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By the show's very nature, it's essentially impossible to definitively confirm which character would win in a fight. Therefore, at least some fans protest the results of most fights, much like in Deadliest Warrior.

Do not add entries for recently released or unreleased episodes. At least six months must pass to confirm that the conflict is more than standard post-episode discussion.

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     Specific Episodes 
  • The Doomguy vs. Master Chief has split people into three camps: Those who agree with the result, those who think the doom guy was nerfed either because of the animation or the fact that Doom Slayer wasn't included (despite the fact that the episode released long before the reboots of Doom were created) and those who want a rematch with the updated games. All three generally agree that the current thumbnail being updated to show The Doom Slayer is a case of Wolverine Publicity at best and false marketing at worst.
  • Even people who despise both Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are largely split on their episode. While some found it as a funny Take That! towards the two widely hated singers, others found it to be pointless filler that had no place in Death Battle and didn't make any sense, as both are singers who have never seriously fought in their lives. There are also those who consider it too mean-spirited, especially since they were teens at the time and it goes out of its way to kill not only both of them, but also the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Not helping matters is that the match hasn't aged well due to changing pop culture and neither celebrity being relevant for new viewers, making the episode clearly a relic of the 2000's.
  • Deadpool's fourth-wall humor in the Deathstroke vs Deadpool episode. Either you thought it was hilarious and top-notch, or it was obnoxious, tried too hard and came off as 'lol randumb.' Of course, this is an element that breaks the entire Deadpool base and isn't exclusive to his appearance in Death Battle.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy. While some accept the result, others are pointing out that Wiz and Boomstick got a lot of information wrong (particularly on the BlazBlue side) and that the match should have ended the other way around. On the other hand, there are just as many people on a middle ground agreeing that despite the many BlazBlue research errors, almost none of them actually made Ragna any weaker.
    • There are also those who argue that they underestimated Ragna (specifically the Black Beast) and overestimated Sol. People who read the manga where the "Mt. Everest sized Gear" feat came from note that its actual weight was stated by Ky's operator to be approximately... "Four tons". On top of that, the Gear that actually was as large, if not larger than Mt. Everest was destroyed by a completely unrelated character. In addition, The Black Beast has shrugged off mountain destroying blasts in BlazBlue lore. This leads to some arguing that the fight should have ended Ragna's favor and complain that Wiz and Boomstick largely glossed over the Beast's abilities, while others argue that the results would probably still be the same due to Sol's greater experience and having natural magic (which is canonically one of the Beast's true weaknesses). A third camp agrees with the end result, but agree that the Beast was heavily underestimate and that Sol more than likely couldn't one-shot it.
    • Also in regards to the Ragna vs. Sol Death Battle, the fact the battle was originally removed from YouTube due to ScrewAttack using a piece of fan art from artist "Na-Insoo" without his permission. While a good part of the fanbase thinks Na-Insoo is in the wrong since the show at least didn't hide his signature or the fact the work was his (and not their own), others stand behind Na-Insoo in that artists too often are taken advantage of in the industry, and he has a right to defend the copyright of his own hard work.
    • Another part of this is that as of this posting, Ragna's story is now complete thanks to Central Fiction. Some argue that there should be a rematch that applies the new information, while others think that there wouldn't be a point, especially considering that Sol's own story is still ongoing and seems to have no end in sight.
  • Toph vs. Gaara is getting a very similar reaction as Ragna vs. Sol. Some people readily accept the results as is, while many others contend that Wiz and Boomstick again botched the research (especially on the Naruto side of things) and thus think the battle should have ended the other way. There is a middle ground as well, but in general, it seems to be smaller than the first two sides.
  • The Yang vs. Tifa fight has quite a few of them.
    • It’s either a loving sendoff to Monty and a celebration of both franchises being brought back into the light after being away for a long while, or it’s a gimmicky publicity stunt only meant to promote the third volume of RWBY and an insult to Monty’s swansong. At its worst fans see it as a lose-lose situation no matter the outcome, either Yang wins and it's seen as a shameless lack of integrity for kissing up to Rooster Teeth, or Tifa wins and it's seen as a lack of respect for the late Monty Oum and his final creative work.
    • Should Yang be a combatant with only two seasons under her belt? After all, the Battle aired five days before her third season would air. On one hand, this is lower than most combatants and Death Battle has previously stated they wouldn’t use characters from franchises before they were finished specifically because they wanted to avoid a character not being at their maximum potential. On the other hand, there have been characters in past death battles with similar credentials and still managed to kick their more seasoned opponent's ass. For example, consider the Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash battle - the episode aired the day before "Return of Harmony Part 2", the second episode of the second season. Rainbow Dash only had one full season at that time and defeated Starscream, a 25-30 year concept, and Yang followed in her footsteps (or should we say "hoofprints"?).
    • Should Tifa be Yang’s combatant? On one hand, Tifa has been around for much longer, having more material to work with, a much greater amount of feats to back herself up with, and a lot of abilities and experience under her belt. On the other hand, past Death Battles have shown this doesn’t guarantee a win and the seemingly superior opponent was beaten. It proves no different here with Tifa's loss, unfortunately.
  • In the Pokémon vs Digimon Season 2 finale:
    • Calling Pokemon slaves was either seen as completely accurate, or was very poorly received. The fact the Pokemon franchise contains evidence for both sides doesn't help at all.
    • Some fans claim Tai leaping into battle against Red to be dirty fighting and a completely Out-of-Character Moment on Tai's part. Others point out Death Battle is by default no holds barred, and it's not dirty just because Red assumed different rules applied and that Tai has been known to get physical before to save his friend- not to mention the fact Red had initiated the fight and tried to capture Tai's best friend Agumon unprovoked after assuming him to be a particularly rare Pokémon. Also Red wasn't blameless as it was obvious Agumon had a trainer and yet Red tried to catch him twice.
    • The fact that Red died along with Charizard has become highly contested. A good deal of people consider the death rather brutal and unnecessary, while others are to quick to point out that the premise of the show is about battles to the death, and that all combatants risk their lives, even if they were just giving instructions to the actual combatants as seen in the Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher battle. Post-commentary revealed that the death was originally going to be even more gory and heart-wrenching than it was.
  • Dante vs. Bayonetta:
    • Whether or not Dante's Quicksilver style would counteract Bayonetta's Witch Time. Some point out that in the games it doesn't slow time to the same extent as Witch time and doesn't last as long as it did in the fight, while others point out that this is a clear example of Gameplay and Story Segregation and that its cut-scene variant is shown to be equal to Witch Time.
    • Dante's Healing Factor. People have accused Death Battle of making his healing abilities "overpowered" due to how casually he shrugs off everything Bayonetta throws at him and that it's essentially being given the same "no limits" fallacy that the Goku vs. Superman detractors hate about Superman's victory. Others point out that they outright said in the analysis that Dante has a limit to how much punishment he can take and note that since they're using Dante post Devil May Cry 4 and 2, the current limits of his healing abilities are simply too difficult to properly measure since he has never been shown struggling at this point in his story.
  • Carolina vs The Meta. On the one hand, many fans are happy to see Red vs. Blue come to Death Battle and also that the two will get a proper fight that they never got in the original series, while many others (especially from the Screwattack forums) are heavily against the idea of this episode happening, and would prefer one of them fight a character from another franchise. There's another group who prefers it because it ensures there is no pro Rooster Teeth bias since a Rooster Teeth character dies no matter the result. Another major point of contention is that it was being aired as part of Red Vs. Blue. The ending of the actual episode is incredibly divisive for reasons similar to those of Joker vs. Sweettooth's ending.
  • Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher. A lot of the contention here stems from the fact that they used the Metal Gear Solid 2 character model for Snake, whilst giving him his Metal Gear Solid 4 weapons and technology to use (the Octocamo, a knife, and the Solid Eye) which gave him a tactical advantage that he shouldn't have had. The other side points out however that whilst Snake didn't technically have this equipment, he did have access to the stealth camo and separate pairs of goggles throughout the first two games which serve similar purposes, and that we don't technically know how long after the second game Snake started to use a knife. To add fuel to the fire, the animation and vulnerability to EMP means that whatever Snake is using is far closer in function to stealth camo than Octocamo despite the narration. The Metal Gear Solid 2 character model has also led to other arguments such as Snake having a level of CQC far closer to his Old Snake incarnation which gives him an edge in a fight that he shouldn't yet possess, whilst the other side points out that in-universe Snake was trained in these abilities by Big Boss since before the very first game on the MSX, and he himself mentions in Metal Gear Solid 4 that his body responds automatically when confronted by CQC.
  • Tracer vs. Scout led to cries of foul from Scout's side; namely that Tracer was given access to her "canon" powers (how she's depicted in comics and the cinematics rather than the actual game) while also being able to charge her pulse bomb while Scout was under the effects of Bonk, which makes him impossible to hit thanks to Super Reflexes, not invulnerability, and based his abilities off his gameplay even when certain abilities were explicitly described to operate differently (i.e. Bonk). There was also the facts that Scout's feats of tanking 3 Soldier rockets and killing an adolescent brown bear using nothing but a femur were seemingly glossed over (though the hosts put particular emphasis on debunking him actually tanking the missiles by pointing out his more durable teammates get gibbed by a direct hit from one of the same rockets in another canon video, although it's clearly heard in said video that the Rockets are Crit Rockets, therefore dealing 4x the damage.) while Tracer avoiding Widowmaker's shot was taken heavily into consideration despite Widowmaker slamming Tracer into a wall that same video. All of this while Scout was given only 2 of his 9 guns, 1 Lunchbox item out of 4, and his baseball bat, out of all the other Bats and Melees he had. On the other side of things Overwatch fans say both sides were given at least some fudging of powers as Scout was able to use his bat under the affects of Bonk, something impossible in-game (unless you count the Home Run killtaunt, which Scout can only perform if he has the Sandman or the Atomizer equipped, which even then the "Home-Run" should have killed Tracer).
  • Goku vs Superman and its sequel both remain among the most heavily contested episodes to this day:
    • On Dragon Ball's side, fans were angry over the treatment of Goku, saying that his power and feats weren't accurately represented and that Death Battle sold him short. The fact that the second round came out during the very beginning of Dragon Ball Super gave birth to the argument that Goku was going to become even more powerful anyway, necessitating a third round. Further angering fans was Death Battle's hammering in of the fact that no matter how many new forms Goku got or how many limits he broke, he would never win against Superman, which these fans felt to be markedly untrue. These fans pointed out that several characters in the DC canon have proven to be stronger than Supes (Doomsday, Shazam, Darkseid, etc.) and that the Ultimate Guide to Superman stated that Superman had, has and will have limits and many of Superman's supposed feats were either being taken out of context or were fake.
    • On Superman's side, fans pointed out that Death Battle's interpretation of Superman is that he has no limits and that someone who is limitless can easily take out somebody with limits, no matter how strong they are. To prove this point, they have pointed out the feats Superman has pulled that prove he is limitless (lifting a book with infinite pages, sneezing away a solar system, etc.) Comic fans have added that all interpretations of those feats made by anime fans solely to debunk Death Battle don't understand the text, and that only reasonable reading of those feats would necessitate them as working exactly like Death Battle gave for them to make any sense in what the authors were trying to say.
  • Ratchet and Clank VS Jak and Daxter gets a few in that many claim that Daxter's own Dark form was excluded from the match, and that it would have been a very valuable asset. Others counter this point out that given that logic, Clank would have been given his Alpha and Giant modes to counter this, which would have turned the match into an even worse Curb-Stomp Battle in R&C's favor.
  • Scrooge McDuck VS Shovel Knight upset a few fans of Shovel Knight, as he was put up against an opponent who has appeared in comic strips, cartoons, films and video games for the last 70 years. Unsurprisingly, research uncovered that Scrooge has survived the heat of the core of the Earth, can row a boat as fast as Quicksilver, pulled down a steamboat with his bare hands, and has two guns that defy the laws of physics leading to one of the most one-sided fights in the show's history. On the other hand, while Scrooge and Shovel Knight both had more frequently requested opponents, the match-up wasn't completely out of the blue, and everyone agreed that the episode was generally well-made; in particular, the animation was incredible. It's also softened by the fact that Shovel Knight was actually holding the Advantage Ball throughout the fight until the very end.
  • Megazord vs. Voltron was overall well received, but one thing people are split on is MatPat. You either thought he was great and fun or felt out-of-place as Keith and hogged the screen-time as a voice actor, not helped by MatPat's own polarizing reputation on the internet.
  • One of the main complaints with the Lucario vs Renamon fight is that Renamon wasn't able to digivolve at all. Many saw this as Screwattack giving Pokemon an unfair advantage to Lucario seeing that he was already at it's final Natural form, and Renamon has been said to be able to digivolve naturally, Leaving Renamon as a Rookie level against a foe that can pass as a champion level Digimon left many to call foul play. On the other hand, many were quick to refer back to the infamous Pokemon vs Digimon Death Battle, where the host said that Digimon have an insane power gap between them and Pokemon and that Most Ultimate Level Digimon could wipe out nearly all Pokemon in front of them, Not to mention the fight had no Trainers allowed, meaning that Renamon's Trainer Rika was barred, also the fact that Lucario didn't have one consistent trainer that had a fair amount of screen time like Rika, so it would than lead to an unfair advantage towards Renamon. Also, the fight was merely between Lucario and Renamon, Renamon digivolving would not count as Renamon anymore, plus Renamon hasn't shown to be able to Digivolve on her own without Rika being present, evidence do show it's possible for digivolve in desperate situations, but only if Rika is nearby, such as when in Digimon Tamers, Henry was desperate to end a fight between Renamon and Guilmon, unknowingly letting his Partner Terriermon digivolve after he specifically said he shouldn't.
  • Smokey the Bear vs McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog was obviously going to raise eyebrows. On one side, many people simply hate the concept and wish the team would have done a serious fight, while the other side already knew this fight was going to happen eventually, as the team have already expressed multiple times in Podcast, Panels and possibly their respective twitter, that they wanted to do this fight and many fans, ones in disbelief and others wanting a joke fight, are excited for the fight to happen.
  • Thor vs. Wonder Woman got hit with this following Wonder Woman's victory. While Death Battle has acknowledged that there are incarnations of Thor who are borderline omnipotentnote  but couldn't use. There are many angry Thor fans who argue that Death Battle deliberately ignored CANON feats of Thor's strength that made him far stronger than Wonder Woman.note  However, others argue that the results would still be the same as both combatants are used to fighting opponents physically stronger than them in their respective series anyway and that strength shouldn't be the nigh-universal deciding factor in a fight. This didn’t get better after Ultron vs. Sigma, which showed Thor scales to Ultron as having feats on the level of stars, but this also leads to arguments of Wonder Woman having similar strength feats left out For Example  which leads into another can of worms as to how much the hosts show, which may be best left elsewhere.
    • Another argument that pops up is that Thor actually does have a bladed weapon: his battle axe, Jarnbjorn. To make matters worse, during the rundown for Thor's weapon arsenal, it was acknowledged as a weapon he has in his possessionnote . Thor fans argue that this weapon was deliberately left out of the fight to put things in Wonder Woman's favor since it was outright stated that bladed weaponry can hurt and potentially kill her if she's not careful, while others argue that it wouldn't matter due to Mjölnir being Thor's go to weapon in all situations and that Jarnbjorn is rarely used unless he loses the hammer.
  • Naruto vs. Ichigo, though not so much the match-up itself, but whether the match-up is the best for either combatant. Some say that Naruto should fight the more-requested Luffy, due to the popularity of both Naruto and One Piece, while others say that since both Bleach and Naruto have ended, both characters are at their full potential, and thus any flukes can be avoided since no feats will contradict them after releasing the fight.
  • The result of Ryu vs. Jin was rather contentious to many, as Ryu's victory was mostly based on powerscaling them to other characters, with Ryu being compared to Akuma. Some argue that Ryu's bouts against Akuma and surviving attacks such as the island destruction in Street Fighter II, along with his use of the Satsui no Hadou would justify the scaling, others argue that Akuma is shown to frequently hold back against opponents he doesn't want to kill, and Ryu is far less refined in the Satsui no Hadou than Akuma. Another aspect of the argument is powerscaling against independent feats for the combatants themselves, as Ryu would be superior in the former, and Jin in the latter. There are arguments to be made for both, given that it's a divide between feats and challenges possibly not faced in battle and actions with the fighters alone that may not show enough of what they're capable of.

     General Examples 
  • Death Battle only revealing one combatant at first and revealing the second opponent later on their social media sites. As a reference, this had lasted for a stretch of 28 episodes, beginning with the solo reveal of Snake at the end of Beast vs. Goliath and ending with the simultaneous reveals of Natsu and Ace following Power Rangers vs. Voltron. The only fights to have revealed both sides within this time frame were the Goku vs. Superman rematch, Mega Man vs. Astro Boy, Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye, Pokemon vs. Digimon, Dante vs. Bayonetta, Meta vs. Carolina, Cammy vs. Sonya and Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake. Some found it as an interesting way to get people hyped up, others found it as a cheap way to get followers and subscribers.
  • The changes to the research team in general were this to begin with, but when they started producing different outcomes, fans started raising eyebrows. Do Ben and Chad truly disagree that strongly, or does having a bigger team mean more consistent results as of season 3?
  • With the results of the Death Battles involving Sonic characters, Knuckles and Shadow, many fans have brought up the lack of Archie Comic's sources. One side we have fans who feel like that the Archie versions would have given Knuckles and Shadow a win and not including them is showing a bias view against all Sonic characters, even though Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic, (in its appearance in Doctor Eggman VS. Doctor Wily) and later Amy all won their respective fights. On the other side, we have fans who believe that the Archie comics are not officially canon and shouldn't even be counted since it's not technically Sega making the comics to begin with and have never been acknowledged in any of the official games as canon source, plus there is also an argument saying that Archie Comics write the characters too OP with ridiculous powers never shown in any of the video gamesnote . Interestingly, Amy Rose's battle with Ramona Flowers does use the Archie comics and its pre-reboot variation to boot, but that's most likely because, while Amy was quite tough there, she wasn't a high-powered Reality Warper like Knuckles and Shadow were. To rub it in even further, Amy wins that battle by a similar margin Mewtwo did.
  • The 'Board of Wizdom' is the subject of both laughs and complaints for a number of reasons. Some people call it a funny and interesting way to feature feats and facts about the characters and their world, while detractors claim there's a good chance that the episode will go from an in-depth look at both combatants' skills and weapons to a simple game of 'Whoever has the craziest feat wins!' and will just get their math wrong.
  • This even extends into This Very Wiki where its Dethroning Moment page suffered from so many severe edit wars regarding the outcomes of the battles to the point that the mods were forced to lock the page. But this still wasn't enough, as the flame wars extended into the discussion page and some tropers even requested the mods to add their own moment into the page. In the end, the mods decided to completely blacklist Death Battle from ever having a Dethroning page and a Headscratchers page, the first and only time this ever happened to either.
  • Anytime a fight ends with a Curb-Stomp Battle. Some people don't care about the outcome, and just want to enjoy the fight. Others believe the one-sidedness of any fight ruins the hype that goes with it and would prefer matches where the combatants are more or less evenly matched.
  • The 'Test Your Might' mini-games in Mortal Kombat being treated as canon feats has been met with a lot of derision by viewers of the show, as they can be completed by any character in the game, meaning that by Death Battle's standards, nearly all Mortal Kombat characters are exactly as strong as each other, even if they have no feats of strength to support this, or show contradictory levels of maximum strength elsewhere. The mini-games also depend entirely on player input, something Death Battle have claimed not to take into account when using character from Role-Playing Games. Especially grating as the strength shown in the 'Test Your Might' mini-games are presented as main reasons that Sub-Zero and Sonya Blade both won their Death Battles. Nevertheless, others claim that the mini-games are an official part of the Mortal Kombat games, and unless stated otherwise, should be included as canon abilities. Also, the Screwattack team says that to take in count the 'Test Your Might', there need to be another feats to support these. This is maybe the reason the maximum feats of Sonya and Sub-Zero are differents (Sonya's maximum is steel and Sub-Zero's is titanium, which is tougher).
  • Thanks to polarizing Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash and just the nature of the series as a whole outside of its fanbase, any matchup that has a My Little Pony character involved will cause debates for that alone.
  • Since Shredder vs. Silver Samurai, the show has stopped using music from the characters' source material and other forms of licensed music for the episodes, instead getting fairly generic genre tracks for the analysis sections followed by original themes for battles. While many of the battle tracks like "One-Winged Devil" for Sephiroth vs. Vergil were praised, there was a small split between those who prefer the originals to character/series music used in fights. The decision to use the fairly unremarkable analysis music for the later episodes is agreed to be a downgrade though.
  • Anytime a previous combatant is brought back for another Death Battle is sure to cause ruckus in the fan-base. Depending on the match-up, you'll see lots of debate over whether bringing the character back for another go is a nice chance to see their abilities better analyzed with the scope of research and production values improving with time and, in the case of previous losers, a shot at redeeming themselves OR is just a cheap way of being able to cut down on the amount of original research needed for a fight and squanders opportunities for never-before showcased fighters to get a spot in the limelight and possibly have more compelling match-ups. Batman and Shadow are frequent center points of these debates with the former appearing in three Death Battles to date and losing two of them to foes who many feel could have had more fitting opponents. while the latter has lost twice in rather humiliating fashion, his second loss being an Undignified Death no less.
  • Death Battles typically invoking Fandom Rivalries such as a Marvel character vs. a DC character or any anime Character vs. a character from western media almost always results in this.
  • This also leads to the issue of match-up variety within season compositions, either thanks to a case of Spotlight-Stealing Squad / Wolverine Publicity. For example, the Marvel v. DC rivalry meant that the amount of times a character from either side fought someone who wasn't from the opposing company could be counted on one hand; DC themselves have only had 3 fights against characters from non-Marvel properties, for example. Not helping matters is that certain match-ups or character inclusions only tend to happen around the same time as major media appearances for the fighters, like Captain Marvel vs. Shazam happening between the releases of their films. Supporters believe that it's smart for the team to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on the popularity given that most of these fights will draw in larger casual crowds, while detractors argue that these would only result in obvious victories, takes the spotlight away from the lesser-known characters and fights, and overall decreases the representation of other fictional franchises that could enter the show.
  • Anytime the character has assistance in the form of an operator or partner. Detractors accuse Death Battle of violating their "no outside help allowed" rule, while others point out that the fight is still strictly between the two characters and that said backup is only minor assistance.
    • In a similar vein to the above, the alleged "no outside help" rule has been subject to this, though not in the way you would think. Instead of debating the rule itself, there is a bit of a divide between those who think it actually exists and those who do not. Those who think it exists cite the fact that this was actually stated to be a rule in Link vs Cloud while those who don't believe it exists think Link vs Cloud was an example of Early Installment Weirdness, especially with how many death battles forgo this alleged rulenote . Death Battle's own stance seems to currently be "if it's part of a combatant's arsenal, it will be used. If it isn't (for example, Goku having the help of the Z fighters), then it won't be".
  • The use of power-scaling tends to cause arguments since it leads to later research contradicting their prior research, such as Thor later having star-buster feats when he was considered a planet-buster earlier; for the sake of this example's context, feats such as those would have actually meant that Thor would have won his fight against Wonder Woman given that the new values would have trumped anything his opponent had, and those only scratch the tip of the iceberg; never mind occasions like Sonic losing to Mario in their rematch despite winning their original battle. There's also a more blatant example with their usage of the three Final Fantasy VII characters: Sephiroth's analysis and subsequent victory over Vergil has cast a massive shadow of doubt over Cloud and Tifa's prior losses to Link and Yang, respectively. Not only were those episodes' results highly contentious due to issues with research and - in the latter episode's case - bias towards Rooster Teeth, the feats displaying his enormous feats of strength and speed are far greater than most showings seen in either Zelda or RWBY only adds fuel to the fire in hindsight. Some feel that their research is simply improving over-time, while others question how much the researchers actually know, which is best left unsaid.
  • DBX tends to have its detractors and defenders, which boils down to its "no research" aspect. Many enjoy this as it allows the sub-series to avoid the Serious Business that the main Death Battles tend to have with their viewers and thus lead to less divides between them or fan base in-fighting. However, many also decry this aspect as making it worse, since if people feel strongly or have evidence that "Character X" would beat "Character Y" and "Character Y" wins, then they accuse the writers of having a bias in favor of the winner or against the loser. Especially since there is no research done to justify the character's victory or loss. It tends to get to the point where some people have to actively remind the viewers that DBX is just for fun and none of these fights are meant to be taken seriously.

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