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Broken Base / Dead by Daylight

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The game has had a few base breaking moments.

  • There's one that can be seen on the YMMV page. Is the game a fascinating story, ruined by a crappy game? Or a boringly depressing Shoot the Shaggy Dog story in an otherwise enjoyable game?
  • Killers camping the hooks is a point of contention. Some say it's a legitimate strategy to catch more players that try to save them, while others say it hurts both the killer's chances of winning (as the other players can just ignore the person writhing on the hook and finish starting the other generators) and makes the experience unfun for the survivor they are essentially Griefing.
    • A patch later made the health gauge of hooked survivors decrease slower if the killer is nearby, which was identified as a bug and quickly removed, showing which side the developers are on - though the tactic also causes a drop in the Hunter score for the Killer, which leads to fewer Bloodpoints earned in the match.
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  • Conversely, pallet looping for the survivors.What is pallet looping?  Some complain that this is an unfair mechanic, allowing the other survivors to repair generators while the killer is occupied, and is a boring and cheap strategy, while others say it's a viable tactic, and that the game is already in favor of the killer anyway.
  • The removal of the "profile snipe" was also a base breaker. Before the change, Steam players could look at the killer's profile by simply opening their Friends page and look at the "currently in game section". Many players used this to block killers on Steam they didn't like for many reasons (camping, exploiting, etc.); killers could also do the same with survivor profiles. However, an update was launched that removed the survivors' ability to see the killer's profile… but allowed the killers to still do it, and even made it easier by simply allowing them to click the survivor's name and be directly sent to their profile.
  • The Victory Cube update. The Victory Cube completely reworked the Killer ranking system: Instead of determining how many pips you got from bloodpoints, the progress to rank is now affected by "Killer Goals". These "Killer Goals" are gained by hooking, sacrificing, and killing survivors. While many killers were willing to adapt to this, a few killers didn't like this new system.
    • Additionally, the update brought the nerfs of the Memento Moris and Brand New Parts. In order to be able to Mori someone, you must have hooked them once, meaning you just can't kill them right away anymore. The Brand New Part no longer instantly repaired the generator, instead making it give out more skillchecks than usual with more progression. Many were accepting of the changes, but many also didn't like them either.
      • This escalated even further when the Ebony Moris were changed again in December 2020 to require two hooks prior to their use - leaving Killers feeling as though they were rather pointless aside from getting an animation that you're locked into doing, leaving Survivors free to go about their business.
  • The Huntress. Many people, particularly survivor players, weren't fond of the idea of a ranged killer. However, many seem fine with her now.
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  • The Doctor Cube update was a major base breaking moment. The update buffed the Doctor by making survivors unable to perform any interactions for a few seconds after being shocked as well as making the "skillchecks being in random locations" a baseline ability instead of an add-on. But the most controversial change was the illusionary pallets, which replaced normal pallets after they are broken. Many people claim that he is completely overpowered now, while others think he is fine now.
  • The fact that all of the guest characters are Heroic Mimes aside from Ash Williams. Some think it removes a lot of their personality (especially in the case of the survivors, Freddy, and Ghostface), while others are just happy they're included at all.
  • The release of Leatherface caused an argument between a few people about whether or not he was even needed since they already had a chainsaw-wielding hillbilly killer. To the developers' credit, the Hillbilly and Leatherface have very different playstyles.
  • The A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter…
    • The fact that everything from this chapter was from the 2010 remake instead of the original was quite the split.
    • Freddy Krueger's inclusion. Some were excited for another horror icon to be added in, while others were annoyed by the lack of the developers' originality since Freddy was coming out right after Leatherface.
    • Freddy, upon first being released, split the community quite a bit: Some said he was completely overpowered and he needed a nerf, while others said he was too weak and needed a buff. And when Freddy was nerfed, another similar split occurred again.
    • Quentin Smith. A decent-looking survivor with some decent perks or an ugly looking freak with trash perks? Also, interesting character on his own, or another element from the 2010 remake that serves as a Replacement Scrappy for franchise mainstay Nancy Thompson?
    • The Badham Preschool map. Many say it's just a Haddonfield reskin while some say that it has just enough of its own assets to be unique enough.
  • The Saw chapter was in a similar spot to the Nightmare on Elm Street chapter.
    • The reveal teaser left many excited to see yet another well-known horror character come to the game, but just as many were disappointed. It didn't help that she was the third licensed killer in a row coming after Leatherface and Freddy.
    • Are Reverse Bear Traps a useless mechanic or are they fine since their objective is to waste survivors' time, rather than directly kill?
    • For those without good knowledge of the Saw franchise, Amanda being the killer instead of the titular John Kramer came out of left field and sparked some controversy on the forums on release.
    • Moreover, a Saw killer looks very counterintuitive and goes against all of what Jigsaw stood for. Then again, Amanda was known to make unwinnable games with the express intention to kill the subject despite being Jigsaw's follower.
  • Curtain Call Chapter:
    • The addition of The Clown. While some were happy to finally see a clown as a killer in the game, just as many were disappointed, seeing as it's a generic monster idea and how the devs had previously said they didn't want to add in a clown killer. In the same vein, most are happy to finally see an original character, but some are disappointed by the easy option of a killer clown.
    • The new map being a new version of the Crotus Prenn Asylum instead of a whole new map. While some were glad to see Crotus finally getting a new map, people also wanted a completely new map.
  • Freddy's rework. Was Freddy buffed too much or is he fine as he is?
  • The Rift, Dead by Daylight's version of a Battle Pass. Is it a good way to earn new cosmetics while giving money to the developers, or are the developers getting greedy and putting a Battle Pass in a game which doesn't need one?
  • The Spirit. Is she a rightfully strong killer and her detractors are just salty cause they cannot stand a game where they have a chance of losing, or is she a broken killer with no counterplay and her supporters are deluded and extreme tryhards who want only 4K's? With the developers tweaking her power, the debate has been red-hot, since almost nobody thinks the rework is right. Either the devs are nerfing her too much, or not nerfing her enough.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death seems to be in an interesting spot in the community. Some players think the perk is balanced, as survivors should have been cleansing totems throughout the game while working on gens, as they give a huge point bonus to them anyway. Meanwhile, detractors of NOED think that the perk rewards killers who find themselves unable to kill survivors a little too well, and it's in bad practice to have to rely on the generators being completed to be able to perform well.


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