was implied. The Purple Man returned, the Marionette was still around — though it, itself, seems to be falling apart — and every single one of the old animatronics sans Endoskeletons and Bonnie can show up and jump you at any given moment. And BB and Mangle.
  • The idea that this would've been the final game of the series. Some claimed that they didn't want another game, saying that the main story was over and should be left on a high note, while others wanted a deeper explanation of what went on in the backstory (like what happened at Fazbear's Diner), even pointing out the multiple sequel hooks that the game had laid out. All of this quickly escalated when various Let's Players who had been in contact with Scott began leaving random and cryptic hints about the series' future such as "it's coming" and after the hat on Scott's website was removed.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

  • With just the very first teaser, the FNAF fandom was plunged into debates about whether or not the series needed a fourth game. Several fans (and non-fans) combined this notion with accusations of the series becoming a shameless Cash Cow Franchise — in the bad kind of way. It got so bad that Scott himself had to address this issue himself.
  • Fans were split on whether the Nightmare Animatronics were either the most terrifying renditions of the main animatronics to date, or too over the top in their scary elements to the point of Narm.
  • The fact that the game takes place in a house instead of some variation of Freddy's Pizzeria caused a split. One contingent of fans considered it scarier that the threats were in your house instead of a job that you could simply leave, while others thought the change of location felt out of place for the series and that it should stick to an actual Fazbear Entertainment building.
  • The game's big reveal fell into controversy when a certain scene hinted that the events of the game may have taken place four years prior to '87. Fans became split on whether this was a Red Herring or something else entirely, to the point where the fights got very toxic on the official subreddit. Even This Very Wiki's pages were split over which side was true. Suffice to say, there were a large amount of clues both supporting and refuting the date. Scott's confirmation that Nightmare BB was canon did nothing to ease the confusion. The debate was eventually settled when Scott praised Game Theory's "The Final Theory" video for getting the year correct, confirming that the game does indeed take place in 1983 instead of 1987.
  • Scott's decision to leave the box closed and have the fanbase put the pieces together themselves. Some were okay with it, believing that they just needed to keep on trying to figure it out and that solving it was part of the fun. Others were disappointed that the biggest secret in the then-final game of the series would remain unanswered. The fact that Scott also said that nobody had managed to figure out the story of 4 despite having easily solved the other 3 games' stories factored into the disappointment and those who had been struggling to figure out the lore were turned off from the series with this revelation.
  • Do the Five Nights take place before or after the bite? There is evidence to back both assumptions up.
  • There's some debate over whether the Nightmare version of the Puppet is Nightmarionne or Nightmarionnette.
  • A couple of users were disappointed and/or angry with Nightmare BB's presentation, some of them insulting Scott via email or Reddit, while others were fine with the result.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

  • While many people were hyped for the game and thought it was needed for story purposes, as the lore was mostly unsolved, many others who were satisfied with either FNAF 3 or 4 ending the series weren't very happy about its reveal, accusing Scott of milking the series.
  • Prior to the game's debut trailer, one of the most common theories was that the "lines" teaser was hinting at a Chipper & Sons horror game. This caused a split between those who were interested in the idea (since Chipper & Sons already has its share of creepy moments) and those who weren't comfortable with the thought of it.
  • The gender debate for Funtime Foxy/Mangle sparked yet again. Some aspects of the game implied that it was male, such as the absence of long eyelashes and a more masculine torso compared to its depiction in FNAF World. Points in favor of it being female were long fingernails, a trait that is almost always applied to women, and lipstick (although those could be explained as claws and clown makeup respectively). To make matters worse, Funtime Foxy is referred to with no pronouns on the first night, "he" on the second night, then "she" on the third, and is the only animatronic to remain silent for the whole game. This was likely intentional on Scott's part.
    • The Custom Night description calls Funtime Foxy male, but it also appears in a challenge called "Girls' Night," not unlike Mangle in 2. This lead to two assumptions: Scott made a mistake and left a typo or he was doing it on purpose.
  • The Custom Night's revelation that you play as the Greater-Scope Villain's son, who was implied to have been the Purple Guy seen in at least some of the minigames throughout the franchise (and maybe even Springtrap), and not his father as initially assumed. Depending on who you asked, this was either a brilliant Plot Twist that made one eager for a sequel, or a needless, out of nowhere and complicated retcon to an already bloated and complicated story, which also served to cheapen Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and it's ending. This eventually died down when Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator confirmed that William Afton was Springtrap, not Mike.
  • The "Experiment Theory", which posits that the events of 4 were engineered and monitored by the Purple Guy/William Afton from the Private Room as some sort of experiment. Some like this idea for reasons similar to the above-mentioned Custom Night twist, while others see it as far-fetched and breaking their Willing Suspension of Disbelief, since what was once a fairly realistic child murderer was slowly becoming a cartoonish Mad Scientist. A related theory posits the entire series was done by Afton as some sort of experiment with creating life, which naturally results in both sides being more heated on the issue. The Silver Eyes universe going along with this interpretation doesn't help.

Five Nights at Freddy's World

  • As one might have expected, the fandom was divided between those who thought the new direction was the wrong way to go and went against everything the original series was about and those who were simply excited to have a new game or were actually looking forward to the Unexpected Gameplay Change.
  • The teaser showcasing the animatronic's appearances for the game also showed what Mangle looked like before being mangled, re-igniting the gender wars and tearing the fanbase asunder.
  • Likewise, the reveal of pristine Spring Bonnie showing the animatronic with 'feminine' eyelashes caused quite a few fans to speak out against it, with some of them even going so far as to consider it an Unsettling Gender Reveal (never mind the fact that Toy Bonnie, who also has eyelashes, was confirmed to be male).
  • After the game came out, users were divided on whether they enjoyed it or not. The lack of an actual storyline, or giving you hints on what to do next turned some people off, leading them to refund the game on Steam. Others didn't care about the game's flaws, liking it for what it was.
  • The visual style. While some liked the colorful and flashy style, others described it as "an assault on the eyes", in the literal sense of it hurting their eyes to play the game for extended periods due to all the flashy colors and the sheer amount of stuff going on at once.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • Scott's decision to leave the UCN as is and not add a cutscene after 50/20. Some were relieved since they wouldn't have to spend entire days beating the mode all over again just to get to a minute-long cutscene, while another camp were disappointed to see that there was no reward for doing the impossible. Both groups were alleviated however, when Scott revealed that he would add an award on the menu (that is retroactive, thus it will appear automatically if 50/20 was completed beforehand).

Base Breaking Characters

  • Foxy. Either you like him as a character or hate him for overshadowing the other animatronics.
  • The Toy animatronics in the second game are designed to be more colorful, childish, and feminine than their older counterparts, as shown by Toy Bonnie and Mangle, while the classic animatronics (except for Foxy) appear to have been pushed to the side and left in states of disrepair. Fans were divided on whether the Toy animatronics are as good as the classic ones and whether or not they are scary. The biggest Base Breakers of the group are Toy Chica and Mangle.
    • Toy Chica. She has a more humanoid body and shorts that look like panties at first glance. Fans found her "sexualized" look either funny, disgusting, or disturbing and unnerving. (As for the third group, considering this is a horror game, they mean it in a good way.) Similarly, the fact that she takes off her beak and eyes is either horrifying to look at or, as This Very Wiki points out, makes her look like either Pikachu or a yellow M&M.
    • Mangle. Mangle itself isn't really the polarizing kind of base breaker. Moreso, its gender is one. Some believe it is female as it has feminine traits (Pink and white coloring, eyelashes) and appears on the Ladies' Night preset. The ones who believe it is male say that it might've been added just to make Ladies' Night harder, and that it's based off of the male Foxy. Others Take a Third Option and say its gender is "yes", thanks to a Mathematician's Answer given by Scott.
  • Balloon Boy. Some think he is annoying, while others think he's the best character.
  • The older brother in FNAF4. Is he an irredeemable jackass or just a dumb kid who made a Tragic Mistake?

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