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There has been a huge debate about amiibo since they came out.

  • Base-Breaking Character: Specific amiibo can become this, depending on multiple factors:
    • Link. He's one of Nintendo's most popular characters and is the best-selling amiibo worldwide, and even though he's fairly common, he annoys people far less than the Mario character amiibo. However, many collectors find his figure to be very poor-quality and unappealing, especially compared to other "realistic" characters: his tunic's paint applications are minimal and barely visible in some cases despite the intricate sculpted details, his head faces downwards, and his leg rests against an infamous clear yellow support stand (which has led to quite a few urination jokes). Despite this, he is popular for customs, which correct some or all of the figure's issues.
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    • From the same universe, Zelda gets this treatment; the detail and pearly finish on her dress have been praised and she was one of the first "waifu" figures to be released, and she is a much more readily available figure of a popular Nintendo character who was previously merchandise-scarce. However, her unpainted hair suffers from the same problem as Link's tunic, she's just as ubiquitousnote  as the Mario character amiibo, and her legs aren't fully sculpted (which is kind of ironic, since she wears Proper Tights with a Skirt, so it wouldn't show anything anyways).
    • Mario himself. He's Nintendo's mascot and therefore sells like hotcakes (second only to Link), and his amiibo (particularly the Smash and metallic variants) are seen as some of the best Mario figures released thus far, with the badass pose/expression and clear fireball of his Smash variant garnering particular attention at first. However, as explained under below, he's seen as an annoying figurehead of sorts for overly common amiibo that Nintendo obliviously ships to stores en masse instead of restocking hard-to-find characters which, along with the oversaturation and simplification of the Super Mario Bros. franchise at the time (particularly New Super Mario Bros. and its formula), made a lot of amiibo collectors sick of him.
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    • The Smash Bros. Meta Knight amiibo has been getting a lot of flack for its "battle-worn" detail. Some people feel like it ruins the amiibo and makes it look dirty, while others feel like it just makes the amiibo look more awesome.
    • The Super Mario amiibo series. Fans are divided on whether the simpler poses and more cartoony designs for the characters are better than their Smash counterparts, as well as whether it's cutting into Smash Wave 4's release and marketing at all, especially in North America, especially after every character in the first wave turned out to be just as ubiquitous as their overly common Smash counterpart. Of course, this concerns all of the Marioverse fighters in Smash 4 minus Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario, since they're currently in both lines.
      • From the SMB line come Gold and Silver Mario. While they are intentionally rare, they're much better-distributed than most of the non-mainstream Smash characters (although Gold Mario eventually became as rare as he was meant to be). Some fans are happy that these Mario variants aren't too hard to get, especially since they appeared to be "unicorn" rarity at first. Others are annoyed that this shows that Nintendo knows how to make rare amiibo appropriately rare and not impossible to get, but that they are apparently only concerned with giving this treatment to superfluous repaints of Mario rather than Smash characters with little or no existing merchandise. Also considering that during the release week, Silver Mario was widely available than even Charizard.
      • Averted with the second wave, as several people have been really happy with the release of characters such as Wario (classic outfit) and Rosalina. Additionally, a Waluigi amiibo has really overjoyed fans in general.
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    • Jigglypuff is noted for being a relatively poor-quality figure despite its simple design, with conspicuous seams, wobbly construction, and an entirely printed facenote . However, it's also sought after as part of the Original 12 of Super Smash Bros, and was a store exclusive that was very rare.
    • Palutena. She was a highly-anticipated "waifu" figure and was finally released in Japan and Europe to mixed reception. While most of her detailing has been praised, she infamously suffers from the same Off-Model face problems as early Marths and has freakishly large hands.
    • Bowser and Donkey Kong receiving Skylanders/amiibo hybrid forms. The fanbase is awfully divided in whether to enjoy this or feel like Nintendo is selling out. They feel like it could mean a future of amiibo/Skylanders hybrids, but the fact these are bundle exclusive right now makes things worse. The Bowser Skymiibo in particular has received a lot of flak for its really bad paint job.
    • Zero Suit Samus. One of the most popular and highly-anticipated "waifu" amiibo, the figure has seen some criticism for taking Link's quality problems Up to Eleven; she has a truly enormous and very conspicuous support stand due to her leaping pose, and her hair is molded in a bright, banana-like yellow despite her hair being toned down to a more natural blonde in Smash proper. Even her face is fairly undetailed; her eyes lack their blue irises and her lips and mouth aren't painted. Later prints (including the initial North American release) at least improved the detail in her eyes and added shading to her hair.
    • The Kirby series King Dedede amiibo. While some fans praise the simpler, cartoonier design of the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land as well as his silly pose, others find him to have a "derpy" face and to be a step down in detail compared to his Smash Bros. counterpart, which is often considered to be one of the best figures in his line.
    • When Splatoon got a confirmed Wave 2 with recolors, it was met with mixed reactions. There were people who were glad that the Splatoon series was expanding, but there were also people who felt like recolors are a waste and should be done for Smash Bros. Additionally, other people are using arguments that amiibo such as the Yarn Yoshis and Famicom ROB (although that was more of a regional difference) also exist. There was even a group who felt like it Nintendo should expand the Super Mario series line (prior to the reveal of the second wave at E3 2016) or announce a new amiibo lineup for other Nintendo franchises, such as the Star Fox series. The Squid Sisters however were met with more positive reception.
    • The fact that Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin have received variations (which are even called "Player 2 amiibo") is good on its own, but its causing some uproar in terms of other characters that have different models for variations (i.e. the alternate genders for Wii Fit Trainer/Robin/Villager, all of the Koopalings, Alph, and such). Many fans want to have variations for all of the characters (even color changes for those like Mario and such), while some fans want variations of only characters that have different models/names, while a few don't want those characters to have "Player 2" variations at all.
  • Broken Base:
    • On one hand, most fans are glad to have an official Nintendo toyline with small, optional bonus features. On the other hand, some fans are upset about the prospect that Nintendo is copying Skylanders and Disney Infinity, as well as having yet another source of Revenue-Enhancing Devices due to the Gotta Catch 'Em All factor. Not to mention the fact that in North America, some figures are exclusive to certain retailers, while in other regions, they're available everywhere.
    • When the figures were finally released, fans noted that several amiibo figures tend to be a bit... off, especially the Fire Emblem figures. This has lead to arguments about the perceived quality of amiibo compared to other toys, especially Jakks' official "World of Nintendo" line and Max Factory's Figma Nintendo line.
    • With the reveal that amiibo can't save game data for more than one game at a time, many fans were frustrated that Nintendo didn't include more storage space or the ability to back up amiibo data... despite the fact that the data is saved to the system as well as the figure.
    • The ridiculously limited quantities of some of the more obscure characters, especially the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, the Fire Emblem characters, and Shulk, and the fact that many of these end up sold for double or even triple price online has been a huge point of contention.
    • The idea of "amiibo cards". Some fans aren't happy with the idea that characters that received a limited print run may only return in a card form as this appears to defeat the purpose of collectible NFC figurines. Others have noted that if they have the same game functionality that the figurines have (unlocking features and storing game data) then it shouldn't matter if they come in figurine or card form, for those uninterested in building a toy collection and who just want access to unlockable content they otherwise wouldn't be able to obtain. They're probably going to be easier and cheaper to produce, and easier to store and carry around. This also allows amiibo lines based on series with too many characters to reasonably produce figures of, like Animal Crossing.
    • NiB (New in Box) VS Open amiibo. Many people debate that NiB amiibo are more valuable, while others debate that it just ruins the fun.note 
    • There's a huge debate whether or not Unicorn (extremely rare amiibo such as Marth, Lucario, Rosalina, etc.) amiibo shouldn't be even considered with customs. Many people say that they're just wasting the amiibo, and some people say that people can do what they want with them.
    • Similar arguments as the above have been made about videos of people destroying rare amiibo in various ways (such as microwaving them).
      • Taken Up to Eleven with the SGC 2015 amiibo tournament, where losing amiibo would actually be destroyed. NFC chip and all. And in various ways. This caused a minor uproar on Twitter and Youtube, and the actual tournament had a guy lose a $50 Villager amiibo, among other things. ScrewAttack would use the tournament style at least 2 more times since the 2015 convention with a few other channels mimicking the event.
    • Reprint Quality. The Villager, arguably the rarest of all amiibo bar Little Mac, got a reprint. However, his eyes look far smaller, so his forehead looks noticeably bigger. Consequently, some people are arguing if he is ruined because of it. Others are just grateful that the Villager is getting a reprint in the first place, and some find the reprint to be better looking (or make the first edition version more desirable or valuable).
    • In that subject, reprints. Most collectors and amiibo hunting communities consider reprints to be "inferior" to the original edition. Besides Villager and Marth, there is no other way to tell if an amiibo is a reprint other than the back of the box (first edition boxes show a Wii U Gamepad with compatibility, the reprint boxes show a Wii U and New 3DS, pictures of Wave 5B in Japan show the NFC reader). Fortunately, most people are happy that reprints are happening, and it gives them a chance to buy amiibo that they missed out on.
    • The exact functionality amiibo should have in games. Some think it's better for amiibo to have minor functions and not have substantial pieces of content locked behind hard-to-obtain figurines, others think amiibo should provide plenty of extra content to make them a worthwhile investment.
    • Pre-orders. When America's Wave 5a (Palutena and Dark Pit, both exclusives to Amazon and Best Buy respectively) was confirmed not to have any pre-orders, the fanbase was awfully divided. Some felt like it was great that these two didn't have pre-orders as it gave everyone a fair chance to get one on release day, especially with the consideration that Meta Knight had very low stock on his initial release. Also many Best Buys have been said to have about ~100 Dark Pits per store. However, the base is divided with the fact that some people work or don't live near a Best Buy, so they would have to rely through online means to get one. As for Palutena, they'd have to rely on Amazon and hope she's not out of stock (fortunately as she's only being sent there and Nintendo World Store, she won't get sold out as fast as someone like Robin or Lucina).
    • The reveal that the retro trio (NES R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt) will be released in North America as a three-pack exclusive to GameStop that serves as the only way to obtain one of them without importing. Some fans don't mind, for it's a quick way to obtain all three of them in one fell swoop. Others, meanwhile, including those who only want one or two of them and North America NiB collectors who wish to cleanly display their amiibo, have not taken as kindly to the news.
    • Some people still complain that because of the previous stocks of Waves 1-4, that the stock will never be good until the shelves are as seen in some foreign countries with some rare amiibo readily available, despite the restocks of Ness, Pit, King Dedede or any other amiibo that went up online and lasted at least an hour allowing people a chance to get them, especially the 5B release and the big restocks that Toys R Us and Best Buy stores have been getting in October 2015. Others consider this unrealistic, and are at least grateful that such amiibo are getting a good amount of restocks in the first place, and are confident with the improving stock with the recent releases.
    • With the increased stock of amiibo from Wave 5B on, along with massive restocks of certain rare amiibo such as Captain Falcon, Lucario, and Shulk that have made them significantly easier to obtain for retail price (and have caused import prices to drop as a result), a minority of collectors who preferred the hunt arose, complaining that people no longer have to work as hard to get an amiibo figure. However, most people believe that amiibo should be readily available and easy to obtain for fans of the characters after which they are modeled, regardless of said characters' obscurity.

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