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  • The big “The Reason You Suck” Speech towards Spider-Man in his 200th episode reviewing One More Day, about the character still acting like a teenager, not taking responsibility despite constantly going on about it and never actually learning from his mistakes has caused some divisions with his viewers. Some viewers completely agreed with Linkara and the speech as a testament to how Marvel has ruined their once proud mascot. Others disagreed completely, believing Linkara was being too harsh towards a character that has been gone through years of terrible writers. Lewis does admit that part of the rant was just his own jaded perspective, and also goes on to declare that what he really took issue with was that the writers seem to downright refuse to let Peter grow up and behave like an adult already.
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  • Longbox of the Damned. It's well-liked by most of Linkara's audience, but some are annoyed by just its presence, saying that it feels like just another side project that is distracting him from his other side-projects, particularly History of Power Rangers.
  • The rhyming review of a Star Trek issue caused a minor controversy, with some liking it and others finding it annoying.
  • The fact that, as of Athena 2, Linkara seems to be trying to add a Megaforce Morpher to his Arsenal. Some have no problem with it, ignoring their problems with the season (largely seen as lacking the quality an anniversary season should have)... and then you have people who do, and argue that Linkara should be taking a morpher from a season he's shown to have enjoyed, like Dino Thunder or In Space. However, his 300th review showed that Lewis knows how to use it much more usefully than Saban Brands do.
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  • Drunk Tony Stark. Some find him slurring Iron Man's speech to be funny. Some find it offensive. And some just find it plain annoying. It doesn't help that every time Linkara uses it, he needs to take time out of the review to address the controversy and explain why he's decided to keep doing it. Still, he does go on record claiming that if the comic is in the main continuity and set after the story "Demon In A Bottle" (in which Tony confronts his alcoholism), he will not do the Drunk Voice — which he makes good on with his overview of the problems with Civil War, as he doesn't use it for Tony there.


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